Yetminster Board School Log Book, June 1883 – 1900
Original Document S89 2/1 at Dorset History Centre

Transcribed by Caryl Parsons

This school was a Board School for girls and infants until 1903 when it became a Council School.
In about 1948 it was amalgamated with Boyle’s School.


11th-15th Jun On Monday June 11th the Yetminster Natl. School was re-opened by me S.E.?BOYCE after being closed from March 22nd – 11 weeks, through the schoolroom undergoing repair. The number of children present at the re-opening only 34. Admitted one new child Thos. Jas. JESTY. On Friday it was wet. Consequently the average attendance was much lessened. The average attendance for the week only 32. Repaired maps, cards etc and hung them upon the walls. Made a list of articles needed for the children’s use. Taught the Infants to count a hundred with exercises. Taught the whole school the collect “Blessed Lord who hast” etc to say before Scripture Lesson daily. Warned the children against coming late to school.

18th-23rd Jun Admitted Dorothy PARK on Monday morning. On Tuesday the Rev G. SOUTHWELL visited the school in the morning and afternoon. Received from the Vicarage  1 ?Box of Slate Pencils, 1 bottle of Ink, Foolscap and Blotting Paper, Account Book, and, on Friday, a box of prepared chalk. The no. of children upon the Registers 46. The average attendance for the week 38. The highest number present at all 41. Finding no Time Table in the school I have worked according to a rough sketch of my own – thus preparing one to be approved by the school managers and H. M. Inspector.

25th-30th Jun Admitted Rose CHEESMAN on Monday. On Wednesday Afternoon 11 children came in after the Registers were closed and being very wet few were present, only 28 marked. Miss LIDDON visited the school. Late-comers were kept back. On Friday sent a list of the irregular attendants to the Sch: Att: Officer Mr J. WILKINS.

2nd-7th Jul Admitted Emily PARK. The highest number present at all during the week 43. The average attendance 37. Three of the older girls were absent on Thursday and Friday through illness. Gave the Infants lessons on the “Cow” and “Sheep” on Monday and Friday. Alphabet cards are needed for the ?littlers.

9th-14th Jul Admitted Bessie HALLETT and re-admitted William FOOTE and Jane POLLARD. On Wednesday Ellen PARKHOUSE was sent home for school money 1/- which caused her mother to take the children from this school and send them to Ryme. On Tuesday Mrs BENNETT and Miss LIDDON visited the school in the afternoon during the singing lesson. On Friday Aft: I sent the names of five irregular attendants to Mr Thos. WILKINS. The average attendance for the week 39.9. The number of children upon the register 53.

16th-21st Jul On Saturday July 14th received from the Rev G. SOUTHWELL the material for the children’s examination needlework and knitting. On Tuesday there were a very few children present in the morning (6) on account of the Foresters’ Fete being held in the village. The Registers were closed at 9.30 am, and the children dismissed at 11.30am. Lessons different from the usual routine. Only one child present in the afternoon. The average attendance for the week only (not given). Very wet on Friday. Standard 5 girls cut out some small pinafores for Standard 1 needlework.

23rd-28th Jul Re-admitted Kate PITCHER and B. BRUNT. Received material from the Rev G. SOUTHWELL for children’s samplers. Routine as usual all the week. The average attendance a little higher than it has been for several weeks (40). The no. of children on the Registers 55.
30th Jul-4th Aug Re-admitted Ronald MACDONALD. Annie SAUNDERS absent for a month on a visit. The PITTMANs absent through illness – chickenpox – also A. HARDING. On Tuesday afternoon the children had a half holiday – the room being wanted for the Sunday School Annual Treat given to the children by Mrs ?BENNET. …..On Friday from 9.10 to 9.40am (taught) Hymn “New Every Morning” with the tune. Average for the week 38.

6th-11th Aug Routine as usual all the week with the exception of Wednesday when the children had a half holiday in the afternoon. No of children on the book 56.

13th-18th Aug On Monday morning the Rev G. SOUTHWELL took charge of the school during the Mistress’ absence assisted by Miss JEFFREY. Very few children at school on Tuesday afternoon through the Dissenters’ Annual Sunday School Treat being given then/them. Taught the infants a new song “Where’s the old gray goose” Average attendance for the week 32

20th-25th Aug Four children absent through sickness. The highest no. present at all during the week 39.

27th-31st Aug Many children absent all the week – gleaning. Rose CHEESMAN left school through leaving the village. ?T/J. JESTY, J. POLLARD and Wm. FOOTE left the school to attend a private school. They only attended here during the holidays given at that school. Cancelled the names of Ellen, Chas. and Wm. PARKHOUSE from the Registers finding they attended the Ryme school. Annie SAUNDERS still at Castle Carey and likely to remain there so took her name off the register she having now been absent from the village for seven weeks. The no. on the Books 47.

3rd-9th Sep On Tuesday the children were marked and books closed at one o’clock so that they should leave at three to attend a Treat given by Mr HAYWARD.

10th-15th Sep On Monday began the new school quarter. No. on the Register 50.

17th-22nd Sep On Monday George VARDY and Ellen SHOREY were admitted. Better attendance every day, the average for the week being 42.4. Routine as usual.

24th-29th Sep Two withdrawals – Agnes NICHOLLS having finished schooling and B. BRUNT to attend a private school. On Friday Aft. The children’s knitting was examined by Mrs BOYCE who came in to see the ?room. Average attendance for the week 40.7.
1st-5th Oct Received from the Rev G. SOUTHWELL slates, copy and exercise books and pens on Thursday. Being very cold a fire was had for the first time this season on Oct 4th. Many children have coughs. On Friday Afternoon only 29 were present – it being dull and rainy. Average attendance for the week 35.

8th-13th Oct The average for the week 36.

15th-20th Oct Admitted Fanny CHEDZOY. No visitors all week. On Monday Florence JESTY was again re-admitted.

22nd-27th Oct Admitted Ellen CHAPPELL. Sent home two children to have their heads thoroughly cleansed. Both appeared next day with clean heads and hair well done. Average attendance for the week 37.

29th Oct-3rd Nov Three children absent with whooping cough. Received on Nov 2nd from Revd G. SOUTHWELL notice to give up the charge of this school on February 1st 1884, through the management of the school then leaving his hands.

5th-10th Nov On Monday received from the Rev G. SOUTHWELL a box of slate pencil and six sheets of foolscap.
12th-17th Nov Alfred ?TOOLE left the school – leaving Yetminster for Weymouth.

19th-24th Nov Re-admitted George and Rosa CHAPPELL on Monday.
26th Nov-1st Dec On Wednesday George BARTLETT was admitted.

3rd-8th Dec On Monday morning there was a half-holiday – the Mistress being from Yetminster and unable to return in time for school. Admitted three children on Tuesday – Bessie, Annie and Charles COOMBS. Edith WARREN sent home for uncleaness. The Diocesan Inspection deferred through the Rev G. SOUTHWELL’s very serious illness.

10th-15th Dec on Monday new Class Registers were used. The Rev. G. SOUTHWELL died on Monday Evening Dec 10th. (Chief Manager of the School). Edith WARREN attended school but was obliged to be sent home again for unclean-ness. Number of children on the books 58.

17th-22nd Dec Mr LIDDON came into the school on Friday morning and asked for the schoolroom to be prepared for a meeting of the School Managers on Saturday. The children were dismissed on Friday afternoon for the usual Christmas Holidays – Two Weeks.

7th-12th Jan Re-opened school after Xmas Vacation. No. present 26. The School Year begins. The Mistress unable to return for morning school therefore a half holiday was given. Routine as usual all the week. Small attendances. Received Letter Cards. Rose CHEESMAN re-admitted. Average attendance for the week 33.5

14th-19th Jan Some children absent through whooping cough.

21st-26th Jan Highest number present during the week 43. Three withdrawals – Bessie, Annie and Chas. COOMBS thro’ leaving Yetminster.
28th Jan – 1st Feb The No. on the Registers 32 Infants and 24 Girls – Total 56. On Monday received foolscap, blotting paper, pens from the Rev G.B. SOUTHWELL for the children’s examination.


Jan 30th School inspected and Children examined.
Signed: George H. GORDON, HMI


The No. of Children present on the day of Inspection 50. Bessie PITTMAN and Dorothy PARK did not attend – no proper reason given. Annie MILLER was absent through illness. On Thursday being very wet only 36 children present in the morning. On Friday morning I – S.E. BOYCE – gave up the charge of the school. Half-holiday was given in the afternoon.


10th Mar Monday. The School having been closed from January 31st was reopened this morning. Ellen GILBERT Teacher. The Rev R.S. MCDOWALL Vicar said prayers. 37 children were present.


12th Mar Mary ARNOLD began work as Monitress in this school.
(Rev MCDOWALL visits regularly for a while)
18th Mar Admitted several children.

The Report of the Government Examination held January 29th. Received March 14th 1884:


Yetminster Girls’ and Infants’ National School

“The School appears to have been thoroughly neglected. It is ill supplied with books and apparatus and is in every respect backward. The only points deserving the slightest praise are the Singing and the Needlework. The Playground should be kept tidy and History Readers should be provided.” It has not been without hesitation that an unreduced Grant has been paid for the past year (Article 115). Their Lordships will expect a better Report next year.
Signed: Robert S. MCDOWALL, Chairman of the Managers.

28th Mar Received a supply of Reading books for each Standard and a Form-and-Colour-box and Natural History pictures for the Infant Class.

30th Mar The Revd. R.S. MCDOWALL visited the School and read prayers.

1st Apr Frederick and Mary Jane HANN absent through sickness. Ernest BRUNT died March 29th, of Croup.

14th Apr Revd. R.S. MCDOWALL opened the School with prayer and gave Scripture lesson. Received a supply of pencils, penholders, blotting-paper and other school material, on Saturday.

15th Apr Admitted Rose BARTLETT
21st Apr Admitted Rose FRY
5th May Admitted Mabel BARTLETT
8th May Admitted Nellie CHICK
20th May Received new maps, pictures, apparatus etc
26th May Admitted Bessie GUPPY, Bessie FORSE and Mary FORSE.
3rd Jun Admitted Beatrice CHAPPELL and Alice YEATES
13th Jun Several children absent from sickness. Average for the week 47.3.
20th Jun Mary ARNOLD absent yesterday and today, through illness.
27th Jun School closed this morning for three weeks holiday.
21st Jul Reopened School this morning after the Midsummer Holiday
30th Jul Admitted Elizabeth FRY
5th Aug Gave Upper Division of Infants a lesson on Form.
15th Aug Eva and Bessie BRUNT away on a visit. Attendance lower than usual this week.
2nd Sep Beatrice CHAPPELL absent. Mrs CHAPPELL sent to say that she is very ill.
8th Sep Eva BRUNT and Bessie BRUNT returned to School.
9th Sep Emily SHOREY absent from School, sick
15th Sep Beatrice CHAPPELL returned to School
19th Sep Frederick HANN ill from Scarlatina
26th Sep Admitted Jane MOORE on Teusday (sic)
6th Oct Admitted Annie FORSE, Gertrude KENNELL and Ada PITTMAN
20th Oct Admitted Edith JOLLIFFE and Henry JOLLIFFE
31st Oct Attendance low for the week. Several cases of Scarlatina
5th Nov The Children of this School will be examined in Religious Knowledge Nov 6th
10th Nov Received the report of the Diocesan Inspector on the Religious Knowledge of the Children.

