1881 CENSUS RG11/2101/263/3
Sub District Wareham ED 13 Enumerator F Plomer
Transcribed and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Ivan T Gould

The whole of the parish of Wool including Binden Mill, Woodstreet Farm, the cottages on the farm, the cottages on Mr. Hyde's farm, New Buildings;
Cottage near the Ship Inn. Bovington Farm and all the cottages on the farm.
120 schedules 2 uninhabited & 2 buildings 2 families from home 242 males, 267 females 509 total

Sched AddressForenames SurnameRel to Hd CondAge OccupationPlace Born CountyFolio Pg
1Main StreetJuliaSPICER HeadMar48GrocerTurnerspuddle Dorset451
2Main StreetSarahBASCOMBE HeadWidow60GrocerWoolDorset 451
2Main StreetJane CBASCOMBE DaurUn34Grocer’s AssistantWool Dorset451
2Main StreetHerbert J BASCOMBESonUn20Baker Journeyman WoolDorset451
2Main StreetMary ABASCOMBE DaurUn28Grocer’s AssistantWool Dorset451
2Main StreetJohn CBASCOMBE SonUn15ScholarWoolDorset 451
2Main StreetEdwinBASCOMBE Grandson 1 WoolDorset 451
3Main StreetCharlotte BAGGSHeadMar48 Wool Dorset451
3Main StreetFrederick BAGGSSonUn22Groom & Gardener AbbotsleighSomerset451
3Main StreetSusanna BAGGSDaur 18General Servant RaxellSomerset451
3Main StreetNicholas G BAGGSSon 13Dairy BoyBrislington Somerset451
3Main StreetIsraelBAGGS Son 11ScholarBrislington Somerset451
4Main StreetGeorgeHOUSE HeadMar38Railway LabHighwood Dorset451
4Main StreetMarthaHOUSE WifeMar39 WoolDorset 451
4Main StreetEllenHOUSE DaurUn21General ServantLangthorne Dorset451
5Main StreetHenryKELLAWAY HeadWidower73Farm LabWoolDorset 451
5Main StreetEmilyKELLAWAY DaurUn48 WoolDorset 451
5Main StreetGeorgeKELLAWAY SonUn46General LabWoolDorset 451
6Main StreetArthur R HARTLEYHeadMar47VicarSwitzerland British Subject451
6Main StreetCatherine E HARTLEYWifeMar38 Wareham Dorset451
6Main StreetMary ACAPEL Mother in LawWidow76 Bristol Gloucestershire451
6Main StreetEliza A MOOREServantUn19General Servant PooleDorset451
6Main StreetAnnieKITCATT ServantUn17General ServantCorfe Castle Dorset451
7Main StreetSarahROWE HeadWidow56LaundressMarshwood Dorset451
7Main StreetWilliam G ROWESon 15Mason Labourer WinfrithDorset451
8Main StreetGeorgeMORRIS HeadMar58WoodmanAlmerDorset 452
8Main StreetJaneMORRIS WifeMar56 WoolDorset 452
8Main StreetHenryMORRIS SonUn30GroomWoolDorset 452
8Main StreetEllenMORRIS DaurUn21General ServantWool Dorset452
8Main StreetRobertMORRIS Son 16WoodmanWoolDorset 452
9Main StreetMaria B CLENCHHeadMar57DressmakerStockford Dorset452
9Main StreetFrederick CLENCHSonUn19General LabWool Dorset452
9Main StreetGeorgeCLENCH Son 15Domestic ServantWool Dorset452
9Main StreetSydneyDOREY Nephew 17Bricklayer’s Labourer PooleDorset452
10Main StreetJamesJAMES HeadMar61CarpenterWoolDorset 452
10Main StreetElizabeth JAMESWifeMar70 Watcombe Dorset452
10Main StreetRichard COXServantUn21Carpenter Journeyman BrutonSomerset452
10Main StreetFrankKING Servant 17Carpenter ApprenticeLeigh Dorset452
10Main StreetWilliam COXApprentice 15Carpenter Apprentice BrutonSomerset452
10Main StreetAnnieFRANCIS VisitorUn18DressmakerGlastonbury Somerset452
10Main StreetMary J JEANSNiece 10ScholarWareham Dorset452
11Main StreetEdward MAYHeadMar62Hotel KeeperRamsgate Kent452
11Main StreetElizabeth MAYWifeMar62 Affpuddle Dorset452
11Main StreetElizabeth J MAYDaurUn31 Moreton Dorset452
11Main StreetEmmaMAY DaurUn27Hotel AssistantWool Dorset452
11Main StreetAlice E KERLEYVisitorUn27MillinerDorchester Dorset452
11Main StreetCharles THOMASServantUn24GroomDorchester Dorset452
12Main StreetMaryKEATES HeadUn74Formerly Farm ServantChaldon Dorset452
13Main StreetHenryLANGFORD HeadMar58Basket MakerWoolDorset 463
13Main StreetJaneLANGFORD WifeMar54GrocerWoolDorset 463
13Main StreetJoseph LANGFORDSonUn22BricklayerWool Dorset463
13Main StreetMartha LANGFORDDaurUn18DressmakerWool Dorset463
 Main StreetUninhabited         463
14Main StreetWilliam SYMONDSHeadWidower73BakerWool Dorset463
14Main StreetJaneSYMONDS DaurUn36 WoolDorset 463
14Main StreetMartha SYMONDSDaurUn31 Wool Dorset463
