Parish of Wraxall

1710 to 1812


Kindly transcribed for the OPC Project by Peter Collins

Note. - Vol. 1. Marriages 1710 - 1752; 5 in by 8 in. unbound 13 pp. parchment in a fair state of preservation.

Vol.II. Is the usual book of printed forms used from 1754 to 1812. These entries are copied by permission of the Rev. Joseph Pulliblank Rector of Wraxall.



Mr. Bryan COMB of Mapperton & Mrs Ann COLE of Cattestock married 23-Mar 1713

Robert BESS of Corscomb & Ann HUSEY of Catstock married 29-Apr 1714

Richard BELLAMY of Rampisham & Ann MIDDLETON of Chetnoll married 26-Mar 1719

John TOLLIE & Eliz. VINE of Thorncomb Somt. married 31-May 1719

Thomas COMB of Tollar Porcorum & Ann GIFFORD married 09-Feb 1720

John MAIOR & Martha DAWE of Catstock married 16-Mar 1721

Mr James SYNDERCOMBE & Mrs. Eliz. KENNISTON of Catstock married (?) 1721

Philip LAWRENCE of Crookhorn & Ann LEGG of Hook married 06-Jun 1723

Samuel CHALKER of Stoke Abbas & Mary LUSH of Beminster married 29-Oct 1723

Benjamin GAWLER of Dorchester & Eliz. LEG of Hook married 05-Nov 1723

John HOW of Catestock & Cath. PITMAN married 07-May 1724

John BRADFORD & Susanna JOLLIFFE married 22-Jun 1724

Henry WIGGINS & Sarah WILLIAMS of Dorchester married 19-Aug 1725

Joseph SPRACKLING & Ann GALE married 14-Oct 1726

William PARSONS & Abigail BROWN of Weymouth married 16-May 1726

Richard DOWN & Eliz. GAISH married 16-May 1726

John FLOWER & Ann NORTHOVER married 14-Sep 1726 by Licence

Edward WAY & Mary ADAMS of Loders married 14-Apr 1727 by Licence

Tho. CURTIS & Eliz. TERRIL of Frome St. Quintin married 08-Jan 1727 by Licence

William BARBER & Sarah NEWBURY married 24-Jan 1728 by Licence

Thos. BRIDLE & Mary MADHEAD married 28-Jan 1728 by Licence

Benjamin DOUCH & Sarah WAYMAN married 25-Nov 1729 by Licence

Richard STONE & Ann GOSENEY of Bishop's Candel married 08-Feb 1730 by Licence

John WINSAR & Rebecca OLDIS married 18-Apr 1731 by Licence

John BARTLETT & Mary COX married 24-Jan 1731 by Licence

Osmond JOHNSON & Judith BEATEN married 25-Aug 1731 by Licence

Charles CURCHELL & Margery WEBBER married 07-Dec 1731

Jonathon PARKER & Mary BARBER married 16-Apr 1732 by Licence

Paul SLADE & Mary SHEER married 25-Jun 1732 by Licence

Simon ELLIS & Deborah DAW married 30-Aug 1732 by Licence

John CHICK & Margaret MOWS married 02-Feb 1732 by Licence

Thos. ROBERTS & Bridget EDWARDS married 24-Nov 1733 by Licence

Thos. LARKHAM & Ann PITTING married 19-Jan 1733 by Licence

Thos. BOYLAND & Ann HICKS married 01-Apr 1734 by Licence

John JESTY & Eliz. BEAZER married 23-Apr 1734 by Licence

William DOWN & Grace FORSE married 19-Sep 1734 by Licence

Robert WATTS & Eliz. ISAAC married 23-Sep 1734 by Licence

Joseph THORNER & Eliz. NOTTING married 09-Feb 1734 by Licence

William HAYWARD & Sarah TANNER married 01-May 1735 by Licence

James LEG & Mary TANNER married 09-May 1735 by Licence

John GILLINGHAM & Jane DOUCH married 29-Dec 1736 by Licence

