Bishops Caundle

Bishop’s Caundle School Log Book 1871-1890

From original document held at the Dorset History Centre, Dorchester Ref: DHC S130 2/1
Transcribed by Caryl Parsons

Note: Vol 1 opened March 1871
School Number in Connection with Government Dep: 14685
Science and Art Dep: [blank]
Length of the School 40 ft by 16 ft
Height ceiling 19 ft
Height of side walls 11 ft
Class Room 16 ft by 10 ft
Ceiling 14 ft

Bishop’s Caundle School

18 May 1871
In consequence of our ignorance as to whether this School would be admitted to be under inspection, for a long time, and then some delays in obtaining the requisite stationary, this Book was not handed over to the Mistress until this day.
Signed Thos Hy BRAIN
22 May 1871
Monday. Admitted two new scholars, a boy and girl. Attendance Morning 46 Afternoon 48. One of the elder boys caned for disobedience and insolence. Lessons given according to the Time Table.
23rd May 1871
Children improved in attention and order.
24th May 1871
Attendance Morning 52 Afternoon 50 Dr BRAIN visited the School and gave the elder children a Bible lesson. Besides the ordinary class lessons, a geography lesson to the elder ones and gallery lesson to the younger children were given.
25th May 1871
Owing to the weather being so wet the attendance was not so good
Morning 33 Afternoon 23
26th May 1871
Dr BRAIN came to the school and gave the customary Scripture lesson to the elder children. The younger children, meanwhile, were taught by the mistress. Attendance still poor owing to the weather being stormy.
29th May 1871
Admitted a new scholar, a little girl. It being Whitsuntide and club day in the village, the attendance was very poor. Mrs BRAIN visited the school in the afternoon and inspected the needlework.
30th May 1871
The parish doctor visited the school and vaccinated several of the children.
31st May 1871
Dr BRAIN being away from home was not able to give his usual Scripture lesson. Children appear to be improving in their lessons and obedience.
1st June 1871
Two children kept in for behaving badly at prayers.
2nd June 1871
Children did not receive their Scripture lesson on account of Dr BRAIN’s being away from home. They received an extra reading lesson in place of it.
5th June 1871
Admitted a new scholar, a little girl. Attendance better. Morning 52 Afternoon 50 Still a great many elder ones absent.
6th June 1871
Children rather unruly in the afternoon. Kept the whole school in twenty minutes later.
7th June 1871
Children more obedient and diligent.
14th June 1871
Attendance not so good quite owing to the weather being wet. Morning 46 Afternoon 44. The elder children had a reading lesson in place of their Scriptural instruction Dr BRAIN being still away from home.
15th June 1871
The first and second classes worked together there being so few of them.
19th June 1871
Attendance Morning 33 Afternoon 36 Many of the elder children absent owing to their having work in the fields.
21st June 1871
Gave a lesson on ‘Elijah’s Sacrifice on Mount Carmel’ to the elder ones, Dr BRAIN not coming to give his usual lesson.
22nd June 1871
Attendance very poor owing to the weather being so wet Morning 29 Afternoon 25
26th June 1871
Attendance much better, but still many elder children absent owing to its being haymaking time.
27th June 1871
Children a little improved in behaviour and attention.
28th June 1871
Gave the children a holiday, it being Coronation Day.
30th June 1871
Dr BRAIN visited the school in the morning and resumed his Scripture lessons.
5th July 1871
Dr BRAIN gave the elder children their Scripture lesson. In the afternoon Mrs BRAIN and friends visited the school and seemed pleased with some of the children’s progress.
10th July 1871
The Misses BRAIN and friends visited the school in the morning.
11th July 1871
Attendance very poor indeed owing to its being so wet. Morning 13 Afternoon 20
12th July 1871
Dr BRAIN did not give his Scripture lesson owing to there being so few children.
14th July 1871
Very poor school Morning 23 present Afternoon 16. The few elder ones present had a reading lesson in place of a Scripture lesson.
18th July 1871
The Misses BRAIN visited the school in the afternoon and inspected the needlework.
19th July 1871
Dr BRAIN not coming to give his lesson the elder children had a lesson on ‘The Death of Absalom’. The little ones doing little sums meanwhile.
20th July 1871
Had to punish a child three times for refusing to say his letters.
21st July 1871
Dr BRAIN did not come to give his lesson but visited the school in company with some friends.
27th July 1871
Attendance always less on Thursday owing to the gloving work being carried back on that day.
28th July 1871
Mrs BRAIN visited the school and examined needlework. Dr BRAIN came in the morning and gave his Scripture lesson.
3rd August 1871
Instead of the dictation lesson the elder children had spelling and mental arithmetic during the hour.
8th August 1871
Children tiresome and inattentive owing most probably to the warm weather.
14th August 1871
A very bad thunderstorm in the afternoon, in consequence of which the children were kept in an hour later.
18th August 1871
The elder children received their usual lesson from Dr BRAIN. Dismissed the children for three weeks holiday.
11th Sept 1871
Reopened the school aft er a vacation of three weeks. Attendance Morning 46 Afternoon 49. Some of the children seem to have forgotten a great deal.
12th Sept 1871
Dr and Mrs BRAIN visited the school in the afternoon.
19th Sept 1871
Dr and Mrs BRAIN visited the school.
20th Sept 1871
Dr BRAIN being too unwell to come and give his usual lesson, Miss BRIN attended and took his class.
21st Sept 1871
Not so good an attendance owing to the gloving work.
22nd Sept 1871
Miss BRAIN came and gave the Scripture lesson.
26th Sept 1871
Mrs BRAIN visited the school and inspected the needlework.
27th Sept 1871
Attendance Morning 47 Afternoon 44 Weather being so wet Dr BRAIN did not visit the school to give his Scripture lesson.
29th Sept 1871
Weather extremely wet consequently few children present. Dr BRAIN not coming to give his lesson, the elder ones were taught by the mistress, and a monitor sent to the infants.
2nd October 1871
Weather much improved but attendance not much improved owing to several of the children being ill.
5th October 1871
Noticed a great improvement in the reading of the first class.
9th October 1871
Taught the second class multiplication by tens.
17th October 1871
4th Standard girls commenced compound rules in weights and measures.
23rd October 1871
Examined the 4th Standard in Arithmetic and found them deficient in some of the ‘weights and measures’.
30th October 1871
Commenced multiplication by hundreds with the third class.
2nd November 1871
Examined the second class in reading and found them very deficient.
3rd November 1871
Dr BRAIN visited the school and examined the elder ones in Arithmetic in place of Scripture. All except two did pretty well.
8th November 1871
Dr BRAIN examined the elder ones in reading and dictation.
16th November 1871
Took the girls in the new classroom for needlework. Misses BRAIN visited the school and inspected the needlework.
6th December 1871
Mistress Amelia AINSWORTH Probationer 2nd Year, 2nd Division
19th December 1871
In the afternoon the Rev H.H. WOODS one of the Salisbury Diocesan Inspectors visited the school and examined the children in Religious Knowledge.