15Main StreetMary B SYMONDSHeadUn48DressmakerWool Dorset463
16Main StreetJohnBASCOMBE HeadMar51BricklayerWoolDorset 463
16Main StreetSarah J BASCOMBEWifeMar54 Moreton Dorset463
16Main StreetElizabeth J BASCOMBEDaur 14Scholar WoolDorset463
17Main StreetCharles COXHeadMar67LabourerWool Dorset463
17Main StreetMaryCOX WifeMar67 Coombe Keynes Dorset463
17Main StreetMartha LANGFORDSister in LawUn65  MoretonDorset463
18Main StreetHenry J GILLETTHeadMar24BlacksmithUpwey Dorset463
18Main StreetFrancis E GILLETTWifeMar25 Moreton Dorset463
18Main StreetFrancis A GILLETTDaur 1 Wool Dorset463
19Main StreetSusanBEST HeadWidow60 N.k.  463
19Main StreetEllen H BESTDaur 17 Southampton Hants.463
20Main StreetElizaGOODWIN HeadWidow42Grocer & DraperWool Dorset463
20Main StreetEliza J GOODWINDaurUn19Grocer’s Assistant WeymouthDorset463
21Main StreetTheresa RICKETTSHeadWidow57Domestic Servant East StokeDorset464
21Main StreetHarryRICKETTS SonUn22Railway LabWoolDorset 464
21Main StreetThomas RICKETTSSon 14Railway Porter WoolDorset464
21Main StreetTheresa RICKETTSDaur 12Scholar WoolDorset464
21Main StreetEva MBURT Grandchild 4ScholarWool Dorset464
22Main StreetHarriet MORTIMERWifeMar36Formerly Schoolmistress Corfe CastleDorset464
22Main StreetEveline MORTIMERDaur 7ScholarCorfe Castle Dorset464
22Main StreetJohnMORTIMER Son 4ScholarFreemantle Hampshire464
22Main StreetGeorge MORTIMERSon 2SaddlerFreemantle Hampshire464
22Main StreetSarah R WEBERSisterUn35DressmakerCorfe Castle Dorset464
23Main StreetEmma M CREEDHeadUn63Annuitant (deaf) PaddingtonMiddlesex464
24Main StreetMaryRUNYARD HeadWidow72NeedlewomanFordington Dorset464
25Main StreetElizabeth COOMBESHeadWidow80 Hazelbury Bryan Dorset464
26Main StreetReuben COBBHeadMar22Farm LabCoombe Keynes Dorset464
26Main StreetAnnCOBB WifeMar20 WoolDorset 464
26Main StreetAnnie J COBBDaur 2 Months  WoolDorset464
27Main StreetStephen DOREYHeadMar50General Dealer WarehamDorset464
27Main StreetMary A DOREYHeadMar32LaundressWareham Dorset464
27Main StreetSugden PARKERSon Of Wife 17Blacksmith WarehamIreland464
27Main StreetBessie DOREYDaur 11ScholarWool Dorset464
27Main StreetKatieDOREY Daur 9ScholarWoolDorset 464
27Main StreetAdaDOREY Daur 8ScholarWoolDorset 464
27Main StreetHarold DOREYSon 6ScholarWool Dorset464
27Main StreetMary J DOREYDaur 4ScholarWool Dorset464
27Main StreetLilian DOREYDaur 2ScholarWool Dorset464
27Main StreetJaneWARREN SisterWidow45LaundressWareham Dorset475
27Main StreetInfant Not Named SonWidow2 Weeks  WoolDorset475
27Main StreetHenryGIBSON Lodger 12ScholarSouthampton Hants.475
28Main StreetCharles RICKETTSHeadMar35Blacksmith WoolDorset475
28Main StreetBlanche RICKETTSWifeMar31ScholarUlwell Dorset475
28Main StreetJaneRICKETTS MotherWidow75 WoolDorset 475
29Main StreetCharles BROWNHeadMar60FarmerWool Dorset475
29Main StreetMaryBROWN WifeMar59 WoolDorset 475
29Main StreetJohnBROWN SonUn26Farmer’s SonWool Dorset475
30Main StreetJamesFARWELL HeadMar58Woodman LabBere Regis Dorset475
30Main StreetElizabeth FARWELLWifeMar45 Winfrith Dorset475
30Main StreetWilliam FARWELLSonUn21Woodman LabWool Dorset475
30Main StreetEmmaFARWELL Daur 15 WoolDorset 475
30Main StreetGeorge FARWELLSon 12Farm LabWool Dorset475
30Main StreetJoseph FARWELLSon 9ScholarWool Dorset475
30Main StreetBessie FARWELLDaur 6ScholarWool Dorset475
30Main StreetWalter FARWELLSon 2 Wool Dorset475
31Main StreetWilliam HOUSEHeadMar51Hurdle MakerWhitechurch Dorset475
31Main StreetMary A HOUSEWifeMar50 Wool Dorset475
31Main StreetFrederick W HOUSESon 14Hurdle Maker WoolDorset475
32Main StreetJamesLANGFORD HeadMar48Farm LabWoolDorset 475
32Main StreetCaroline LANGFORDWifeMar48 Wool Dorset475
32Main StreetFannyLANGFORD DaurUn15 WoolDorset 475
32Main StreetRhodaLANGFORD Daur 11 WoolDorset 475
32Main StreetLouisa E LANGFORDDaur 9 Wool Dorset475
32Main StreetEmma Maria LANGFORDDaur 7ScholarWool Dorset476
32Main StreetJames C LANGFORDSon 5ScholarWool Dorset476
32Main StreetHenry F CLEEVisitorMar23GroomKingston Surrey476