Diocesan Inspectors Report
“I am much pleased with the neatness and good order of the children in this School. The Infants answered readily and were not afraid to speak out, and passed a good examination. Standard I did not answer so well as Standard II. The three highest Standards showed considerable proficiency in the New Testament. Their repetition was well done and their transcripts very well done.”
School in regard to religious Instruction as a whole, Good.
Signed Robert S. MCDOWALL

28th Nov Gave notice that the School will be opened at 1.30 instead of 1.45 during the dark days.
5th Dec Several children absent through sickness
23rd Dec School closed for Christmas Holiday
29th Dec Reopened School after Christmas Holiday

28th Jan “School inspected and Examined”
Signed: Geo: H. GORDON

28th Jan School closed for holiday until Feb 9th
9th Feb Opened School after the holiday with fair attendance. Put the children in their new standards
2nd Mar Received the Report of H.M. Inspection, copied below:

“There is a marked improvement in the Reading and Writing; but as far as the Arithmetic is concerned the results of the Examination are about the same as last year, and this subject appears to call for special attention. The Needlework is nicely done. The instruction of the Infants has been fairly successful.”
Signed: E. GILBERT, Mistress
            R.S. MCDOWALL, Chairman of the Managers

16th Mar Mary Jane and Beatrice HIGGINS returned to School after long absence
24th Apr Edith JOLLIFFE absent all the week
18th May readmitted Wilfred FOOTE
27th May Admitted Thomas CUFF
5th Jun Mrs CHAPPELL sent to say that Beatrice is going away on a visit
8th Jun The teaching of “English” will be discontinued for the rest of the year. Reading, Writing and Arithmetic will be substituted alternately.
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8th Jun Began to work today under the management of the School Board.
10th Jun ?T. HAYWARD Esq, Chairman of the Board, visited the School.
12th Jun Eva BRUNT absent this week on a visit.
15th Jun Admitted Alice MOORE and Laura VARDY.
22nd Jun Mary MARTIN returned to school after an absence of seven weeks, Susan MARTIN after five, Henry MILLER after nearly three weeks.
3rd Jul Emily JESTY absent through sickness. Admitted Sydney PITTMANN on Teusday (sic) , 30th June, also Ada PITTMANN.
6th Jul Admitted William PITTMANN
13th Jul Admitted Rose FORD
24th Jul Frederick HANN and Fanny FRY absent this week. Sick.
30th Jul School will close for a month’s holiday. Reopen August 31st.
31st Aug School reopened after the holiday. 49 present. Mary ARNOLD given up teaching.
8th Sep Attendance very low this afternoon on account of the Chapel School Treat.
21st Sep Mary PAINTER engaged to assist with the Infants for a short time.
28th Sep Claristyna SQUIRE left the place.
9th Oct Edith JOLLIFFE absent this week.
16th Oct Mary PITTMANN and Annie MILLER absent for the last two weeks from sickness.
19th Oct Readmitted Temperance BISHOP.
23rd Oct Thomas CUFF and Sydney PITTMANN absent through illness.
28th Oct received notice today that the Diocesan Examination will take place on Wednesday Nov 11th 1885.
4th Nov Received the following this morning:

                                          Yetminster School Board,
                                                            Nov 3rd 1885

I am directed by the Board to send you the following Resolution passed tonight.
“The Board having considered an application from the Revd. MCDOWALL for the Diocesan Inspector to visit the School, do not feel justified in sanctioning such Inspection, and the Clerk is requested to notify the same to the Revd MCDOWALL and also to the Mistress.
I am
Yours respy.

26th Nov Admitted Albert BARTLETT
1st Dec Examined 1st Class in Reading Writing and Arithmetic.
11th Dec Alice CHICK absent this week.
23rd Dec School closed for the Christmas Holiday.

4th Jan School reopened after the Christmas Holiday. Attendance fair.
7th Jan Admitted Frederick FORD.
19th Jan “School examined” Signed: ?T./H. ?MORGAN
10th Feb Mr T/S. HAYWARD visited the School and brought the Duplicate Examination Schedule.
19th Feb Attendance has been low this week, several of the children having Whooping-cough.
25th Feb received the Summary of the Inspector’s Report on the School.

Mixed School “The children have passed a good Examination in the Elementary Subjects. Decided improvement has taken place in Arithmetic, and great pains continue to be bestowed on the needlework.
The mistress has done a very satisfactory year’s work.
Infants’ Class The Infants have acquitted themselves in a fairly creditable manner.”
Ellen GILBERT, Mistress
?. HAYWARD, Chairman of the School Board

3rd Mar School closed this morning on account of the inclement weather.
5th Mar Only 19 children present this morning owing to bad weather.
15th Mar Admitted Alexander SMITH, George SHOREY and Emily SHORE.
23rd Mar Admitted Rose GIBBS
29th Mar Mary MARTIN left school for service.
9th Apr Annie MILLER absent this week from sickness.
16th Apr The Revd. R.S.MCDOWALL with another clergyman visited the school this afternoon.
19th Apr Admitted Alice Mary PHIPPEN
3rd May School met after the holiday. Fair attendance. Admitted Alice DUBBEN.
7th May Admitted Charles HANN.
10th May Alexander SMITH left.
11th May Admitted Edith MILLER.
18th May Admitted Edward George CHICK.
24th May Admitted Bessie WHITTLE. ?T. HAYWARD Esq visited the school with some friends this afternoon.
1st Jun Admitted Dora PITTMANN
18th Jun Susan MARTIN absent all the week.
21st Jun Attendance low this afternoon owing to the “Band of Hope” tea. Admitted Emma FIELD.
28th Jun Admitted Jessie ANDREWS, Mabel BRUNT, Alice MCDONALD, Albert ANDREWS, Kate ANDREWS and Herbert BRUNT.
9th Jul Alice PHIPPEN left.
12th Jul Admitted Frederick PARK.
23rd Jul School will be closed at 11.40 for the summer holiday, to meet again August 23rd.
30th Aug Admitted Lily TULK and Gertrude HANSFORD.
15th Sep Rose MOORE died this morning of bronchitis.
24th Sep Ada and Sydney PITTMANN absent all the week.
27th Sep Mary FORD, Anna FORD and Rose FORD left the place.
4th Oct Beatrice and Mary J. HIGGINS left the village.
14th Oct Mary Jane HANN absent this week through sickness. Attendance very low all week owing to inclement weather.
22nd Oct Attendance better than last week, but several little ones at home ill.
25th Oct Admitted Emily READ.
28th Oct The singing lesson will be given this afternoon (Thursday) from 3 to 3.30, instead of the usual time. Rose FRY has now been absent three weeks.
5th Nov The needlework lesson will be given from 3 to 4 this afternoon.
26th Nov The attendance is very low this morning. Dorothy and Emily PARK absent all week.
3rd Dec Florence JESTY absent this week; ill.
10th Dec Fanny FRY absent this week.
13th Dec Dorothy PARK returned to school after an absence of three weeks.
23rd Dec School closed for Christmas Holidays, to reopen Jan 3rd 1887.

7th Jan Ada PITTMANN and Sydney PITTMANN absent from sickness. Alice MCDONALD absent on a visit.
10th Jan Dorothy and Emily PARK still absent through illness. Admitted Maud and Mabel BROOKMAN.
17th Jan Jane BISHOP absent, has a bad cold.
19th Jan “School inspected and Examined”
Signed: George GORDON, H.M.I.

Received Report of H.M. Inspector on the School:
Girls’ School The order is good, the results owing to some weak Arithmetic are not quite so good as last year. English is fair. Needlework pretty good throughout.
Infants’ Class The Infants’ Class is in a fair state of efficiency.”
Ellen GILBERT, Mistress
?. HAYWARD, Chairman of the School Board

4th Mar Annie BISHOP absent all week, also Lily TULK and Maud BROOKMAN.
11th Mar Bessie BRUNT absent on a visit for three weeks.
17th Mar School closed two days owing to the inclement weather. Attendance very low today.
21st Mar Attendance greatly improved today. Admitted Rose CHEESEMAN; find her backward in Arithmetic. Bessie MOORE absent this week.
1st Apr Jane BISHOP absent this week; sick.
17th Apr Commenced School after the holiday. Admitted George BARTLETT and Emily CUFF.
20th Apr Admitted Mabel VARDY
26th Apr Attendance lower than usual today because of the cattle-fair. Holiday will be given this afternoon.
3rd May Rose CHEESEMAN absent; ill.
6th May Ada PITTMANN absent all the week.
9th May Ada PITTMANN at school today. Beatrice A. RING, Maud BROOKMAN and Mabel BROOKMAN returned to the school.
16th May Admitted Elsie DODDRELL.
23rd May Rose CHEESEMAN returned to school.
2nd Jun Attendance low this morning on account of the Show at Dorchester.
17th Jun Holiday will be given on Monday for the celebration of the Queen’s Jubilee.
27th Jun School was closed for the whole of last week.
8th Jul Annie VARDY absent this week; has a bad foot.
11th Jul Annie VARDY returned to school. Admitted Alice CHILDS and ?Florance/Horance George JEFFORD.
15th Jul ?T. HAYWARD Esq visited the School during the singing lesson. Heard the children sing.
22nd Jul Bessie WHITTLE left. William PARK gone to the Boys’ School.
29th Jul School closes today for the summer holiday. To re-open Aug 22nd.
22nd Aug School re-opened after three weeks holiday on Monday Aug 22nd.
Emma H. MAJOR, Mistress.
23rd Aug Mary PAINTER re-engaged by Mistress as Monitress in charge of the infants.
24th Aug Admitted Lily SMALL.
29th Aug Admitted Sarah, Julia, Ada, and Rose WARREN, and Thomas HARDING.
30th Aug Admitted Ada PITTMAN.
Attendance throughout the week improved.
9th Sep Attendance not quite so good, several of the children away on account of illness. The subjects which require most attention are Arithmetic and English. On Mondays and Wednesdays the children take Arithmetic, and English on Tuesdays and Thursdays, instead of lessons named on the Time Table after Needlework.
23rd Sep The attendance has not been good. Maud BROOKMAN, Ada PITTMAN and Jessie ANDREWS absent from school.
30th Sep Jessie ANDREWS returned, but the others are still absent.
7th Oct Maud BROOKAMN still absent in spite of notices being sent to Attendance officer.
14th Oct Maud BROOKMAN has returned to school.
28th Oct Bessie MOORE absent
1st Nov School closed today, a window having been blown in during a storm.
11th Nov Gertrude HANSFORD absent on a visit. Mabel BROOKMAN and Fanny CHEDZOY also absent this week.
18th Nov School work as usual. Attendance small in the Infant Department. Gertrude HANSFORD absent.
26th Nov Gertrude HANSFORD and Jane BISHOP absent throughout the week.
28th Nov Admitted Mabel WEBBER. Gertrude HANSFORD is again attending school.
9th Dec Beatrice RING absent from school.
16th Dec the attendance this week has been affected by the rough weather. Beatrice RING present.
22nd Dec The attendance throughout the week has been small. Maud and Mabel BROOKMAN absent. T. HAYWARD Esq: visited the school on Thursday morning. The school broke up in the afternoon for the Christmas holidays.

6th Jan on Monday the school re-assembled. Number on the books 57.
13th Jan Attendance not much better. In examining the children on Friday, the Arithmetic showed improvement, and Spelling was the weakest subject in every standard.
20th Jan The attendance has been rather better, sickness was the only cause of absence.
27th Jan Alice CHILDS returned to school.
30th Jan School inspected and Examined.
Signed: George GORDON, H.M. Inspector
3rd Feb The snowstorm on Wednesday was the cause of very small attendance at school.
It has been arranged that the Infant boys shall be taught needlework during the ensuing year (1888). Accordingly the boys of the infant class will take needlework with the girls in that time devoted to it on the Time Table.
16th Feb Attendance not very good. The children who are in arrears with school pence are absent.
17th Feb On Monday there was good attendance, but for the remainder of the week the numbers were small owing to the very severe weather.