1st January 1872
Inspector’s Report
‘The School is in very fair order, but the instruction at present is much below the mark. The Mistress requires at least two paid Monitors to assist her in teaching the classes. Great improvement will be expected next year.’
A larger supply of books is needed, also a good set of maps, and pictures for the Infant Class.
A good Monitor should be added to the staff.
The following is the School staff from the 1st January 1872:
Catherine E. SONDEN, Mistress 2nd Class, 3rd Division
Paid Monitors: Julia ELLIS, Bessie FUDGE
8th January 1872
School reopened after a fortnight’s holiday. Examined the children and found the 2nd Standard very backwards in their Tables, and also in Dictation. Attendance Morning 44, Afternoon 42
19th January 1872
Noticed an improvement in the Arithmetic in the upper classes, but the first and second standards still very deficient.
13th February 1872
Received from Dr BRAIN a supply of slates, books, pictures and other apparatus for the use of the school. Attendance very poor.
22nd February 1872
Taught the third standard Compound Short Division.
21st March 1872
Weather was stormy consequently the attendance was very bad.
27th May 1872
Reopened School after a week’s vacation with a better attendance. Morning 63, Afternoon 65. Admitted two new Scholars, a boy and a girl. Received from Dr BRAIN a new set of maps for the School.
17th June 1872
Children seem to be improving both in order and in their Lessons.
24th June 1872
Attendance not so good throughout the week owing to the haymaking, which kept many of the elder children away.
29th July 1872
Reopened the School after a vacation of three week. Examined the children and found that they seemed to have forgotten a great deal.
26th August 1872
Monday Attendance Morning 50, Afternoon 50. Very poor attendance throughout the rest of the week owing to the Harvest.
23rd September 1872
Monday Attendance Morning 58. School closed in the Afternoon, and the children taken to Sherborne Park. A very poor attendance on Wednesday morning owing to the wet weather.
14th October 1872
Commenced the week with a poor attendance, owing to a fair being held in Sherborne.
21st October 1872
Gave the III Standard Dictation on paper for the first time. Three parts of the class did very well indeed.
18th November 1872
Commenced teaching the ‘Metric System’ to the Vth Standard. The children found very little difficulty and seemed to like it very much.
4th December 1872
School inspected and the children examined.
9th December 1872
Attendance even smaller than the previous week, owing to the continuance of coughs, and the bad weather. Placed all the children a Standard higher.

