1901 CENSUS RG13/1988/263/3
Transcribed and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Ivan T Gould
Sub District Wareham ED 14 Enumerator Samuel Morgan

The whole of the parish of Wool comprising Wool, Binden the mill, the Abbey Farm house & cottages; Wood Street Farm house & cottages. Mr. Hyde's Farm cottages. Cottage near the Ship Inn. Bovington Farm house & cottages and the camp.
115 schedules 5 uninhabited & 3 buildings 239 males, 258 females 497 total

Sched AddressForenames SurnameRel to Hd CondAge OccupationPlace Born CountyFolio Pg
1National SchoolSamuel MORGANHeadMar44Elementary School Teacher BreamGloucestershire811
1National SchoolMary A MORGANWifeMar45Assistant To School Teacher LedburyHerefordshire811
1National SchoolGeorge H MORGANSon 14 Bicknor Gloucestershire811
1National SchoolHilda M MORGANDaur 13 Bicknor Gloucestershire811
1National SchoolMabel B MORGANDaur 10 Bicknor Gloucestershire811
2Wool The QuarrMary BURDENHeadWidow58CharwomanWool Dorset811
2Wool The QuarrHenry J BURDENSonSingle30Railway Platelayer WoolDorset811
2Wool The QuarrHerbert BURDENGrandson 6  WoolDorset811
3Wool The QuarrEdward SKINNERHeadMar57ShepherdEast Burton Dorset811
3Wool The QuarrSarah SKINNERWifeMar56 Snelling Dorset811
3Wool The QuarrEdward G SKINNERSonSingle27Butler Domestic WoolDorset811
4Wool The QuarrGeorge STEVENSHeadMar50Ag LabWool Dorset811
4Wool The QuarrLouisa E STEVENSWifeMar31 Stoke Dorset811
4Wool The QuarrAnnie STEVENSDaur 13 Wool Dorset811
4Wool The QuarrWalter STEVENSSon 11 Wool Dorset811
4Wool The QuarrArthur STEVENSSon 1 West Knighton Dorset811
5Wool The QuarrAustin STEVENSHeadMar49Ag LabWool Dorset811
5Wool The QuarrMary STEVENSWifeUn40 West Lulworth Dorset811
5Wool The QuarrAlice STEVENSDaur 11 Wool Dorset811
5Wool The QuarrFrederick STEVENSSon 10 Wool Dorset811
5Wool The QuarrWilliam STEVENSSon 8 Wool Dorset811
5Wool The QuarrEmily STEVENSDaur 6 Wool Dorset811
5Wool The QuarrAlbert STEVENSSon 5 Wool Dorset811
5Wool The QuarrVictoria STEVENSDaur 3 Wool Dorset811
5Wool The QuarrLucy STEVENSDaur 1 Wool Dorset811
5Wool The QuarrJohn H STEVENSSon < 1 Month WoolDorset811
5Wool The QuarrEliza J ROLLSVisitorSingle32Sick Nurse West LulworthDorset811
6Wool The QuarrJames C HOLLOWAYHeadMar55Gardener Not Domestic WoolwichKent811
6Wool The QuarrSybil HOLLOWAYWifeMar54 Wool Dorset811
7Wool The QuarrJohn SINNICKHeadMar28Ag LabStoke Dorset812
7Wool The QuarrLilian SINNICKWifeMar29 Wool Dorset812
7Wool The QuarrAgnes SINNICKDaur 3 Wool Dorset812
8Wool The QuarrFanny DAVISHeadWidow71 Wool Dorset812
8Wool The QuarrSamuel LOCKLodgerSingle60Wood Sawyer Bere RegisDorset812
8Wool The QuarrGeorge LOCKLodgerSingle58Wood Sawyer Bere RegisDorset812
9Wool "Fair View"Sarah M GRANTHeadSingle45Living On Own Means WoolDorset812
9Wool "Fair View"Florence L BRIDLEServantSingle19General Servant Domestic MortonDorset812
10Wool "The Firs"Anna M BOYTHeadWidow68Living On Own Means CattistockDorset812
10Wool "The Firs"Eliz B A BOYTDaurSingle48Living On Own Means PuddletownDorset812
10Wool "The Firs"Louisa J MILLERServantSingle17General Servant Domestic West LulworthDorset812
11Wool "Vine Cottage" ElizabethRUNYARDHeadWidow62 BuilderSwanageDorset812
11Wool "Vine Cottage" Herbert ARUNYARDSonSingle23 Journeyman CarpenterWoolDorset812
11Wool "Vine Cottage" ThomasSTEELEBoarderSingle18 Journeyman BlacksmithWimborneDorset81 2
11Wool "Vine Cottage" Eliza MBROWNDaurMar30  WoolDorset812
11Wool "Vine Cottage" George RBROWNGrandson 3  East BurtonDorset812
11Wool "Vine Cottage" Elizabeth RBROWNGranddaur 1  East BurtonDorset812
11Wool "Vine Cottage" ArthurKINGGrandson 10  WoolDorset812
12Wool 1 Hampton VillaEmma M CREEDHeadSingle83Living On Own Means PaddingtonLondon812
12Wool 1 Hampton VillaLouisa WILCOXServantSingle43General Servant Domestic Coombe KeynesDorset812