Report of H.M. Inspector on the school received.
Girls’ School “The children are well behaved and have passed a pretty fair examination. Needlework is creditable.”
Infants’ Class “As far as it goes the instruction of the Infants if successful.”
Signed: T. HAYWARD, Chairman of the School Board

5th Mar Admitted Elizabeth and Collie FORBES.
12 Mar Admitted Thomas WEEKS
24th Mar Several children are absent on account of very severe colds, The school broke up Thursday morning for Easter Holidays.
13th Apr The school reassembled on Monday after Easter Holidays. Admitted Frances EVANS and Ada FORD.
17th Apr Admitted Emily HARDING
Have received notice this week that the School Board will remit the fee to 1d in cases where there are more than two children of one family attending school.
27th Apr On Tuesday the attendance was small on account of the Fair, and continued small for the rest of the week.
30th Apr Admitted Alice BARTLETT and Edward FORD
4th May Admitted this week Hebe DODDRELL and readmitted George POLLARD
18th May The numbers have been high this week but the average lowered by poor attendance on Thursday which was a very stormy day.
28th May Admitted Annie WARREN, Beatrice WARREN, Ada FORD
1st Jun Admitted William CHEESMENT. The no: of children on books is now 71. Attendance good.
8th Jun Maud and Mabel BROOKAMN attend school very irregularly, and are again reported this week.
18th Jun Admitted William YEATMAN
6th Jul Admitted George POLLARD and James READ on the 3rd, Dulcie HAYWARD on the 2nd of July. Mary PAINTER received permission to be absent on Wednesday. Average 60
13th Jul Several of the girls stay away on account of the haymaking. Average 61
16th Jul Admitted George BARTLETT
24th Jul Admitted Emily GRIFFIN
27th Jul School was closed on Monday, on account of the Foresters’ fete. On Tuesday and for the remainder of the week the attendance was very bad, less than half the children being present on some days.
27th Aug School commenced today after one month’s holiday. The children returned in good numbers. Admitted Lily BATTEN and Beatrice SHOREY. Annie BUGLER and Gertrude HANSFORD are away on a visit. Admitted Beatrice SAUNDERS.
7th Sep Admitted Harry VARDY. Ada PITTMAN is not allowed to come to school as she has a sore head. Attendance fair.
14th Sep The attendance is very unsatisfactory, the late harvest being the cause of the children’s absence. Gertrude HANSFORD, Annie BUGLER and Annie VARDY are absent from the village.
21st Sep The attendance has not improved, Annie BUGLER has returned to school, but the attendance of those reported last week has not improved.
5th Oct Admitted Josiah BATTEN, Bertie CHAPPELL. The attendance continues small, the sudden change in the weather is the cause of much illness among the children.
8th Oct Admitted William ?LOWE
19th Oct A mistake has been made in the age of Temperance BISHOP who has worked with the Infants through the year, but is now moved to standard I as she is 7 years old.
26th Oct The attendance on the whole has been better, but in the case of some children, very bad, especially the BROOKMANs who are again reported this week.
2nd Nov On Monday H.M. Inspector called at the school for the purpose of seeing Mary PAINTER.
9th Nov Attendance improved in the upper school. Ethel GRIFFIN has been absent for six weeks. Maud and Mabel BROOKMAN are attending better but not satisfactory yet.
12th Nov The school will open during the dark days in the afternoon at 1.30 to allow of the children leaving at 3.50. Registers closed at 1.50
23rd Nov Attendance very good throughout the school. Average 64.7. The children attend punctually in the afternoon at the earlier time.
14th Dec Annie BUGLER has left the village for a time.
21st Dec The school broke up on Friday morning for the Christmas Holidays.
31st Dec The children reassembled after one week’s holiday.
11th Jan Attendance not much improved. Jane BISHOP, Jessie ANDREWS, Laura VARDY, Beatrice SHOREY, Sidney PITTMAN and George BISHOP are absent through illness.
17th Jan Admitted Florence ANDREWS
18th Jan The children absent through illness have returned to school this week. Alice CHILDS, being in debt for school fees, has left the school to go to Ryme, where Yetminster children are received free of charge.

List of Songs prepared for the visit of H.M. Inspector
1 Blooming May
2 I’d chose to be a Daisy
3 Help Yourselves
4 Happy Childhood
5 Away to the Woodlands
6 The Curfew
7 Winter Time
8 Children’s Voices

Recitations for 1889 (Subject to the Approval of H.M. Inspector)
St VII & VI Julius Caesar
St V & IV The May Queen
ST III Lucy Gray
St II & I The Beggar Man

Object Lessons for Infant Class 1889
The Camel and the Desert; the Elephant; the Eagle; the Reindeer; the Camel; the Cow; the Horse; the Sheep; Coffee; Coins; Pins; Paper; Gloves; Straw Hat; Cotton; Tea

23rd Jan School inspected and Examined
Signed: T. BUTT, H.M.I.?U.
25th Jan The school will now open and close at the usual time according to the Time Table.
3rd Feb Admitted Susan RING and Ada RING
11th Feb Maud and Mabel BROOKMAN were sent home, as one of the children at home was ill with measles.
15th Feb Attendance very small, chiefly on account of severe weather.
18th Feb Ethel GRIFFIN has returned to school after 20 weeks absence.
8th Mar Attendance still small from the severe weather.
11th Mar Admitted Ewart DODDRELL
18th Mar Admitted George MOORE

The Report of H.M. Inspector on the School
Yetminster Board School Dorset

Girls’ School “The discipline of this school is satisfactory and a successful examination has been passed in Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. The Class work is also good.”
Infants’ Class “The Infants’ classes have passed a fair examination in Elementary subjects and objects. Their needlework was good.”
M.A. PAINTER is recognized under Article 84
Emma H. MAJOR (Mistress)
Signed: Thomas HAYWARD, Chairman of the School Board

29th Mar The attendance in the infant class is good. As the number of children is large for the classroom, the first division will be for the present in the Girls’ room.
5th Apr Admitted Hubert PARK12th Apr Monday afternoon – school commenced at 1.30 and closed at 3.30 to allow of preparation for a political meeting in the school-room.
15th Apr Admitted Dora PITTMAN
29th Apr Admitted Mary GOODING, ?Kate GOODING, William HARDING, Edith CHANT, Eliza JESTY, Archie HANN
13th May Admitted Emily MOGER, Rose MOGER, Eliza CHANT, Mabel GIBBS and Bessie WARREN
10th May On Thursday afternoon a holiday was given.
17th May The attendance on Thursday and Friday was much smaller than the previous days on account of the Agricultural Show in Yeovil.
20th May readmitted Beatrice SHOREY
24th May On Monday the Assistant was absent through illness. The attendance of the Girls’ School is very irregular. Ellen LEGG and Eliza JESTY have been absent through having Chicken pox. The attendance of the infants is good.
3rd Jun Admitted Mark BISHOP
5th Jun A small attendance in the afternoon because of Leigh Club.
6th Jun A whole holiday given to allow of the teacher attending the Choral Festival in Salisbury. On Friday Afternoon as a heavy storm appeared to be threatening the children were dismissed early, their attendance for the afternoon being cancelled.
21st Jun The attendance of some of the children is very unsatisfactory. The GOODINGs do not seem to have attended any school for a length of time before coming here and they are very backward for their age.
1st Jul Admitted john GOODING
8th Admitted Mary HARTNELL
9th Admitted Margery JESTY
15th Admitted Mar Jane SPRY
16th Jul A very small attendance in the afternoon as members of the Band of Hope were absent to attend a tea.
26th Aug School reopened after the holidays with a fair attendance. Admitted May CHAFEY and George BENNET. Marjorie JESTY readmitted.
9th Sep Admitted Charles SAUNDERS
13th Sep The attendance is not satisfactory. Nine children in the Girls’ School were absent the entire week. No: on register 34, average 21
20th Sep There was a small gathering on Wednesday afternoon on account of the Sunday School treat. Average 24.7
27th Bessie MOORE is absent through illness. Attendance about the same 24.6. The number of Infants is large.
30th Sep Admitted Nellie POLLARD
4th Oct Attendance has not improved. Average (in Girls’ department) 23.5 Emily, Louisa (these names written above each other) and Rose MOGERS’ names have been removed from the books.
11th Oct Bessie and Jane MOORE are absent through sickness. Jane, Temperance, George and Mark BISHOP are absent being in arrears with school fees. The GOODINGs from Beer Hackett have not returned to school since they were sent home for their school money on Monday week.
18th Oct Several of the children are poorly, having sore throats.
22nd Oct Admitted Agnes TURNER
1st Nov Annie WARREN returned to school this week, but only attended one day on account of ill-health.
8th Nov The GOODINGs names are removed from the register as word has been sent that they have left the school.
11th Nov Admitted Lavinia MITCHELL
15th Nov This afternoon the attendance is much lower as some of the children are absent on account of the fair at Yeovil.
6th Dec The cold weather has caused the attendance to be still further lowered.
16th Dec Edward and Ellen FORD readmitted.
30th Dec School reopened after a week’s holiday. Admitted Edith TURNER. On Friday afternoon a holiday was given on account of the Sunday School treat, the Girls’ school being required for the occasion …. A medical certificate has been sent by Mrs READ to the effect that Emily READ is suffering from acute rheumatism and will consequently be unable to attend the examination.
3rd Jan Owing to sickness and bad weather the attendance has been much affected. Jane, Temperance and George BISHOP absent having been sent home for school fees.
24th Jan Sickness is prevalent throughout the school.

List of Songs prepared for the visit of H.M. Inspector
Swing Song
Spring is Coming
The Golden sun goes gently down
May Day
The Violet

St VI, V Flodden Field
St IV The Wreck of the Hesperus
III we are Seven
II & I The Wood Mouse

31st Jan The infant teacher absent from Tuesday having a bad cold. Her place has been supplied in the classroom by monitors.
7th Feb Attendance very small this week. M. PAINTER absent.
14th Feb the number of absentees is increased. This week the average is only 37.7

The Report of H.M. Inspector on the School
Girls’ School “The Elementary Subjects are well taught. English is pretty good, and Needlework creditable. The attention of the Board is requested to the irregularity of the attendance.”
Infants’ Class “The Infants are in a fairly efficient state.”
M.A. PAINTER is continued under Article 84

18th Feb The numbers are still smaller this week, and there are 50 children away from illness. Under these conditions the Board considered it advisable to close the school. In accordance with directions received the school is closed for a fortnight.
10th Mar School reopened on Monday but the attendance is very little improved…. Many of the infants are suffering from Whooping Cough.
17th Mar Redamitted Kate CHEDZOY
24th Mar On Monday afternoon owing to a storm of rain the attendance was so small that the children were dismissed. The no: of infants present was three. William ?LOWE has left school being seven years old, to attend the school at Ryme. The illness in the Infant School still continues and in many cases is very severe. Alice BARTLETT (aged five years) died on Sunday.
31st March Admitted Ernest BROOKMAN
10th Apr Admitted Chrissie SHOREY
18th Apr The attendance is still very unsatisfactory. On Friday the numbers in the upper school were 14 (M) and 15 (A). The number on books is 33.
20th Apr Admitted Maud ?WELBER
25th Apr The attendance is rather improved. Jane and Temperance BISHOP returned to school after eight weeks absence.
6th May Admitted Gerald and Ethel GOODS
16th May Ethel GRIFIN has left school as she is going away from the place.
2nd Jun School reopened this morning after one week’s holiday. Admitted Bertie MOORE. Readmitted Charles SAUNDERS and Mabel GIBBS.
3rd Jun School opened 15 mins earlier. Registers closed at 1.30 in the afternoon to allow of the children leaving school at 3.30, a bazaar being held in the village today.
4th Jun A small attendance in the afternoon on account of Leigh Club.
13th Jun Children reported this week to the Attendance Officer – Ada PITTMAN (who has been absent a fortnight), Maud, Mabel and Rose BROOKMAN, and Laura VARDY.
20th Jun Admitted Walter JESTY (Tuesday 17th). The attendances made by the BROOKMANs this week are Maud BROOKMAN 0, Mabel 6, Rose 8.
23rd Jun Admitted James MILLER
27th Jun Attendance about the same. Have again reported Maud, Mabel and Rose BROOKMAN.
4th Jul The average number lowered this week by wet weather. On Tuesday morning the attendance of the infants was 12 out of 50 children.
11th Jul On Monday Herbert and Frederick PARK were sent home as their little sister is reported to have the measles.
18th Jul The PARKs have returned to school the sickness not proving to be measles.
24th Jul Florance (sic) GEFFORD returned to school after a long absence. School closed this afternoon (Friday) for one month’s holiday.
25th.29th Aug Admitted Martha FORD. There was not a good attendance and it remained small throughout the week. The BISHOPs and the BROOKMANs are absent.
2nd Sep Admitted Robert MOGER
5th Sep The BISHOPs and the BROOKMANs have returned to school. Maud BROOKMAN has left as her mother says she is now thirteen years of age. On Wednesday afternoon many of the children absented themselves to attend a funeral at Ryme.
12th Sep The children absent this week are Ada WARREN, Jane BISHOP, Florence FORD, Louisa MOGER, Ada PITTMAN, Florence JESTY.
25th Sep Florence JESTY, Florence FORD and Jane BISHOP have left the school, the two latter having gone away from the village.
26th Sep Admitted Emily ?LOWE. The GOODINGs are again attending school.
3rd Oct A very small attendance this week. The WARRENs are absent on a visit. Gertrude HANSFORD and Mabel BARTLETT absent through sickness; the MOOREs are employed in picking up potatoes.
10th Oct Gertrude HANSFORD, Mabel BARTLETT and Mabel BROOKMAN are absent this week. A report made to the Attendance Officer of the irregular children.
17th  Oct Admitted Eliza VARDY.
31st Oct In the upper school Jessie ANDREWS and Annie VARDY are absent.
3rd Nov Admitted Hilda PITTMAN
7th Nov Annie VARDY still absent and Kate GOODING.
14th Nov The attendance improved this week. Kate ANDREWS and Annie VARDY absent.
17th Nov Admitted John POLLARD.
21st Nov Friday, being the day of Yeovil Fair the attendance was lower than the preceding days of the week.
25th Nov Admitted Agnes GOSNEY
28th Nov On Thursday afternoon the Infant Teacher was absent through her mother’s illness.
12th Dec The attendance still affected by the cold weather, especially of the infants. The school closed on Friday for the Christmas holidays, by permission of Mr HAYWARD as the Mistress receiving news of the serious illness of her mother wished to go home.
29th Dec The school opened again on Monday after a fortnight’s holiday, but the Mistress was telegraphed for on Monday morning and was obliged to leave for the remainder of the week. Miss TRUEBRIDGE had charge of the school. Attendance very small indeed.

