Affpuddle, St Lawrence's Church

This is an abbreviated list of the details transcribed from all the memorials in the burial ground. Memorials commemorating deaths less than 30 years old have not been included to avoid upsetting any relatives of the recently bereaved, details are available on request. Full details of all memorials are available by contacting the MI Coordinator (see contacts page). Please quote the MI reference number, the parish, the burial ground and the surname on all requests. Researchers are asked to please bear in mind that weathering of the stone and lichen growth can make transcription difficult and incomplete or even impossible in some cases.

Everything is transcribed exactly as is, but without capitalisation other than for all surnames.
Items in blue are not actually transcribed on the monument but are deduced and included to allow
sorting and searching by surname. * indicates unreadable information.

84ABBOTT Mabel Annie Frances1934 47
84ABBOTT Albert1958 72
111ABBOTT Olaf Charles Owen Angus1970 47
142BARNETT Richard1962 66
6BESENT Charles1877 81
6BESENT Jane1875 78
73BESENT Martha Louisa1887 28
74BESENT Robert1883 53
83BESENT Jane1930 66
83BESENT Tom1932 70
12BICKFORD William John Prydeaux1935  
45BIGGS Elias1887 75
72BILLEY William George1901 43
72BILLEY Martha Mary1954 91
29BILLK Alice1714 71
11BISHOP Frances  65
33BISHOP H.1917 25
44BISHOP Anna1893 74
44BISHOP Joseph1895 86
97BRAND Elizabeth1927 68
67BRETT Ernie1929 3
104BRETT Oswald1934 36
115BRETT Joe1941 77
115BRETT Ann1942 88
115BRETT Ernest George1918 26
121BRIDLE Annie1956 80
140BRIDLE William Herbert1955 80
140BRIDLE Emma Kate1959 77
78BROWN Hugh Basil1933 59
85BUGLAR Ethel (Pat)1970  
35BURT Sarah1899 75
35BURT James1900 80
75CAKE John1887 82
75CAKE Amelia1888 74
126CARPENTER Alice1967 79
126CARPENTER John1969 80
116CARTER George1939 56
116CARTER Mabel1964 70
68CAUNDLE George1906 72
68CAUNDLE Mary Ann1918 78
124CAUNDLE Lilian Maud1968 84
50CLARKE John1919 85
50CLARKE Anna1918 67
54CLARKE Dinah1880 47
129CLARKE Charlie1949  
129CLARKE Emily1962 85
46COOMBS Elizabeth1882 75
46COOMBS William1888 85
96COOPER Laura Louise1929  
37COURTNEY Amelia1902 67
37COURTNEY Charles1923 93
133COURTNEY George1935 74
133COURTNEY Charlotte King1940 83
3COX James1874 54
3COX Martha1867 86
40COX Bertram1919 20
79COX Edith Emily1921 16
102COX Cecil William1921 19
139COX Henry James1951 86
139COX Mary Jane1953  
139COX Henry John1952 46
7CRISDEE John1798  
16DAVIS James1859 81
16DAVIS Mary1867 81
22DAVIS Andrew1767 70
22DAVIS Elizabeth1772 75
4DEBENHAM Ridley Ernest1952  
4DEBENHAM Cecily1950  
32DEBENHAM Piers Kenrick Baronet1964  
32DEBENHAM Angela Sibell1965  
149DEBENHAM Alice1940  
48ELLIS Bessie Rebecca1892 29
48ELLIS John1910 77
48ELLIS Elizabeth1929 89
53GEORGE James1878 80
53GEORGE Elizabeth1882 80
88GILBERT Phoebe1960 75
103GILBERT Thomas1933 77
132GILBERT Charles James1942 71
95GOLDRING Amelia Bollon1933 62
95GOLDRING Walter John1941 66
125GREENSLADE Winifred1970 77
77HAMILTON Alexander Beamish1918 58
61HAMMETT John1901 79
60HOUSE Elizabeth1882 56
148HUTTON Joan Millicent1943  
87HYDE Harold  64
100HYDE Beatrice Maud1921 21
101HYDE Philip Henry1927 59
101HYDE Eva Amelia1934 62
128HYDE Ada Emily1954 69
128HYDE Frank Henry1968 86
146ININGEL Anna1966 75
65JACKSON William1883 77
65JACKSON Mary1886 74
66JACKSON William Pitt1907  
