Marriages 1681 - 1837

Transcribed by Rachel Kent
From originals at the Dorset History Centre
DHC Ref: PE/WFD/RE 1/1, 1/2, 3/1 & 3/2: MIC/R/829



12 May, John STENT and Mary BOSS



18 Apr, William CUMPTON and Elizabeth LAND, both of Holy Trinity Dorchester



17 Apr, Richard SQUIBB and Jone SAMWAYS, of Puddle Towne



4 Sep, , James GOULD, Rector and Mrs Sarah RUSSLE, both of Stafford



11 Oct, William READ, of Winterburn Munckton and Margaret BUTLER



12 Feb, Richard HARDY and Sarah BERRYMAN, of Ower Moyne



11 May, Jonathan BOWDEN and Joan VIVIAN, of St. Andrews Milburne

2 Jun, , Abraham GIBBONS and Elizabeth DREW



10 Aug, John HULETT, of West Knighton and Elizabeth TRENCHFIELD



13 Jan, John MOULHAM, of Warmwell and Sarah GARMENT



18 May, Richard MAY and Susannah COOMS, of Dorchester



10 May, Amos BURD, of Weymouth and Jane DAVENISH, of West Knighton

2 Jul, , John TRENCHFIELD and Ann GANDEN, both of Warmwell

27 Dec, Thomas NEWMAN, of St Martins Towne and Martha WITT



13 Apr, John HOLDER and Sibill THEDHAM, both of Pulham

22 Apr, Thomas BRYER, of West Knighton and Margaret GAUDEN

9 May, , David SARJANT, of Beere Regis and Margret CHAPPLE, of Wareham



8 Jun, , Charles MEADER, of Holy Trinity Dorchester and Elizabeth SKINNER, of Woollen

23 Oct, John HIBBS and Deborah HUZZARD, of Pokeswell (Poxwell)



25 Feb, Nicholas DAGWORTHY and Mable SYMONS



8 Jul, , John THRESHER, of Abbutsbury and Mrs Mary STENT



26 Dec, John DUNMAN, of Piddletown and Mary OZARD



17 Jun, Nathanael PALMER and Thomasin HUSSARD



25 Jun, Henry WEELCH and Ann BROWN, of Weymouth



9 Sep, , Richard SPICER and Mary WATTS, of Up-Cerne



24 Jan, Richard STEVENS and Elizabeth MORDY



10 Apr, Dennis FOOT and Mary GIBBONS

13 Jun, Thomas DAVIS and Mary WILLIAMS



2 Feb, , George HELLIER and Rebecca FOLLETT, of Moreton

25 Feb, , Henry POLDEN, of OwreMoigne and Catherine BISHOP, of Moreton



30 May, William READ, of Tolpiddle and Mary PALMER



17 Sep, John BRENSON and Mary KELLOWAY



3 Mar, , John BAKER and Mary SEXEY, of Moreton

1 Oct, , Thomas MITCHEL and Sarah MITCHEL



20 Jan, Joseph JEANNES and Christian HOMER

4 Feb, , Richard CARTER and Mary LOVELL, widow

11 Feb, James WILLIAMS and Ann HAMMETT

24 Sep, John WORLD and Hannah PUCKET



27 May, Edward HIBBS and Mary HOUSE, of Moreton



29 Jan, William PUCKET and Jane PAINE



13 May, Laurence PALMER and Eleanor HATCHET
Witnesses: William Reed and Edward Cosh


23 Sep, Richard ROBERTS, of Afffpuddle and Elizabeth HARDY
w: Edward Cosh



14 Nov, Richard ANTRAM, yeoman and Christian ALNER, of Tyneham – by licence
W: Richard Paddock and John Elliott



6 Sep, , Robert HENNING, of Warmwell and Jane SPRATT with consent of guardian
W: Thomas Spratt and Virtue Grant



9 Apr, , James TALBOTT, yeoman of Swanwich and Mary ELLIOTT – by licence
W: Simon Elliott and Edward Cosh



14 Sep, John WELLMAN and Mary COSH
W: Laurence Palmer and Mary Wellman



21 Jun, Henry HAWES and Jane TOMS
W: Edward Cosh and Laurence Palmer



14 May, William SUMMERS, dairyman of Lerswell, West Knighton and Mary TREVERS, of Higher Woodsford
W: Betty Greening and Laurence Palmer