1st & 2nd Jan Thursday and Friday the attendances were registered on Foolscap paper.
School closed again, the Mistress being prevented from returning.
13th Jan The school reopened but only a small number present. Admitted Lizzie GOSNEY.
16th Jan Small numbers. Weather very severe. The children suffer very much from the cold, the room being insufficiently warmed.
26th Jan Admitted Edith JESTY.
6th Feb The children are attending school rather better. The new work of the year commenced. All have been promoted to a higher standard.

The Report of H.M. Inspector
Yetminster Board School Dorset

Girls’ School “Elementary subjects have been successfully taught with the exception of the Arithmetic in the fourth Standard. English is good and needlework very fair.”
Infants Class “The instruction is as successful as the arrangements of the room will allow. The room is very crowded.”
Emma H. MAJOR, Mistress
M.A. PAINTER, Assistant (under Article 68)

27th Feb Robert MOGER returned to school. Admitted Emily CHAPPELL.
2nd Mar Admitted Laura RENDELL and John BENNET
10th Mar Today a heavy snowstorm was the cause of a very small attendance, only nine were present. On this account the school was closed. The children were again dismissed on Wednesday and Thursday as the numbers were very small. There was no school on Friday.
30th Mar A holiday was given on Easter Monday. Miss PAINTER has resigned her post as assistant in this school.
3rd Apr Admitted this week Frank BILES, George GOSNEY and readmitted Agnes GOSNEY. A large number of infants absent.
10th Apr Emily JESTY in the absence of a regular teacher is taking charge of the infants as monitor under Article 74.
17th Apr The attendance in the Upper school very low indeed. On Friday afternoon there were only 16 present. Average 20.9 For the whole school 59.5 No: on books 82. Admitted Reginald JEFFORD
24th Apr Admitted this week Emily CHAPPELL.
30th Apr Admitted Lily RING. Beatrice SHOREY and Emily LOWE withdrawn having left the place. Tuesday being Fair day the attendance was small in the afternoon, and was poor throughout the week.
4th May Admitted Alice GILLINGHAM.
5th May A report of irregular children made to the School Board. The following names were given Mabel and Rose BROOKMAN, Ada PITTMAN, Susan and Ada RING, Bessie SAUNDERS and Jane MORE.
11th May Admitted Mary Jane and Francis SPRY. Readmitted Nellie POLLARD and Ellen FORD.
15th Rose MILLER, Jane MOORE and Susan RING absent.
22nd May Some of the children are suffering from bad colds.
29th May There is still a great deal of sickness among the children and the attendance is low on that account. Bessie SAUNDERS died on Tuesday evening.
5th Jun Admitted Lily Ada DENNING
15th Jun Admitted Bessie JEANS. Agnes and George GOSNEY returned to school after a long absence.
19th Jun Kate ANDREWS and Ada WARREN are away from illness. Emmie READ, Bessie MOORE and Rose MILLER are also absent.
26th Jun The number of absentees is increased this week. The children are probably suffering from Influenza. Admitted Laura PITTMAN (Monday).
3rd Jul The attendance is a little improved. Mrs MAIDMENT sent word that the children were kept at home on Friday as Eva had the measles.
6th Jul The Monitress is unable to attend school being ill with the measles. There are fresh cases among the children.
8th Jul Have received the following from Mr DODDRELL
“It was resolved last evening at the Board Meeting that holidays commence July 23rd and recommence August 24th. But that Miss MAJOR be empowered to close the school at an earlier date should the sickness affect the school.”
13th Jul Admitted Emily COWARD
17th Jul The Attendance much improved during the first part of the week, but small towards the end. Friday afternoon there were only 15 of the upper school present, the children being kept away to take the gloving to the White Hart. This occurs twice a week on Wednesday and Friday.
23rd Jul School closed today for a month’s holiday.
1st Sep The school reopened Tuesday Morning after 5 weeks holiday, the holidays having been extended by one week, the schoolroom being under repair, also that the school should commence under the new Act.
Emily JESTY the monitress is still unable to attend school.
7th Sep On Monday morning the schoolmistress was absent for an hour having to attend a meeting of the Board, the school being left in charge of Miss H. MAJOR, the temporary infant teacher. Admitted Mabel VINCENT. Readmitted Lizzie GOSNey and Ellen FORD.
15th Sep Admitted Mabel BURT
18th Sep Emily JESTY is now able to attend school and has charge of the infants.
29th Sep A new infant teacher is being advertised for who will satisfy the requirements of the Educational Department. In the meantime Miss H. MAJOR is appointed by the Board as temporary teacher from this date.
2nd Oct Chrissie SHOREY has returned to school after a long absence.
5th Oct Admitted Lucy WEBBER
13th Oct The infants are now in charge of Emily JESTY, monitress. …Friday afternoon many of the elder girls were kept at home to assist their mothers with the gloving. Only 17 were present.
14th & 15th Oct The school being very draughty from an open ventilator the children did not do needlework this afternoon.
19th Oct Emily JESTY, in consequence of the appointment of an Infants’ Teacher by the Board, is not required as monitress.
26th Oct Miss LEGG commenced work in the classroom today as Assistant Mistress Art 68.
6th Nov A very small attendance throughout the week.
9th Nov Admitted Bertie HIGGINS
13th Nov The Infants appear to be working satisfactorily under Miss LEGG.
16th Nov Admitted Beryl GOODE.
20th Nov A report made to the Attendance Officer of the following children – Rose MILLER, Bessie MOORE, Jane MOORE, Mabel WEBBER, Reginald BARTLETT, Mabel BARTLETT, Agnes and Lizzie GOSNEY.
27th Nov …..many of the little ones having colds. Mabel BARTLETT, Reginald BARTLETT, Agnes and Lizzie GOSNEY absent.
4th Dec Chrissie SHOREY returned to school after 6 weeks’ absence. Mabel BARTLETT and the GOSNEYs are again attending school. Many of the infants are still ill. Readmitted Rose and Ernest BROOKMAN.
11th Dec Some of the young children who have had severe illnesses will not attend school in the depth of winter and their names have accordingly been removed from the register.
18th Dec The attendance is rather improved this week. The GOSNEYs have received a medical certificate to the effect that they are not in a fit state to attend school..

4th Jan School reopened with a fair attendance. Admitted Clara HARTNELL and Minnie JESTY, readmitted Dulcie HAYWARD.
15th Jan The attendance in the classroom very small owing to the cold weather and sickness. Ada PITTMAN, Dulicie HAYWARD, Mabel WEBBER all absent from illness.
21st Jan Admitted Bertie HARDING. A small attendance from sickness. Mabel GIBBS has left the school having gone away from the place.
25th Jan Admitted Ernest and William WHITE, Reginald BARTLETT, James FOOT, Jane POLLARD. The Infants of the upper division are now transferred to the 1st standard in the Girls’ school.
1st Feb Admitted Susan, Mary Jane and Ellen WHEADON.
5th Feb Mary FORSE and Kate ANDREWS are absent from illness. William YEATMAN and Bertie CHAPPELL have left to attend the Boys’ School.
11th Feb Admitted Mabel PARK
19th Feb ….the weather being very severe, the school was therefore closed.
26th Feb Edith MILLER and Susan WHEADON absent from illness.

Summary of H.M. Inspector’s report on the school
Girls’ School “The school is in good order, and the elementary part of the Examination has been passed with very fair success. Spelling in the fourth and fifth Standards and Handwriting generally are weak subjects. English is fair. Needlework and Recitation are good.”
Infants’ Class “The order is fairly well kept in this room and the children’s attainments on the whole are fair. Handwriting should receive special attention and some varied occupations might be introduced.”
“The Registers must be tested on behalf of the Board at least once every quarter at irregular intervals as required by paragraph 6 of the Circular on Registration Appendix II of the Revised Instructions to H.M. Inspector. Attention is requested to Article 85 (d). A. LEGG is recognised under Art 68.

29th Feb Admitted Eddie EASTON
1st Mar Today being Shrove Tuesday the children attended a service at the church at 11.15. They assembled in the morning at 5 minutes to nine. Registers marked at 9.
Admitted Alice CHILDS. Rose MILLER has left school to go to service. Beatrice SHOREY has left the place.
History will be taken this year as a class subject. It will be taught from this date on Wednesday and Thursday afternoon in place of English.
11th Mar School visited by T. HAYWARD Esq during the writing lesson.
The cold weather affects the attendance of the younger children.
21st Mar Admitted John HELLIAR. Readmitted Emily COWARD, Bessie JEANS
25th Mar Attendance good. Average 65.2
1st Apr Dulcie HAYWARD, Herbert PARK have left the school.
4th Apr Admitted Ethel PITMAN
11th Apr Admitted Job BISHOP
25th Apr School re-opened after a week’s holiday. Admitted Roland GUPPY.
2nd May Admitted Lucy DUNNING
13th May A report made to the Attendance officer of the irregular children. Admitted Walter CHAPPELL
20th May The children reported last week have not improved in their attendance.
27th May A class from the Infant-room on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays is taken in the Girls’ room, for the convenience of the desks.
3rd Jun On Wednesday being Leigh Club day there was a small attendance in the afternoon.
8th Jun Admitted Thomas BENNETT
10th Jun Admitted Lily HUNT
17th Jun The Attendance of the Upper School improved. Average 29. On Books 33
19th Jun Admitted Lily SAUNDERS
24th Jun Admitted Emily VARDY
4th Jul A holiday given in the afternoon on account of the Band of Hope Fete held in the village.
Admitted Edward SMITH
13th Jul Admitted Sarah MEECH
22nd Jul School closed in the afternoon for a month’s holiday.
22nd Aug School re-opened after the holidays with a good attendance. Admitted Verna ?TRIBLEY, Alice and Flossie THORNE. Needlework material being very short the lower classes cannot be kept supplied. The attendance at the end of the week greatly fallen off.
5th Sep A report of the following irregular children made to the Attendance Officer.
9th Sep James READ left for the Boys’ School. Alice and Flossie THORNE have gone away. Emily COWARD still absent. The children have commenced their knitting and needlework for the Examination.
16th Sep E. COWARD has returned to school. Chrissie SHOREY is attending better. Reginald BARTLETT left for the Boys’ School.
23rd Sep Rose BROOKMAN absent all the week. Bessie JEANS has left the village. Small attendance Friday afternoon occasioned by some of the children being absent to attend the Sunday School treat.
30th Sep Alice WARREN has been suffering from a nervous affliction and will shortly be leaving school to go to the Yeatman Hospital at Sherborne.
7th Oct reported irregular children to the School Board. Attendance small on Wednesday and Friday owing to the girls being employed in carrying their mother’s work to the gloving master.
21st Oct Irregular children reported
28th Oct Readmitted Lily SAUNDERS.
31st Oct Admitted Beatrice STAINER
11th Nov Mabel BARTLETT has left the school being thirteen years of age.
18th Nov Rose BROOKMAN, having ring-worm was sent home.
25th Nov Hebe DODDRELL returned to school. Attendance of the Girls still good. The Infants are suffering from chicken-pox. Admitted this week Dennis MARTIN. Alice CHILDS – left.
22nd Dec The school broke up today (Thursday) for the Xmas Holidays. In the afternoon the members of the School Board visited the school.