Esau LUSH & Martha PELLEY married 04-Apr 1736 by Licence

Robert HAYNE & Sarah SOMMERS married 25-Jul 1737 by Licence

John BORN & Avise BRYANT married 12-Oct 1737 by Licence

William MARSH & Mary JONES married 28-Mar 1738 by Licence

William BATSON & Mary SAMWAY married 06-Apr 1738

Richard PAUL & Betty MINTERN married 24-Dec 1738

William RENDAL & Mary SQUIB married 29-Jan 1738 by Licence

Henry MABY & Ann BISHOP at Maiden Newton married 24-Sep 1739

Joseph MEECH & Eliz. VIVION married 16-Oct 1739 by Licence

John HURD & Eliz. CONWAY married 17-Jan 1739 by Licence

William OLIVER & Mary MAGER at Maiden Newton married 13-Jul 1740

Thos. READ & Eliz. CAMEL at Maiden Newton married 18-Sep 1740

Antony GROVES & Margaret GILLINGHAM at Maiden Newton married 20-Oct 1740

Edward GILLET & Joan GIFFORD at Maiden Newton married 06-Nov 1740

Thos. ROBERTS & Sarah BISHOP at Maiden Newton married 25-Nov 1740

Thos. BRIDLE & Susannah TAYLOR at Maiden Newton married 18-Nov 1740

John HICKS & Eliz. PEACH married 09-Oct 1741

Richard TUCKER & Martha TUCKER married 21-Jun 1742 by Licence

Robert EVERTON & Eed FLOWER married 19-Jul 1742

John RYAL & Ann DOWDING married 10-Jan 1742 by Licence

John BECK & Christian SAMWAYS married 28-Mar 1743 by Licence

Philip BAILY & Eliz. FINE married 27-Jun 1743 by Licence

Stephen ILES & Ann BELLAMY married 12-Sep 1743 by Licence

George RAMWEN & Mary SPICER married 14-Sep 1743 by Licence

Nathaniel STRICKLAND & Ann BRIDLE at Maiden Newton married 02-Feb 1743

Nathaniel BUSH & Martha GILL married 17-Mar 1743 by Licence

Benjamin BARNARD & Joan MILLER married 21-May 1744

William COLE & Hannah HICKS married 02-Aug 1744 by Licence

Henry SAINT & Mary WEFFEN married 05-Aug 1744

John WEBBER & Sarah WHITMORE married 03-Oct 1744 by Licence

John BISHOP & Ann BISHOP married 14-Oct 1744 by Licence

John CURTIS & Mary WHITTLE married 26-Dec 1744

Benjamin COMB & Ann SHINNER married 14-Mar 1744

Stephen OSMENT & Mary WILLIAMS married 10-Sep 1745 by Licence

John SPRACLIN & Sarah HOMER married 15-Jan 1745 by Licence

Humphey LOVELASE & Ciseley GOOLE at Maiden Newton married 06-Feb 1745

Simon NICHOLS & Mary WHEDEN at Maiden Newton married 07-Feb 1745

Robert WATTS & Eliz. NAIL married 09-Mar 1745 by Licence

John KEECH & Israel WALBRIDGE married 16-Mar 1745 by Licence

Henry HURLL & Eliz. KEECH married 07-Apr 1746 by Licence

William WELLMAN & Ursula GREEN married 23-Jun 1746

John ILES & Mary BELLAMY married 26-Jun 1746 by Licence

James LOVELACE & Ann COX married 11-Jul 1746 by Licence

Samuel GUNDRY & Ann MORRIS married 30-Oct 1746 by Licence

Jeofry SAMWAYS & Sarah PAINTER married 04-Feb 1746 by Licence

John WHEELER & Joan BARNARD married 12-Sep 1747

Robert EVERARD & Mary FLOWER married 28th dec 1747

John SAMWAYS & Edith WHITTLE married 02-May 1748

James RANDLE & Mary EDWARDS married 13-Jun 1748 by Licence

Richard WHEDON & Hannah WOODSFORD married 13-Oct 1748

