MARRIAGES 1579 - 1836

Transcribed from Records held at the Dorset History Centre and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Kim Parker

08-Oct-1731; Henry BROWN & Grace BRAKER


01-May-1741; John GALPEN & Elizabeth HAMES


20-Feb-1747/8; William BUTT of Iberton & Frances UPWARD


01-Jun-1748; John UPWARD & Mary INKPEN


28-Mar-1751; Matthew MERRYFIELD of Shaston & Elizabeth SHERLY


07-Sep-1753; Thomas HYDE & Martha DURELL


07-Aug-1757; John TAYLOR widower of Shaston St James & Mary EDWARDS by Licence

witnesses: John APPLEN, Joseph EDWARDS


03-Jun-1759; Thomas KAINES of Hilton & Catharine ROLLES by Licence

witnesses: George ANSTY, Samuel ROOLLES


09-Apr-1761; Henry BROWN & Ann JEANS

witnesses: Thomas STRODE, Elizabeth APPLIN


11-Oct-1762; James LYDFORD of Hasilbury Brian & Betty GALPINE

witnesses: Thomas STROOD, Benjamin LIDFORD


12-Feb-1763; Henry JEANS & Sarah COBB

witnesses: Henry BROWN, Thomas STROUD


30-Apr-1764; Thomas RIDGLEY of Hasilbury Brian & Mary MEGER

witnesses: Robert MULLETT, Thomas STROOD


14-Jan-1766; Frederick ELSWORTH & Betty BELBIN

witnesses: Robert MULLETT, Thomas STROOD


03-Feb-1766; Joseph ROSE of Sturminster Newton & Anne LAMBERT

witnesses: George MARCH, Thomas STROOD


06-May-1767; Robert ROSE of Okeford Fitzpaine & Martha HUNT

witnesses: John MILLER, Thomas STROOD


25-Aug-1768; Robert STROUD & Susanna INKPEN

witnesses: Mary SINGER, Thomas STROOD


19-Jan-1769; Samuel LUSCOMBE of Exeter Devon & Mary Jane Hogarth THORNHILL by Licence

witnesses: Henry THORNHUL, John ROWE


14-Jun-1769; Samuel ADAMS of Blandford Forum & Phanny FOOT

witnesses: Thomas LUCCE, Thomas STROOD


23-Apr-1772; Joseph NEWMAN of Sturminster Newton & Martha DAY

witnesses: Peter YEATMAN, Thomas STROOD


23-Feb-1773; Thomas SCOTT & Rebecca STROUD

witnesses: Benjamin MILLER, Thomas STROOD


24-May-1773; William GRANT & Catharine DREW

witnesses: Peter NORRIS, Thomas STROOD


10-Feb-1774; William BELBIN & Anne FOOTE

witnesses: Henry THORNHILL, Thomas STROOD


27-Jul-1774; Thomas NORRIS & Elizabeth GRANT

witnesses: Alexander GRANT, Thomas STROOD


01-Aug-1774; James ELSWORTH & Sarah BELBIN

witnesses: Thomas BASKETT, Thomas STROOD


03-Apr-1782; William MORRIS labourer & Ann HOOPER

witnesses: Henry BROWN, Susana WILLAMS


10-May-1782; Thomas HARRISON widower & Mary HOOPER by Licence

witnesses: Peter PLOMER, Jonathan SYMONDS


07-Feb-1790; Thomas MULLETT of Hasilbury Bryant & Maria LACEY

witnesses: Robert DRAKE, Jonathan SYMONDS


03-Jul-1792; Robert FLIP of Hilton & Sarah MILLER

witnesses: William GALTEN, Jonathan SYMONDS


19-Jan-1795; William HOUSE of Stoke Wake & Sarah BROWNE

witnesses: Jonathan SYMONDS, George LEGG


22-Aug-1796; John GUY & Sarah WATERS

witnesses: John GALPIN, Robert DRAKE


07-Aug-1797; Giles PALMER of Hilton & Susannah JEANS

witnesses: John GALPIN, William JEANS


15-May-1798; William JEANS & Elizabeth CARTER

 witnesses: John GALPIN, John MAISH


09-Jun-1799; Thomas MUNCKTON of Sturminster Marshall & Jane LYDFORD by Licence

witnesses: John GALPIN, Joseph LIDFORD


16-Feb-1801; William MAISH & Dorothy GOULD

witnesses: John MAISH, John GALPIN


16-Aug-1802; John RIGGS of Hilton & Susannah WALTERS

witnesses: John GALPIN, Robert MAISH


28-Feb-1804; Francis William SCHUYLER of Baverstock co. Wiltshire & Catharine FEAVER by Licence

witnesses: John MELLIAN, Susanna PAGE


27-Mar-1804; George MAISH & Elizabeth GOFFE

witnesses: John MAISH, John GALPIN


18-Jun-1804; John WARREN & Elizabeth ELSWORTH

witnesses: Joseph ELSWORTH, John GALPIN


29-Apr-1806; George CLUETT of the hamlet of Bagber in Stuminster Newton & Helen MILLER by Licence