6th Jan School is re-opened. The attendance is small owing to the severity of the weather.
13th Jan Kate CHEDZOY absent from sickness. The Infants attendance still small through illness and bad weather. The children are unable to work satisfactorily owing to the room being insufficiently warmed.
20th Jan Mary FORSE, K. CHEDZOY, Chrissie SHOREY absent through illness. The attendance of the Infants very small bad colds being prevalent.
27th Jan On Tuesday the Upper Division of the Infants were removed from the classroom and placed in St I. Many of the children absent from illness.
3rd Feb Readmitted Mabel BURT
10th Feb Admitted Charles GOULD, re-admitted Alice WARREN. Attendance improved. Average 62.9. 79 on Books. Beatrice WARREN sent home Thursday morning as she had ringworm.
17th Feb Ewart DODDRELL left to attend the Boys’ School. A very small attendance in the classroom through wet weather.

The Report of H.M. Inspector
Girls’ School “ The elementary work is on the whole fairly well prepared. The weak points are Spelling in the third standard and Arithmetic in the fourth and fifth. In class work the answering should be more general. The desks are in a very rickety condition and the playground, more especially the approach to the offices, needs gravelling.”
Infants’ Class “The instruction has been fairly effective but Arithmetic and Needlework are scarcely up to the mark. This room requires more light badly. A small group of desks should be provided and also a few large pictures for Object Lessons.” A. LEGG is continued under Art: 68
Signed: R. BRADLEY


23rd Feb Job BISHOP readmitted. Beatrice SHOREY left.
27th Feb Admitted Ivy JESTY
7th Mar Re-admitted Emily VARDY. On Wednesday and Friday morning the attendance as usual of the elder girls is small. Rose BROOKMAN, Mabel WEBBER and Mary FORSE absent.
17th Mar Beatrice SHOREY returned
22nd Mar A small number assembled in the afternoon, but owing to the large number of children absent to attend races in the neighbourhood school closed and a holiday given. No: in the morning 76, in the afternoon 26. Admitted Annetta HELLIAR.
30th Mar Left this week Edith MILLER, Sarah and James MILLER, their parents quitting the neighbourhood. Ada PITTMAN left to go to service.
10th Apr Admitted Rose and Victoria LANNING, Harry PITTMAN
11th Apr Admitted Alice WHEADON
21st Apr Beatrice WARREN sent home with the ringworm.
24th Apr Admitted Mary SHOREY and Maud HANN.
25th Apr Today being Yetminster Fair the attendance especially in the afternoon small.
5th May James FOOTE and Charles GOULD left to attend the Boys’ School.
8th May Admitted Lily CHILDS. Attendance affected this week by illness. Miss LEGG absent from school on Wednesday and Thursday morning from illness.
19th May Ellen LEGG and Ellen FORD are reported to have scarlet fever.
26th May Admitted Sarah MUDGE.
9th Jun Attendance rather better this week excepting Wednesday afternoon when there were few children owing to Leigh Club feast.
12th Jun Admitted Maggie WARR.
16th Jun Admitted Winifred DODDRELL
19th Jun Admitted Thomas CHALKER
20th Jun Readmitted James FOOTE
23rd Jun Eliza JESTY absent this week as Scarlet Fever has broken out in her family. George MAIDMENT aged 7 has left to attend the Boys’ School.
26th Jun Admitted Rose BARTLETT, who has previously attended Ryme School. She is not sent to school in a clean condition.
7th Jul On Thursday a holiday was given to celebrate the Royal Wedding. A tea was given by ?A. WILLIAMS Esq to the children of the Board and Boyles School. The attendance on Friday was small. Admitted Florence JESTY.
14th Jul Eliza JESTY still unable to attend school through the Scarlet Fever.
21st Jul The attendance of the upper classes is very irregular owing to the increase in the gloving trade. Edith MAIDMENT and E. COWARD are away and K. CHEDZOY absent from illness.
24th Jul Admitted Frank JESTY. Eliza JESTY returned to school.
28th Aug School reopened after one month’s holiday. Admitted Mabel JESTY. Left George BENNETT, Ellen LEGG, Rose BARTLETT. Susan WHEADON is ill with Rheumatic Fever at the Yeatman Hospital, Sheborne. Lily DUNNING Rose BROOKMAN also absent from school.
4th Sep Admitted Beryl GOODE
5th Sep Admitted Annie COOPER. Florence JESTY has left the village.
11th Sep James HARDING, Mark BISHOP both of the age of 7 years have left to attend the Boys’ School. James FOOTE left having gone to live at Ryme. Susan WHEADON returned to school and is quite recovered.
12th Sep Miss LEGGE absent this afternoon to attend a cookery class at Wimborne. She is again absent today by permission being at home for the occasion of her sister’s wedding. Her place in the classroom is supplied by the first class girls.
13th Sep School today under the charge of Miss LEGGE in the absence of the Head teacher who has gone to Wimborne for a cookery class.
18th Sep Admitted Albert GUPPY and Thomas CHAPPELL.
19th Sep School closed for the day, this being the date of the final examination in cookery for teachers. The head teacher and assistant attended at Wimborne.
6th Oct Admitted Mabel and Maud LEGGE.
13th Oct Alice WARREN absent, unable to attend school as she suffers from the St Vitus’ Dance and will probably be obliged to leave the school. Admitted Lionel LANNING.
20th Oct Admitted Frances POLLARD
23rd Oct Admitted Lily COWARD
24th Oct Admitted Ernest VARDY, Stanley LEGG
6th Nov Maud and Mabel LEGG have left the school their parents moving from the village. Stanley LEGGE has also left having taken a severe cold at school.
17th Nov The attendance considerable fallen. A report made to the Attendance Officer of the following children Sarah MUDGE, Charles SAUNDERS, Mabel WEBBER, Chrissie SHOREY, Bessie CHAPPELL. The names of Rose and Ernest BROOKMAN removed from the registers as they have left the school.
8th Dec The attendance lowered this week by a small number on Friday owing to rough weather.
11th Dec School closed this afternoon (Tuesday) the children being dismissed as so few assembled. Weather very stormy.
14th Dec Admitted Rose MOORE
20th Dec A very good attendance on Monday but the rough weather on Tuesday and Wednesday caused the numbers to fall. On Wednesday afternoon the school was visited by A. WILLIAMS Esq who has been elected Chairman of the Sch: Board. School closed in the afternoon, as on Thursday a Christmas-tree will be given by Mr WILLIAMS to the children of the school and Boyle’s School, and the Girls’ school being required for this occasion.

8th Jan Owing to the bad weather so small a number assembled that school was dismissed on Monday morning, also in the afternoon.
10th Jan Admitted Robert Charles SMITH
12th Jan The school opened on Tuesday and for the remainder of the week, but the attendance was very small owing to sickness among the children and their parents. A. WILLIAMS Esq visited the school Thursday afternoon and gave the children some almanacks.
19th Jan Attendance improved, the weather being milder and the health better.
27th Jan A holiday given on Tuesday afternoon after the visit of the Inspector in the morning. Readmitted Ernest VARDY.
29th Jan Admitted Minnie ROGERS
2nd Feb A good attendance this week. Mary FORSE St VII has left the school.
9th Feb Bessie WARREN sent home as she has Ring-worm.
16th Feb A very good attendance this week. On Friday afternoon Mrs FFOOKS visited the school and heard the children sing.
19th Feb Readmitted Chrissie SHOREY. Mabel BURT returned to school.

Summary of Inspector’s Report on the School
Mixed School “The discipline is satisfactory and Reading, Needlework and recitation are well taught. Spelling and Arithmetic are very fair as a whole and the copy books of the upper classes are more carefully written. The weak place in the elementary subjects are the spelling in the second standard and the Arithmetic of the third and sixth Sts. Class work is fair.”
Infants’ Class “Some improvement is noticeable in this room. The order is fairly kept and the children have been fairly prepared in the elementary subjects. Object lessons have been given with fair success and a beginning has been made with other occupations. It is to be hoped that these classes will still further improve but to give the teacher a fair chance a monitress should be provided to assist with the babies.”
“The Registers must be tested on behalf of the Board at least once a quarter at irregular intervals as required by paragraph 1 of Appendix II of instructions to H.M. Inspectors. Attention is requested to Article 85 (a) of the code.”
“The warming is not satisfactory and the classroom is not free from draughts. The Offices are not properly lighted.”
“These defects must at once be remedied or the grant will be endangered under Art: 85 (a). The special attention of the Board is requested to the enclosed forms 46 and 69.” A. Legg is continued under Art: 68
Signed: Arthur ?S WILLIAMS, Chairman of the Board

9th Mar Mary Jane HANN and Beatrice SHOREY have left the school. Attendance good.
16th Mar Thursday afternoon Mrs WILLIAMS visited the school. On Friday afternoon school opened at 1 o’clock when registers were marked. The children left at 3, the time being altered on account of a Confirmation Service at the Church. There was a small attendance in both rooms. The Bishop of the Diocese accompanied by Mr WILLIAMS visited the school.
22nd Mar Mrs FFOOKS visited the school Thursday morning. School closed in the afternoon for Good Friday and Easter week.
6th Apr Admitted Edgar DUNNING. William LOADER absent having the ring-worm. The name of James FOOT has been changed to James BARTLETT which is the boy’s correct name. Mrs FFOKS visited the school on Thursday.
13th Apr The school was closed on Wednesday, in order that preparation could be made for an entertainment in the evening given by the children of the school. As the room was not in readiness the next morning the children were sent home again and they re-assembled in the afternoon.
17th Apr Admitted Ellen WARREN
20th Apr Attendance not quite so good. A communication has been received from the Chairman of the S. Board to the effect that children under four years of age are not at present to be admitted to the school.
27th Apr The attendance not quite so good this week. Stormy weather being the cause.
4th May Beatrice STAINER, ?Lusey DUNNING absent this week through illness.
11th May Readmitted Beatrice SHOREY. Beatrice STAINER, Sarah MUDGE and Chrissie SHOREY absent. The stormy weather prevented the attendance of the little ones on some days.
25th May Annie WARREN absent because she has the ring-worm.
1st Jun Beatrice SHOREY again returned to her home in Salisbury and has left the school. Annie WARREN present. The ring-worm appears to have died out.
8th Jun On Monday morning the school was conducted by Miss LEGGE in the absence of the Mistress, who was away and detained by bad weather.
11th Jun Admitted Ellen POLLARD. The attendance improved. The Attendance Officer called at the school on Friday afternoon and took the names of Alice and Jane MOORE who are irregular. Chrissie SHOREY has returned to school.
18th Jun Admitted Bessie and Ada DYER
22nd Jun Emily COWARD sent home on account of having the ringworm
29th Jun Emily COWARD returned to school. Beatrice SHOREY re-admitted. Attendance variable.
6th Jul A very good attendance this week especially in the upper room. Mabel PARK absent through having met with an accident.
13th Jul A good attendance except in St IV on Friday afternoon the Revd. HARRIS called at the school.
17th Jul Admitted May SHOREY
20th Jul A holiday was given Friday afternoon as many of the children would be absent to attend a Band of Hope excursion to Hillfield.
27th Jul On Thursday morning Mr and Mrs HARRIS visited the school, on Friday morning Miss JEFFERY called to see the children and heard them sing. A small attendance the latter part of the week. School closed Friday afternoon for the summer holidays.
7th Sep School re-opened Monday morning after five week’s holiday. Susan WHEADON and Jane MOORE have left school to go to service. Admitted Edna MEECH.
14th Sep Readmitted Ernest BROOKMAN and admitted Blanche BROOKMAN. The Attendance Officer called on Friday.
21st Sep The attendance of the Infant room as affected by sickness. Refused an application for admission to a boy from Ryme, there being not sufficient accommodation to take infants out of the parish.
15th Oct Admitted Thirza BARTLETT. Attendance good.
19th Oct Thirza BARTLETT aged 7 is very backward and removed to the Infant room where she is in the second division.
26th Oct Very stormy weather this week which has caused a considerable decrease in the average attendance.
2nd Nov Harry and Ethel PITTMAN absent from school through illness, Ethel having diphtheria. Stormy weather kept many of the little ones at home.
9th Nov Admitted John JEFFERD. Thirza BARTLETT away from home. Class-room attendance still affected by bad weather.
12th Nov Very heavy rains, a small number assembled so that school was dismissed and closed both morning and afternoon. School closed again on Wednesday on account of the floods.
23rd Nov On Wednesday Mrs and Miss WILLIAMS visited the school.
30th Nov Attendance improved. Jane MOORE readmitted. Sarah MUDGE left.
7th Dec Florence FORD left, appointed temporary monitress. Attendance not quite so good.
14th Dec On Friday morning the school room was in disorder after a concert the previous evening. School did not open until 10 o’clock and closed at 12.15.
17th Dec School assembled at 9 and registers marked, closed at 11.5 No school in the afternoon the room being required for Parish Council election. On Thursday afternoon school was assembled and registers marked at 1.30 leaving earlier than usual. A treat was given in the schoolroom to the children of this school and Boyle’s School by A.S.WILLIAMS Esqr. Holidays commenced on Friday.