32Main StreetAnnieCLEE VisitorMar23 WoolDorset 476
32Main StreetAnnie D B CLEEDaur Of Above 7  KingstonSurrey476
33Main StreetHenryMORRIS HeadMar37GrocerWoolDorset 476
33Main StreetAnnMORRIS WifeMar40 WarehamDorset 476
33Main StreetAliceMORRIS Daur 13ScholarWoolDorset 476
33Main StreetWalter MORRISSon 11ScholarWool Dorset476
33Main StreetClaraMORRIS Daur 7ScholarWoolDorset 476
33Main StreetMartha MORRISDaur 1 Wool Dorset476
34Main StreetRobert SHORTHeadMar25WoodmanEast Burton Dorset476
34Main StreetMary A SHORTWifeMar30 Burlstone Dorset476
34Main StreetJames W SHORTSon 9 Months  WoolDorset476
35Main StreetRobert PARKERHeadMar74RoadmanWool Dorset476
35Main StreetElizabeth PARKERWifeMar76 Long Ham Hants.476
36Main StreetMaryMEYER HeadWidow39AnnuitantSouth Wraxall Wilts.476
36Main StreetFrancis J MEYERDaur 7ScholarBath Somerset476
36Main StreetBeatrice M MEYERDaur 5ScholarBath Somerset476
36Main StreetCaroline L MEYERDaur 3ScholarBath Somerset476
37Main StreetRobert TRENTHeadMar78Retired Grocer WinfrithDorset476
37Main StreetJaneTRENT WifeMar64 Monkton Farleigh Wiltshire476
38Main StreetHenryBASCOMBE HeadMar72Baker MasterWoolDorset 476
38Main StreetFrancis J BASCOMBEWifeMar71 Wool Dorset476
38Main StreetMary J BASCOMBEDaurUn49 Wool Dorset476
38Main StreetSelina BASCOMBEDaurUn40 Wool Dorset487
39Main StreetJohnROBERTS HeadMar62Formerly Warder East LulworthDorset487
40Main StreetJamesALLINGHAM HeadMar45Farm LabBroadmayne Dorset487
40Main StreetAnnALLINGHAM WifeMar48 WoolDorset 487
40Main StreetHenryALLINGHAM SonUn25Farm LabWoolDorset 487
40Main StreetWilliam ALLINGHAMSon 18Farm Lab Buckland NewtonDorset487
40Main StreetDaniel ALLINGHAMSon 13Scholar WoolDorset487
40Main StreetElizabeth ALLINGHAMDaur 8Scholar WoolDorset487
40Main StreetHenryJAMES Father in LawWidower79Formerly Labourer WoolDorset487
41Main StreetJamesNORTHOVER HeadMar60Farm LabWoolDorset 487
41Main StreetMary A NORTHOVERWifeMar60 East Stoke Dorset487
41Main StreetErnest E NORTHOVERSonUn16Carter BoyWool Dorset487
41Main StreetJessie M NORTHOVERDaur 14Scholar WoolDorset487
41Main StreetLydia K NORTHOVERGrandchild 5Scholar RingwoodHants.487
42Main StreetGeorge NORTHOVERHeadMar31Ag LabWool Dorset487
42Main StreetMaryNORTHOVER WifeMar25 WatercombeDorset 487
42Main StreetJaneNORTHOVER Daur 9ScholarWarehamDorset 487
42Main StreetJohnNORTHOVER Son 7ScholarWoolDorset 487
42Main StreetGeorge NORTHOVERSon 5ScholarEast Lulworth Dorset487
42Main StreetWilliam NORTHOVERSon 3ScholarEast Stoke Dorset487
42Main StreetAnnie L NORTHOVERDaur 4 Months  WoolDorset487
43Main StreetGeorge RUNYARDHeadMar45Builder & Smith WoolDorset487
43Main StreetElizabeth RUNYARDWifeMar42 Swanage Dorset487
43Main StreetEllenRUNYARD DaurUn21Domestic ServantWool Dorset487
43Main StreetGeorge RUNYARDSon 12ScholarWool Dorset487
43Main StreetElizaRUNYARD Daur 10ScholarWoolDorset 488
43Main StreetFrankRUNYARD Son 7ScholarWoolDorset 488
43Main StreetArthur RUNYARDSon 5ScholarWool Dorset488
43Main StreetHerbert RUNYARDSon 3ScholarWool Dorset488
43Main StreetJohnRUNYARD Son 9ScholarWoolDorset 488
44Quarr StreetJohnSTEVENS HeadMar75Small Landholder About 2 Acres WoolDorset488
44Quarr StreetFanny STEVENSWifeMar64 East Lulworth Dorset488
44Quarr StreetGeorge STEVENSSonUn31Ag LabWool Dorset488
44Quarr StreetAustin STEVENSSonUn29Ag LabWool Dorset488
44Quarr StreetMaryBURDEN DaurWidow38 WoolDorset 488
44Quarr StreetHenry BURDENGrandson 10Scholar WoolDorset488
44Quarr StreetLilian BURDENGrandchild 9Scholar WoolDorset488
45Quarr StreetCharlotte BAGGSHeadWidow76 East Stoke Dorset488
46Quarr StreetAlfred ALLINGHAMHeadMar21Ag LabPiddletown Dorset488
46Quarr StreetElizabeth ALLINGHAMWifeMar23 Hardington Dorset488
47Quarr StreetEdith HARRISHeadUn28LaundressWool Dorset488
47Quarr StreetMary J HARRISDaur 11ScholarWool Dorset488
47Quarr StreetAnnie L HARRISDaur 5ScholarWool Dorset488
47Quarr StreetKate M HARRISDaur 1ScholarWool Dorset488
48Quarr StreetJaneMORRIS HeadWidow74 WoolDorset 488