 Wool 2 Hampton Villa      Uninhabited   812
13WoolWilliamALLINGHAM HeadMar38Ag LabBuckland Newton Dorset812
13WoolLouisaALLINGHAM WifeMar38 LongbredyDorset 812
14WoolWilliamPHILLIPS HeadMar46Carter On FarmHolwell Dorset812
14WoolAnniePHILLIPS WifeMar48 BourtonDorset 812
14WoolFlorence LPHILLIPS DaurSingle22 Bishoptown Dorset812
14WoolWilliamPHILLIPS SonSingle14 Copplebury Somerset812
14WoolEmilyPHILLIPS Daur 12 Mapperton Dorset812
14WoolMaudPHILLIPS Daur 7 Stoke Trister Dorset812
14WoolBeatrice MPHILLIPS Daur 2 HolywellDorset 812
15WoolJamesALLINGHAM HeadMar64Ag LabBroadmayneDorset 823
15WoolAnneALLINGHAM WifeMar67 WoolDorset 823
16WoolFrancesBASCOMBE HeadWidow90Living On Own MeansWool Dorset823
16WoolMaryBASCOMBE DaurSingle69Living On Own MeansWool Dorset823
16WoolSelinaBASCOMBE DaurSingle58Living On Own MeansWool Dorset823
17WoolMontague JRIGGS HeadMar27Watercress CutterDewlish Dorset823
17WoolFannyRIGGS WifeMar30 Bere RegisDorset 823
17WoolJoseph HRIGGS Son 5 Bere RegisDorset 823
17WoolMatthew GRIGGS Son 4 Bere RegisDorset 823
17WoolMontague JRIGGS Son 2 WoolDorset 823
17WoolCecil RRIGGS Son 8 MonthsWool Dorset823
17WoolEvered GRUSSEL BoarderSingle23Watercress CutterBere Regis Dorset823
18WoolRobertMORRIS HeadMar36Railway PlatelayerWool Dorset823
18WoolAliceMORRIS WifeMar34 WoolDorset 823
18WoolEvelynMORRIS DaurSingle14Nurse DomesticWool Dorset823
18WoolAnnieMORRIS Daur 11 WoolDorset 823
18WoolNorahMORRIS Daur 9 WoolDorset 823
18WoolReginaldMORRIS Son 7 WoolDorset 823
18WoolWilliamMORRIS Son 5 WoolDorset 823
18WoolAliceMORRIS Daur 2 WoolDorset 823
18WoolLottieMORRIS Daur 1 WoolDorset 823
19WoolEllenKING HeadWidow41 WoolDorset 823
19WoolLouisaKING Daur 8 WoolDorset 823
19WoolEllen EKING Daur 5 WoolDorset 823
19WoolHattie EKING Daur 3 WoolDorset 823
19WoolFrank WKING Son 2 WoolDorset 823
19WoolWalter FKING Son 12 WoolDorset 823
20WoolJaneFRENCH HeadMar41 WoolDorset 824
20WoolAlbertFRENCH SonSingle16Butcher’s BoyWool Dorset824
20WoolArthurFRENCH SonSingle14Cow Boy On FarmWool Ireland824
20WoolAnnieFRENCH Daur 11ScholarWoolDorset 824
20WoolIdaFRENCH Daur 8 WoolDorset 824
20WoolElsieFRENCH Daur 4 WoolDorset 824
21WoolHenryRUNYARD HeadMar37CarpenterWoolDorset 824
21WoolAgnesRUNYARD WifeMar35 Coombe Keynes Dorset824
21WoolRobert GRUNYARD Son 10 WarehamDorset 824
21WoolVictoria MRUNYARD Daur 8 WoolDorset 824
21WoolElizabethLANGFORD Mother In LawWidow71 East Burton Dorset824
21WoolGeorgeWELCH LodgerWidower74Journeyman CarpenterPilsdon Dorset824
22WoolCharlesORCHARD HeadMar37Railway PlatelayerWareham Dorset824
22WoolEllenORCHARD WifeMar38 WoolDorset 824
22WoolEllenORCHARD Daur 13 WarehamDorset 824
22WoolWilliamORCHARD Son 12 East Burton Dorset824
22WoolLizzieORCHARD Daur 9 WoolDorset 824
22WoolLucyORCHARD Daur 3 WoolDorset 824
23WoolJamesLANGFORD HeadWidower68Ag LabWoolDorset 824
23WoolAliceWILLIAMS DaurWidow38 WoolDorset 824
23WoolEustaceLANGFORD Grandson 14Yard Boy On FarmWool Dorset824
23WoolCatherineWILLIAMS Granddaur 5 Wimborne Dorset824
23WoolElizabethBAILEY Sister In LawWidow73 Wool Dorset824
24WoolWilliamHOUSE HeadMar71ThatcherWhitchurch Dorset824
24WoolMary AHOUSE WifeMar70 WoolDorset 824
24WoolArthur JSMITH GrandsonSingle22ThatcherMilbourne St Andrew Dorset824
25WoolGeroge W,PARKER HeadMar57Grocer ShopkeeperWool Dorset824
25WoolIsabellaPARKER WifeMar57 WinfrithDorset 824
25WoolLeahPARKER DaurSingle25 WinfrithDorset 824
25WoolMabelPARKER DaurSingle17 WoolDorset 824
26WoolMaryBROWN HeadWidow70 WoolDorset 835
27WoolGeorgeLEAK HeadMar44Threshing Machine Owner & Farmer Froome St QuentinDorset835
27WoolElizaLEAK WifeMar39 FordingtonDorset 835
27WoolArthur WLEAK SonSingle17Engine Driver Threshing Machine FordingtonDorset835
27WoolLilyLEAK DaurSingle15 Fordington Dorset835
27WoolEli M GLEAK Son 12 Milbourne St Andrew Dorset835
