Parish of Wool

Military Graves– Monumental Inscriptions

 The churchyard at Wool’s Holy Rood church contains a relatively large number of military graves in comparison to its size.  Bovington Camp - situated just two miles from Wool - is home to the Royal Armoured Corp and its training grounds.

 The inscriptions on all 71 of the military graves have been transcribed by Justin Standfield, as follows: 

 786758 Private N Adams

Royal Tank Corps

Died 1st November 1926 aged 25


7877449 Bandsman J Andrews

Royal Tank Corps

Died 22nd May 1932 aged 21 years


Captain A G R Ashton

1st The Royal Dragoons

Died 3rd December 1956 aged 30

“The heavens are thine, the earth also is thine. Psalm LXXXIX”


23706 Private T Ayers

Wiltshire Regiment

Died 15th March 1915

“Thy will be done”


302225 Private J R Badcock

Tank Corps

Died 28th October 1918 aged 38


318957 T/Sergeant John Alan Speed Barkby

12th Royal Lancers

Died 7th August 1939


7014010 Rifleman T Baxter

Royal Ulster Rifles

Died 2nd October 1939

“All roads lead here to journey’s end – R.I.P.”


1555545 Private C Bickerton

Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers

Died 9th August 1943 aged 30


7871245 WO II (COY Sergeant Major) David Black

Royal Tank Corps

Died 23rd January 1933 aged 37 years


16652 Private H Brown

Royal Berkshire Regiment

Died 24th December 1915


JCA/1931748 Craftsman L C Campbell

Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers

Died 21st May 1947


To the memory of Trooper J W Carter

58th Training Regiment Royal Armoured Corps

Died 28th September 1941 aged 18 years & 8 months

This stone is erected as a token of esteem by his comrades


6912978 Rifleman J W Cave

Rifle Brigade

Died 4th October 1939 aged 26

“Our beloved soldier son - never shall thy memory fade - Lord, thy will be done”


18755 Private A V Conibere

Royal Warwickshire Regiment

Died 8th October 1916 aged 19


2nd Lieutenant H R Cooke

Royal Tank Regiment Royal Armoured Corps

Died 18th May 1941


23891135 Trooper M Daley

Royal Tank Regiment

Died 20th January 1964 aged 18

“In memory of my son who left us suddenly. Always in our thoughts.

Loving mother”


14278495 Trooper J S Day

Royal Armoured Corps

Died 3rd September 1943 aged 20

“There is no death! The stars go down to rise upon a fairer shore”


7888714 Trooper I Dolman

Royal Armoured Corps

Died 11th November 1939 aged 20

“In loving memory of Jack – fear naught”


Sacred to the memory of 5721126 Private J C East

Depot the Dorsetshire Regiment

[no date of death]


Private T E Fisher

Royal Tank Corps

Died 5th December 1925 aged 28


Private H Gatehouse

Royal Tank Corps

Died 30th August 1928 aged 18


5495381 WO I H W C Gower

Royal Tank Regiment

Died 28th December 1954 aged 41

“God be with you till we meet again. Always, your loving wife, Iris”


Private T H Grainger

C Company Royal Tank Corps Depot

Died at the military hospital on 21st January 1932 aged 19


2365804 Private I T Green

1st Canadian Tank Battalion

Died 21st October 1918 aged 20

“He hath done what he could”


5028 Private E S Hayes

16th Battalion Australian Infantry

Died 5th November 1916

“The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away”


34757 Private H Hayward

Royal Defence Corps

Died 2nd January 1917


Private G Horsley

Royal Tank Corps

Died 15th July 1929 aged 18


Private J Inness

Royal Tank Corps

Died 23rd May 1925 aged 18


7401074 Corporal R C Jarrett

Royal Army Medical Corps

Died 19th April 1945 aged 44

“You are always with me dear, in life’s garden of beautiful memories. Evie”


Sergeant H F Kingaby

Royal Tank Corps

Died 1st March 1927 aged 42


Private J Kernan

Royal Tank Corps

Died 2nd December 1925 aged 18


5970 Private J Leonard

Lancashire Fusiliers

Died 24th April 1915


558434 Corporal A A Lester

Royal Armoured Corps

Died 12th August 1945 aged 25

“To live in the hearts of those he loved is not to die”


Lieutenant L B E Lloyd

12th Canadian Mounted Rifles and Royal Air Force

Died 12th October 1918 aged 29

“Fifth and much loved son of Benjamin S & Jane E Lloyd of Midnapore, Calgary, Canada”


7871351 WO II (QMS OR) A S J Lowe

Royal Tank Regiment Royal Armoured Corps

Died 9th July 1947 aged 47

Dearly beloved husband of Florence

“Sleep on beloved, take thy rest – goodnight”


To the memory of 7575160 Lance Corporal Thomas Lowes

Royal Army Ordnance Corps

Who was accidentally killed on 8th March 1924 aged 31 years 10 months

“Erected by his comrades of the Royal Army Ordnance Corps at Bovington Camp – R.I.P.”