1st January 1873
Inspector’s Report:
‘The School has made satisfactory progress. Miss SONDEN is a promising young teacher.’
School staff:
Catherine E. SONDEN, Mistress 2nd Class, 3rd Division
Bessie FUDGE, Paid Monitor.
27th January 1873
Find it very difficult to work, there being so few in each Standard present. A great deal of snow fell on Thursday which kept most of the children away.
3rd February 1873
Weather very rough and stormy. Attendance morning 6, afternoon 9. As there were so few children the Registers could not be marked throughout the week.
24th February 1873
Weather much improved but many of the children kept away to work.
21st April 1873
Seven children were obliged to be kept in on Thursday to complete their attendances, all having come in after the Registers were marked.
19th May 1873
The Monitor Bessie FUDGE was absent two days through illness, and one of the elder children was taken from the 1st class to supply her place.
25th August 1873
Reopened School after a month’s vacation and had a very small attendance owing to the harvest not being over. Average attendance for the week 27.
2nd September 1873
Attendance still very small, nearly all the elder children being kept away to assist in the harvest. Average attendance for the week 40.
6th October 1873
Commenced some needlework on Wednesday for the Examination. Average attendance for the week 50.
27th October 1873
Mrs BRAIN visited the School on Wednesday and inspected the needlework.
3rd November 1873
Attendance smaller than the previous week, many of the children being kept away to pick up acorns.
24th November 1873
Several children, who had been absent from School for a long time, returned, but most of the elder children still absent.
1st January 1874
Inspector’s Report:
‘The School is in very fair order, and taught in a satisfactory manner.’
Miss SONDEN will shortly receive her certificate.
School staff:
Catherine E. SONDEN, Mistress 2nd Class, 3rd Division
Paid Monitors – Bessie FUDGE, Bessie MILLER
26th January 1874
Attendance very small owing to the bad weather and some of the children having the mumps.
2nd February 1874
Bessie MILLER the new Monitor commenced her duties.
2nd March 1874
Commenced a new school quarter and from this time no more weekly payments are to be made but quarterly ones instead. The children also received cards for attendance. Average attendance for the week 67.
9th March 1874
Children improved in the regularity of their attendance, and also in punctuality.
15th June 1874
Examined all the classes throughout the School and found the work, on the whole, going on well. Noticed a great improvement in the 1st Standard, both in Reading and Arithmetic.
22nd June 1874
Dr BRAIN visited the School on Wednesday and Friday.
6th July 1874
Louisa BRIDGE the new Monitor commenced her duties and took charge of the infant class. The Misses BRAIN visited the School on Thursday.
20th July 1874
Dr BRAIN visited the School every day during the week.
30th November 1874
Placed all the children a Standard higher after the visit of the Rev W.F. TREGARTHEN, Her Majesty’s Inspector.