27WoolBeatrice ALEAK Daur 10 Milbourne St Andrew Dorset835
27WoolEva MLEAK Daur 6 Milbourne St Andrew Dorset835
27WoolTom JHOLLOWAY BoarderSingle41Engine Driver Threshing Machine Milbourne St AndrewDorset835
28WoolFrankCOX HeadMar27Blacksmith & WheelwrightWinfrith Dorset835
28WoolAliceCOX WifeMar26 HoliwaterDorset 835
28WoolFrances RCOX Daur 5 WinfrithDorset 835
28WoolHubert JCOX Son 2 WoolDorset 835
28WoolSidneyJOINER BoarderSingle24Journeyman CarpenterKingston Dorset835
28WoolJohn HMOORE BoarderSingle27Journeyman Blacksmith U-kShropshire835
29WoolCharlesMANUEL HeadMar65Gardener DomesticWool Dorset835
29WoolMarthaMANUEL WifeMar49 IslingtonLondon 835
29WoolFrankMANUEL SonSingle33RoadmanWoolDorset 835
29WoolFrederickMANUEL SonSingle19Ag LabWoolDorset 835
29WoolWilliamMANUEL SonSingle16Ag LabWoolDorset 835
29WoolJosephMANUEL Son 13 WoolDorset 835
29WoolEthelredaMANUEL Daur 12 WoolDorset 835
29WoolWinifredMANUEL Daur 10 WoolDorset 835
29WoolLeonardMANUEL Son 4 WoolDorset 835
30WoolEdmund RBROWN HeadMar42Ag LabWoolDorset 835
30WoolAppoloniaBROWN WifeMar39 East Lulworth Dorset835
30WoolEdward GBROWN Son 11 Stonehouse Devon835
30WoolAppoloniaBROWN Daur 71 PlymouthDevon 835
31WoolAgnes G VMILLS HeadSingle27Living On Own MeansKnightsbridge London835
32WoolGeorgeBURT HeadMar31Journeyman BlacksmithWinfrith Dorset836
32WoolLouisaBURT WifeMar25 Wool Dorset836
32WoolEdenBURT Son 4 WoolDorset 836
32WoolElizabethDOWNTON VisitorWidow64Monthly NurseBuckland Newton Dorset836
33WoolJames KLUGG HeadApr35Butcher SlaughtermanBere Regis Dorset836
33WoolMary ALUGG WifeMar28 AltonHants. 836
33WoolErnestLUGG Son 7 WoolDorset 836
33WoolWilliamLUGG Son 5 WoolDorset 836
33WoolCeceliaLUGG Daur 1 Wool Dorset836
34WoolSarah JBASCOMBE HeadWidow74NeedlewomanMoreton Dorset836
34WoolBertie EBASCOMBE GrandsonSingle15Under Gardener Not Domestic WoolDorset836
35WoolJamesNORTHOVER HeadWidower80Living On Own MeansWool Dorset836
36WoolMary ADOREY HeadWidow59Monthly NurseCorfe Castle Dorset836
36WoolErnest HDOREY SonSingle26Journeyman BricklayerWool Hants836
36WoolRaymond PDOREY SonSingle20Bricklayer’s Labourer WoolDorset836
36WoolMarian EDOREY DaurSingle18 WoolDorset 836
37Wool Oddfellows HallArthur E RUNYARDHeadMar25Journeyman Carpenter WoolDorset836
37Wool Oddfellows HallLily RUNYARDWifeMar22 West Holme Dorset836
38Wool Brook VillaBlanche S RICKETTSHeadWidow53Living On Own Means SwanageDorset836
38Wool Brook VillaElizabeth M BURDENNeiceSingle38Living On Own Means BournemouthHants836
38Wool Brook VillaEleanor B CHAPMANNeiceSingle22Living On Own Means GosbechSuffolk836
39Wool Roman Catholic School EllenKIRBYHeadSingle58Elementary School Teacher MaryleboneLondon836
39Wool Roman Catholic School MarieBEAUMONTVisitorSingle14  ParisFrance836
 1 Bear Farm Cottage      Uninhabited   836
402 Bear Farm CottageFrank W RUNYARDHeadMar27Carpenter & Wheelwright WoolDorset836
402 Bear Farm CottageEva M RUNYARDWifeMar25 Wool Dorset836
402 Bear Farm CottageEva A M RUNYARDDaur 3 Poole Dorset836
402 Bear Farm CottageSybil RUNYARDDaur 2 Wool Dorset836
411 The Cross WoolArthur BAGGSHeadMar35Coachman Domestic BristolSomerset836
411 The Cross WoolMary L BAGGSSon 39 Winfrith Dorset836
422 The Cross WoolWalter J LUMBERHeadMar27Ag LabTrigon Dorset847
422 The Cross WoolEllen C LUMBERWifeMar33 Wool Dorset847
433 The Cross WoolSusan BESTHeadWidow79 U-k Dorset847
433 The Cross WoolEllen BESTDaurSingle37Glove Knitter SouthamptonHants.847
44WoolJoseph JLANGFORD HeadMar42Mason & BuilderWool Dorset847
44WoolEllen LLANGFORD WifeMar40 BeaminsterDorset 847
44WoolCharles ALANGFORD SonSingle16Mason’s LabourerEast Burton Dorset847
44WoolGertrude BLANGFORD Head 13 WoolDorset 847
44WoolFrancis JLANGFORD Head 10 WoolDorset 847
44WoolLaura ELANGFORD Wife 9 WoolDorset 847
44WoolHarry BLANGFORD Head 3 WoolDorset 847
44WoolNorman GLANGFORD Daur 2 WoolDorset 847