 Quarr Street Uninhabited        488
 Quarr Street 1 Occupier Away        488
49Quarr StreetJames HOAREHeadMar50MasonBere Regis Dorset488
49Quarr StreetElizabeth M HOAREWifeMar45 Wool Dorset488
49Quarr StreetOlive HOAREDaurUn18KnitterWool Dorset488
49Quarr StreetHiram HOARESon 14Mason Apprentice WoolDorset499
49Quarr StreetEllen HOAREDaur 10ScholarWinfrith Dorset499
49Quarr StreetKate M HOAREDaur 5ScholarWool Dorset499
50Quarr StreetThomas DAVISHeadMar52WoodmanWimborne Dorset499
50Quarr StreetFrancis DAVISWifeMar37 Wool Dorset499
50Quarr StreetSamuel LOCKBoarderUn37Ag LabBere Regis Dorset499
51Quarr StreetMartha GRANTHeadWidow66Living On Ind Money WoolDorset499
51Quarr StreetSarah M GRANTDaurUn25 Wool Dorset499
 Main Street Occupier In Hospital       499
52School HouseAnnie WHITEHeadUn22Schoolmistress EmsworthHants.499
52School HouseSamuel HUNTBrother in LawMar33Grocer SpetisburyDorset499
52School HouseAlice HUNTSisterMar33 Fareham Hants.499
52School HouseLaura F PIPERBoarderUn22Assistant Schoolmistress MargarethingEssex499
53Springfield CottageWilliam S GRANGERHeadUn44SurgeonYeovil Somerset499
53Springfield CottagePhillis RANDELLServantUn34General Servant CorscombeDorset499
54Side StreetEliza H CARTERHeadWidow59 Wool Dorset499
54Side StreetLucy A WELLSTEADServantUn21General Servant HighwoodDorset499
55Side StreetSarahTRIM HeadUn69Formerly Field Lab WoolDorset499
56Side StreetHarriet MANUELHeadWidow77 Wool Dorset499
56Side StreetFannyMANUEL BoarderUn42Glove KnitterWool Dorset499
57Side StreetJohnSMITH HeadMar78TailorWest Knighton Dorset499
57Side StreetMartha SMITHWifeMar77 Wool Dorset499
58Side StreetJamesTHOMAS HeadMar53Cattle DealerRingwood Hampshire499
58Side StreetMaryTHOMAS WifeMar53 DorchesterDorset 499
58Side StreetWilliam THOMASSonUn20Dealer’s Son Bere RegisDorset499
58Side StreetGeorge THOMASSonUn18Dealer’s Son Bere RegisDorset4910
58Side StreetEdward THOMASSonUn16Dealer’s Son WoolDorset4910
58Side StreetWalter F THOMASSonUn13ScholarWool Dorset4910
59Side StreetGeorge HANNHeadMar27Police Constable MordenDorset4910
59Side StreetTheresa M HANNWifeMar25 Hampreston Dorset4910
60Side StreetJohnLANGFORD HeadMar27Railway LabWoolDorset 4910
60Side StreetLucyLANGFORD WifeMar23 East StokeDorset 4910
60Side StreetAnnie E LANGFORDDaur 3ScholarWool Dorset4910
60Side StreetElizaLANGFORD Daur 1 WoolDorset 4910
61Side StreetJohnBASCOMBE HeadMar34Baker & GrocerEast Burton Dorset4910
61Side StreetMary A BASCOMBEWifeMar34 Blagdon Somerset4910
61Side StreetMinnie A BASCOMBEDaur 7ScholarEast Burton Dorset4910
61Side StreetBlanche L BASCOMBEDaur 2 East Burton Dorset4910
62Side StreetJamesPUCKETT HeadMar39Groom & GardenerTincleton Dorset4910
62Side StreetAmelia PUCKETTWifeMar38 Piddletrentide Dorset4910
62Side StreetAnnie E PUCKETTDaur 14 Stinsford Dorset4910
62Side StreetJames R PUCKETTSon 12ScholarOwermoigne Dorset4910
62Side StreetJoseph E PUCKETTSon 11ScholarMoreton Dorset4910
62Side StreetEdith C PUCKETTDaur 10ScholarCruxton Dorset4910
62Side StreetAlice M PUCKETTDaur 8ScholarCruxton Dorset4910
62Side StreetLucy E PUCKETTDaur 7ScholarHighwood Dorset4910
62Side StreetJohn T PUCKETTSon 5ScholarWool Dorset4910
62Side StreetCharles W PUCKETTSon 2 Wool Dorset4910
63Side StreetGeorge LANGFORDHeadWidower34Boot & Shoemaker WoolDorset4910
63Side StreetWilliam J LANGFORDWife 5ScholarWool Dorset4910
63Side StreetEthelLANGFORD Daur 3ScholarWoolDorset 5011
63Side StreetAnn MGOODWIN AuntUn53Housekeeper WoolDorset5011
64Side StreetAnnPRIDE HeadWidow69 America  5011
65Side StreetHenrySTEVENS HeadMar25Boot MakerWoolDorset 5011
65Side StreetEllenSTEVENS WifeMar24 East Lulworth Dorset5011
65Side StreetWalter STEVENSSon 4 Wool Devon5011
65Side StreetReginald STEVENSSon 3 Wool Devon5011
66Side StreetRichard WALLISHeadMar51Formerly Lab Paralised OwermoigneDevon5011
66Side StreetCaroline WALLISWifeMar58 Winfrith Dorset5011
66Side StreetElizaWALLIS DaurUn19KnitterWinfrithDorset 5011
67Side StreetJohnKELLAWAY HeadMar76Small Farmer 14 AcresWool Dorset5011