1st January 1875
Inspector’s Report:
‘The School has passed a very fair examination.’
School staff:
Clara Edith RHODES, Mistress 1st Class, 2nd Division
Paid Monitors – Bessie MILLER, Louisa BRIDGE
8th January 1875
On Monday School reassembled after the Christmas Holidays. Dr BRAIN visited the School on Monday and Tuesday; Mrs BRAIN on Tuesday and Friday; the two Miss BRAINs on Monday afternoon..
5th February 1875
Much better attendance this week, many children coming for the first time since the holidays. On Monday morning the Miss BRAINs came to hear the children sing.
Miss A. BRAIN brought some new Reading Books and Arithmetic Cards on Wednesday morning.
19th March 1875
On Monday Mrs LOVATT visited the School and heard the children sing.
26th March 1875
Mr LOVATT visited the School on Monday morning, also on Thursday morning.
9th April 1875
The School reassembled on Monday morning after the Easter Holidays. Miss LOVATT heard the children sing on Monday morning.
23rd April 1875
Attendance very poor this week, many of the girls having colds, and the boys being employed birdkeeping. Average attendance for the week 41.
14th May 1875
A boy in Standard III has given me a good deal of trouble this week.
28th May 1875
On Tuesday morning Miss LOVETT visited the School, and heard the infants sing. Dr BRAIN, the former Rector, came to the School on Thursday morning. Mrs LOVETT and two ladies came to the school on Wednesday afternoon. Average attendance for the week 50.
11th June 1875
Standards I, II, III and V received new Reading Books on Thursday.
18th June 1875
On Monday morning Mrs LOVETT gave a Reading Lesson to the three upper Standards. Mrs LOVETT again visited the school on Tuesday afternoon, and heard the children sing. Miss LOVETT came on Wednesday afternoon, and looked at the Needlework.
25th June 1875
The children in the Fourth Standard received new Reading Books. Mrs LOVETT gave a Dictation Lesson to the Fourth Standard on Wednesday.
16th July 1875
The school was not open in the afternoon because of the rain.
30th July 1875
There was a half holiday on Friday, the children having their School Treat.
10th September 1875
The school was visited on Tuesday morning by the Revnd. S.A.FYLER of Cornhill Rectory, Northumberland. Miss LOVETT visited the school on Wednesday morning.
1st October 1875
Admitted one new scholar, and re-admitted three who had left for some time.
15th October 1875
Attendance very poor this week many of the children being apple-picking.
29th October 1875
Attendance very poor because of the weather, which was so wet that the school was not attended on Wednesday morning. Average for the week 35.
26th November 1875
received some new slates this week.

6th January 1876
Inspector’s Report:
‘Except in Arithmetic the Examination of the children was very satisfactory.’
The names of A. TAYLOR; H. LEGGE; ?F. ?LODER; A. ?HINE; W. ?LODER; and E. WELLS have been struck off the Examination Schedule under Article 19 B.
J. PHILLIPS having been returned last year as over six, was disqualified by age for further presentation under Article 19 B 1.
School staff:
Clara Edith RHODES, Mistress 1st Class, 2nd Division
Paid Monitors – Bessie MILLER, Louisa BRIDGE
11th February 1876
Attendance much lower this week, many of the children suffering from coughs and colds. Average attendance for the week 41
13th April 1876
Mr LOVETT gave a half holiday on Tuesday afternoon.
28th April 1876
Mrs LOVETT and a visitor came to school on Tuesday afternoon and heard the children sing. A new map of the world was hung up in the school during the holidays. Average attendance for the week 53.
5th May 1876
Attendance not so good – many of the boys being employed in potato-keeping.
12th May 1876
Admitted two new scholars on Monday. Miss Amy BRAIN visited the school on Monday afternoon and heard the children sing. Mrs LOVET came in on Tuesday and Miss LOVETT on Thursday.
19th May 1876
Attendance low owing to the elder boys being employed in setting potatoes. On Monday a fresh Monitor was attached to the school staff in place of Louisa BRIDGE who had left.
2nd June 1876
On Monday afternoon a holiday was given because so many of the children were going to Stourton Caundle Club.
7th July 1876
The elder monitor was away this week having gone to sit for a scholarship at Salisbury.
14th July 1876
The attendance was very low especially the latter part of the week owing to the breaking out of Scarlatena. Mr LOVETT decided on Thursday that the school had better be closed for some time. Average attendance for the week 41.
19th August 1876
On Monday the school reopened after the Summer Holidays, but there were few children towards the end of the week. Tuesday afternoon there was no school, the children has their School Treat.
29th September 1876
This week the attendances were not so good owing to a good deal of illness and wet weather.
22nd December 1876
The attendances were still low. Mrs LOVETT visited the school on Monday morning. A holiday was given on Monday afternoon. Thursday being St Thomas’ Day a holiday was given.