5 Jun, , Robert LOCK and Mary RANDAL
W: Laurence Palmer and Henry Notley

8 Aug, , Thomas WALTERS and Ann HARDY
W: Laurence Palmer and John Joiner



18 Jul, Cadwallader ALDRIDGE, of Moreton and Christian ANTRAM, widow by licence
W: Thomas Adams and Laurence Palmer



18 Feb, Zachary SANSOM and Mary DOWNTON
W: Henry Notley and William Summers



22 Aug, William LOXLEY, of Barington Farm, Woolbridge and Thomasin NOTLEY
W: Laurence Palmer and Henry Notley



7 Apr, , William GALTON and Mary GALTON, both of Moreton
W: Laurence Palmer and Thomas Champter



28 Mar, Joseph JANES and Elizabeth HARDEY
W: Laurence Palmer and C. Henning



6 Oct, , Edward HANSFORD, of Powerstock and Virtue GRANT – by licence
W: William Grant and Edmund Henning



5 May, , Gideon HUSSEY and Elizabeth BISHOP
W: Laurence Palmer and George Notley

22 Sep, John BILLETT and Elizabeth HALL, both of Moreton
W: John Edmonds and Laurence Palmer

1 Dec, , John HARDEY, of Fordington, Dorchester and Jane KNIGHT
W: Kitty Antram and Anna Bye



23 Aug, Thomas GREGORY and mary RAWLS
W: Laurence Palmer and George Notley



31 May, Thomas LUKAS and Mary WILLIAMS
W: Laurence Palmer and Richard Antram

19 Oct, John KIDDLE, of Piddletown and Kitty ANTRAM
W: Elizabeth Antram and Mary Haydon



17 Mar, William REEKS, of Wimbourne and Elizabeth ANTRAM – by licence
W: John Woolfray and Ann Aldridge



27 Dec, Reuben GROVES, of Evershot and Jane FUDGE
W: Andrew Groves and Sarah Nicholls

27 Dec, John PALMER, of East Stoke and Elizabeth PALMER
W: James Fudge and Robert Bidling



23 Jan, William TRIM, of Piddletown and Elizabeth FUDGE
W: Thomas Tilly and Margaret Trim

21 Mar, James FUDGE, of Poxwell and Mary WELLMAN – by licence
W: Reuben and Jane Groves



10 Dec, John HARRIS, of West Knighton and Sarah HASE
W: laurence palmer and Robert Hurst



12 Jul, Isaac PHELPS, of South Brent, Somerset and Catherine HENNING by licence
W: Susannah Phelps, Robert Henning Snr and Robert Henning Jnr



23 Apr, Reuben ROSE, of St Peters Dorchester and Fanny MUNCKTON
W: Joseph Munckton and Jane Stevens

22 Sep, William DEAN, of Bedminster, Somerset and Ann ALDRIDGE
W: Richard Antram, John Kiddle and John Chapman Kiddle



13 Feb, Robert KING, of Warmwell and Elizabeth SANSOM
W: Henry and Mary Notley



9 May, , George NOTLEY and Ann JOYNER
W: Henry and William Notley



30 Apr, William DEAN, widower of St Nicholas, Bristol and Mary WOODROW by licence
W: William Woodrow, Richard and Margaret Antram