45WoolJaneSYMONDS HeadSingle60Glove KnitterWool Dorset847
45WoolMarthaSYMONDS SisterSingle55Glove KnitterWool Dorset847
 Uninhabited          847
46Post Office WoolEliza GOODWINHeadWidow63Postmistress WoolDorset847
46WoolCharlesPODGER Son In LawMar40BreadmakerDonyatt Somerset847
46WoolEliza JPODGER DaurMar39 WeymouthDorset 847
46WoolHerbert SJAMES NephewSingle15Baker’s Assistant Bere RegisDorset847
46WoolCharles WPODGER Grandson 5 WoolDorset 847
47WoolGeorgeLANGFORD HeadWidower54ShoemakerWoolDorset 847
47WoolEthelLANGFORD DaurSingle23 WoolDorset 847
481 The Old BearBenjamin CROFTHeadMar43Groom Coachman Not Domestic Maiden NewtonDorset847
481 The Old BearCharlotte CROFTWifeMar51 Diss Norfolk847
481 The Old BearHerbert CROFTSonSingle15 Dorchester Dorset847
481 The Old BearAlbert CROFTSon 7 Dorchester Dorset847
492 The Old BearAnnie BISHOPHeadWidow39Glove Knitter HighwoodDorset847
492 The Old BearErnest BISHOPSon 8 Moreton Dorset847
492 The Old BearJames BISHOPSon 7 Moreton Dorset847
50Black Bear HotelGeorge HODGESHeadMar28Hotel Keeper Maiden NewtonDorset848
50Black Bear HotelSusanna DEWDNEYServantSingle26Waitress BrightonSussex848
50Black Bear HotelHenry HODGESBrotherSingle22Job Master Maiden NewtonDorset848
51WoolJamesCLENCH HeadMar77Retired CarpenterLychett Minster Dorset848
51WoolMariaCLENCH WifeMar77 East StokeDorset 848
51WoolFrederickCLENCH SonSingle38Ag LabWoolDorset 848
51WoolFloraCLENCH DaurSingle40 WoolDorset 848
51WoolWilliamCLENCH SonSingle19Hotel PorterWool Dorset848
521 Burton VillasJane TALBOTHeadSingle47Living On Own Means East BurtonDorset848
532 Burton VillasGeorge MORRISHeadWidower79WoodmanWool Dorset848
532 Burton VillasHenry MORRISSonSingle52WoodmanWool Dorset848
532 Burton VillasJeremiah MORRISSonSingle47WoodmanWool Dorset848
532 Burton VillasWilliam MORRISSonSingle45Railway Platelayer WoolDorset848
532 Burton VillasEllen MORRISDaurSingle40 Wool Dorset848
532 Burton VillasLouisa MORRISNeiceSingle19 Wool Dorset848
54Wool VicarageArthur C B DOBIEHeadMar45Clergyman Church Of England PrincetownDevon848
54Wool VicarageFlorence M DOBIEWifeMar44 Uxbridge Middlesex848
54Wool VicarageArthur J D DOBIESon 4 Wool Dorset848
54Wool VicarageEmily MATHEWSServantSingle22Cook Domestic FramptonDorset848
54Wool VicarageEllen J ROLLSServantSingle15Housemaid Domestic WoolDorset848
54Wool VicarageFrancis M HIGGINSVisitorWidower45Clergyman Church Of England PotterspuryNorthants848
55WoolMaryDRAKE HeadWidow68Glovemaker WoollenEast Stoke Dorset848
56WoolThomasWHITING HeadMar46Dealer & JobmasterWinfrith Dorset848
56WoolSarahWHITING WifeMar43 WoolDorset 848
56WoolMabelWHITING DaurSingle13 WoolDorset 848
56WoolArthurWHITING Daur 12 WoolDorset 848
56WoolLeonardWHITING Son 10 WoolDorset 848
56WoolEdgarWHITING Son 8 WoolDorset 848
56WoolHarry BWHITING Son 5 WoolDorset 848
56WoolCyrilWHITING Son 4 WoolDorset 848
56WoolOscarWHITING Son 1 WoolDorset 848
57WoolJaneBASCOMBE HeadSingle50Grocer ShopkeeperWool Dorset859
57WoolHerbertBASCOMBE BrotherSingle41Journeyman BakerWool Dorset859
57WoolJohnBASCOMBE BrotherSingle36Gardener DomesticWool Dorset859
58WoolJosephSTEVENS HeadWidower65Railway GangerWool Dorset859
58WoolThomas JSTEVENS SonSingle43Railway PlatelayerWool Dorset859
58WoolHenry WSTEVENS GrandsonSingle17Carpenter’s Labourer WoolDorset859
58WoolFrank AMORRIS GrandsonSingle13ScholarWool Dorset859
 Wesleyan Chapel          859
59WoolWilliamLOCKE HeadMar39Saddle & Harness MakerWool Dorset859
59WoolKatharineLOCKE DaurSingle14 Winchester Hants859
59WoolEleanorLOCKE Daur 12 WoolDorset 859
59WoolMabel ALOCKE Daur 11 Wool Dorset859
59WoolWinifredLOCKE Daur 8 WoolDorset 859
59WoolConstanceLOCKE Daur 7 WoolDorset 859
59WoolJessieLOCKE Daur 5 WoolDorset 859
59WoolRandolphLOCKE Son 3 WoolDorset 859
        Uninhabited   859
60WoolGeorgePAYNE HeadMar65County Police PensionerTincleton Dorset859