January 1877
Inspector’s Report:
‘The School has not made the progress it should have done during the year. The Arithmetic was very bad and the special subjects were not known.’
Miss RHODES will shortly receive her certificate
School staff:
Clara Edith RHODES, Mistress 1st Class, 2nd Division
Paid Monitors – Bessie LEGGE, Ellen LEGGE
5th January 1877
A new monitor came this week in place of Elizabeth MILLER who left at Christmas.
9th February 1877
As the weather was more settled the attendance was rather better. Mrs LOVETT and Mrs SPICER visited the school on Monday afternoon. Average for the week 47.
29th March 1877
Miss RHODES gave up her charge of the school.
Signed: ?. LOVETT, Manager
9th April 1877
I Margaretta Jane HITCHINGS undertake the charge of the National School at Bishops Caundle. Examined the 4th and 5th Standards in Arithmetic and found them deficient.
13th April 1877
Examined them in Geography, find them backward.
20th April 1877
Attendance poor this week the elder boys being employed in gardening and the younger ones bird keeping.
2nd May 1877
Took the 6 and 5 Standards in Parsing, taught them to parse fully. Punished Harry ?RINE/HINE for impertinence.
22nd May 1877
Miss LOVETT visited the school and heard the children sing. The Rector gave a Scripture lesson. He also had a list of the children who have been irregular in their attendance.
8th June 1877
Kept the whole school in for disorderly behaviour, with the exception of the children in the class-room.
22nd June 1877
I resign the charge of Bishop’s Caundle School this afternoon in consequence of an urgent summons from home on account of private domestic affairs.
Margaretta Jane HITCHINGS
25th June 1877
I Mary A. ROBINSON undertake the charge of this school from the 25th day of June 1877. Attendance good. Examined the children in Arithmetic and found the II and III Standards very backward. Mrs LOVETT visited the school this morning and remained to hear a dictation lesson given.
29th June 1877
Examined the children in Grammar and geography and find they know very little. Received on Wednesday 1 doz new slates, 1 box of pens, bell, 1 box of chalk, foolscap and blotting paper. Average attendance for this week 58.5. On Monday admitted Mabel LEGGE aged 3 years.
6th July 1877
Received this week 2 doz I Standard reading books, 1 doz II Standard reading books, and 1 doz V Standard reading books. Attendance not so good this week on account of haymaking.
13th July 1877
James HELLIAR absent from school on account of having received a sunstroke. Many boys employed in the hay fields.
20th July 1877
Monday and Tuesday very wet. On Tuesday received 1 doz copies of Geography of Dorset.
27th July 1877
The children are improving in Arithmetic. The mistress has enforced home lessons.
3rd August 1877
Mrs SPICER visited the school on Tuesday and heard the children sing.
10th August 1877
Examined the Class registers and found several mistakes in each quarter.
3rd September 1877
School duties resumed today. Attendance rather poor on account of Harvest not being over.
7th September 1877
Many children are kept from school to glean in the fields.
14th September 1877
Very wet weather.
21st September 1877
Many of the children have been employed in potato picking. Two ladies came to the school on Tuesday and heard the children sing. The Inspector of Nuisances inspected the school premises on Wednesday. Recd: this week set of Arithmetical test cards.
5th October 1877
This afternoon the classroom was engaged by the vaccinating Doctor; the infants remained in the large room. Many children are still potato picking.
9th November 1877
Received this week 2 doz slates, 1 box of pens, 2 doz penholders, 1 packet foolscap.
23rd November 1877
Examined Ellen LEGGE, Monitress, for candidate for Pupil Teacher, annual examination to take place tomorrow 24th at Sherborne.
4th December 1877
School inspected and children examined.
Signed: George H. GORDON, H.M. Inspector of Schools
7th December 1877
Tuesday afternoon was set apart for the annual examination of the school by H.M. Inspector, at which the Rector, Mrs LOVETT, Miss LOVETT and Mrs SPICER were present.
19th December 1877
The school broke up today for the Xmas holidays and will reassemble the 7/1/78.
18th January 1878
A holiday was given on Tuesday on account of a tithe dinner being held in the schoolroom. A new scholar admitted, viz Lucy JEFFRIES.
25th January 1878
The names of several scholars have been given to Mrs LOVETT, who attend very irregularly.

