1861 CENSUS RG9/1346
Sub District Wareham ED 13 Enumerator Edward May
Transcribed and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Ivan T Gould

The whole of the parish of Wool including Binden Mill Woodstreet Farm the cottage by the wood leading from Combe Keynes to Winfrith.
The cottage on the Turnpike Road near the Ship Inn Burton. Bovington Farm and the gamekeepers house and the cottages on the farm.
121 schedules 2 uninhabited & 2 buildings 2 families from home 286 males, 304 females 590 total

SchedAddressForenamesSurnameRel to HeadStatusAgeOccupationPlace BornCounty BornFolioPage
1WoolJohnSTICKLAND HeadUn40Farm labWoolDorset 501
1WoolSusanSTICKLAND SisterUn60Farm labWoolDorset 501
1WoolRoseSTICKLAND SisterUn54Farm labWoolDorset 501
1WoolBettySTICKLAND SisterUn42HousekeeperWoolDorset 501
2Bovington FarmWilliam SPICERHeadMar40Farmer emp 12 labs 7 boys 542 acres TolpuddleDorset501
2Bovington FarmElizabeth SPICERWifeMar49 Wareham Dorset501
2Bovington FarmFrank SPICERSonUn17Farmer’s son Sutton PoyntzDorset501
2Bovington FarmWilliam Robert SPICERSonUn15Farmer’s son Sutton PoyntzDorset501
2Bovington FarmElizabeth Anna SPICERDaurUn10Farmer’s daughter Sutton PoyntzDorset501
2Bovington FarmJames SPICERSonUn8Farmer’s son Sutton PoyntzDorset501
2Bovington FarmEllen PACKHAMVisitorUn3NeiceMaiden Newton Dorset501
2Bovington FarmCharlotte BOWERINGServantUn14House servant BurlstoneDorset501
2Bovington FarmNoah COXServantUn12House servant RedingBerkshire501
3Bovington FarmSamuel HANSFORDHeadMar42DairymanBurton Bradstock Dorset501
3Bovington FarmMary Anne HANSFORDWifeMar37Dairyman’s wife MappowderDorset501
3Bovington FarmEmma HANSFORDDaurUn12Dairyman’s daughter WottonDorset501
3Bovington FarmEdmund HANSFORDSon 9Dairyman’s son Nether CerneDorset501
3Bovington FarmRobert HANSFORDSon 4Dairyman’s son Wool BovingtonDorset501
3Bovington FarmJane HANSFORDDaur 3 moDairyman’s daughter Wool BovingtonDorset501
3Bovington FarmEmely COOMBSSister in lawUn20Servant MappowderDorset501
4Bovington FarmAndrew RAYNESHeadMar33CarterHarbert Lane Dorset501
4Bovington FarmJane RAYNESWifeMar32Carter’s wife ChiselbourneDorset501
4Bovington FarmWilliam C. RAYNESSonUn11 Chiselbourne Dorset501
4Bovington FarmAlfred George RAYNESSon 9   Dorset501
4Bovington FarmSarah RAYNESDaur 5 Dewlish Dorset501
4Bovington FarmAnna RAYNESDaur 2 Dewlish Dorset501
4Bovington WoolJames RAYNESSonUn1Carter’s son DewlishDorset502
4Bovington WoolFredrick RAYNESBrotherUn22CarterHarbert Lane Dorset502
5Bovington WoolCharles HARTHeadMar44Ag labCame Dorset502
5Bovington WoolSusan HARTWifeMar46 Martinstown Dorset502
5Bovington WoolJoseph HARTSonUn18Ag labBroadmoigne Dorset502
5Bovington WoolCharles HARTSonUn16Ag labBroadmoigne Dorset502
5Bovington WoolGeorge HARTSonUn14Ag labCame Dorset502
5Bovington WoolAnnHART Daur 12 Charminster Dorset502
5Bovington WoolHenry HARTSon 10 Charminster Dorset502
5Bovington WoolMary Jane HARTDaur 7 Piddletown Dorset502
5Bovington WoolWilloughby HARTSon 5 Sutton Poyntz Dorset502
5Bovington WoolMarian HARTDaur 2 Came Dorset502
6Bovington WoolMatthew CHARLESHeadMar41Ag lab [deaf] West LulworthDorset502
6Bovington WoolAnne CHARLESWifeMar43 Tollard Royal Wiltshire502
6Bovington WoolHenry T. CHARLESSonUn15 West Lulworth Dorset502
6Bovington WoolAlice Louisa CHARLESDaur 11 Tynnam Dorset502
6Bovington WoolSarah Anne CHARLESDaur 5 Chaldon Dorset502
7Bovington WoolRobert WATTHeadMar38GamekeeperBradford Peveril Dorset502
7Bovington WoolRebecca WATTWifeMar48Gamekeeper’s wife MartinstownDorset502
7Bovington WoolEmma WATTDaur 6 Piddletrentide Dorset502
8Bovington WoolHenry MASONHeadMar55Ag labWool Dorset502
8Bovington WoolAmelia MASONWifeMar53 Wool Dorset502
8Bovington WoolFanny MASONDaur 24 Wool Dorset502
8Bovington WoolSarah MASONDaur 18 Snelling Dorset502
8Bovington WoolJohn MASONSon 16 Wool Dorset502
8Bovington WoolCaroline MASONDaur 13 Wool Dorset513
8Bovington WoolAmelia MASONGranddaur 2  WoolDorset513
9WoolCharlesWELLMAN HeadMar46Railway gatekeeperWoodsford Dorset513