5731334 Gunner L J Marcantonio

Royal Artillery

Died 28th March 1942 aged 22

“In ever loving memory of our dearly beloved Lol – Mum, Dad, Frank, Flo & Rene”


2nd Lieutenant G McCormack

Tank Corps

Died 28th October 1918


Lance Corporal F D McFarlane

Royal Tank Corps

Died 28th September 1929 aged 32


13095403 Private W McTaggart

Pioneer Corps

Died 5th March 1942 aged 38

“Grant unto him eternal rest and let eternal light shine on him”


25062 Private F Merryweather

Royal Berkshire Regiment

Died 23rd August 1916


In treasured remembrance of my dear husband

Sergeant William George Kennedy Milne

Royal Tank Corps

Died on duty 8th May 1935 aged 37

“To live in the hearts of those we love is not to die”


3766832 Private D A Murrell

The King’s Regiment

Died 20th April 1942


2nd Lieutenant M C Niven

11th Hussars Royal Armoured Corps

Died 29th December 1940



7942961 Trooper S C Northfield

Royal Armoured Corps

Died 1st October 1941 aged 38

“Rest in peace in God’s keeping – forever in our thoughts”


Private A E Parson

Royal Tank Corps

Died 4th April 1927 aged 25


7884480 Sydney Polley

Royal Tank Corps

Died 17th January 1934


20966 Private F Richardson

Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry

Died 14th December 1915


46641 Private G H Rooke

Dorsetshire Regiment

Died 8th January 1920


23084 Private T F Rose

Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry

Died 11th June 1916


WR/337640 Pioneer C Routledge

Royal Engineers

Died 16th July 1918


Private R E Ryder

Tank Corps

Died 6th May 1923 aged 20


Boy C H W Sampson

Tank Corps

Died 5th September 1921 aged 16


2366287 Junior Trooper R B S Saunders

Junior Leaders Regiment Royal Armoured Corps

Died 11th June 1960 aged 17

“And ye now have sorrow but I will see you again and your heart will rejoice”


Corporal W Sharp

Royal Tank Corps

Died 21st May 1929 aged 25


320530 Private P S Shaw

Tank Corps

Died 13th January 1920


In ever loving memory of my son 5725218 Private Edward Simmons

Dorsetshire Regiment

Died 6th June 1939 aged 25 years


Private H H J Simpkins

Royal Tank Corps

Died September 1934 aged 22


16992 Lance Corporal F Slater

Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry

Died 13th April 1916


91868 Gunner L Sorzano

Machine Gun Corps (Heavy BCH)

Died 19th February 1917


Captain G A Strachan


Died 17th May 1971 aged 45 years

“Non timeo sed caveo”


1401344 Bty Sergeant Major S R Summons

Royal Garrison Artillery

Died 8th August 1921


7887619 Trooper J L Tagg

Royal Armoured Corps

Died 30th November 1939 aged 19

“For thy art with me; thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me”


14684269 Trooper T Telford

Royal Armoured Corps

Died 2nd August 1944 aged 19

“The years will hold sweet memories until we meet again. Ever remembered”


Erected to the memory of our dear comrade Frederick Viney

W T Battalion Royal Tank Corps

Died 25th March 1924 aged 16 years 11 months

“Until the day break and the shadows flee away”


7900351 Officer Cadet P A Wade

Royal Armoured Corps

Died 29th July 1940 aged 21

“There shall be no more death, neither sorrow nor crying”


7884474 WO I (RSM) Edward Wall

Royal Tank Regiment

Died 21st January 1957 aged 44

“In loving memory of ‘Paddy’ beloved husband of ‘Babe’ – until we meet again”


Corporal C W Wallace

Royal Tank Corps

Died 21st May 1929 aged 23


Sacred to the memory of Major Christopher Thomas Wallington

Died 21st March 1943 aged 65 years

Erected by his comrades of the Royal Army Ordnance Corps & the Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers



2684288 Lance Corporal V Ward

1st Canadian Tank Battalion

Died 29th October 1918 aged 27

“Loved too well to be forgotten”


52130 Private W Weller

Devonshire Regiment

Died 21st July 1918


14637074 Driver G J Widdows

Royal Signals

Died 17th October 1944 aged 37

“Only those who have lost can tell the pain of parting without farewell.

Loving wife and sons”

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