67Side StreetElizabeth KELLAWAYWifeMar74 Isle Of Purbeck Dorset5011
67Side StreetBernard A KELLAWAYGrandson 16Farm Servant WoolDorset5011
68Side StreetCharles F HYDEHeadWidower34FarmerWool Dorset5011
68Side StreetMargaret HYDEDaur 4 Marden Wilts.5011
68Side StreetLucyHYDE Daur 3 MardenWilts. 5011
68Side StreetEllenHYDE Daur 1 LondonMiddlesex 5011
68Side StreetClara E HYDESisterUn27 Wool Dorset5011
68Side StreetEmily M HYDESisterUn25 Wool Dorset5011
68Side StreetMarySQUIBB ServantUn20General ServantChaldon Dorset5011
68Side StreetChristiana WHITTLEServantUn15Nursemaid ChaldonDorset5011
69Side StreetWilliam ALLENHeadMar70Tailor (deaf) WoolDorset5011
69Side StreetMartha ALLENWifeMar67 Harput Lane Dorset5011
70Side StreetAnnCOFFIN HeadWidow66 Christchurch Hants.5011
70Side StreetHenrietta BUDDENNeice 13ScholarEast Lulworth Dorset5011
70Side StreetAnnieBUDDEN Neice 10ScholarWoolDorset 5012
71Side StreetCharles MORRISHeadWidower61WoodmanHilton Dorset5012
71Side StreetJaneMORRIS DaurUn22 WoolDorset 5011
71Side StreetJohnMORRIS SonUn21Ag LabWoolDorset 5011
71Side StreetJoseph MORRISSonUn18WoodmanWool Dorset5011
71Side StreetUrsula DERRICKGrandchild 5Scholar Milbourne St AndrewDorset5011
71Side StreetFrankMORRIS Grandson 3ScholarWoolDorset 5011
71Side StreetGeorge J FARWELLBoarderUn29Ag LabBere Regis Dorset5011
72Side StreetJoseph STEVENSHeadMar47Railway Lab WoolDorset5012
72Side StreetElizaSTEVENS WifeMar50 DorchesterDorset 5012
72Side StreetMary A DAVISDaurMar26Coachman’s Wife WoolDorset5012
72Side StreetThomas STEVENSSonUn22Railway LabWool Dorset5012
72Side StreetWilliam STEVENSSonUn21Railway LabWool Dorset5012
72Side StreetFrankSTEVENS Son 18(idiot)WoolDorset 5012
72Side StreetAliceSTEVENS Daur 14ScholarWoolDorset 5012
72Side StreetEllenSTEVENS Daur 12ScholarWoolDorset 5012
72Side StreetEvelyn DAVISGranddaur 1  WoolDorset5012
73Church StreetJane HIBBSHeadUn24Income Direct From Dividend WoolDorset5012
73Church StreetSarah J HIBBSSisterUn20Income Direct From Dividend WoolDorset5012
73Church StreetJane E FAREWELLServantUn18General Servant WoolDorset5012
74Church StreetThomas BOWRINGHeadMar38Farm Servant CerneDorset5012
74Church StreetEmily BOWRINGWifeMar40 Mappowder Dorset5012
74Church StreetRobert BOWRINGSon 8ScholarMoreton Dorset5012
74Church StreetMary J BOWRINGDaur 6ScholarMoreton Dorset5012
74Church StreetWilliam BOWRINGSon 5ScholarOwermoigne Dorset5012
74Church StreetAlbert BOWRINGSon 3ScholarWinfrith Dorset5113
74Church StreetGeorge BOWRINGSon 1 Affpuddle Dorset5113
75Church StreetWilliam RUNYARDHeadMar70Small Farmer WoolDorset5113
75Church StreetJane RUNYARDWifeMar71 East Lulworth Dorset5113
76Church StreetPriscilla STEVENSHeadUn66 Wool Dorset5113
77Church StreetJohn A RUNYARDHeadMar28Carpenter (journeyman) WoolDorset5113
77Church StreetMary E RUNYARDWifeMar28 Canford Magna Dorset5113
77Church StreetHenry R RUNYARDSon 5ScholarWool Dorset5113
77Church StreetFrederick J RUNYARDSon 3ScholarWool Dorset5113
77Church StreetEddy G RUNYARDSon 1 Wool Dorset5113
78Church StreetWalter FRENCHLodgerUn25Blacksmith (journeyman) ThorncombeDorset5113
79Church StreetWilliam NORTHOVERHeadMar53Ag LabWool Dorset5113
79Church StreetMargaret NORTHOVERWifeMar51 Winfrith Dorset5113
79Church StreetRichard NORTHOVERSonUn22Ag LabWool Dorset5113
79Church StreetSamuel NORTHOVERSon 15Ag Servant WoolDorset5113
79Church StreetEllen A NORTHOVERDaur 9Scholar WoolDorset5113
79Church StreetLucy B NORTHOVERGrandchild 8Scholar WoolDorset5113
80Church StreetElizabeth MORRISHeadMar32Woodman’s Wife WoolDorset5113
80Church StreetErnest W MORRISSon 8ScholarWool Dorset5113
80Church StreetMary J MORRISDaur 3ScholarWool Dorset5113
81Church StreetWilliam KELLAWAYHeadMar73Ag LabWool Dorset5113
81Church StreetMary A KELLAWAYWifeMar72 East Burton Dorset5113
82Church StreetHenry KELLAWAYHeadMar45Ag LabWool Dorset5113
82Church StreetElizabeth KELLAWAYWifeMar47 Wool Dorset5113
82Church StreetWilliam KELLAWAYSonUn21Ag LabWool Dorset5113
82Church StreetJoseph KELLAWAYSonUn18Ag LabWool Dorset5114