9WoolBethiaWELLMAN WifeMar43Railway gatekeeper’s wife WoolDorset513
9WoolMary A. U.WELLMAN DaurUn19 WoolDorset 513
9WoolAmbroseWELLMAN SonUn15 OwermoigneDorset 513
9WoolGeorgeWELLMAN Son 11 Owermoigne Dorset513
9WoolEdwinWELLMAN Son 8 WoolDorset 513
9WoolJamesWELLMAN Son 5 WoolDorset 513
10Railway StationWilliam CROSSLEYHeadMar49Railway agent Leister 513
10Railway StationElizabeth CROSSLEYWifeMar43Agent’s wife WokingSurrey513
10Railway StationMartha CROSSLEYDaurUn16 Fareham Hants513
10Railway StationFrank CROSSLEYSon 12ScholarWool Dorset513
10Railway StationAda CROSSLEYDaur 10Scholar WoolDorset513
10Railway StationFanney CROSSLEYHead 11Scholar WoolDorset513
10Railway StationEllen CROSSLEYDaur 3ScholarWool Dorset513
10Railway StationArthur CROSSLEYSon 1 Wool Dorset513
11 CharlesWHEELER HeadMar25Railway porter telegraph clerk RepleySurrey513
11 ClaraWHEELER WifeMar22WifeWimbledonSurrey 513
11 Henry C.WHEELER Son 5 mo WoolDorset 513
12 HenryNATHAN HeadMar51Member of Royal College of Surgeons & Licentiate of the Apothecary’s Society London WeymouthDorset513
12 ElizaNATHAN WifeMar55WarminsterWilts 513
12 ElizaNATHAN DaurUn19 WoolDorset 513
12 EmmaCOX ServantUn17 WoolDorset 513
13WoolJane Loveless FRANCISHeadMar37Independent living [husband in London] Burton BradstockDorset514
13WoolFrederick G.FRANCIS Son 9ScholarWoolDorset 514
13WoolDeborah S.FRANCIS Daur 6ScholarWoolDorset 514
14 FrederickPLOMER HeadMar49SaddlerStalbridgeDorset 514
14 SarahPLOMER WifeMar68Saddler’s wifeWareham Dorset514
14 Sarah AnnPLOMER Daur 15 WoolDorset 514
14 Frederick W. PLOMERSon 8ScholarWool Dorset514
14 GeorgePLOMER Son 6ScholarWoolDorset 514
15WoolJosephCOX HeadMar57TailorWoolDorset 514
15WoolJaneCOX WifeMar58 WarehamDorset 514
15WoolGeorgeCOX SonUn23ShoemakerWoolDorset 514
15WoolJosephCOX SonUn22ShoemakerWoolDorset 514
16 JamesCOX HeadMar32ShoemakerWoolDorset 514
16 MaryannCOX WifeMar31 DublinIreland 514
16 Elizabeth Legg COXDaurUn11 Wool Dorset514
16 Jane M.COX DaurMar9 WoolDorset 514
16 EllenCOX DaurMar7 WoolDorset 514
16 Sarah AnnCOX DaurUn6 WoolDorset 514
16 MatildaCOX DaurUn5 WoolDorset 514
16 Ann LavinaCOX DaurUn1 WoolDorset 514
16 RobertCOX SonUn1 WoolDorset 514
17 AnnSKINNER HeadWidow50Washer womanStoke Dorset514
17 EdwardSKINNER Daur 17Ag labBurtonDorset 514
17 JohnSKINNER Son 13Ag labBurtonDorset 514
17 Elizabeth J. SKINNERDaur 8ScholarWareham Dorset514
18WoolHenryKELLAWAY HeadMar50OstlerWoolDorset 525
18WoolElizabethKELLAWAY WifeMar59 PiddletownDorset 525
18WoolEmilyKELLAWAY DaurUn26 WoolDorset 525
18WoolGeorgeKELLAWAY SonUn24Ag labWoolDorset 525
19WoolGeorgeGODDEN HeadMar42Railway labMillbrook Dorset525
19WoolSarahGODDEN WifeMar45 WoolDorset 525
19WoolEmmaGODDEN DaurUn15 WoolDorset 525
19WoolElizaGODDEN DaurUn10ScholarPorchesterHants 525
19WoolElizabethGODDEN DaurUn8ScholarPorchesterHants 525
19WoolSarahGODDEN DaurUn3ScholarWoolDorset 525
20WoolCharlesSPICER HeadMar45BootmakerBriantspuddle Dorset525
20WoolJudithSPICER WifeMar57 Turnerspuddle Dorset525
20WoolWalterSPICER Son 3 WoolDorset 525
20WoolClaraELAGING Visitor 5ScholarWoolDorset 525
21Binden MillJohnSLY HeadMar64Miller & farmer 210 acres emp 12 men & 6 boys CrewkerneSomerset525
21Binden MillElizabeth SLYWifeMar68 Beaminster Dorset525
21Binden MillSarah Maria SLYNeiceUn26NeiceNew Romsey Kent525
21Binden MillWilliam LUCASMillerUn34MillerPulham Dorset525
21Binden MillCharles FANCYApUn19ApSutton Dorset525
21Binden MillMaryDIFFEY ServantUn24SerWoolDorset 525
22Binden DairyThomas LOCKHeadMar44DairymanChaldon Dorset525
22Binden DairySarah LOCKWifeMar41WifeChaldon Dorset525
22Binden DairyMaryLOCK Daur 17 ChaldonDorset 525
22Binden DairyJames LOCKSon 15 Owermoigne Dorset525
22Binden DairyGeorge LOCKSon 13 Owermoigne Dorset525
22Binden DairyJohnLOCK Son 11 WoolDorset 526
22Binden DairyHarriet LOCKDaur 7ScholarWool Dorset526
22Binden DairyFrank LOCKSon 4ScholarWool Dorset526
23Binden AbbeyWilliam KELLAWAYHeadMar46Ag labWool Dorset526