John PETTERAGE & Mary FORD married 22-Oct 1748

William BEALSON & Eliz. NOTTING married 06-Feb 1748

William FORSE & Eliz. GUNDRY married 01-May 1749 by Licence

Georg YOUNG & Ann LANE married 12-Aug 1749 by Licence

Joseph MILLER & Eleanor GIFFORD married 15-Jan 1749 by Licence

John BEWSEY & Mary OLIVER married 04-May 1750 by Licence

John HODGES & Peggy ALLENBRIDGE married 11-Dec 1750 by Licence

Thomas KERSLAKE & Ann SYMES married 30-Sep 1751 by Licence

William HOBS & Mary BESS married 23-Oct 1751 by Licence

Joseph LUTTLY & Mary MUNDEN married 10-Nov 1751 by Licence

Robert ROPER & Mary MABY married 11-Nov 1751

William WOODSFORD & Ann SAMWAYS of Maiden Newton married 06-Jan 1752

John CORBIN of Maiden Newton & Sarah GROVES of D. married 12-Nov 1752

William EDWARDS & Sarah CRAFT married 03-Dec 1752

Thos. HOPER of Montacute & Sarah NOTTEN married 23-Feb 1753

George DAWBENY of Bishops Candel & Elizabeth INGRAM of Hotwell married 01-Jul 1753 by Licence

James HAWKINS & Eleanor TREVITT of Lytton married 18-Nov 1753 by Licence

Harry HENNING of Maiden Newton & Anne BRIDLE of Frome Vauchurch married 25-Nov 1753 by Licence

Richard COLLINS & Joan LEGG of Maiden Newton married 27-Jan 1754

John BOWDITCH of South Perrott & Hannah LANE of South Perrott married 23-Feb 1754 by Licence

William NORTHOVER of Chilfrome & Susannah BALLIN of Chilfrome married 25-Feb 1754




Benjamin SPRACKLING & Ann LEGG married 13-May 1754

Robert GODDEN & Sarah NOTTEN married 04-Aug 1761

Matthew CORNICK & Rebeckah BARRETT married 03-May 1763

John WILLS of Maiden Newton & Martha SPRACKLING married 12-Nov 1764

Joseph LEGGE & Anne WARREN married 24-May 1768

Simon SPRACKLING of Cattistock & Mary SAMWAYS married 13-Oct 1772

Joseph GREEN of Toller Porcorom & Martha BRIDGE married 11-Jun 1778

John ANDREWS of Bympton Somt. Linen Manufacturer & Eliz. NOAKE married 22-Nov 1780 by Licence

Thomas SCORE & Jane SAMWAYS married 31-Aug 1783

Thomas SAMWAYS & Eliz. COOMBS married 29-Aug 1784

John GODDEN & Jane SMITH married 23-Jan 1785

David GODDEN & Susanna COLLENS married 17-Apr 1785

James DUNFORD & Mary RIDER of Chilfrome married 13-Jun 1785

Robert GODDEN & Sarah SAMWAYS married 18-Sep 1785

Tho. RIDOUT & Mary NOAKE married 14-Nov 1785

John RIDOUT of Seaborough & Catherine NOAKE married 26-Jan 1792 by Licence

George FRAMPTON & Rachel SMITH married 16-Apr 1792

Richard SAMWAYS & Sarah MASTERS married 16-Apr 1792

Simon RUSSEL of Cattistock & Sarah NOBBS married 07-Oct 1792

Thomas DAY of Sidling St. Nicholas & Eliz. DUNFORD married 26-May 1794

William DUNFORD & Ann CORNICK married 23-May 1797

John SAMWAYS of Catstock & Margret CHURCHILL married 15-Apr 1798

Thos. CRITCHELL & Eliz. DREWE married 14-Apr 1799

John DUNFORD & Sarah RUSSELL of Cattistock married 28-Jul 1799

Henry DUNFORD & Mary SAMWAYS married 09-Feb 1807


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