82Church StreetRobert KELLAWAYSon 16Ag LabWool Dorset5114
82Church StreetAscaneath KELLAWAYDaur 14General Servant WoolDorset5114
82Church StreetJohn KELLAWAYSon 12ScholarWool Dorset5114
82Church StreetMary KELLAWAYDaur 10Scholar WoolDorset5114
82Church StreetWalter KELLAWAYSon 8ScholarWool Dorset5114
82Church StreetFrederck KELLAWAYDaur 6ScholarWool Dorset5114
82Church StreetAnnKELLAWAY Daur 3ScholarWoolDorset 5114
83Church StreetJohn RAWLESHeadMar82General LabBere Regis Dorset5114
83Church StreetMary A RAWLESWifeMar59 Wool Dorset5114
84Church StreetWilliam BAGGSHeadMar40Basket MakerWool Dorset5114
84Church StreetElizabeth BAGGSWifeMar36 Wool Dorset5114
84Church StreetCharles BAGGSDaur 16Ag LabWool Dorset5114
84Church StreetEllen BAGGSSon 14 Wool Dorset5114
84Church StreetLucy BAGGSNephew 12ScholarWool Dorset5114
84Church StreetStephen BAGGSServant 10Scholar WoolDorset5114
84Church StreetAdelaide BAGGSHead 8ScholarWool Dorset5114
84Church StreetFrederick BAGGSWife 6ScholarWool Dorset5114
84Church StreetFanny BAGGSSon 4ScholarWool Dorset5114
84Church StreetEmily BAGGSSon 3 Wool Dorset5114
84Church StreetHenry BAGGSDaur 2 Wool Dorset5114
84Church StreetMarcus F BAGGSSon 2 Months  WoolDorset5114
85Collyers LaneWilliam HARRISHeadMar22Ag LabWool Dorset5114
85Collyers LaneMary J HARRISWifeMar25 Piddletrentide Dorset5114
85Collyers LaneJames G HARRISSon 1 Wool Dorset5114
85Collyers LaneEdward COXBoarderUn18Ag LabWool Dorset5215
86Collyers LaneSarah HARRISHeadWidow53 Wool Dorset5215
86Collyers LaneJohn HARRISSonUn19Ag LabWool Dorset5215
86Collyers LaneJoseph HARRISSon 14Ag LabWool Dorset5215
86Collyers LaneCharles HARRISSon 9ScholarWool Dorset5215
87Coombe Road The FirsAnn BUDDENHeadMar87 Parkstone Dorset5215
87Coombe Road The FirsHarriett BUDDENDaurUn56 Christchurch Hampshire5215
87Coombe Road The FirsEliza BUDDENDaurUn53CarterChristchurch Hampshire5215
87Coombe Road The FirsWilliam BUDDENSonUn43 Christchurch Hampshire5215
87Coombe Road The FirsCaroline M BUDDENGranddaur 16  East LulworthDorset5215
88New BuildingsHenry SINNICKHeadUn32ShepherdWareham Dorset5215
88New BuildingsRachel SINNICKMotherWidow60 East Lulworth Dorset5215
88New BuildingsMary SINNICKSisterUn34 East Lulworth Dorset5215
88New BuildingsWilliam SINNICKBrotherUn33Ag LabEast Lulworth Dorset5215
88New BuildingsHarriett SINNICKSisterUn22General Servant East LulworthDorset5215
89New BuildingsEsau EASTMENTHeadMar55Ag LabHardington Somerset5215
89New BuildingsElizabeth EASTMENTWifeMar49 Hardington Somerset5215
89New BuildingsJobEASTMENT Son 15Ag LabHardington Somerset5215
89New BuildingsRobert EASTMENTSon 14Ag LabHardington Somerset5215
89New BuildingsAlbert EASTMENTSon 9ScholarHardington Somerset5215
89New BuildingsJohn EASTMENTSon 5ScholarHardington Somerset5215
90Wood StreetWilliam R DOREYHeadMar30FarmerEast Lulworth Dorset5215
90Wood StreetCaroline DOREYWifeMar26 Grange Dorset5215
90Wood StreetRobert E DOREYSon 2 Wool Dorset5215
90Wood StreetRichard H DOREYSon 1 Wool Dorset5215
90Wood StreetEllenLANGFORD ServantUn21General ServantCoombe Keynes Dorset5216
91Wood StreetRobert BOWRINGHeadMar66ShepherdWool Dorset5216
91Wood StreetJaneBOWRING WifeMar63 MartinstownDorset 5216
91Wood StreetWilliam BOWRINGBrotherWidower71Ag Lab WoolDorset5216
92Wood StreetJamesPUCKETT HeadMar38CarterBockhamptonDorset 5216
92Wood StreetJuliaPUCKETT WifeMar39 MartinstownDorset 5216
92Wood StreetGeorge PUCKETTSonUn20Ag LabDorchester Dorset5216
92Wood StreetWilliam PUCKETTSon 14Ag LabSwanage Dorset5216
92Wood StreetHenryPUCKETT Son 12ScholarEast Stoke Dorset5216
92Wood StreetEmmaPUCKETT Daur 9ScholarLongburyDorset 5216
92Wood StreetElizabeth PUCKETTDaur 5ScholarWinterbourne Dorset5216
92Wood StreetFredPUCKETT Son 1 BovingtonDorset 5216
93Wood StreetGeorge NEVILLEHeadMar44GamekeeperMorden Dorset5216
93Wood StreetSelina NEVILLEWifeMar53DressmakerOsmington Dorset5216
93Wood StreetSarahELLIS Mother in LawWidow78 Corfe Castle Dorset5216
