Marriages 1732 1832

Transcribed from the Bishops transcripts by Sally Stainer Wills 2004

With consent  of the Church of Later Day Saints

These records are in very good condition though some pages / entries are badly damaged, faded or illegible. Entries appear in their original order, allowances should be made for the Gregorian calender

Were an entry is illegible I have indicated this with an  x, Were an entry is difficult or unclear I have indicated this in Blue. Some original entries X has been used as an abbreviation of Christ ie. Xtennings, Xtian.


A copy of the register of the Parish of Ashmore for the year 1732 to 1879

Miscellaneous Fragments possibly 1744- 45  entries made by Charles probably Barber

[John illegible James & Ann] [ marriage entry 7th Jul] [ Burials Eliz Oxford 13 Jun ]

[ Baptisms John son of Joseph Swift ] [ John son of Wm L ] [ son of W ]

1732 John May & Sarah White was married 19 Apr

1732 Sam : Wheeler Senior & Eliz : Hasker was married 27- Dec

1732 James xxx Poor & Jane Young both of Tollard xxx was married 14- Feb

1733 No Entries found

1734 No Entries found

1735 No Entries Found

1736 No Entries found

1737 No Entries found

1738 No body Married

1739 No Entries found

1740 No Entries found

1741 John Oxford & Mary Hain was married 18- Sep

1742 illegible Lillson of Shaston St illegible & illegible gats of  Lanston

1743 No Entries found

1744 No Entries found

1745 No Entries found

1746 James Fenier & Susanna Love were married 24- Mar

1747 No Entries found

1748 No Entries found

1749 No Entries found

1750 No Entries found

1751 Christopher the son of Xtopher or Stephen Lawrence & Elizabeth his wife was Married ( sic ) 7-Jan

1752 No Entries found

1753 No Entries found

1754 No Entries found

1755 Charles Wheeler ( Blacksmith ) & Mary West of Ashmore now married by License illeg- Sep

1756 No entries found

1757 No Entries found

1758 No Entries found

1759 No Entries found

1760 No Entries found

1761 No Entries found

1762 Burials None ( sic )

1763 No Entries found

1764 Tho Trowbridge parish of Long illeg to Eliz Shail  of Ashmore 23- Oct

1765 Tho Sutton of East Orchard to Martha West 16- Apr

1766 No Entries found

1767 William Cox & Sarah Oxford married  18- ( Oct ? sic )

1768 No Entries found

1769 No Entries found

1770 John Cox  & Honor Kelley Married by banns 17- May On a separate page:

1770 John Cox of the Parish of Ashmore and Honor Kelley of the said Parish were married in this Church by banns 17- May

1770 Thomas Champion of the Parish of St Giles & Lovey Lush of the Parish of Ashmore were married in the Church of Ashmore by banns 1- Oct

1771 James Morgan of the Parish of Melbury abbas & Margaret Miller of the Parish of Ashmore were married in the Parish Church of  Ashmore 2x- Jan

1771 William Holland & Johanna Rabbits were married 10- Oct

1771 Joseph Rabbits & Anna Bell married 3- Nov

1771 John Decker & Lucy West were married 26- Nov

1771 Samuel Lush & Anne Stainer married x5- Dec

1772 Thos Kelly & Martha Hare married 23- Nov

1772 James West & Mary Andrews married 8- Dec

1773 Will Green & Mary Shaile / Haile married 18- Apr

1774 No Entries found

1775 No Entries found

1776 No Entries found

1777 Marriages none ( sic )

1778 Robert Atwell & Anne Shaile both of the parish of Ashmore were married 18- Oct 

1778 John Hillier of Fontmell & Susannah Farley were married 19- Oct

1779 George Tubbs of the parish of Tollard Farnham & Hannah Andrews of Ashmore were married 4- Apr

1779 John Hare & Susannah Wheeler  both of the parish of Ashmore were married 18- Apr

1780 Elias Kelly & Mary Williams married 25- Dec

1781 No entries found

1782 Stephen Oxford of the parish of Ashmore in the County of Dorset & Ann Anderson of the said ParishWere married 13- May