4th Jan Ernest BROOKMAN left. William LOADER absent having measles.
7th Jan Ellen POLLARD and Thirza BARTLETT returned to school after long absence.
11th Jan Pollie HARTNELL left the family having gone to live at Evershot. A small attendance owing to the severe weather.
14th Jan Owing to the damp state of the school room from the melting snow school was closed for the day.

The girls who won the prizes for punctual attendance and general conduct last year were:
Kate ANDREWS 1st, Hebe DODDRELL 2nd, Annie WARREN 3rd, Beatrice STAINER Extra Prize.

18th Jan The attendance much affected by the severe weather and also by the illness of the children. Alice GILLINGHAM and Beryl GOODE absent from sickness. The services of F. FORD not now being required she will attend school for a time. The Attendance Officer called on Friday afternoon but no report was made as the absentees are away unavoidably.
29th Jan Admitted Lily EDWARDS and Fred WEBBER.
8th Feb The small attendance still continues in the class-room from the cold weather. Received the report of H.M. Inspector.
11th Feb Admitted Sidney HOLLOWAY aged 5

Summary of the Inspector’s Report
Girls’ School “The discipline is well maintained, and the general results of the examination are creditably successful; but although the class work has improved, the elementary subjects are not as strong as they should be, the paper work especially lacking finish and accuracy. As the head mistress, who is undoubtedly apt and skilful, has to teach all the standards single-handed, I would strongly advise that only one class subject to be taken another year, in order that more time may be given to remedying the defects pointed out.”
Infants’ Class “ The infants are in a fair state of efficiency. Rather better writing will be expected another year as well as the absence of  finger counting which largely prevails. The gallery is very poor and should be replaced by some suitable Kindergarten desks.”  A. LEGG is continued under Article 68 of the Code

15th Feb In the upper school Ada and Bessie DYER and Ethel GOODE are still absent.
19th Feb Admitted Annie JESTY. Ethel and Harry PITTMAN have returned to school.
25th Feb Examined registers and found them correct. The late severe weather has much affected attendance, especially among the infants, but the elder children have attended very well and are deserving of praise on that account.
Signed: Arthur S. WILLIAMS
20th Feb Admitted William POLLARD
25th Feb Florence ANDREWS, who was absent last week on account of a cold, died this morning. Beatrice STAINER has left the school, as she has gone from the place to live at Leigh.
26th Feb On Shrove Tuesday a holiday was given to afford the children an opportunity of attending a children’s service at the church.
5th Mar Admitted Ada PARK
8th Mar No improvement in the attendance. A report made this week to the school board. The Mistress has received instructions to discontinue the teaching of English. Its place on the Time Table will be supplied by Reading on Tuesday morning, and by Arithmetic Wednesday afternoon.
11th Mar Admitted Alice JEFFORD, Percy SAUNDERS, William HOLLOWAY. Lily SAUNDERS returned to school but on account of her sore head it was necessary to send her home again.
12th Mar Rose WHEADON admitted
18th Mar Admitted Florence COX and Bertie SWAYNE
22nd Mar Left – Lily HUNT and Lily COWARD. Attendance still improving.
28th Mar Attendance fallen off owing to Influenza being prevalent.
1st Apr Admitted Muriel PITTMAN and Lily JERRARD, re-admitted Lily SAUNDERS.
3rd Apr Readmitted Ellen WARREN
5th Apr Mrs FFOOKS visited the school on Thursday afternoon. The Attendance Officer called on Friday and took the names of Ellen POLLARD and Kate CHEDZOY
23rd Apr Admitted Sallie HUSSEY. Mrs FFOOKS and Miss WILLIAMS visited the school on Tuesday afternoon. School was closed on Thursday to allow preparation for a concert in the evening.
29th Apr Admitted Evelyn VARDY
30th Apr Admitted Mabel ROSS
3rd May Left – Eva MAIDMENT and Lily JERRARD
6th May Admitted Emily Ross, readmitted Chrissie and May SHOREY. Rose WARREN left.
10th May Ordinary routine observed. A good attendance this week. Average 81.7
14th May School closed toady, the room being required for election purposes.
17th May The children lately admitted, Mabel ROSS and Chrissie SHOREY are very backward for their age, not being able to read. Attendance still good. There are a few cases of chicken-pox and mumps. Av: 80
20th May Admitted Bertram BENNETT. The nos: on the Infant register have now reached 52 and the room being crowded children under 4 will not be admitted. Mabel VARDY left to go to service.
This morning the school being in a very dusty and untidy state after the Sunday School, the children were sent to the playground while the room was swept and dusted. School opened at 9.50.
24th May Attendance Officer called. Miss HAYWARD visited the school.
27th May Admitted Percy WARREN
5th Jun A small attendance owing to Leigh Club feast being held today. There are several cases of mumps in the school.
14th Jun Readmitted Frances POLLARD
21st Jun Attendance of the Infants is very bad. Attendance Officer called.
24th Jun Admitted Edith PAINTER
28th Jun The attendance is still affected by the prevalence of mumps.
1st Jul Beatrice STAINER returned to school after 5 weeks absence through illness
5th Jul Attendance improved. On Wednesday morning the school was visited by Mr HAYWARD, former Chairman of the S. Board.
8th Jul Admitted Laura TRIM who is 7 years old, but on account of being backward is placed in the Infant room.
12th Jul A good attendance this week with the exception of Friday afternoon when the members of the Wesleyan Band of Hope were absent to attend a treat.
19th Jul Left this week John and Alice JEFFORD who are gone to the Work-house at Sherborne.
22nd Jul Admitted Mabel WARR, from Crawford St School, London, aged 11 and in St: III
26th Aug School re-opened after a month’s holiday. Admitted Margaret BISHOP. Attendance fairly good; a few children have not returned from their holiday visits. There are 100 children on the books. Average 76
4th Sep Admitted Gladys SHOREY
6th Sep Some colourful pictures have been presented to the school and hung round the room. They are the gift of Mrs WILLIAMS. The maps formerly on the walls have been taken down as they could not be unrolled, through being in the way of the children. Mrs and Miss WILLAMS visited the school on Friday morning.
9th Sep In consequence of a note received from the Chairman of the School Board the pictures have been taken down (at the request of the Revd R.S. MCDOWALL) till the matter shall receive the consideration of the Board.
10th Sep Readmitted Beatrice SHOREY, left – Edith PAINTER
13th Sep A good attendance this week. Average 85.5
20th Sep ?L/Sallie
 HUSSEY left
27th Sep Left James BARTLETT. Rose LANNING absent as she has the mumps. The attendance officer called on Friday. Ellen POLLARD left.
4th Oct Ellen GOODE and Rose LANNING are away with the mumps, also Verna TRIBLEY.
7th Oct Admitted Lucy MACEY.
8th Oct Left Beatrice SHOREY who has gone away from the village.
11th Oct The assistant mistress absent this week on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from ill-health. The elder girls assist in teaching. Ethel GOODE still absent on account of the mumps. Florence COX has the Whooping cough.
14th Oct Miss LEGG has returned to school. Admitted William HUSSEY.
18th Oct B. STAINER, Margaret BISHOP etc(?) away on account of the mumps.
21st Oct Admitted Ella PULLMAN and Blanche TRIM
25th Oct Mumps still prevalent.
1st Nov Lucy MACEY left. The attendance is improved. On Friday afternoon the assistant mistress received permission to be absent to attend the opening of the church at Toller.
6th Nov Received the following letter from Mr DODDRELL :

Yetminster School Board
Nov: 5th 1895
Dear Madam,
Be good enough to carry out the following resolution which was passed at a meeting of the Board this evening. “That the Board instruct the Head Teacher to replace the picture(s) in the same positions as before during the hours of the Board, until the next visit of H.M. Inspector when his opinion will be taken.”
Yours truly,

8th Nov The attendance affected this week by bad weather. Lily EDWARDS and Minnie ROGERS have the mumps.
15th Nov Mabel WEBBER left as she has gone from the village.
22nd Nov Lily EDWARDS still absent.
29th Nov Attendance not so good owing to bad weather. Lily EDWARDS returned to school. Chrissie, May and Gladys SHOREY left, owing to insufficient accommodation in this school for children from other parishes. Blanch TRIM’s name removed from the register as she has only made one attendance since she was admitted. Mabel PARK, aged 7 in Standard I a backward child, has been put back into the classroom. She finds great difficulty in doing her sums.
6th Dec Left William HUSSEY who has gone from the place.
13th Dec Attendance good. Mr and Mrs WILLIAMS visited the school and invited the children to a Christmas tree.
16th Annie WARREN left. Readmitted Mabel WEBBER.

3rd Jan Thomas CHAPPELL left. Ernest and Evelyn VARDY left.
9th Jan On Thursday afternoon a lecture was given to the Girls by Mr Frank ADAMS of the United ?R.B. of Hope Union in place of the History lesson from 3.30 to 4.
17th Jan Alice MOORE absent. In the class-room several children away from bad colds.
20th Jan Alice MOORE left as her parents are going away from the village to live at Weymouth.
31st Jan A Holiday was given on Monday afternoon, the day of the Inspection. Several children absent the latter part of the week through illness. Thomas CHALKER and Bertie HARDING left to go to the Boys’ School. Six girls transferred from the Infant school to St I. Rose MOORE left the village, also William and Bessie CHAPPELL.
3rd Feb Admitted Eliza HERRING
14th Feb Roland GUPPY left as he is of age to attend the Boys’ School. Mabel DODDRELL and Lily DUNNING absent through illness, Martha FORD, from bad eyes.
18th Feb Readmitted May and Gladys SHOREY. Admitted Dora GOODE.
21st Feb Readmitted Ernest and Evelyn VARDY.