93Wood StreetHannah ELLISNeiceUn20DressmakerWinfrith Dorset5216
94Binden LaneGeorge A ENSORHeadMar28AuctioneerDorchester Dorset5216
94Binden LaneEmilyENSOR WifeMar32 CrewkerneSomerset 5216
94Binden LaneMabel E ENSORDaur 3 Dorchester Dorset5216
94Binden LaneFannySTRONG ServantUn17General ServantYeovil Somerset5216
94Binden LaneJoseph W DIMENTServantUn16GroomCorscombe Dorset5216
95Binden LaneAnnRICKETTS HeadWidow40LaundressEast Stoke Dorset5216
96Binden LaneCharles MANUELHeadMar46Groom & Gardener WoolDorset5216
96Binden LaneMartha MANUELWifeMar28 Wool Dorset5216
96Binden LaneWalter MANUELSonUn19Baker’s Assistant WoolDorset5216
96Binden LaneFrankMANUEL SonUn13General LabWoolDorset 5317
96Binden LaneEllenMANUEL DaurUn7ScholarWoolDorset 5317
96Binden LaneWilliam MANUELSonUn3ScholarWool Dorset5317
96Binden LaneLouisa MANUELDaurUn1 Wool Dorset5317
96Binden LaneBessie MANUELDaurUn3 Months Wool Dorset5317
97Binden LaneGeorge DAVISHeadMar24Railway Signalman PooleDorset5317
98Binden LaneWilliam LUCASHeadWidower56Miller & Farmer WoodsfordDorset5317
98Binden LaneAnnLUCAS SisterUn47 Binghams Melcombe Dorset5317
98Binden LaneMary A SLYSister in LawUn59 New Romney Kent5317
98Binden LaneAnna M HELLIERVisitorUn81 Winfrith Dorset5317
98Binden LaneRobert G GILLMANVisitor 15  Corfe CastleDorset5317
98Binden LaneEllenBARBER ServantUn23General ServantUpwey Dorset5317
99Binden LaneWilliam KELLAWAYHeadMar65Ag LabWool Dorset5317
99Binden LaneJuliaKELLAWAY WifeMar73 WoolDorset 5317
100Binden LaneRobert PAYNEHeadMar39Miller & Carter WatersonDorset5317
100Binden LaneEllen E PAYNEWifeMar33 Tarrant Rushton Dorset5317
100Binden LaneWalter H PAYNESon 6ScholarSpettisbury Dorset5317
100Binden LaneHerbert G PAYNESon 3 Wool Dorset5317
100Binden LaneAnnie L PAYNEDaur 5 Months  WoolDorset5317
101Binden LaneWilliam PAYNEHeadMar40Miller Journeyman CrockertonWilts.5317
101Binden LaneGrace PAYNEWifeMar41 Market Lavington Wilts.5317
101Binden LaneJohn W PAYNESon 14Miller’s Boy Boreham WarminsterDorset5317
101Binden LaneWalter W PAYNESon 12ScholarCrockerton Dorset5317
101Binden LaneElla R PAYNEDaur 9ScholarWool Dorset5317
101Binden LaneEdward G PAYNESon 6ScholarWool Dorset5318
102Binden LaneSarah G PAYNEDaur 4ScholarWool Dorset5318
102Binden LaneJohnNEWBERRY HeadMar47Ag LabFramptonDorset 5318
102Binden LaneElizabeth NEWBERRYWifeMar43 Stoborough Dorset5318
102Binden LaneEmily NEWBERRYDaur 11Scholar Buttons HideDorset5318
102Binden LaneGeorge NEWBERRYSon 11ScholarButtons Hide Dorset5318
102Binden LaneSarah NEWBERRYDaur 6ScholarBradford Peverill Dorset5318
102Binden LaneHenry ROLESLodgerUn25CarterWinterbourne Dorset5318
103Binden LaneEdwin J SENIORHeadMar40CarterHinton St Mary Dorset5318
103Binden LaneAnnSENIOR WifeMar39 Shepton Montague Dorset5318
103Binden LaneElizabeth A RANDALLNeiceUn15 Shepton Montague Dorset5318
104Binden LaneThomas SCUTTHeadMar48DairymanAffpuddle Dorset5318
104Binden LaneJaneSCUTT WifeMar58 Coombe Keynes Dorset5318
104Binden LaneMary A SCUTTDaurUn19Dairyman’s Daur Coombe KeynesDorset5318
104Binden LaneAnnie L SCUTTDaur 8Dairyman’s Daur Coombe KeynesDorset5318
104Binden LaneElizabeth SCUTTMotherWidow83 Osmington Dorset5318
104Binden LaneHenry LUCASServantUn23Dairy Servant WarehamDorset5318
105SunnysideFrederick W PLOMERHeadMar28SaddlerWool Dorset5318
105SunnysideFannyPLOMER WifeMar26 WoolDorset 5318
106The GreenJobWATTS HeadMar52Ag LabBradford Peverill Dorset5318
106The GreenRebecca WATTSWifeMar30 Wool Dorset5318
106The GreenJamesWATTS SonUn10 WoolDorset 5318
107Railway StationEdward TINSLEYHeadMar32Station Master East TistedHants.5318
107Railway StationKate TINSLEYWifeMar30 Petersfield Hants.5318
107Railway StationFlora K TINSLEYDaur 7ScholarTurnham Surrey5318
107Railway StationWilliam E TINSLEYSon 5ScholarSouthampton Hants.5318
107Railway StationGeorge E TINSLEYSon 3 Wool Dorset5419
107Railway StationBlanche E TINSLEYDaur 1 Wool Dorset5419
107Railway StationHannah TINSLEYMotherWidow67 Redbourne Bedfordshire5419
107Railway StationEmma E PARKERServant 15General Servant WoolDorset5419