60WoolSarahPAYNE WifeMar61 TincletonDorset 859
61WoolJohnLANGFORD HeadMar47Railway PlatelayerWool Dorset859
61WoolLucyLANGFORD WifeMar43 East StokeDorset 859
61WoolAnnieLANGFORD DaurSingle23 WoolDorset 859
61WoolElizaLANGFORD DaurSingle21 WoolDorset 859
61WoolJaneLANGFORD DaurSingle14 Corfe Castle Dorset859
61WoolJohnLANGFORD Daur 11 Corfe Castle Dorset859
61WoolThomaLANGFORD Daur 4 WoolDorset 859
61WoolGordonLANGFORD Daur 10 MonthsWool Dorset859
62Railway CrossingHarry HANSFORDHeadMar28Railway Signalman MoretonDorset859
62Railway CrossingMary A HANSFORDWifeMar27 Moreton Dorset859
62Railway CrossingReginald G HANSFORDSon 4 Wool Dorset859
63Railway StationStephen HOOKERHeadMar40Railway Stationmaster ChaltonHants8510
63Railway StationCaroline A HOOKERWifeMar40 Farnham Surrey8510
63Railway StationJohn S HOOKERSonSingle17Railway Clerk BournemouthHants.8510
63Railway StationWinifred M HOOKERDaur 11 Bournemouth Hants.8510
63Railway StationHenry F HOOKERSon 7 Bournemouth Hants.8510
64Binden VillaMary G BASCOMBEHeadWidow50Retired Hotelkeeper WoolDorset8510
64Binden VillaHelena M BASCOMBEDaurSingle22 East Burton Dorset8510
64Binden VillaMaude M BASCOMBEDaurSingle18 Wool Dorset8510
651 Binden LaneAnne RICKETTSHeadWidow62 Stock Dorset8510
651 Binden LaneHannah RICKETTSDaurSingle31Refreshment Room Keeper WoolDorset8510
662 Binden LaneJoseph KELLAWAYHeadMar39Ag LabWool Dorset8510
662 Binden LaneMilly KELLAWAYWifeMar41 Chaldon Dorset8510
662 Binden LaneCharles KELLAWAYSonSingle15Groom Not Domestic WoolDorset8510
662 Binden LanePercy KELLAWAYSon 4 Wool Dorset8510
662 Binden LaneWilliam STREETLodgerSingle20Mason’s Labourer East KnightonDorset8510
673 Binden LaneHenry C PRIDEHeadMar31Railway Platelayer MoretonDorset8510
673 Binden LaneMary PRIDEWifeMar25 Leigh Dorset8510
673 Binden LaneLizzie M DURDENNeice 2 Owermoigne Dorset8510
68WoolWilliam KGRANGER HeadSingle64Retired SurgeonYeovil Somerset8510
68WoolPhillisRAND ServantSingle54Housemaid DomesticCorscombe Dorset8510
69"The Poplars"Hannah BASCOMBEHeadWidow84Living On Own Means LonghamDorset8510
69"The Poplars"Caroline ARTHURServantSingle55Sick Nurse ChrichelDorset8510
70WoolFrederick JBURT HeadMar40Journeyman CarpenterWool Dorset8510
70WoolMary JBURT WifeMar31 WoolDorset 8510
70WoolBeatrice JBURT DaurUn11 WoolDorset 8510
70WoolWilliam GBURT SonMar10 WoolDorset 8510
70WoolMabel EBURT DaurMar8 WoolDorset 8510
70WoolHilda MBURT Daur 5 WoolDorset 8510
70WoolFlorence LBURT Daur 3 WoolDorset 8510
70WoolReginald PBURT Son 1 WoolDorset 8510
71WoolSarahHARRIS HeadWidow73 WoolDorset 8611
71WoolEdithHARRIS DaurSingle48LaundressWoolDorset 8611
72WoolJamesTHOMAS HeadMar72FarmerRinwoodHants. 8611
72WoolMaryTHOMAS WifeMar72 DorchesterDorset 8611
72WoolWilliamTHOMAS SonSingle37Farmer’s SonBere Regis Dorset8611
72WoolEdwardTHOMAS SonSingle32Farmer’s SonWool Dorset8611
73WoolWilliamSTEVENS HeadMar41Railway PlatelayerWool Dorset8611
73WoolAnnieSTEVENS WifeMar29 DorchesterDorset 8611
73WoolLouisaSTEVENS Daur 10 WoolDorset 8611
73WoolFrankSTEVENS Son 4 WoolDorset 8611
73WoolFredSTEVENS Son 2 WoolDorset 8611
74WoolWilliamLANGFORD HeadMar25Bricklayer’s ForemanWool Dorset8611
74WoolAugustaLANGFORD WifeMar25 Fordingbridge Dorset8611
74WoolEdithLANGFORD Daur 5 MonthsFordingbridge Dorset8611
75WoolWalter GBAGG HeadMar29County Police ConstableChickerell Dorset8611
75WoolEva ABAGG WifeMar31 LodersDorset 8611
75WoolOlive ABAGG Daur 3 LodersDorset 8611
76WoolGeorgeTHOMAS HeadMar35Coal CarmanBere Regis Dorset8611
76WoolJaneTHOMAS WifeMar33 WinfrithDorset 8611
76WoolMayTHOMAS Daur 11 WoolDorset 8611
76WoolBertieTHOMAS Son 9 WoolDorset 8611
77WoolHenryMORRIS HeadMar56Grocer Baker & ShopkeeperWool Dorset8611
77WoolMary AMORRIS WifeMar57 WarehamDorset 8611
77WoolAliceMORRIS DaurSingle29Baker’s AssistantWool Dorset8611