23Binden AbbeyJulia KELLAWAYWifeMar55Ag lab wife WoolDorset526
23Binden AbbeyMartha KELLAWAYDaurUn25 Wool Dorset526
23Binden AbbeyJoseph KELLAWAYSonUn19PrentisWool Dorset526
23Binden AbbeySarah Ann KELLAWAYDaurUn10ScholarWool Dorset526
24Wood Street FarmJohn DAMENHeadUn53Farmer 305 acres emp 8 men & 7 boys BroadwinsorDorset526
24Wood Street FarmMary DAMENSisterUn51 Broadwinsor Dorset526
24Wood Street FarmHarriet DAMENServantUn18ServantChaldon Dorset526
24Wood Street FarmMary FRAMPTONNeiceUn8NeiceBeaminster Dorset526
25Wood Street FarmJames BARNSHeadMar48CarterStoke Dorset526
25Wood Street FarmEliza BARNSWifeMar48 Wareham Dorset526
25Wood Street FarmCharles BARNSSonUn15Ag labStoke Dorset526
25Wood Street FarmJohn BARNSSonUn13Ag labStoke Dorset526
25Wood Street FarmHenry BARNSSonUn10 Stoke Dorset526
25Wood Street FarmEliza BARNSDaurUn8 Stoke Dorset526
25Wood Street FarmSarah BARNSDaurUn5 Stoke Dorset526
25Wood Street FarmWilliam DOELodgerUn21Ag labBeaminster Dorset526
26Wood Street FarmRobert BOWERINGHeadMar46Ag labWool Dorset526
26Wood Street FarmJane BOWERINGWifeMar43 Martinstown Dorset526
26Wood Street FarmThomas TREVETTFather in lawWidower68Ag lab MartinstownDorset526
26Wood Street FarmGeorge DAWLodgerMar56Ag labBeaminster Dorset526
26Wood Street FarmHenry DAWLodgerMar24Ag labBeaminster Dorset526
27WoolJamesORCHARD HeadMar23Railway labWinfrith Dorset537
27WoolRosannORCHARD WifeMar25 AffpuddleDorset 537
27WoolElizabethORCHARD Daur 3 WoolDorset 537
27WoolGeorgeORCHARD Son 2 WoolDorset 537
27WoolElizabethBARNS Mother in lawWidow71 Corfe Castle Dorset537
28WoolWilliamPUCKETT HeadMar26Ag labTincletonDorset 537
28WoolJanePUCKETT WifeMar22 WoolDorset 537
28WoolMary JanePUCKETT Daur 2 WoolDorset 537
29WoolHezekiahLANGFORD HeadMar28CarterWoolDorset 537
29WoolSarah MayLANGFORD WifeMar28 WoolDorset 537
29WoolWilliamLANGFORD Son 7ScholarWoolDorset 537
29WoolSarah JaneLANGFORD Daur 3 WoolDorset 537
29WoolEliza AnnLANGFORD Daur 1 WoolDorset 537
29WoolRobertRICKETTS LodgerUn61GardenerWoolDorset 537
30WoolHenryKELLAWAY HeadMar25Ag labWoolDorset 537
30WoolElizabethKELLAWAY WifeMar26 WoolDorset 537
30WoolGeorgeKELLAWAY SonUn5ScholarWoolDorset 537
30WoolJaneKELLAWAY Daur 3 WoolDorset 537
30WoolWilliamKELLAWAY Son 1 WoolDorset 537
31WoolMaryRUNYARD HeadWidow74Receiving parochial relief WoolDorset537
32WoolMarthaSYMONDS HeadWidow66Formerly button makerEast Burton Dorset537
33WoolElizabethRUNYARD HeadWidow66Formerly button makerBere Regis Dorset537
33WoolCharlesBROWN Son in lawMar40Ag LabWoolDorset 537
33WoolMayBROWN WifeMar40 WoolDorset 537
33WoolJohnBROWN Son 9ScholarWoolDorset 537
33WoolFrancesBROWN Daur 5ScholarWoolDorset 538
34WoolCharlesMANUEL HeadMar24Ag labWoolDorset 538
34WoolMariaMANUEL WifeMar22 WoolDorset 538
34WoolFredrickMANUEL Son 1 WoolDorset 538
35 RobertRUNYARD HeadMar54CarpenterWoolDorset 538
35 MaryRUNYARD WifeMar51 FordingtonDorset 538
35 HenryRUNYARD SonUn22CarpenterWoolDorset 538
35 Joseph J.RUNYARD SonUn18CarpenterWoolDorset 538
35 FredrickRUNYARD SonUn16CarpenterWoolDorset 538
35 RichardRUNYARD SonUn14 WoolDorset 538
35 John A.RUNYARD Son 8 WoolDorset 538
35 Charles E.RUNYARD Son 3 WoolDorset 538
36 GeorgeORCHARD HeadWidower77CarrierWinfrith Dorset538
36 PecillaSTEVENS ServantUn40ServantWoolDorset 538
37 CharlesGURD HeadMar41GrinderBurwickWilts 538
37 HannahGURD WifeMar59 BurwickWilts 538
37 AlfredGURD Son 9ScholarBurwickWilts 538
37 SophiaGURD Daur 7ScholarBurwickWilts 538
37 EllenGURD Daur 1 Sturminster Newton Dorset538
38 Richard H.HIBBS HeadMar38Button factorBere Regis Dorset538
38 SarahHIBBS WifeMar33 LondonMiddlesex 538
38 JaneHIBBS Daur 4 WoolDorset 538
38 Mary BiHIBBS Daur 2 WoolDorset 538
38 Sarah J.HIBBS Daur 4 mo WoolDorset 538
38 SarahTHORNE ServantUn19ServantKingstonDorset 538
39WoolSusanBEST HeadWidow37ServantWoolDorset 549
39WoolMaryBEST DaurUn15ScholarEast Lulworth Dorset549
39WoolJaneBEST DaurUn13ScholarWoolDorset 549
40WoolJohnDIFFEY HeadMar25GroomWoolDorset 549