108Railway Gate HouseGeorge GODDENHeadMar63Signalman L & Sw Ry FreemantleHants.5419
108Railway Gate HouseSarah GODDENWifeMar65 Totton Hants.5419
108Railway Gate HouseEllen K WHITINGGranddaur 5  WoolDorset5419
108Railway Gate HouseCharles F J HEARDBoarderUn16Railway Clerk FreshwaterHants.5419
109Little FollyJohn STICKLANDHeadUn66Ag LabWool Dorset5419
109Little FollyHannah M BARNESSisterWidow70 Wool Dorset5419
110Little FollyGerge BARNESLodgerWidower77Ex Railway Servant TottonHants.5419
111Little FollyJames COXLodgerMar53CordwainerWool Dorset5419
112BovingtonWilliam SPICERHeadMar60FarmerTolpuddle Dorset5419
112BovingtonElizabeth SPICERWifeMar69 Wareham Dorset5419
112BovingtonElizabeth SPICERDaurUn29 Sutton Poyntz Dorset5419
112BovingtonMary MHARDY ServantUn27General ServantWool Dorset5419
113BovingtonWilliam LUCASHeadMar59CarterTyneham Dorset5419
113BovingtonHarriet LUCASWifeMar54 Bloxworth Dorset5419
113BovingtonHenryLUCAS SonUn23CarterTynehamDorset 5419
113BovingtonLouisaLUCAS Daur 13ImbecileTyneham Dorset5419
113BovingtonRobertLUCAS Son 9ScholarTynehamDorset 5419
114BovingtonJamesMARTIN HeadMar44GamekeeperWinterbourne Zelstone Dorset5419
114BovingtonEmily A MARTINWifeMar46 Lytchett Matravers Dorset5419
114BovingtonElizabeth MARTINDaurUn18 Winterbourne Anderson Dorset5419
114BovingtonAlickMARTIN Son 12ScholarWinterbourne Anderson Dorset5419
115BovingtonCharles BLACKMANHeadMar43ShepherdGillingham Dorset5420
115BovingtonJaneBLACKMAN WifeMar40 WincantonSomerset 5420
115BovingtonFannyBLACKMAN DaurUn19Farm ServantGillingham Dorset5420
115BovingtonGeorgeBLACKMAN Son 16Farm ServantGillingham Dorset5420
115BovingtonHenryBLACKMAN Son 13Shepherd’s BoyGillingham Dorset5420
115BovingtonWilliam MEADSon 6ScholarBuckhorn Weston Dorset5420
115BovingtonHerbert J MEADSon 5ScholarBuckhorn Weston Dorset5420
116BovingtonWilliam JAMESHeadMar56Ag LabWool Dorset5420
116BovingtonAnnJAMES WifeMar55 East StokeDorset 5420
116BovingtonSarah J JAMESDaurMar29Farm ServantEast Stoke Dorset5420
116BovingtonGeorgeJAMES Son 20Ag LabWoolDorset 5420
116BovingtonMaryJAMES Daur 18General ServantIlsington Dorset5420
116BovingtonWilliam R JAMESSon 16Ag LabWool Dorset5420
116BovingtonHenry J JAMESSon 13ScholarWool Dorset5420
116BovingtonWalterJAMES Son 9ScholarWoolDorset 5420
116BovingtonCourtney SUMMERSGrandson 5Scholar Lyme RegisDorset5420
116BovingtonThomasLUGG Son in Law 26GardenerBere Regis Dorset5420
116BovingtonElizaLUGG Daur 25 East Stoke Dorset5420
116BovingtonCharles LUGGGrandson 1 Wool Dorset5420
116BovingtonThomas W S LUGGGrandson 3 Months  WoolDorset5420
117BovingtonJohnDAMEN HeadMar64 PuncknowleDorset 5420
117BovingtonEmmaDAMEN WifeMar61 BeaminsterDorset 5420
117BovingtonElizabeth DAMENDaurUn29 Holsworth Dorset5420
117BovingtonGeorge W DAMENSon 2 Wool Dorset5420
118BovingtonWilliam LUCASHeadMar28Ag LabOsmington Dorset5521
118BovingtonEmmaLUCAS WifeMar31 WinfrithDorset 5521
118BovingtonThomasLUCAS Son 3 WinfrithDorset 5521
118BovingtonMarthaLUCAS Daur 2 AffpuddleDorset 5521
118BovingtonFrankLUCAS Son 1 AffpuddleDorset 5521
119BovingtonSamuelDAY HeadMar36Ag LabFordingtonDorset 5521
119BovingtonMaria O DAYWifeMar31 Tolpuddle Dorset5521
119BovingtonEnos GDAY Son 11Ag LabTolpuddleDorset 5521
119BovingtonAdam ADAY Son 9ScholarTolpuddleDorset 5521
119BovingtonElizabeth J DAYDaur 7ScholarTolpuddle Dorset5521
119BovingtonEmma EDAY Daur 5 TolpuddleSomerset 5521
119BovingtonFrederick DAYSon 2 Bovington Dorset5521
119BovingtonRichard J DAYSon 1 Bovington Dorset5521
119BovingtonGeorgeSPICER Father in LawWidower64Ag LabWool Dorset5521
120BovingtonEdmundHANSFORD HeadMar63DairymanBurton Bradstock Dorset5521
120BovingtonMary AHANSFORD WifeMar57 MappowderDorset 5521
120BovingtonRobertHANSFORD SonUn24Dairyman’s Son BovingtonDorset5521
120BovingtonJaneHANSFORD DaurUn20Dairyman’s DaurBovington Dorset5521
120BovingtonElizabeth HANSFORDDaur 18Dairyman’s Daur BovingtonDorset5521

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