77WoolWalterMORRIS SonSingle27Baker’s AssistantWool Dorset8611
77WoolClaraMORRIS DaurSingle23Grocer’s Assistant WoolDorset8611
77WoolMarthaMORRIS DaurSingle21Grocer’s Assistant WoolDorset8611
78WoolCharlesHYDE HeadMar54FarmerWoolDorset 8612
78WoolAlice AHYDE WifeMar51 ReadingBerkshire 8612
78WoolLucy MHYDE DaurSingle22 WardomWilts. 8612
78WoolEmilyBURT ServantSingle24 Galton Dorset8612
79WoolThomasBOWERING HeadMar56Yardman On FarmCerne Dorset8612
79WoolEmilyBOWERING WifeMar60 MappowderDorset 8612
79WoolMary JBOWERING DaurSingle25 MoretonDorset 8612
80Seaforth CottageJane E LOVEROCKHeadSingle28Living On Own Means RugbyWarwick8612
80Seaforth CottageEllen LOVEROCKSisterSingle26Living On Own Means RugbyWarwick8612
80Seaforth CottageMary BLIGHTServantSingle33General Servant Domestic RedruthCornwall8612
81Wool Ch. LaneFrederick LARCOMBEHeadMar31Journeyman Blacksmith MostertonDorset8612
81Wool Ch. LaneJane LARCOMBEWifeMar31 Littlebredy Dorset8612
81Wool Ch. LaneArthur LARCOMBESon 6 Maiden Newton Dorset8612
81Wool Ch. LaneLouisa LARCOMBEDaur 4 Maiden Newton Dorset8612
81Wool Ch. LaneRose LARCOMBEDaur 2 Months WoolDorset8612
82Wool Ch. LaneWilliam JAMESHeadMar72Ag LabWool Dorset8612
82Wool Ch. LaneAnne JAMESWifeMar74 East Stoke Dorset8612
83Wool Ch. LaneJohn RUNYARDHeadMar48Journeyman Carpenter WoolDorset8612
83Wool Ch. LaneMary RUNYARDWifeMar48 Canford Dorset8612
83Wool Ch. LaneMinnie RUNYARDDaurSingle18Assistant Elementary Schoolteacher WoolDorset8612
83Wool Ch. LaneHarold RUNYARDSon 13 Wool Dorset8612
83Wool Ch. LaneEllen RUNYARDDaur 7 Wool Dorset8612
83Wool Ch. LaneHenry RUNYARDSonMar25Journeyman Baker WoolDorset8612
83Wool Ch. LaneMinnie RUNYARDDaurDaur In Law23  Bere RegisDorset8612
83Wool Ch. LaneGladys RUNYARDGranddaur 1  WeymouthDorset8612
84Wool Ch. LaneWilliam NORTHOVERHeadWidower74Gardener Domestic WoolDorset8612
85Wool Ch. LaneRobert SHORTHeadMar45General Dealer & Grocer East BurtonDorset8612
85Wool Ch. LaneMary A SHORTWifeMar50 Burlestone Dorset8612
85Wool Ch. LaneJames W SHORTSonSingle20Grocer’s Assistant WoolDorset8612
85Wool Ch. LaneGertrude H SHORTDaurSingle19 Wool Dorset8612
85Wool Ch. LaneHerbert SHORTSonSingle15Grocer’s Assistant WoolDorset8612
85Wool Ch. LaneAgnes E SHORTDaur 13 Wool Dorset8612
85Wool Ch. LaneReginald R SHORTSon 10 Wool Dorset8612
86Wool Church LaneRobert C HARRISHeadMar29Ag LabWool Dorset8713
86Wool Church LaneAnne HARRISWifeMar23 Wool Dorset8713
86Wool Church LaneDaisy E HARRISDaur 2 Wool Dorset8713
87Wool Church LaneTom DOWNTONHeadMar37Ag LabBuckland Newton Dorset8713
87Wool Church LaneHarriett DOWNTONWifeMar34 Lulworth Dorset8713
87Wool Church LaneEmily E DOWNTONDaur 7 East Stoke Dorset8713
87Wool Church LaneRobert G DOWNTONSon 5 East Stoke Dorset8713
88Church CorrageWalter W PAYNEHeadMar32Journeyman Miller Grain CockertonWilts8713
88Church CorrageNannette PAYNESon 14OrganistHertford Herts8713
88Church CorrageBertram B PAYNESon 9ScholarWool Dorset8713
 Holyrood Parish Church         8713
89WoolRichardCOX HeadMar41Carpenter & WheelwrightBurton Somerset8713
89WoolMartha RCOX WifeMar38 WoolDorset 8713
89WoolMabel ACOX Daur 14 WoolDorset 8713
89WoolEdwin RCOX Son 11 WoolDorset 8713
89WoolAmy ACOX Daur 9 WoolDorset 8713
89WoolDaisy BCOX Daur 6 WoolDorset 8713
89WoolVictoria RCOX Daur 4 WoolDorset 8713
90WoolWilloughbySTONE HeadMar34Mason’s LabourerEast Fordington Dorset8713
90WoolMary JSTONE WifeMar26 CharltonSomerset 8713
91WoolElizabethTOREVELL HeadWidow63LaundressWinfrith Dorset8713
91WoolJane ETOREVELL DaurSingle38 WoolDorset 8713
91WoolGeorge ATOREVELL SonSingle32Ag LabWoolDorset 8713
91WoolJosephTOREVELL SonSingle29Ag LabWoolDorset 8713
91WoolWalterTOREVELL SonSingle21Journeyman BakerWool Dorset8713
91WoolRichardTOREVELL SonSingle18Ag LabWoolDorset 8713
91WoolKate MTOREVELL DaurSingle18LaundressWoolDorset 8713