1783 Mr Robert Tucker of the parish of Donhead St Mary & Catherine Budden of Ashmore married by License 18- Sep

1784 No Entries found

1785 No Entries found

1786 No Entries found

1787 James Rabbets of Witchampton to Ann Roberts 12- May

1788 No Entries found

1789 No Entries found

1790 Mr William Miles & Miss Charlotte Wardner married by Licence 26- Apr

1790 George Adlam of Tollard Royal & Leah Andrews married by Banns 24- May

1791 Joseph Wheeler & Lucy Sutton married by banns 17- Apr

1791 John ( gent ) Bartlett & Charlotte Shaile married by banns 26- Apr

1812 There were No marriages for the year 1812 ( sic )

1813 There were no marriages for the year 1813 ( sic )  

 Date Groom's Name; Parish;  Bride's Name; Parish; Licence/banns; Witnesses, Officating Minister 

1814, 03-Aug, Robert Watkins Snow , Of Charlton Donhead St Mary Wilts & Sarah Donland Wardner, Of this Parish  by licence & with consent   Mary Ann Wardner Richard Hawkins, George Wood Rector of Cann Dorset, 

1814, illeg May, Henry Maidment & Sarah Brown, Both of this Parish by banns & with consent   William Conway Mary Ann Fowle, George Wood Curate, 

1814, 13-Oct, Amos Chin Kelly, Of Tarrant Gunville & Susannah Percy , Of this Parish by banns & with consent Mathew Barnes Elizabeth Hall, George Wood Curate, 3

1815, , No Marriages filmed

1816, , No Marriages filmed

1817, , No Marriages in this year ( sic),  

1818, , No Marriages in the year

1819, Sep-16, Charles Hare widower, Of this parishJohn Christie Off: Mst,  

& Rachel Lush, Also of this parish, by banns & with consent John Hare Mary Wheeler

1819, Dec-06, George Poor, Of Tarrant Gunville,& Mary Atwell, Of this parish,  John Hare Mary Atwell, John Christie off: Minister

1819, Dec-06, John Morgan, Of Tarrant Gunville, John Christie Off: Min,& Jane Atwell, Of this parish by banns & with consent, Mary illeg Richd Rideout,

1819, Dec-08, Isaac Rideout, Of this parish by licence & with consent & Hannah Galpin, Of Marnhull Dorset,  , Maria Rideout, John Christie Off: Minister, 

1820, , No Entries filmed 

1821, Feb-22, Joseph Rideout Bachelor, Of this parish,& Dinah Turner Spinster, Also of this parish, by banns & with consent of parents, John Rideout Elizabeth Rideout, John Christie Off: Min

1822, No Marriages for year 

1823, May-29, James Deakon Wright, Of this parish & Harriet Davidge spinster, Also of this parish, by banns & with consent Morris Davidge Hester Sutton, John Christie,  

1825, Feb-09, Henry Miles Bachelor, Of Gillingham & Anna Hall Spinster, Of this Parish by licence & with consent George East Eliza Hall Arthur Wheeler, John Christie,  

1825, Apr-26, Samuel Wheeler Junr Bachelor of this parish & Elizabeth Thorne, Also of this parish by banns & with consent  Sophia Hiscock Elizabeth Morey, John Christie ,  

1826, Oct-19, William Adlem Bachelor, Of this parish & Elizabeth Rideout spinster, Residing this parish, by banns & with consent Stephen Rideout Jane Rideout, John Christie

1827, May-14, Joseph Lush Bachelor, Of this parish & Ann Rideout Spinster , Now residing in this parish, by banns & with consent Charles HareSusan Christie, John Christie

1827, Jun-04, John Taylor Bachelor, Of this parish & Virtue Maidment Spinster, Now residing in this parish, by banns & with consent Silvia ComptonJane Rideout, John Christie

1827, Nov-27, Morris Davidge Bachelor, Of this parish & Jane Rideout, Also of this parish, by banns & with consent Henry Davidge Anne Sutton, John Christie

1828, No Entries filmed

1829, No Entries filmed

1830, No Entries Filmed

1831, Feb-14, Henry Baker Bachelor, Of this parish & Sophia Hiscock Spinster, Of this parish, by banns & with consent Robert Sharp Sarah Baker, John Christie

1831, Aug-03, Stephen Rideout, Of this parish & Maria Stainer, Also of this parish, by banns & with consent George Wheeler Ann Stainer, Charles Austin Rector of Tollard

1832, Mar-05, Joseph Stainer Bachelor, Of this parish & Elizabeth Morey Spinster, Also of this parish, by banns & with consent William Morey Anna Palmer, John Christie,