Church of St Nicholas
Photographs Lynda Mudle-Small March 2003
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Ashmore is a small parish on the Wiltshire border and six miles south east of Shaftesbury, it is one of the highest villages in Dorset. To the north is the parish of Melbury Abbas on the west side lie Compton Abbas, Fontmell Magna, Sutton Waldren and Iwerne Minster with Tarrant Gunville to the south. The location of the village is an historic site which is centred around a large pond. The parish church of St Nicholas was opened on October 2nd 1874 and was built on the site of an earlier church, the 13th century chancel arch from this earlier building has been incorporated in the new. The font is of Bere stone and the chancel flooring is of Devonian marble. The  registers date from 1651. There was also a Wesleyan meeting room built onto Manor Farm. 

In 1840 a National School, with residences for the mistress  was built to accommodate 95 pupils. The downlands are populated with prehistoric barrows. The soil is chalk and loam and the chief crops were traditionally  wheat, oats, barley and beans. At the end of the 19th century there was a large proportion of woodland which gave considerable employment in the production of faggots and hurdles.  The area is 2301 acres. The population in 1891, was 228; 198  in 1931 and 170 in 2001. 

The Online Parish Clerk (OPC) for Ashmore is Sally Stainer Wills

Unless specified, all transcriptions and indexes used to answer queries have been made by me. The list below represents the main transcriptions I have, there may well be other smaller items not listed, so it is always worth contacting me. Please place the words 'OPC Ashmore' as your subject for e-mails. I will be building resources over the coming months so don't forget to come back regularly for the latest additions

Resources available

Census Online 1851 Census transcribed by Jan Genge Kennedy
I have transcriptions of the 1841, 1861, 1881 and 1891 census available at present.
Parish Registers Ashmore Parish Register Index (1651-1820) [E W Watson]
[Terry Pine]
[Terry Pine]
[Terry Pine]
Postal Directories Harrod's / Kelly's Directory's are available for 1875, 1880, 1895, 1931 & 1935
A History of the Parish by E W Watson. pub. 1890 contains the following: 1291 Inquisitio Nonarum
Subsidy Rolls 
1552 Church Plate Returns
1595 Customary Tenants attorned at Mrs Lambert's Court
Witnesses to Livery of seisin: 1616, 1619, 1621, 1629,1630, 1634, 1635, 1636.
1642 Protestation Return
1640 Occupants of Cottages sold with eight yardlands
Other Records Monumental Inscriptions Index [Jan Hibberd]
Photographs Photographs of the church, monumental stones and the village
Records held at the Dorset History Centre
Christenings 1651-1999. Marriages 1667-1681, 1688-1742, 1754-1994. Burials 1654-1681/2, 1677/8-1997. Banns 1824-1903.

Christenings 1651-1900. Marriages 1667-1900. Burials 1654-1923.
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