40WoolAnnDIFFEY WifeMar19 TynehamDorset 549
40WoolJames G.PITCHER Son 1 TynehamDorset 549
41WoolCharlesHYDE HeadMar48Farmer 317 acres emp 6 men & 3 boys MarchwoodDorset549
41WoolMatildaHYDE WifeMar44 BridportDorset 549
41WoolCharles G.HYDE SonUn15Farmer’s sonWool Dorset549
41WoolClaraHYDE DaurUn8 WoolDorset 549
41WoolEmmaHYDE Daur 6 WoolDorset 549
42WoolElizabethBAGG HeadWidow66 WoolDorset 549
42WoolWilliamBAGG SonUn22Dealer etcWoolDorset 549
42WoolFrancesBAGG DaurUn14 WoolDorset 549
42WoolWalterPARKER Boarder 7 mo Wareham Dorset549
43WoolJohnCOFFIN HeadMar49Dealer etcWoolDorset 549
43WoolAnnCOFFIN WifeMar46 HernHants 549
43WoolJohn F.COFFIN SonUn17BakerWarehamDorset 549
43WoolWilliam H.COFFIN SonUn14ScholarWoolDorset 549
44WoolJohnDIFFEY HeadMar51Ag labWoolDorset 549
44WoolSusanahDIFFEY WifeMar46 MoretonDorset 549
44WoolJosephDIFFEY SonUn22Ag labWoolDorset 549
44WoolGeorgeDIFFEY SonUn18Ag labWoolDorset 549
44WoolWillamDIFFEY SonUn12 WoolDorset 549
44WoolHester L.DIFFEY Daur 10 WoolDorset 549
44WoolFrancisDIFFEY SonUn6ScholarWoolDorset 5410
44WoolChaltionDIFFEY Son 3 mo WoolDorset 5410
44WoolAnn P.HARVEY NieceUn14ScholarWoolDorset 5410
45WoolWilliamWELLSTEAD HeadMar46Ag labStokeDorset 5410
45WoolJaneWELLSTEAD WifeMar43 StokeDorset 5410
45WoolWilliamWELLSTEAD SonUn19Ag labStokeDorset 5410
45WoolMaryWELLSTEAD DaurUn17 StokeDorset 5410
45WoolEdwardWELLSTEAD SonUn15 StokeDorset 5410
45WoolDavidWELLSTEAD Son 9ScholarStokeDorset 5410
45WoolDiana A. C.WELLSTEAD Daur 7ScholarStokeDorset 5410
45WoolLucy A.WELLSTEAD Daur 3ScholarStokeDorset 5410
45WoolGeorgePARKER LodgerWidower?23Ag labWoolDorset 5410
46WoolThomasBAGG HeadMar59Basket makerWoolDorset 5410
46WoolCharlotteBAGG WifeMar56 WoolDorset 5410
46WoolWilliamBAGG SonUn22Ag labWoolDorset 5410
46WoolMary AnnBAGG DaurUn18 WoolDorset 5410
46WoolEllenBAGG DaurUn15 WoolDorset 5410
47WoolCharlesBASCOMBE HeadMar55ThatcherOwermoigne Dorset5410
47WoolEdathBASCOMBE WifeMar55 OwermoigneDorset 5410
47WoolMaryBASCOMBE DaurUn15 OwermoigneDorset 5410
47WoolJaneBASCOMBE DaurUn12ScholarOwermoigneDorset 5410
47WoolLouisaBASCOMBE Daur 4 Owermoigne Dorset5410
48WoolJohnRUNYARD HeadMar42GardenerWoolDorset 5410
48WoolElizaRUNYARD WifeMar44 Hintle Mortte Dorset5410
48WoolSophiaRUNYARD VisitorUn79 WoolDorset 5410
49WoolRichardNORRISH HeadMar67SaddlerLydfordDevon 5511
49WoolHanahNORRISH WifeMar68Saddler’s wifeExeter Devon5511
49WoolAnnNORRISH DaurUn31MillinerNewton Abbey Devon5511
50WoolThomasBURT HeadMar39Railway porterWool Dorset5511
50WoolSusannaBURT WifeMar38 WoolDorset 5511
50WoolThomasBURT SonUn15Ag labWoolDorset 5511
50WoolCharlesBURT SonUn13Ag labWoolDorset 5511
50WoolGeorgeBURT SonUn11 WoolDorset 5511
50WoolElizabeth H.BURT Daur 8ScholarWoolDorset 5511
50WoolAustinBURT Son 6ScholarWoolDorset 5511
50WoolWalter Jos.BURT Son 3ScholarWoolDorset 5511
50WoolCharlotte A.BURT Daur 1 WoolDorset 5511
51WoolJohnKELLAWAY HeadMar56DairymanWoolDorset 5511
51WoolElizabethKELLAWAY WifeMar54 Isle Of Purbeck Dorset5511
51WoolEllenKELLAWAY DaurUn18 WoolDorset 5511
51WoolJosephKELLAWAY SonUn6ScholarWoolDorset 5511
51WoolFrederick A.HOUNSELL Visitor 3 Weymouth Dorset5511
52WoolWilliamRUNYARD HeadMar58FarmerWoolDorset 5511
52WoolElizabethRUNYARD WifeMar64 WoolDorset 5511
53WoolJohnDRAKE HeadMar52DairymanMoretonDorset 5511
53WoolLouisaDRAKE WifeMar45 MoretonDorset 5511
53WoolLouisaDRAKE DaurUn22 Coombe Keynes Dorset5511
53WoolMary J.DRAKE DaurUn12ScholarWoolDorset 5511
53WoolGeorgeTOOKS VisitorUn22ShoemakerChurch Knowle Dorset5511
54WoolJamesSHORTE HeadMar26Police constableRampesham Dorset5512
54WoolElizabethSHORTE WifeMar36 Piddlehinton Dorset5512
55WoolSarahSCUTT HeadWidow75Receiving almsAffpuddle Dorset5512
56WoolMatildaBURDEN HeadWidow65Receiving almsWinfrith Newburgh Dorset5512
56WoolEmmaBURDEN DaurUn14 Winfrith Newburgh Dorset5512
57WoolFannyJAMES HeadWidow75 WoolDorset 5512
57WoolWilliamJAMES SonUn44SawyerWoolDorset 5512
57WoolJamesJAMES SonUn41CarpenterWoolDorset 5512
57WoolJohnHARIST GrandsonUn15 ChaldonDorset 5512