Feb 24th ’96 Summary of H.M. Inspector’s Report
Girls’ School “The elementary subjects have been taught with great success. Class work too is good and the discipline and tone are very satisfactory.”
Infants’ Class “The Infants’ room has been much improved, the old gallery having been done away with and a capital group of desks supplied. The elements are now creditable, especially the handwriting, and Needlework and Recitation, Objects and Occupations are satisfactory. Mental Arithmetic, however, still needs attention. It is to be hoped that the extra teacher placed in this room may be retained.”  A. LEGG is retained under Article 68 of the Code
Signed: Arthur WILLIAMS, Chairman

24th Feb Admitted Gilbert HILLIAR
29th Feb Examined the Infants in the work done the past month. In reading they must go over the same portion of reading book again.
6th Mar Attendance Officer called – reported Lily SAUNDERS
13th Mar A good attendance this week. Av: 79.5
Lily DUNNING has left owing to ill-health after Influenza. Edna BROOKMAN left as she has gone away from the place.
20th Mar The attendance this week affected by the stormy weather. Admitted Hilda SHOREY and Blanche TRIM. Readmitted Chrissie SHOREY. No: on books now 91. Several applications for children under 4 yrs to be admitted have been refused.
2nd Apr left this week Emily ROSS and Mabel ROSS who are going away from the parish. Lionel LANNING left to attend the Boys’ School at Bradford Abbas. Hilda SHOREY sent home as she is under age.
20th Apr Annie WARREN and Lily EDWARDS left. Admitted Rosa DUNNING and Elsie PITTS.
1st May Attendance not so good this week, it having been affected by the Yetminster Fair held on Tuesday. A small attendance on Tuesday afternoon.
13th May No Object Lesson given this morning owing to the teacher having a relaxed throat.
19th May Admitted Frank FOOTE. No Object Lesson given on account of indisposition of the Mistress.
25th May Elsie PITTS left. A half-holiday given on Monday afternoon, it being Whit Monday. No Object Lesson and no Dictation given out this week from the same cause.
2nd Jun Readmitted Edna BROOKMAN
4th Jun Miss LEGGE absent from school through illness. Absent again on Friday through illness of her mother.
11th Jun School closed in the afternoon to allow of the mistress attending the Choral Festival at Sherborne.
12th Jun The assistant absent this week her mother being very ill.
15th Jun Beatrice STAINER left. Miss LEGGE has returned to school. On Wednesday afternoon the children of the Wesleyan Band of Hope had their annual outing. There were consequently so few children, only 7 for the upper room, that school was dismissed.
26th Jun Miss LEGGE absent this week owing to her mother’s illness. Emily COWARD marked absent twice this week through coming to school after registers were closed.
30th Jun Readmitted Beatrice SHOREY. She is in Standard III but is backward for the work of that standard. Miss LEGGE still absent through the death of her mother.
? Jul Miss LEGGE returned to school. Evelyn and Ernest VARDY left.
10th Jul A small attendance this week, especially on Thursday when the Church Sunday School children had an outing to Weymouth. Evelyn and Ernest VARDY have not left as reported.
13th Jul Admitted Rose CURTIS and Bessie HIGGINS.
21st Jul School closed in the afternoon. A half-holiday being given on account of the Wesleyan Sunday School treat, which would take many scholars away.
24th Aug School opened on Monday – a small attendance throughout the week. Whooping-cough is prevalent. Edgar DUNNING, Sidney HOLLOWAY left this week to go to the boys’ school. Rose CURTIS and Minnie HIGGINS have left the place, also Eliza HERRING.
4th Sep Examined the registers and found them correct. The attendance is very bad, owing partly to a few cases of whooping cough and to the fears of some parents lest their children should take it, and partly owing to the wet weather. A special meeting of the Board has been summoned for Saturday Sep 5, to consider the question.
Signed: Arthur S. WILLIAMS

Friday The Whooping Cough is considerably worse this week and the attendance very small in the class-room.
7th Sep School closed today for a fortnight on account of the sickness among the children.
19th October School re-opened this morning after being closed for 6  weeks.
21st Oct Examined the registers and found them correct. The attendance good in the girls room but the infants  cannot attend well as they have not recovered from the whooping cough.
Signed: Arthur S. WILLIAMS
23rd Oct Bertie SWAYNE left.
30th Oct Left this week Edith MAIDMENT, Mabel WEBBER, Lily JESTY and Ernest VARDY.
6th Nov Mabel DODDRELL left. The attendance is a little improved but still affected by the children having coughs.
13th Nov Received a medical certificate from Miss LOADER, certifying that William LOADER “is not in a fit state to attend more than half-days at school.”
20th Nov Readmitted Bertie SWAYNE.
Nov 24th On the recommendation of H.M. Inspector the afternoon school will commence at 1.30 and close at 3.35 during the dark days.
27th Nov Attendance good.
4th Dec Re-admitted Rose MOORE, who is here for a short time. Attendance this week is bad.
11th Dec The Attendance Officer called at the school on Friday. The following were reported Blanche and Edna BROOKMAN, Percy WARREN, Chrissie SHOREY.
14th Dec Harry PITMAN left to go to the Boys’ School.
23rd Dec School closed for the Christmas holidays. A.S. WILLIAMS Esq visited the school in the afternoon and presented the following children with prizes for regular attendance and good conduct.
I prize Laura RENDALL, II Sarah MEECH, III Clara HARTNELL. Prizes were also given by Mrs WILLIAMS for needlework.

4th Jan School reopened. Admitted William JESTY; ?Fred: HARDING, Mabel WHEADON; Gertrude GUPPY; Hilda SHOREY; Ellen WEBBER.
5th Jan Readmitted Edith MAIDMENT and Lily JESTY.
11th Jan Readmitted Beatrice STAINER. Rose and Victoria LANNING are absent this week as their brother has the measles.
18th Jan Admitted Bessie, Fredric and Augustus MASTERS from Beer Hackett Parish.
22nd Jan The numbers smaller this week on account of the severity of the weather. The children in school suffer from the cold especially in the class-room which is very draughty. Rose and Victoria LANNING are ill with measles.
29th Jan Attendance not very good owing to so much sickness in the parish as well as among the children.
2nd Feb Tuesday morning very wet, school closed as there was such a small attendance.
3rd/4th Feb The numbers small on account of measles being in several families and some children afraid of the infection.
5th Feb A very small school, only 6 inf: present and the school closed for the day.
6th Feb School closed on account of an epidemic of measles by order of the doctor.
22nd Mar School re-opened after being closed for 6 weeks. A small attendance – only 49 assembled in the morning. Admitted Noah CHEDZOY.
23rd Mar Admitted Evelyn ROGERS. Left Lucy and Rose DUNNING who are gone to Buckland Newton. Lily and Percy SAUNDERS left to go to Evershot and Beatrice SHOREY returned to her home. No: on books now Girls 49 Infants 35 Total 84
29th Mar Admitted Robert GUPPY and Emily PARK.
30th Mar Admitted William BRAKE.

Summary of the report of Her Majesty’s Inspector, for the year ending Dec 31st 1896
Girls’ School “The school is going on well.”
Infants’ Class “The infants’ classes are in very fair order.” A. LEGGE is continued under Art 68 of the Code.

5th Apr Admitted Gertrude BARTLETT and Jessie BISHOP.
9th Apr Thursday afternoon. A half-holiday given on the occasion of a Confirmation being held in the church.
12th Apr Admitted Lillian and Inez CONWAY 8 yrs and 9 mnths old and in Standard I.
23rd Apr Admitted John MARSH and Bertram BROOKMAM. But the latter aged 3 and subject to fits will not attend school at present. Left Mary WHEADON to go to service. Lily JESTY has acute rheumatism and Mabel JESTY and Eva WEBBER are also absent through illness.
30th Apr Mabel JESTY has returned to school. A small attendance on the afternoon of Tuesday on which day Yetminster Fair was held.
7th ?May Lily JESTY’s name removed from the register as she is not likely to attend school for some time. The children generally are not in a good state of health, the effect of two severe epidemics from which the school has suffered. Lily CONWAY ill with quinsy.
14th May The attendance improved in the girls’ room, the nos: being – on books 49 average 45. Lilllie CONWAY absent. The infants’ numbers a little lower.
21st May The Attendance Officer called on Friday and took the usual names. Emily HARDING absent on account of her mother’s illness. Lillie CONWAY returned to school. Gertrude BARTLETT’s and Jessie BISHOP’s names removed for a time from the register as they are under age and attend very seldom.
28th May Admitted this week Fanny SHOREY.
4th Jun Left John MARSH who has been here on a visit. The attendance this week much lower owing to the very wet weather on Tuesday all day and Leigh club Wednesday.
8th Jun Admitted Frederic SIMS
14th Jun Admitted Amy POLLARD.
15th Jun Admitted Gertrude COWARD and Frederic HARDING. No: 91
22nd Jun The school was given a holiday in celebration of the Queens’ Diamond Jubilee. The Girls and Infants were invited to tea with the Boys from Boyle’s School and the children of Beer Hackett by A.S. WILLIAMS Esq, at Hill House.
25th Jun Admitted Annie, Lucy and Ida CREWE.
7th Jul Admitted Hilda MEECH and Ethel HANN.
16th Jul Frank JESTY left to go to the Boys’ School. Attendance fairly good.
23rd Jul School visited by T. HAYWARD Esq (former chairman of the S. Board) on Thursday morning. Edith MAIDMENT left on account of the gloving. No: on books now 96. School closed Friday aft: for a month’s holiday. As this date is a week earlier than that previously arranged by the S. Board the examination to test the work of the school in the last quarter will be held on the re-assembling of the school.
23rd Aug Admitted Maud HAMPDEN, Ewart and Catherine JESTY, Ethel ALLEN, William WARREN. Readmitted Margaret BISHOP. Left Kate CHEDZOY to go to service.
2nd Sep The no: in Infants’ register is now 51. Examined the Infants this morning. With the large number of children now attending the want of space is a drawback to their progress, there being no room for a class to be formed.
14th Sep The new work for each standard is now commenced, as the examinations show the children have mastered the work planned in the Record book till August. Annie and Lucy GREWE left, their parents going from the village. Bertie GUPPY left to attend the Boys’ School.
28th Sep Readmitted Beatrice SHOREY.
1st Oct The attendance officer called and took the names of Maud WEBBER, Maggie WARR, Chrissie SHOREY, Frances POLLARD, Inez and Lillian CONWAY.
6th Oct In the afternoon by the consent of the School Board school will open and close half an hour earlier as many of the first class girls wish to attend the consecration service at Beerhackett church.
11th Oct A small attendance today on account of Pack Monday Fair (held in Sherborne). Admitted Bertram A. COWARD.
18th Oct Admitted Frances WEBBER.
22nd Oct Good attendance this week until Friday when Many of the parents and children went to Yeovil. Average 87
28th Oct Left William LOADER to go to the boys’ school as he is seven years of age.
29th Oct Attendance not quite so good this week owing to sickness. Sore throats and colds being prevalent.
5th Nov Margaret BISHOP left.
12th Nov Frank VARDY and Ethel PITTMAN absent through sickness.
15th Nov Left Frederic MASTERS to attend the Boys’ School being over 7 years of age.
18th Nov Left Maud HAMPTON.
26th Nov Ethel PITTMAN returned to school. Attendance better than last week. Beryl GOODE absent from illness.
6th Dec Removed from the register the names of Hilda MEECH, Ethel HANN and Frances WEBBER who are too small to attend during the winter months.
10th Dec Attendance small in the classroom owing to the bad weather and several having sores on their face.
17th Dec Attendance not so good. Fanny SHOREY left for the present.
23rd Dec The attendance better. School closed toady for the Xmas holidays.

14th Jan Left Beatrice STAINER, Emily VARDY, Chrissie SHOREY, Evelyn VARDY.
21st Jan Attendance good. Edna MEECH and Mabel JESTY absent from illness.
31st Jan Examined registers and found them correct. Attendance small owing to cases of influenza in the village.
Signed: Arthur S. WILLIAMS
31st Jan Admitted Mabel MARTIN aged 3 yrs.
1st Feb In the afternoon school opened at 1.30 and closed at ?[3]. 35 as many of the children wished to attend the Wesleyan Sunday Sch: tea.
2nd Feb A very small no: in the classroom and many absentees in the Girls’ room. As the reason appeared to be influenza school close for the week.
14th Feb School opened today with improved numbers, but a considerable number are still absent from illness.