13 May, John MUNCKTON and Sarah GOURD, of Compton Abbas
W: Edward Munckton and Henry Notley



28 Jul, George BARTLETT and Jane DODGE
W: Henry Notley and Hugh Fane



5 Sep, , William VALLENCE, of West Knighton and Jane HAWES
W: John Gifford and Henry Notley

9 Oct, , Richard HAWES and Mary ASH, of Piddletown
W: John Chapman and Henry Notley

9 Oct, , John PITMAN and Mary JANES
W: John Chapman and Henry Notley



21 Oct, William JANES and Ann BISHOP
W: Henry Notley



13 Apr, William GIFFARD and Elizabeth COOK
W: William Legg and Henry Notley



12 Aug, Thomas HARRIS, of West Knighton and Elsey SARGENT
W: Thomas Sargent and Henry Notley



18 Sep, John PALMER and Sarah BISHOP
W: William James and Henry Notley



17 Oct, John GREEN, of Charminster and Jane GALE
W: Joseph Gale and Henry Notley



5 Nov, , Charles BARNES and Mary JOYNER
W: Robert Carter and Henry Notley



30 Dec, William DAW and Esther BISHOP
W: John Winzor and Henry Notley



14 Jan, William BRIDLE and Rebeccah WELLMAN
W: John Wellman and Henry Notley

11 Apr, Thomas JOINER and Anne SANSOM
W: Thomas Posh and Henry Notley

13 May, John BURT, of Poole and Susannah BEATON – by licence
W: Richard Antram, Rebecca and Samuel Beaton

10 Sep, Richard ANTRAM and Elizabeth BEATON – by licence
W: Samuel and Eunice Beaton



5 Apr, , Thomas TOMS, of Piddletown and Elizabeth JEANS
W: James Trim and Elizabeth BARNES

18 Jul, William CARTER and Elizabeth MOORS
W: John Vallins and Thomas Bishop

27 Sep, Thomas BISHOP and Sarah MOORS
W: John Vallins and Jane Bridle

1 Nov, , Robert CARTER and Mary WELLMAN
W: Edward Wellman and May Old

5 Nov, , William Hallet, of Affpiddle and Elizabeth BARNES
W: Richard Vatcher and Joseph Hallet



15 May, Jonathon CHEESMAN, of Admiston and Amelia VINCENT
W: James Tucker and Richard Holland



26 Sep, George BISHOP and Martha MUSSELL
W: William Daw and Henry Notley



14 Sep, John PITMAN and Mary NOTLEY
W: Edward Smith-Summers and Harriet Notteley



9 Jul, , Robert WOOLFRYS, of Piddlehinton and Esther CARTER
W: Charles Wollfryes and John Pitman

23 Jul, William PALMER, of Frampton and Mary PERHAM
W: John Notley and Ann Perham

4 Aug, , John NOTLEY and Anne PERHAM
W: Harriet Nottley and John Porter



11 jul, William SYMS and Sarah BISHOP, of Holy Trinity Dorchester
W: George Syms and John Pitman



26 Jul, John PORTER, of Stafford and Harriet NOTLEY
W: Henry Greening and Maria Porter



4 Jun, , William KINGSBURY, of Whitechurch and Anne RIGGS
W: Thomas Riggs

2 Sep, , George GARLAND, of Owermoigne and Elizabeth Anne BISHOP,
W: Thomas House and Joel Goog?

11 Dec, William JOINER and Maria JEANS
W: Anne Bennet and Charles Cardell

11 Dec, William SMITH and Esther JEANS
W: Charles Cardell and Honor Tucker



20 Dec, John TOMES and Sarab BISHOP
W: George and Sarah Toms



11 Aug, Thomas RIGGS, of Bere Regis and Anne JOINER
W: Charles Joiner and Mary Riggs

12 Aug, Charles RIGGS and Sarah WELLMAN
W: Charles and Hannah Wellman

20 Nov, Joseph JEANS and Jane TREVETT
W: Charlotte and William Trevett

?  ?, George WOOLFRYES, of Moreton and Elizabeth PITTMAN
W: Jethro Billet and Mary Anne Pittman



28 Jan, Samuel COLMAN and Hannah BISHOP
W: William Randle and Charles Cardell

13 Aug, George NOTTLEY and Mary Anne WHITING
W: John Pitman and Charles Cardell



24 May, George TETT, of Stoke and Louisa KERSLAKE – by licence
W: J.D. Kellaway, Joseph and Ann Kerslake


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