57WoolAnnJAMES Granddaur 8 WoolDorset 5512
58WoolJohnWILLIAMS LodgerMar30SeamanWest Lulworth Dorset5512
58WoolMary AnnWILLIAMS Lodger’s wifeMar32 Wool Dorset5512
59WoolThomasJAMES HeadMar49CarpenterWoolDorset 5512
59WoolCarolieJAMES WifeMar41 WoolDorset 5512
60WoolMaryKELLAWAY HeadWidow79Receiving almsWareham Dorset5512
60WoolJohnWILLIAMS LodgerWidower71Receiving almsKingston Dorset5512
60WoolJohnDOREY LodgerWidower83ShoemakerStoke Dorset5512
60WoolJamesKELEY LodgerUn25Razor grinderToller Porcorum Dorset5512
61WoolJosephRICKETTS HeadMar64Ag labWoolDorset 5512
61WoolMaryRICKETTS WifeMar61 East StokeDorset 5512
61WoolAnnRICKETTS Daur in lawMar25 WoolDorset 5512
62WoolJosephBASCOMBE HeadMar42Baker & grocerWool Dorset5512
62WoolSarahBASCOMBE WifeMar42 WoolDorset 5512
62WoolWilliamBASCOMBE SonUn16Baker’s sonWool Dorset5512
62WoolJaneBASCOMBE DaurUn14ScholarWoolDorset 5613
62WoolEdwinBASCOMBE SonUn12ScholarWoolDorset 5613
62WoolMaryBASCOMBE DaurUn8ScholarWoolDorset 5613
62WoolRobertBASCOMBE SonUn6ScholarWoolDorset 5613
62WoolHenryBASCOMBE Son 3 WoolDorset 5613
62WoolHerbertBASCOMBE Son 7 mo WoolDorset 5613
63WoolJohn W.CARTER HeadMar56SolicitorPooleDorset 5613
63WoolEliza H.CARTER WifeMar59 Wargret Wareham Dorset5613
63WoolGeorgeADNEY BoarderUn54 Winterborne Whitchurch Dorset5613
63WoolAnnPENNEY ServantUn19House servantAvon Hants5613
64WoolMaryHYDE HeadWidow32IndependentCorfe Castle Dorset5613
64WoolLouisaKELLAWAY ServantUn18House servantWool Dorset5613
65WoolJosephSTEVENS HeadMar26Ag labWoolDorset 5613
65WoolElizaSTEVENS WifeMar29 EvershottDorset 5613
65WoolMary AnnSTEVENS DaurUn9ScholarWoolDorset 5613
65WoolHenrySTEVENS Son 5ScholarWoolDorset 5613
65WoolThomas J.STEVENS Son 3 WoolDorset 5613
65WoolElza J.STEVENS Daur 19 mo WoolDorset 5613
65WoolWilliam J.STEVENS Son 19 mo WoolDorset 5613
66WoolJosephRICKETTS HeadMar25Railway labWoolDorset 5613
66WoolAnnRICKETTS WifeMar22 StokeDorset 5613
66WoolJaneHAWKINS Daur 5ScholarWoolDorset 5613
66WoolWilliamHAWKINS Son 3ScholarWoolDorset 5613
67WoolAmosCOBB HeadMar37BrickmakerBlandford Dorset5613
67WoolHarrietteCOBB WifeMar26 BasingstokeHants 5613
67WoolMary A. L.COBB DaurUn7ScholarCoombe Keynes Dorset5613
67WoolEmely J.COBB DaurUn6ScholarCoombe Keynes Dorset5614
67WoolEllen E.COBB Daur 4 Coombe Keynes Dorset5614
67WoolAnne M.COBB Daur 2Ag labCoombe Keynes Dorset5614
67WoolSamuel C. B.COBB Son 11 mo WoolDorset 5614
67WoolMariaMOODEY Sister in lawMar29 Basingstoke Hants5614
67WoolAnne HopeMOODEY NieceUn6 OdihamHants 5614
68Wool Parsonage HouseFrank NEWINGTONHeadMar40Living? of Coombe Keynes & incumbant of Wool Dorset   5614
68Wool Parsonage HouseElizabeth NEWINGTONWifeMar42    5614
68Wool Parsonage HouseEliza Alice NEWINGTONDaurUn13Clergyman’s daur   5614
68Wool Parsonage HouseWilliam B. NEWINGTONSon 4Clergyman’s son Broad ChalkWilts5614
68Wool Parsonage HouseWilliam C. SYMESNephewUn2094th Regiment Army Ensign AllingtonDorset5614
68Wool Parsonage HouseAnn F. CLUMEServantUn31House servant BridportDorset5614
69WoolGeorgeMORRIS HeadMar40WoodmanAllerDorset 5614
69WoolJaneMORRIS WifeMar39LaundressWoolDorset 5614
69WoolThomasMORRIS SonUn13WoodmanWoolDorset 5614
69WoolHenryMORRIS SonUn11WoodmanWoolDorset 5614
69WoolMary J.MORRIS DaurUn9ScholarWoolDorset 5614
69WoolJeremiahMORRIS Son 6ScholarWoolDorset 5614
69WoolWilliam J.MORRIS Son 4ScholarWoolDorset 5614
69WoolEllenMORRIS Daur 17 mo WoolDorset 5614
70WoolEdwardPRIDE HeadUn21Ag labWoolDorset 5614
70WoolSarahPRIDE MotherUn53 WoolDorset 5614
70WoolKateBURT AuntWidow63 WoolDorset 5614
71WoolWilliamLEGG HeadMar22Ag labSaffeloneyBritish subject 5614
71WoolElizabethLEGG WifeMar20 Coombe Keynes Dorset5614
72WoolJamesCLENCH HeadMar37CarpenterLytchettDorset 5715
72WoolMaria B.CLENCH WifeMar37 StokeDorset 5715
72WoolFilenaCLENCH Daur 4 mo WoolDorset 5715
73WoolHenryLANGFORD HeadMar38CarterWoolDorset 5715
73WoolJaneLANGFORD WifeMar34 WoolDorset 5715
73WoolGerryLANGFORD SonUn14Ag labWoolDorset 5715