92WoolJamesSTEVENS HeadMar51Road ContractorWool Dorset8714
92WoolJaneSTEVENS WifeMar49 WarehamDorset 8714
92WoolFrancesSTEVENS DaurSingle24 Cranbourne Dorset8714
92WoolJamesSTEVENS SonSingle16Railway PorterEast Stoke Dorset8714
92WoolVeronicaSTEVENS Daur 13 WoolDorset 8714
92WoolBeatriceSTEVENS Daur 10 WoolDorset 8714
93Bindon MillHarryBOATSWAIN HeadMar28Corn Miller & FarmerMapperton Dorset8714
93Bindon MillIda IBOATSWAIN WifeMar27 Stoke Abbott Dorset8714
 Bindon Abbey          8714
94Bindon Abbey LodgeGeorge SIBLEYHeadMar50Lodge Keeper Cerne AbbasDorset8714
94Bindon Abbey LodgeAnnie SIBLEYWifeMar59 Kilkenny Ireland8714
951 Bindon CottagesJohn JAMESHeadMar28Ag LabWool Dorset8714
951 Bindon CottagesMary JAMESWifeMar26 Broadmayne Dorset8714
951 Bindon CottagesLouisa JAMESDaur 5 Coombe Keynes Dorset8714
951 Bindon CottagesErnest JAMESSon 2 Lulworth Dorset8714
962 Bindon CottagesWilliam PAYNEHeadMar60Journeyman Miller Grain CrockertonWilts.8714
962 Bindon CottagesGrace PAYNEWifeMar60 Market Lovington Dorset8714
973 Bindon CottagesAlfred ALLINGHAMHeadMar40Flour Man Carter WoolDorset8714
973 Bindon CottagesElizabeth ALLINGHAMWifeMar43 Hardington Somerset8714
973 Bindon CottagesCharles ALLINGHAMSon 16 Hallington Dorset8714
973 Bindon CottagesWilliam ALLINGHAMSon 13 Cattistock Dorset8714
973 Bindon CottagesEllen ALLINGHAMDaur 10  StokeDorset8714
973 Bindon CottagesMabel ALLINGHAMDaur 8 Redcliffe Dorset8714
973 Bindon CottagesFrederick ALLINGHAMSon 6 Wool Dorset8714
973 Bindon CottagesAnnie ALLINGHAMDaur 4 Wool Dorset8714
973 Bindon CottagesSidney ALLINGHAMSon 1 Wool Dorset8714
984 Bindon CottagesThomas JAMESHeadMar34Carter On Farm WoolDorset8714
984 Bindon CottagesSusan JAMESWifeMar47 Thame Dorset8714
984 Bindon CottagesMabel JAMESWifeMar11 Whesham Dorset8714
984 Bindon CottagesCharles JAMESSon 5 Knighton Dorset8714
99Bindon DairyWilliam A BOWDITCHHeadMar24Dairy Manager HolworthDorset8815
99Bindon DairyFrances M BOWDITCHWifeMar21 Winfrith Dorset8815
100Bindon DairyLewis LOCKEHeadMar34Dairy Manager LongbredyDorset8815
100Bindon DairyAgnes E LOCKEWifeMar22 Holworth Dorset8815
100Bindon DairyIvy A LOCKEDaur 1 East Stoke Dorset8815
101Wood Street CottagesAlfred CHENEYHeadWidower35Shepherd PuncknowleDorset8815
101Wood Street CottagesKathleen CHENEYDaur 12 Look Dorset8815
101Wood Street CottagesGeorge CHENEYSon 10 Look Dorset8815
101Wood Street CottagesEllen CHENEYDaur 9 Look Dorset8815
101Wood Street CottagesWalter CHENEYSon 6 Wool Dorset8815
101Wood Street CottagesLevi CHENEYSon 4 Wool Dorset8815
102Wood Street CottagesThomas MOXOMHeadMar54Carter On Farm Cerne AbbasDorset8815
102Wood Street CottagesEliza MOXOMWifeMar52 Cerne Abbas Dorset8815
102Wood Street CottagesEmily MOXOMDaurSingle24 Bradford Dorset8815
102Wood Street CottagesHarry MOXOMSonSingle20Carter On Farm BomsonDorset8815
102Wood Street CottagesJohn NINHAMLodgerSingle43Carter On Farm WorthDorset8815
102Wood Street CottagesGeorge ROBBINSLodgerMar60Carter On Farm FramptonDorset8815
103Wood Street FarmWilliam R DOREYHeadMar50FarmerWest Lulworth Dorset8815
103Wood Street FarmCaroline DOREYWifeMar46 Grange Dorset8815
103Wood Street FarmRobert E DOREYSonSingle22Farmer’s Son WoolDorset8815
103Wood Street FarmCaroline DOREYDaurSingle17 Wool Dorset8815
103Wood Street FarmWilliam M DOREYSon 13 Wool Dorset8815
103Wood Street FarmHerbert C DOREYSonWidow11 Wool Dorset8815
103Wood Street FarmEdward N DOREYSonUn10 Wool Dorset8815
103Wood Street FarmPhilip A DOREYSonMar7 Wool Dorset8815
103Wood Street FarmAlice R DOREYDaurMar5 Wool Dorset8815
103Wood Street FarmKathleen M DOREYHeadMar2 Wool Dorset8815
104Wood StreetEdwin BONHAMHeadMar28GamekeeperBeachley Northants8815
104Wood StreetBeatrice BONHAMWifeMar20 Lytchett Dorset8815
104Wood StreetFrancis BONHAMSon 1 Wool Dorset8815