The Report of H.M.I. has been received.
Girls’ School “The School work appears to be going on steadily and well.”
Infants’ Class “The infants are fairly taught but their accommodation and apparatus are none too adequate. Some more desks should be provided for the infants and the question of enlarging their classroom should receive consideration. Attention is directed to the enclosed Form 69.” A. LEGGE is continued under Art 68.
Emma H. MAJOR, Mistress
Annie G. LEGGE, Assistant Art 68

15th Feb Bessie MASTERS left. May SHOREY left.
18th Feb Average this week 72. No: on books 90. The attendance is still affected by illness.
22nd Feb A holiday given on Tuesday it being Shrove Tuesday, and owing to severe weather school was closed for the rest of the week.
28th Feb Admitted Harry BENNET.
3rd Mar Left Frederic WEBBER and Augustus MASTERS.
7th Mar Admitted Elizabeth WALTER.
10th Mar Readmitted Ethel HANN.
11th Mar The attendance officer called. The elder children are attending well but the classroom attendance is small.
14th Mar Admitted Lily SAUNDERS as a visitor.
21st Mar Admitted Charles GUPPY. The average attendance very low owing to bad colds among the infants and sever weather.
31st Mar A very wet morning and so many of the children being too unwell to come school was not held.
4th Apr Left Lizzie WALTER
22nd Apr Left Ada FORD, Percy WARREN and Lily BURT. Admitted Elsie MAIDMENT, William and Frank WHITTLE.
25th Admitted Florence WARREN. No: on books Girls 53 Inf: 40 Total 93
26th Apr Rose LANNING left.
28th Apr Frederick SIMS left.
2nd May Admitted Herbert GUPPY.
9th May Left William POLLARD aged 7 to attend the Boys’ School. Admitted Kate ELSWORTH and Percy GUPPY.
13th May Inez and Lillian CONWAY left for a time as they have gone away for a long visit.
17th May Admitted Bertram CHAPPELL aged 4.
23rd May Admitted Ruby GUPPY. On Monday Mr HALLETT visited the school for the purpose of inspecting the Infants’ accommodation.
25th May Mr PULLMAN visited the school this morning and brought for the children to see honeycomb with young bees and eggs.
1st Jun Readmitted Margaret BISHOP.
3rd Jun Admitted Hector FOOTE. Readmitted May SHOREY. Left Ellen WJEADON who is going to service.
10th Jun Left Lily SAUNDERS
13th Jun Lily and Inez CONWAY returned to school after a long absence.
24th Jun Left Beatrice WARREN. The av: attendance not so high this week owing to a small no: on Friday aft: - Yeovil Fair day
15th Jul The attendance keeps up well except in the upper classes. The result of the examinations is satisfactory generally.
22nd Aug School reopened. Margaret BISHOP left. Several of the girls are away on a visit.
23rd Aug The Revd CLARKE visited the school and taught in the Scripture lesson.
29th Aug Hector FOOTE left.
2nd Sep The attendance officer called. Reported among others Jessie BISHOP and Amy POLLARD (Back Lane) who are both over five but do not attend school.
9th Sep Jessie BISHOP and Amy POLLARD are attending but not regularly. Bessie WARREN left. Rose MOORE left and gone back to Weymouth. Attendance low.
23rd Sep Alice NEWBURY returned to school, the attendance improved.
29th Sep Ellen FORD left.
3rd Oct Admitted Annie COWARD, readmitted Elizabeth WALTER.
10th Oct Admitted Nina GOODE. Beryl GOODE returned to school after illness.
12th Oct Admitted Ada DYER. Monday’s lessons this afternoon on account of the needlework box key being mislaid.
19th Oct Florence WARREN absent on account of bad eyesight and is gone to the Eye Infirmary at Weymouth.
28th Oct The attendance irregular on account of the children being absent to pick up acorns.
18th Nov A small attendance Friday afternoon owing to Yeovil Fair.
23rd Nov A small number present (in the classroom 34 children absent) so that the children were allowed to return home, and school closed.
25th Nov School closed for bad weather. Margaret WARR left.
28th Nov Admitted William JOLIFFE.
30th Nov Admitted Harold TRIBLEY.
7th Dec The wet weather prevented the school open in the morning 64 present in the afternoon.
16th Dec School visited in the morning by A.S. WILLIAMS Esq who invited the children to a tea to be held in the schoolroom Tuesday afternoon next when the school will close for the Christmas Holidays.

2nd Jan School recommenced. Admitted May and Walter GOULD. Left William HOLLOWAY to go to the Boys’ School. Left Maud WEBBER, Lucy, Eva, Ellen and Frances WEBBER, the family having removed from the village. Miss Kate TETT commenced work as assistant (Art 68) in place of Miss LEGGE in the classroom. On account of the new Registers not being forthcoming, the attendances are this week registered in a spare column of the old ones.
9th Jan New registers commenced today.
16th Jan Admitted Elizabeth PARK.
20th Jan Morris HAYNES left.
23rd Jan Admitted Kenneth BROOKMAN and Harry TRIM.
27th Jan A good attendance this week. 4 Infants absent with a disease of the head of an infectious nature.
3rd Feb The attendance rather affected by the weather.
9th Feb The Report of Her Majesty’s Inspector has been received and is as follows:

Summary of the Inspector’s Report
Girls’ School “A distinctly good year’s work has been done. The school is well managed.”
Infants’ Class “The Infants’ Class is fairly well taught, but it is rather large for a single teacher. The staff should be at once strengthened so as to meet the requirements of Article 73 of the Code which are not at present satisfied. Art (108)”
School Staff: Emma H. MAJOR, Mistress
                      Kate TETT, Assistant (under Art 68)

15th Feb Admitted Thomas ELSWORTH. The attendance of the Girls is good but the little ones come badly on account of illness.

Recitations for 1899
“The Oak Tree” Mary HOWITT
 “Lullaby of an Infant Chief” SCOTT
St IV & upwards
 “Pipes at Lucknow” J.G. WHITTIER
“The Arab’s Farewell to his Steed” Honbl Mrs NORTON

22nd Feb Gilbert HILLIER left to go to the Boys’ School.
3rd Mar The attendance of the girls is good, there is considerable sickness among the infants. The Infant teacher is absent through illness.
10th Mar Received notice from the School Bd: Clerk that the first class girls are to be employed to teach in the classroom on rotation.
17th Mar A great improvement in the attendance in the classroom.
24th Mar Attendance still keeps good. The Infants are working satisfactorily under the new teacher, and are in good order.
31st Mar The following girls are to teach in the classroom after the Easter Holidays. Hebe DODDRELL, Eliza JESTY, Margery JESTY, Ella PULLMAN, Ethel GOODE, Martha FORD, Minnie JESTY, Edith JESTY, Alice GILLINGHAM, Emily COWARD.
10th Apr Left May, Hilda, Gladys and Fanny SHOREY whose parents have gone away from the neighbourhood. Admitted Florence and Thomas RUDGE, Constance LIGHT and Edward TOMS. Margery JESTY monitress in classroom.
17th Apr Left Laura TRIM who is going away from Yetminster. The children admitted last week as “RUDGE” are named WELCH.
18th Apr Admitted George MACEY.
25th Apr The attendance today not very good on account of the annual fair.
1st May Admitted Annie COX, Ada DYER and Ella PULLMAN returned to school after an absence from illness.
12th May Margery JESTY left to go to service.
17th May Admitted Bertram JESTY.
23rd May Admitted Rosa COX and Mabel HARWOOD.
29th May Admitted George HARDING and Charles PITTMAM.
2nd Jun Left Blanche, Edna and Kenneth BROOKMAN who have gone from the neighbourhood, also Maud HANN who has left for service.
9th Jun Maud HANN returned to school as she did not  like her situation.
15th Jun Inspected the school. The monitresses must work only half days if they are to be continued on the Class registers.
Signed: J/T. BUTT, Sub Inspr.
30th Jun Hebe DODDRELL left.
4th Jul The Revd BOYTON SMITH called at the school in “passing through the village.”
5th Jul Mabel HARWOOD left.
8th Jul Quarterly work concluded. Attendance not so good – Barnum’s show at Weymouth on Friday was the cause of a small school.
4th Sep School reopened after six weeks holiday, the time being extended for repairs of the school rooms. Left Ada DYER and Maud HANN. Percy GUPPY has died during the holidays.
6th Sep Very stormy weather and 51 children absent out of 89. School was closed in the morning.
15th Sep The attendance variable through blackberry gathering.
19th Sep Admitted Bessie KNAPMAN, a visitor in the village.
6th Oct Bessie KNAPMAN has left and Bessie WARREEN who is going to Portland. Jessie BISHOP having the appearance of ringworm was sent home.
20th Oct Left Laura, Blanche and Harry TRIM whose parents are moving from the village.
23rd Oct Admitted Lily WARRY and Robert WARRY. Some of the Infants (about 12) are absent having the chickenpox.
29th Oct Eliza JESTY left.
30th Oct Eveline HAMMETT admitted.
3rd Nov The chickenpox still accounts for a smaller attendance in the classroom.
10th Nov Lily WARRY and Robert WARRY sent home as they did not attend school in a clean condition. They are newcomers in the school.
13th Nov Harry and Blanche TRIM readmitted.
17th Nov A small attendance Friday aft: it being Yeovil Fair.
20th Nov Frank WHITTLE left to attend the Boy’s School.
24th Nov No names to give the Attendance Officer, the only absences being occasioned by illness.
27th Nov Admitted Agnes and John HANN.
29th Nov Upper Division for needlework instead of Arithmetic will do gathering this afternoon.
13th Dec Sewing taken this afternoon. Children allowed to bring their own work.
18th Dec Clara VERO left.
21st Dec School closed for the Christmas Holidays.

8th Jan School opened after a fortnight’s holiday. Ella PITTMAN and Victoria LANNING left, also Frederic HARDING who will now attend the Boys’ School.
9th Jan Admitted Fredric GUPPY.
20th Jan Noah CHEDZOY left to attend the Boys’ School.
29th Jan William JESTY left. A few cases of Influenza in the school.
31st Jan Needlework or Knitting will be taken instead of Arithmetic this afternoon.
2nd Feb Left William BRAKE whose parents are going to Maiden Newton.
6th Feb Admitted Alice ARMSTRONG.
14th/15th Feb School closed on account of stormy weather and floods.

The Report of H.M. Inspector has been received and is as follows.
Girls’ School “Decidedly good results continue to be obtained.”
Infants’ Class “The new teacher is doing very well.”
K. TETT is recognised under Art 68 of the Code
School Staff –
Emma H. MAJOR, Mistress
Kate TETT, Assistant Art 68

23rd Feb The attendance of the Classroom affected by illness and weather.
27th Feb A holiday was given in accordance with the following resolution of the School Board:
Feb 13th 1899
“Resolved that Shrove Tuesday in future be an annual holiday.”
5th Mar Admitted George and Percy NOTLEY from Winterhays Farm near Chetnole.
12th Mar Rosa COX left
19th Mar Admitted Maurice GUPPY.
6th Apr There was a small attendance on Monday when a Confirmation Service was held at the Church.
9th Apr Admitted Frederick COWARD.
23rd Apr Admitted Evelyn BRAKE; Laura TRIM, Laura RENDALL and Margaret BISHOP left.
24th Apr Admitted Nora WHITTLE. Lily WARRY sent home for being untidy and dirty.
4th May The attendance officer called – given the names of William WARREN and Ruby GUPPY.
14th May The absentee children are now attending school. Robert GUPPY left to attend the Boys’ School. Thomas WELCH has gone away on a visit of indefinite length.
16th May The Inspector of the N.S.P.C.C. called at the school to make inquiries about Lily WARRY, and also the WARRENs, children of George WARREN.
22nd May The children were given a holiday yesterday in celebration of the relief of Mafeking.
8th Jun A very good attendance this week.
18th Jun Admitted Gertrude MEADEN, Arthur GUPPY and John HARDING.
3rd Jul Admitted William ?SEAGER.
10th Jul George and Percy NOTLEY left.
16th Jul Registers marked in the afternoon at 1.30 school closed at 3.30 to allow of the children attending a special service at the Wesleyan chapel.
17th Jul A holiday given in the afternoon on account of the Wesleyan Sunday School treat.
20th Jul Ethel GOODE left.
25th Jul There was no school in the afternoon, the school-room being required for a parish meeting.
27th Jul A small number present. School breaks up this morning for a month’s holiday.
27th Aug School reopened after 4 week’s holiday – a good attendance. Admitted William WELSH and Rosa HOLLOWAY.
7th Sep Left Eveline BRAKE. Attendance good with the exception of the upper class.
14th Sep The attendance of St: V still affected by the extra gloving work. The attendance officer called.
18th Sep left Martha FORD, aged 13 yrs.
21st Sep The upper girls are still attending badly from the same cause.
26th Sep Admitted Annie WARRY.
1st Oct Ethel PITTMAN and Charles PITTMAN left; the family leaving the neighbourhood.
12th Oct Emily COWARD left.
15th Oct Admitted Eliza HERRING.
25th Oct Admitted Victoria JESTY. The nos: in class-room now being Boys 30 Girls 21.
29th Oct Readmitted Alice ARMSTRONG.
16th Nov The attendance good in both departments.
27th Nov Admitted Leslie BISHOP. Left Annie WARRY.
3rd Dec Left Lily and Robert WARRY whose parents are leaving the village. Readmitted Gertrude MEADEN.
10th Dec In the absence of the Infant teacher during the examination for Queen’s Scholarship, the infants will be taught by the monitress with the help of the elder girls. The upper division will be taught in the upper room.
14th Dec Attendance very good this week.
21st Dec The school closed for the Christmas Holidays. Mr and Mrs WILLIAMS visited the school, and presented the children with prizes for regular attendance and Needlework.

This is the last entry in this Log Book.

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