80JAMES Eleanor1922 66
13JEFFREY Elizabeth1863  
13JEFFREY Joseph1877 88
14JEFFREY Robert1828 71
14JEFFREY Ann1845 86
15JEFFREY Lydia1878  
70KELLAWAY William Ernest1900 19
94KELLAWAY Ivan James1937  
131KELLAWAY Walter J P1944 76
131KELLAWAY Elizabeth Mary (Bessie)1970  
147KINSON J.E.B.1967  
134KNIGHT William1934 54
134KNIGHT Emma1963  
105LAKE Arthur Henry1934 18
106LAKE Margaret1960  
107LAKE Frederick William1937 52
150LAWRENCE Edward1751 67
112LAYZELL Blanche1961 68
19LOCK Mary1851 75
19LOCK Robert1864 75
62LOCK Rebecca1882 77
63LOCK John1883 73
63LOCK Sarah1854 2
64LOCK Martha1847  
64LOCK Elizabeth Ann1837  
64LOCK Jane1846  
64LOCK George1847  
64LOCK Robert William1873  
64LOCK Martha1882  
64LOCK Joseph1888  
49LUCAS Emma1919 69
49LUCAS Arthur Nicholas1915 19
135LUCAS Lilian1942 60
130LUCK Elizabeth Mary1948 74
81MACKENZIE Doris Jean1929  
82MACKENZIE James Streeter1960 63
118MANSEL Arthur Jessie1942 24
1MEART Grace Caroline   
119MINHINNICK John William1953  
119MINHINNICK Frances May1960  
145MINHINNICK Terence John1966 16
25MITCHELL Hannah1869 69
25MITCHELL Lawrence1877 82
25MITCHELL George1921 84
27MITCHELL Elizabeth1905 62
86MITCHELL George Edmunds1957 76
18NEEPRED Mary1710 30
118NEW Robert ***** Mansel1949 62
30NORRIS Eliza   
21OLIVER Jane1822 62
17ORMING Emma1874 39
110PARKER William (Bill)1967 46
31PARSONS Elizabeth Mary1847  
123PARSONS J W1970 81
26PEERE William Freeman Henry1901 63
26PEERE Mary Louise1930 86
38PERCY Charles1893 62
2PERKINS Abel1705  
9PERKINS George1794 82
136PLOWRIGHT Herbert1945  
93POORE Frank James1957 67
93POORE Lucy Kate1959 67
120POORE John William1954 73
120POORE Annie1961 79
137POORE Joseph George1947 18
137POORE Donald Frank1945 21
52POPE George James1885  
52POPE Jessie1885  
117POST Annie1941  
34PRIDE Edward1906 67
34PRIDE Elizabeth1906 64
109RICKETTS Walter John1960 51
144RIGLAR Edith May1964 68
144RIGLAR Arthur Henry George1969 75
89RIXTON Henry James1960 74
39ROLLS William C1916 59
39ROLLS Emma Elizabeth1917 62
138SAINT Richard1947 80
114SANSFORD Bertie Frank1951 59
5SCARR Israel1858 38
5SCARR Repentance1859 49
5SCARR William Stude1872 79
28SCUTT Ann1805 32
28SCUTT Jane1801 2
30SCUTT Thomas1853  
55SCUTT Robert1884 69
56SCUTT Betsey1882 72
57SCUTT Jane1879  
58SCUTT Charles1879  
58SCUTT Elizabeth1894 85
59SCUTT James1882 74
41SEAL Walter R James1917 22
23SHEPPARD Ann1831 52
91SHORTO Victor Mervyn1969 58
92SPENCE William Preston1959  
6SPICER Rosanna Maria1872 17
43SPICER Alfred1879 27
51SPICER John1892 85
51SPICER Ann1880 74
76SPICER Henry1903 65
76SPICER Kitty1900 73
71SYMES James Augustus1895  
71SYMES William John1917  
36TAYLOR Albert Ernest1904  
108TEASDALE Gladys1957 64
122THROWER Christopher David1970  
127TOPP Gladys Kathleen1956 49
127TOPP Reginald George1967 71
24TROWBRIDGE Ann Maria1784  
24TROWBRIDGE Alfred George1784  
141TUBBS Frank William  68
90VACHER Frederick Charles1963 74
47VINCENT Charles1894  
98VINCENT James Albert1942 33
98VINCENT Jane1949  
99VINCENT James1925 57
1WALDY Richard Rev A.M.1836  
20WATERS Rebecca Emma1875 2
42WATTS Ann1899 58
42WATTS James1918 84
10WELLSTEED Mary1796 72
69WILLS Maria Lavinia1901 57
69WILLS Francis1926 84
143WOOD Percy William James1962 54
8WOODROW William1829  
8WOODROW Thomas1824 22
113WOOLLEEN Herbert1952 38


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