January 1878
Inspector’s Report
‘There is satisfactory progress to report since the present Mistress has been in charge of the school. The subjects taken under Article 19 (c) must be better recorded next year’
The following is the School Staff from January 1878:
Bessie LEGGE, Ellen LEGGE – Paid Monitors
15th February 1878
The weather has been very unfavourable this week and has prevented the children coming to school from a distance.
22nd February 1878
On Monday a child was admitted to the school named Edward LODER aged 5 years.
1st March 1878
There was a holiday given to the children on Tuesday as the room was required for a Concert. Another scholar was admitted on Monday named William ?BRINE aged 5 years.
8th March 1878
The children had a holiday given on Monday afternoon to enable the room being prepared for an evening Concert. Two boys, William and Arthur MILES, were admitted to the school this week. Ellen LEGGE, the junior monitress, has resigned her post in school today. Her place is to be filled by Louisa WELLS aged 14 years.
22nd March 1878
The Rector has ordered the school to be closed for one week as measles are prevalent in the neighbourhood.
I Mary ROBINSON resign the charge of Bishop’s Caundle School this 22nd day of March 1878.
26th April 1878
I Alfred ?J. LEGGE undertake the charge of Bishop’s Caundle National School from March 25th 1878.
The school reopened on April 22nd after having been closed for a month, on account of the prevalence of measles amongst the scholars. Attendance very poor throughout the week, many children not being thoroughly recovered. Average 32.7
Examined the school and found the children very backward. Louisa WELLS, having left the school, has been succeeded by Ann Portsmouth GARTELL, as paid monitor.
17th May 1878
Attendance not satisfactory. Many children absent through colds.
24th May 1878
Admitted Charles YOUNG to the school. Mrs and Miss LOVETT visited the school on Friday afternoon and heard a Reading lesson given to the first class. One of the scholars William BRINE has died during the week.
21st June 1878
Punished Robert ANDREWS for staying away from school without his parents’ consent.
Annie GARTELL monitor has left the school this week.
5th July 1878
The infants are progressing satisfactorily. Kate WELLS has been teaching them since Annie GARTELL left.
12th July 1878
Messrs NORTHOVER and HAMM, two schoolmasters, paid a visit to the school and gave lessons to two standards. The Rector gave his usual Scripture Lessons to the first class on Tuesday and Friday.
19th July 1878 Miss LOVETT inspected the needlework on Tuesday. Several children cannot do Short Division.
26th July 1878
Mrs and Miss LOVETT visited the school on Monday and remained during the Geography lesson. Several boys away from school hay-making.
9th August 1878
Admitted Theresa BAKER to the school. Mrs Chas: SPICER visited the school and paid the fees for two scholars for the past quarter. School broke up for a fortnight.
30th August 1878
School re-assembled on Tuesday. Not a good attendance. Many children away from school gleaning corn.
6th September 1878
Half holiday on Tuesday in consequence of the School treat. Punished two boys for absenting themselves from school on Thursday.
20th September 1878
Several children away from school. Employed in the potatoe [sic] fields.
11th October 1878
Gave the first class one or two extra lessons in History. The children take great interest in this subject.
1st November 1878
Miss LOVETT accompanied by two other ladies visited the school on Wednesday and heard the children sing.
22nd November 1878
Kept the first class in a little longer than usual.
20th December 1878
School broke up for a fortnight’s holiday. Will reassemble on Jany 10th 1879.
10th January 1879
A very heavy fall of snow has rendered the roads (in some places) impassable. Only 6 children made their appearance on Wednesday. No school on that and the remaining days of the week. The new monitor Annie ASHE commenced her duties this week.