73WoolMaryLANGFORD DaurUn11ScholarWoolDorset 5715
73WoolJamesLANGFORD Son 9 WoolDorset 5715
73WoolJaneLANGFORD Daur 5ScholarWoolDorset 5715
73WoolJosephLANGFORD Son 3 WoolDorset 5715
73WoolJamesGOODWIN Father in lawWidower67Ag labWool Dorset5715
74WoolThomasDAVIS HeadMar33WoodmanHintonDorset 5715
74WoolFannyDAVIS WifeMar31 WoolDorset 5715
75WoolThomasRIGGS HeadMar24Ag labWoodsfordDorset 5715
75WoolMartaRIGGS WifeMar21 WoolDorset 5715
75WoolSarahannRIGGS Daur 2 WoolDorset 5715
76WoolWilliamSYMONDS HeadMar53BakerWoolDorset 5715
76WoolSarahSYMONDS WifeMar54 WoolDorset 5715
76WoolJohnSYMONDS SonUn27BakerWoolDorset 5715
76WoolAnnSYMONDS DaurUn22 WoolDorset 5715
76WoolJaneSYMONDS DaurUn20 WoolDorset 5715
76WoolMarthaSYMONDS DaurUn15 WoolDorset 5715
77WoolEthelbertDOREY HeadMar31Cordwainer emp 2 men & 3 boys East StokeDorset5715
77WoolSarahDOREY WifeMar28 WarehamDorset 5715
77WoolMaryDOREY DaurUn7 WarehamDorset 5715
77WoolCarolineDOREY Daur 6 WoolDorset 5716
77WoolEllenDOREY Daur 3 WoolDorset 5716
77WoolAnneDOREY Daur 1 WoolDorset 5716
78WoolCharlesCOX HeadMar48Ag labWoolDorset 5716
78WoolMaryCOX WifeMar46 WoolDorset 5716
79WoolGeorgeSNOOK HeadMar43Ag labLytchettDorset 5716
79WoolElizaSNOOK WifeMar58 PooleDorset 5716
79WoolEmmaSNOOK DaurUn15ScholarWoolDorset 5716
79WoolGeorgeSNOOK SonUn13ScholarWoolDorset 5716
79WoolElizaSNOOK Daur 7ScholarWoolDorset 5716
79WoolHenrySNOOK Son 4ScholarWoolDorset 5716
79WoolEllenSNOOK Daur 2ScholarWoolDorset 5716
80WoolGeorgeSTICKLAND HeadMar51Ag labWoolDorset 5716
80WoolAnneSTICKLAND WifeMar60 WarehamDorset 5716
81WoolJohnBASCOMBE HeadMar31BricklayerWoolDorset 5716
81WoolSarah J.BASCOMBE WifeMar34 MoretonDorset 5716
81WoolJoseph William BASCOMBESonUn5ScholarWool Dorset5716
82WoolMaryCLAPCOTT HeadWidow80IndependentAffpuddle Dorset5716
82WoolElizabethRICKETTS GranddaurUn27 WoolDorset 5716
83WoolJohnRICKETTS HeadMar60BlacksmithWoolDorset 5716
83WoolJaneRICKETTS WifeMar53 WoolDorset 5716
83WoolEmma M.RICKETTS DaurUn32National school mistressWool Dorset5716
83WoolBethiaRICKETTS DaurUn22ScholarWoolDorset 5716
83WoolCharlesRICKETTS SonUn19BlacksmithWoolDorset 5716
83WoolPriscillaRICKETTS DaurUn16 WoolDorset 5716
83WoolAsenathRICKETTS DaurUn14ScholarWoolDorset 5817
84WoolSamuelSAMWAYS HeadMar32Ag labCattistockDorset 5817
84WoolNancySAMWAYS WifeMar31 PunholeDorset 5817
84WoolMary AnnSAMWAYS Daur 6 OkleyDorset 5817
84WoolEdmundSAMWAYS Son 3 OkleyDorset 5817
84WoolAlbertSAMWAYS Son 2 Corfe Mullen Dorset5817
85WoolRobertDIFFEY HeadMar55Ag labCoombe Keynes Dorset5817
85WoolSarahDIFFEY WifeMar57 MoretonDorset 5817
86WoolJamesDIFFEY HeadMar60Ag labBurton Winfrith Dorset5817
86WoolPriscillaDIFFEY WifeMar57 WoolDorset 5817
86WoolMaryannRAWLES WifeMar29 WoolDorset 5817
86WoolElizaDIFFEY Granddaur 10 Wool Dorset5817
87WoolCharlesMORRIS HeadMar41WoodmanAllerDorset 5817
87WoolMarthaMORRIS WifeMar39 WoolDorset 5817
87WoolGeorgeMORRIS SonUn18WoodmanWoolDorset 5817
87WoolHenryMORRIS SonUn17WoodmanWoolDorset 5817
87WoolEdwardMORRIS SonUn16WoodmanWoolDorset 5817
87WoolMartha Ma?MORRIS Daur 9Ag labWoolDorset 5817
87WoolWiiliamMORRIS Son 7 WoolDorset 5817
87WoolFredrickMORRIS Son 5 WoolDorset 5817
87WoolJaneMORRIS Daur 2 WoolDorset 5817
87WoolJohnMORRIS Daur 1 WoolDorset 5817
88WoolJamesTOWELL HeadMar40WoodmanBere RegisDorset 5817
88WoolElizabethTOWELL WifeMar25 WinfrithDorset 5817
88WoolEllenTOWELL Daur 11ScholarBere Regis Dorset5817
88WoolJamesTOWELL Son 8ScholarBere Regis Dorset5818
88WoolWilliamTOWELL Son 1 WoolDorset 5818
89WoolCharlotteCOX HeadWidow53Receiving almsFelbrigg Norfolk5818
89WoolCorneliusCOX SonUn21Ag labWoolDorset 5818
89WoolJosephCOX SonUn13Ag labWoolDorset 5818
90WoolJamesHARRIS HeadMar34ButcherWoolDorset 5818
90WoolSarahHARRIS WifeMar32 WoolDorset 5818
90WoolGeorgeHARRIS SonUn12 WoolDorset 5818
90WoolJaneHARRIS DaurUn10 WoolDorset 5818
90WoolEdithHARRIS Daur 8 WoolDorset 5818
90WoolEdwardHARRIS Son 4 WoolDorset 5818
90WoolJamesHARRIS Son 6 WoolDorset 5818
90WoolWilliamHARRIS Son 2 WoolDorset 5818