105New BuildingsSamuel CHURCHILLHeadMar49ShepherdCompton Dorset8816
105New BuildingsMary CHURCHILLWifeMar49 Coombe Keynes Dorset8816
105New BuildingsCharles CHURCHILLSonSingle19 Bloxworth Dorset8816
105New BuildingsRuth CHURCHILLDaurSingle17  BloxworthDorset8816
105New BuildingsAlice CHURCHILLDaurSingle13  BloxworthDorset8816
105New BuildingsEmily CHURCHILLDaur 11  BloxworthDorset8816
105New BuildingsEthel CHURCHILLDaur 8 Bloxworth Dorset8816
106New BuildingsJohn J NEWBERRYHeadMar67Carter On Farm FramptonDorset8816
106New BuildingsCaroline E NEWBERRYWifeMar48 Steepleton Dorset8816
106New BuildingsRosa E R NEWBERRYDaurSingle25 Maiden Newton Dorset8816
106New BuildingsWilliam C NEWBERRYSonSingle15 Worth Matravers Dorset8816
106New BuildingsAda L NEWBERRYDaur 13 Worth Matravers Dorset8816
106New BuildingsKate E LANDERGranddaur 1  PortsmouthHants8816
107Bovington FarmJames SPICERHeadMar48FarmerSutton Dorset8816
107Bovington FarmLucy M SPICERWifeMar49 Moreton Dorset8816
107Bovington FarmMargaret L SPICERDaurSingle15FarmerTincleton Dorset8816
107Bovington FarmEsther E SPICERDaur 9 Wool Dorset8816
107Bovington FarmKathleen M SPICERDaur 5 Wool Dorset8816
107Bovington FarmBessie W CLENCHServantSingle17General Servant Domestic WoolDorset8816
108Bovington DairyRobert J SPICERHeadMar58DairymanOwermoigne Dorset8816
108Bovington DairyMary A SPICERWifeMar51 Tiverton Devon8816
108Bovington DairyKate SPICERDaurSingle29Dairywoman TincletonDorset8816
108Bovington DairyArthur SPICERSonSingle27Dairywoman TincletonDorset8816
108Bovington DairyMarion J SPICERDaurSingle14 Tincleton Dorset8816
109BovingtonMarkCHURCHILL HeadMar24ShepherdWinford Eagle Dorset8816
109BovingtonEmmaCHURCHILL WifeMar23 PallingtonDorset 8816
109BovingtonDouglas CHURCHILLDaurUn5 Months WoolDorset8816
110BovingtonGeorgeRENDELL HeadWidower52Carter On FarmWest Coker Somerset8917
110BovingtonEdwardRENDELL SonSingle23Carter On FarmCheselborne Dorset8917
110BovingtonAliceRENDELL DaurSingle19 Piddletrentide Dorset8917
110BovingtonThomasRENDELL SonSingle18 Piddletrentide Dorset8917
110BovingtonCharles RENDELLSon 16 Milborne Dorset8917
111BovingtonWilliam WOODROWHeadMar30Caretaker Of Rifle Range BriantspuddleDorset8917
111BovingtonAnnieWOODROW WifeMar34 ToftCambridge 8917
112BovingtonGeorgeCOX HeadMar65Ag LabSheptonDorset 8917
112BovingtonRebekah COXHeadMar66 Puncknowle Dorset8917
112BovingtonJobCOX SonSingle26Ag LabLongbredyDorset 8917
112BovingtonMary JCOX DaurSingle21 Longbredy Dorset8917
113BovingtonHenryRIGGS HeadMar40Groom Gardener Not Domestic DewlishDorset8917
113BovingtonAnnieRIGGS WifeMar37 HenbyDorset 8917
113BovingtonJohnRIGGS SonSingle15Carter Boy On FarmClifton Maybank Somerset8917
113BovingtonWalterRIGGS Son 13Dairy BoyTemplecombe Somerset8917
113BovingtonWillieRIGGS Son 10 Tippleswater Dorset8917
113BovingtonGeorgeRIGGS Son 8 Cheselborne Dorset8917
113BovingtonFrederick RIGGSSon 6 Cheselborne Dorset8917
113BovingtonHildaRIGGS Daur 3 WoolDorset 8917
113BovingtonArthurRIGGS Son 10 MonthsWool Dorset8917
114BovingtonHenryALLINGHAM HeadMar43Ag LabWoolDorset 8917
114BovingtonSarah J ALLINGHAMWifeMar49 East Stoke Dorset8917
114BovingtonCourtney JAMESStep SonSingle24Ag Lab Lyme RegisDorset8917
114BovingtonWilliam ALLINGHAMDaurSingle15Shepherd Boy FosselDorset8917
114BovingtonJamesALLINGHAM Son 12 WoolDorset 8917
115BovingtonCharles COURTNEYHeadMar44Ag LabSydling Dorset8917
115BovingtonLucyCOURTNEY WifeMar40 IlchesterSomerset 8917
115BovingtonAliceCOURTNEY Son 20 SydlingDorset 8917
115BovingtonWilliam COURTNEYDaur 12 Came Dorset8917
115BovingtonFredCOURTNEY Son 10 DewlishDorset 8917
115BovingtonBenCOURTNEY HeadMar5 WoolDorset 8917
115BovingtonMabelCOURTNEY WifeMar< 1 MonthWoolDorset 8917
 Bovington Road      Building   8917
 Bovington Camp      Uninhabited   8917

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