witnesses: John GALPIN, Joseph MILLER


14-May-1806; Richard LYDFORD & Ann PEOPLE

witnesses: John POPLE, John GALPIN


03-May-1807; Thomas LUSH of Beelchallwell & Ann MULLETT

witnesses: James LUSH, John GALPIN


08-Jun-1807; Richard GILLINGHAM of Ibberton & Elizabeth COLE

witnesses: Joseph HIBBS, John GALPIN


20-Sep-1807; Joseph ELSWORTH & Mary BENSON

witnesses: John WARREN, John GALPIN


28-May-1810; John MUNCKTON of Milbourne Stylam in Bere Regis & Elizabeth MAISH by Licence

witnesses: Richard MAISH, John GALPIN


12-Jun-1810; Josiah ELSWORTH & Maria HARRISON

witnesses: Maria MILLER, John GALPIN


15-Oct-1812; Edward HARRISON & Anna GUY

witnesses: Charles SHORT, John GALPIN


31-Jul-1814; Charles SHORT Labourer & Priscilla MULLET

witnesses: Thomas MULLETT, Sarah GILLETT


06-Jun-1815; Robert WILLIAMS Labourer & Ann MILLER

witnesses: Joseph MILLER, Maria MILLER, Jemima HILLERE


30-Jan-1816; Benjamin MILLER & Jemima HILLIER

witnesses: Maria MILLER, John GALPIN


07-May-1816; Robert HILLIER Coachman & Maria MILLER

witnesses: Dinah ELSWORTH, John GALPIN


02-Apr-1818; George BEAMENT of Durweston & Charlotte WOOLRIDGE

witnesses: Issac JACKSON, Caroline WOOLRIDGE


17-Feb-1819; William BUSH of Poole St James & Kerenhappuch HILLIER

witnesses: Robert HILLIER, Caroline WOOLRIDGE


10-Jan-1820; William GALPINE of Sturminster Newton & Charlotte LEMON

witnesses: William GILLINGHAM, Sarah MAISH


05-Feb-1822; William GILLINGHAM & Rebecca SCOTT

witnesses: John GILLINGHAM, Jane ROSE


22-Jan-1824; Edward HARRISON & Jane VINCENT

witnesses: Richard MILLER, John GALPIN


02-Mar-1824; Thomas MAISH & Eliza RIGGS

witnesses: John RIGGS, Mary BELBIN


01-Aug-1835; William STEVENS of Piddle Town & Johanna RIGGS

witnesses: Mary BELBIN, Henry BEASANT


07-Dec-1828; Joseph SEBLEY of Tarrant Keynston & Elizabeth CURTIS

witnesses: Richard MILLER, Jean  (?)


23-Sep-1829; James ABBOTT of Milbourne Port co. Somerset & Mary Anne MAISH

witnesses: Thomas MAISH, Hannah MAISH


11-Oct-1829; Samuel TROWBRIDGE of Okeford Fitzpaine & Angelina MILLER

witnesses: James MILLER, Angelina HILLERE


25-Dec-1829; Joseph ELLSWORTH & Maria WAREHAM

witnesses: Richard MILLER, Louisa LUSH


26-Feb-1831; Richard MILLER & Lucy DAVIS

witnesses: Elizabeth ROBINSON, Jane JEANS


26-Sep-1831; Jonathan UPSHALL of Haselbury Bryan & Mary Ann MILLER

witnesses: John ROSS, Ann SHORET


30-Dec-1831; George COLE of Dewlish & Hannah MAISH

witnesses: Thomas MARSH, Rosebena YEATMAN


25-Sep-1833; Samuel SCOTT of Belchallwell & Mary BELBEN

witnesses: James EYERS, Honor SCOTT


31-Oct-1833; Charles ELSWORTH & Elizabeth MILLE

witnesses: William HARRISON, Richard MILLER


15-Apr-1834; Robert COLLINS of Fifehead Neville & Jane BULLEN

witnesses: Stephen UPSHALL, Elizabeth COLLINS


14-Oct-1834; William LONG of Blandford & Susannah ELSWORTH

witnesses: Joseph KERLEY, Richard MILLER


16-May-1837; James MULLETT & Angelina HELLIAR

witnesses: Rosetta MULLETT, George TAYLOR, Jemima MILLER


11-Nov-1837; William GILLINGHAM widower, Blacksmith & Frances AYLES both of full age

fathers: William GILLINGHAM Smith, John AYLES Yeoman

witnesses: John BIRDS, Benjamin MILLER


08-Mar-1838; John ELSWORTH 20 Labourer & Isabella ADAMS of full age Servant

fathers: Josiah ELSWORTH (deceased) Labourer, George ADAMS Labourer

witnesses: Joseph SWAIN, Martha HARRISON


22-Aug-1838; Joseph SWAIN of age, Labourer & Belchalwell & Martha HARRISON 20, Domestic Servant

fathers: John SWAIN Yeoman, Edward HARRISON Labourer

witnesses: George TAYLOR, Jemima MILLER


17-Dec-1839; Charles WHITE Labourer of Hilton & Harriet ELSWORTH Labourer, both of full age

fathers: Robert WHITE Labourer & Richard ELSWORTH Labourer

witnesses: William LOWY, Hannah (?) THORNE


20-Feb-1840; Leonard ELSWORTH of full age & Elizabeth COOMBS under age

fathers: Josiah ELSWORTH late Labourer, base born daughter of Sarah COOMBS Domestic Servant

witnesses: William MOOR, Elizabeth HARRESON



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