91WoolAnnKELLAWAY HeadWidow71Receiving almsWool Dorset5818
92WoolWilliamHOUSE HeadMar31WoodmanWhitechurch Dorset5818
92WoolMary AnnHOUSE WifeMar30 WoolDorset 5818
92WoolJosephHOUSE SonUn10 WoolDorset 5818
92WoolEliza AnnHOUSE Daur 4ScholarWoolDorset 5818
93WoolGoodwinMEADE HeadMar88PensionerWoolDorset 5818
93WoolElizabethMEADE WifeMar69 West Knighton Dorset5818
93WoolEdmundRICKETTS LodgerUn66PensionerWoolDorset 5818
93WoolWilliamLEGGE LodgerUn60Ag labNetherburyDorset 5818
93WoolJohnLOCK LodgerUn18Ag labBere RegisDorset 5818
93WoolSamuelLOCK Lodger 16Ag labBere Regis Dorset5818
93WoolGeorgeLOCK Lodger 14Ag labBere Regis Dorset5818
94WoolMarthaBROWN HeadWidow74GrocerWoolDorset 5919
94WoolThomasBROWN GrandsonUn15ApprentisWoolDorset 5919
94WoolAnnMORRIS GranddaurUn12 WoolDorset 5919
95Black Bear InnEdward MAYHeadMar41InnkeeperRamsgate Kent5919
95Black Bear InnAnn MAYWifeMar36 Dorchester Dorset5919
95Black Bear InnElizabeth MAYDaurUn14ScholarMoreton Dorset5919
95Black Bear InnMary MAYDaurUn12ScholarWool Dorset5919
95Black Bear InnLouisa MAYDaur 10ScholarWool Dorset5919
95Black Bear InnEmma MAYDaur 8ScholarWool Dorset5919
95Black Bear InnFanney MAYDaur 6ScholarWool Dorset5919
95Black Bear InnAnn CHESMANDaur 34House servant WhitechurchDorset5919
96WoolWilliamALLEN HeadMar52TailorWoolDorset 5919
96WoolMarthaALLEN WifeMar47 HardpudlaneDorset 5919
96WoolJaneALLEN DaurUn17 WoolDorset 5919
96WoolGeorgeALLEN SonUn10ScholarWoolDorset 5919
96WoolElizaALLEN Daur 7ScholarWoolDorset 5919
97WoolWilliamLILLINGTON HeadMar37Railway labCorfe Castle Dorset5919
97WoolElizabethLILLINGTON WifeMar34 WoolDorset 5919
97WoolRobertLILLINGTON Son 5ScholarWoolDorset 5919
97WoolFredrickLILLINGTON Son 2 WoolDorset 5919
97WoolGeorge Pa.LILLINGTON Son 7ScholarWoolDorset 5919
98WoolRobertPARKER HeadMar54Ag labWoolDorset 5919
98WoolBetseyPARKER WifeMar55 Long HamDorset 5919
98WoolJessey PHILLIPSVisitorMar     5919
98WoolGeorgePARKER SonUn17Ag labWoolDorset 5919
98WoolJesseyPHILLIPS VisitorMar23Ag labMoretonDorset 5920
98WoolJanePHILLIPS Wife visMar22 Bere Regis Dorset5920
98WoolFannyPHILLIPS Daur 1 WoolDorset 5920
98WoolMaryKATES LodgerUn56Receiving almsWool Dorset5920
99WoolHenryBASCOMBE HeadMar52BakerWoolDorset 5920
99WoolFrancesBASCOMBE WifeMar51 WoolDorset 5920
99WoolMary SymondsBASCOMBE DaurUn29 WoolDorset 5920
99WoolElizabethBASCOMBE DaurUn25 WoolDorset 5920
99WoolWilliamBASCOMBE SonUn22Baker’s sonWool Dorset5920
99WoolSelenaBASCOMBE Daur 20 WoolDorset 5920
100WoolHezkiahBROWN HeadMar26Ag labBere RegisDorset 5920
100WoolElizabethBROWN WifeMar23 Corfe Castle Dorset5920
100WoolSarahannBROWN Daur 8 mo WoolDorset 5920
100WoolElizabethSTOCKLEY Mother in lawWidow45LaundressEast Stoke Dorset5920
100WoolWilliamSUMMERS GrandfatherWidower80Formerly dairyman FromeSomerset5920
101WoolJamesNORTHOVER HeadMar41Ag labWoolDorset 5920
101WoolMaryannNORTHOVER WifeMar40 StokeDorset 5920
101WoolSarahannNORTHOVER DaurUn15 WoolDorset 5920
101WoolHarriet J.NORTHOVER DaurUn12ScholarWoolDorset 5920
101WoolAlbert J.NORTHOVER Son 10ScholarWoolDorset 5920
101WoolAlbert G.NORTHOVER Son 8ScholarWoolDorset 5920
101WoolMary AnnNORTHOVER Daur 5ScholarWoolDorset 5920
101WoolFanny S.NORTHOVER Daur 2ScholarWoolDorset 5920
101WoolWalter F.NORTHOVER Son 1 WoolDorset 5920
102WoolJohnNORTHOVER HeadMar27Ag labWoolDorset 6021
102WoolElizaNORTHOVER WifeMar27 WoolDorset 6021
102WoolLouisaNORTHOVER Daur 6ScholarWoolDorset 6021
102WoolFrankNORTHOVER Son 3ScholarWoolDorset 6021
102WoolCharlesNORTHOVER Son 9 mo WoolDorset 6021
103WoolAnnSEYMOUR HeadWidow65IndependentPoole Dorset6021
103WoolAnnUDALL VisitorUn30  Somerset 6021
104WoolThomasTRIM HeadWidower72Ag labWoolDorset 6021
104WoolSarahTRIM DaurUn48 WoolDorset 6021
104WoolGeorgeTRIM Grandson 18Ag labWoolDorset 6021
104WoolElizabethTRIM Granddaur 12ScholarWool Dorset6021
105WoolJamesLANGFORD HeadMar28Ag labWoolDorset 6021
105WoolCarolineLANGFORD WifeMar29 WoolDorset 6021
105WoolMarthaHARRIS Daur before marUn11ScholarWool Dorset6021
105WoolJohnLANGFORD Son 7ScholarWoolDorset 6021
105WoolJaneLANGFORD Daur 5ScholarWoolDorset 6021
105WoolAnnLANGFORD Daur 3ScholarWoolDorset 6021
105WoolGeorgeLANGFORD Son 1 WoolDorset 6021
106WoolGeorgeRUNYARD HeadMar25CarpenterWoolDorset 6021
106WoolElizabethRUNYARD WifeMar25 SwannageDorset 6021
106WoolEllen E.RUNYARD Daur 1 WoolDorset 6021
107WoolJohnSTEVENS HeadMar55Ag labWoolDorset 6021
107WoolFannySTEVENS WifeMar45 East Lulworth Dorset6021
107WoolElizaSTEVENS DaurUn14ScholarWoolDorset 6021
107WoolJamesSTEVENS SonUn10ScholarWoolDorset 6021
107WoolGeorgeSTEVENS SonUn10ScholarWoolDorset 6022
107WoolArthurSTEVENS Son 8ScholarWoolDorset 6022
107WoolFredrickSTEVENS Son 6 WoolDorset 6022
107WoolEdwinSTEVENS Son 1 WoolDorset 6022
108WoolJamesHOAR HeadMar31BricklayerBere Regis Dorset6022
108WoolElizabeth M. HOARWifeMar27 Wool Dorset6022
108WoolWilliam J.HOAR SonUn8ScholarBere RegisDorset 6022
108WoolFrancis J.HOAR Daur 5ScholarBere Regis Dorset6022
108WoolJamesHOAR Son 3ScholarBurton Winfrith Dorset6022
108WoolEleas J.HOAR Wife 6 mo WoolDorset 6022
109WoolJohnNORTHOVER HeadMar64GlazierWoolDorset 6022
109WoolMariaNORTHOVER WifeMar60 WoolDorset 6022
110WoolRobertKELLAWAY HeadMar63Ag labWoolDorset 6022
110WoolRosannaKELLAWAY WifeMar63 WoolDorset 6022
110WoolRobert G.KELLAWAY SonGrandson8ScholarWoolDorset 6022
111WoolWilliamCOX HeadMar43Ag labWoolDorset 6022
111WoolMarthaCOX WifeMar34 WoolDorset 6022
111WoolRobert William COXSon 13ScholarWool Dorset6022
111WoolSarah E.COX Daur 10ScholarWoolDorset 6022
111WoolMaria H.COX Daur 7ScholarWoolDorset 6022
111WoolWalterCOX Son 5ScholarWoolDorset 6022
111WoolGeorge T.COX Son 2ScholarWoolDorset 6022
111WoolEmma M.COX Daur 3 mo WoolDorset 6022
112WoolRosannahRUNYARD HeadWidow39 AllerDorset 6022
112WoolRosannahRUNYARD DaurUn14ScholarWoolDorset 6022
112WoolEllenRUNYARD DaurUn11ScholarCoombe Keynes Dorset6123
113WoolGeorgeGRANT HeadWidower68Ag labWoolDorset 6123
114WoolThomasMORRIS HeadMar75HurdlerHeltonDorset 6123
114WoolJaneMORRIS WifeMar55 WoolDorset 6123
115WoolEdwardGRANT HeadMar62CordwainerWoolDorset 6123
115WoolMarthaGRANT WifeMar46 WoolDorset 6123
115WoolSarah M.GRANT Daur 5ScholarWoolDorset 6123
116WoolCharlesBARTLETT HeadMar32GamekeeperSturminster Marshall Dorset6123
116WoolAnnBARTLETT WifeMar40 MordenDorset 6123
116WoolCharlesBARTLETT Son 6ScholarSturminster Marshall Dorset6123
117WoolThomasPARKER HeadMar52Ag labWoolDorset 6123
117WoolMariaPARKER WifeMar40 WoolDorset 6123
117WoolMary AnnCOX DaurMar20 WoolDorset 6123
117WoolJamesPARKER SonUn18Ag labWoolDorset 6123
117WoolThomasPARKER SonUn14Ag labWoolDorset 6123
117WoolSarahPARKER DaurUn11ScholarWoolDorset 6123
117WoolJosephPARKER Son 8ScholarWoolDorset 6123
117WoolElizabethPARKER Daur 6ScholarWoolDorset 6123
117WoolJohnPARKER Son 2ScholarWoolDorset 6123
117WoolGeorgeCOX Grandson 6ScholarWoolDorset 6123
117WoolAnnCOX Granddaur 4ScholarWool Dorset6123
118WoolMariaBROWNJOHN HeadWidow79 WoolDorset 6123
118WoolAlfredSNOOK NephewUn14ScholarWoolDorset 6123
119WoolElizabethVIVIAN HeadUn46School mistressWhatcome Dorset6123
120WoolThomasRICKETTS HeadMar42Ag labWoolDorset 6124
120WoolThersaRICKETTS WifeMar38 AffpuddleDorset 6124
120WoolSeboraRICKETTS DaurUn14ScholarWoolDorset 6124
120WoolWilliamRICKETTS Son 12Ag labWoolDorset 6124
120WoolMariaRICKETTS Daur 10ScholarWoolDorset 6124
120WoolAlfredRICKETTS Son 5ScholarWoolDorset 6124
120WoolHenryRICKETTS Son 2ScholarWoolDorset 6124
120WoolElizabethRICKETTS Daur 4 Days WoolDorset 6124
121WoolWilliamLEGG HeadMar59CarterMoretonDorset 6124
121WoolMaryLEGG WifeMar35 Coombe Keynes Dorset6124
121WoolThomasCASE Son of wife bef marUn14Ag labWool Dorset6124
121WoolJaneLEGG DaurUn11 Burton Winfrith Dorset6124
121WoolLouisaLEGG DaurUn8 WoolDorset 6124
121WoolHenryLEGG Son 6 WoolDorset 6124
121WoolGeorgeLEGG Son 3 Blackmanstone Dorset6124
121WoolFredrickLEGG Son 1 Blackmanstone Dorset6124
121WoolAnnWHITTLE VisitorUn21 WoolDorset 6124

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