January 1879
Inspector’s Report
“The School appears to have made satisfactory progress during the past year and is in a very fair state as regards general efficiency. There should be at least two sets of books for each class. E.A. LEGGE’s name has been removed from the Registers of Pupil Teachers serving in this School.”
School staff January 1879:
Alfred ?J. LEGGE    Master
A. ASHE                    Female Assistant
Kate WELLS                         Paid Monitor
17th January 1879
School closed on Friday, the room being required for the collection of Tithes.
24th January 1879
Admitted Claude TAYLOR a new scholar to the school on Monday morning.
31st January 1879
Several children came late to school this week. Weather very cold.
14th February 1879
Struck off the names of Robert and Agnes ANDREWS, they having left the parish.
21st February 1879
Kept the 3rd Standard after usual time on Wednesday to give them an extra lesson in Arithmetic.
14th March 1879
Admitted a new scholar Alice BENNETT on Monday morning.
21st March 1879
Mrs SPICER accompanied by two other ladies visited the school on Thursday.
4th April 1879
Miss LOVETT visited the school on Tuesday and Miss LOVETT and another lady on Thursday.
25th April 1879
Poor attendance this week many children being employed planting potatoes.
2nd May 1879
No school on Wednesday and Thursday on account of the room being required for a concert.
30th May 1879
Half holiday on Thursday afternoon in consequence of a club at Stourton Caundle.
13th June 1879
The time assigned to poetry on the timetable was devoted to history.
20th June 1879
Very poor attendance on Monday on account of the wet.
27th June 1879
Several children away today on account of the rain.
11th July 1879
Several children away yesterday and today hay making.
18th July 1879
Mrs and Miss LOVETT visited the school on Monday and expressed satisfaction at the progress of the infants.
8th August 1879
Half holiday on Wednesday 6th inst: on account of Band of Hope treat in the adjoining parish.
19th September 1879
Admitted Edwin Charles LEGG on Tuesday.
26th September 1879
Admitted John and Annie BISHOP on Monday morning.
3rd October 1879
Admitted Richard COLLIS on Monday.
17th October 1879
Several children absent on Monday and Tuesday on account of Sherborne Fair.
24th October 1879
Admitted Albert and Ernest MULLETT on Monday morning.
7th November 1879
Admitted Flora COLLIS on Monday morning.
28th November 1879
Find a difficulty in getting some children to pay school fees.
5th December 1879
Very busy preparing for Examination. Kept the dull scholars in after time.
19th December 1879
Miss ASHE the assistant teacher at home through illness.
5th January 1880
School re-opened on Monday after a fortnight’s holiday. Not many children at school this week.
9th January 1880
No sewing class on Tuesday. Miss LOVETT, however, superintended the girls this afternoon.

January 1880
Inspector’s Report
“The discipline of this school is not quite what it ought to be, but the Standard work is very fair on the whole, except that the reading in the upper Classes is under level, and the children to all appearances ignorant of the meaning of the words employed. The Geography of the second and third Standards is decidedly feeble, but higher up, the History and Geography are both well ?.”
30th January 1880
Miss ROBERTS who has been employed as a teacher commenced duties on Monday morning, but without the least knowledge of teaching.
6th February 1880
Thomas STRANGE, the oldest scholar, left this week to be a Pupil Teacher.
20th February 1880
Only five scholars in the morning and seven in the afternoon on Monday on account of the very rough weather.
5th March 1880
Holiday today, on account of a Confirmation held in the Parish Church.
2nd April 1880
Admitted Harry TOOP and Albert LOADER on Tuesday morning.
9th April 1880
Admitted George GILLINGHAM on Wednesday.
16th April 1880
Many of the scholars kept at home to assist their fathers in the gardens.
23rd April 1880
Admitted William and Alice HILLIAR on Tuesday.
28th May 1880
Annie CROCKER has been employed as assistant teacher in the place of Mrs ROBERTS.
18th June 1880
Admitted Annie GILLINGHAM on Monday. Locks placed on cupboard and cola-house.
25th June 1880
Kate WELLS the junior monitor has left. She was succeeded on Thursday morning by Caroline PHILLIPS.
9th July 1880
Got the first standard children to pay for a copy-book each.
16th July 1880
A girl, Ada PHILLIPS, who has been absent for some months returned to school this week.
23rd July 1880
Two children, John and Annie BISHOP, came back to school this week after staying away for some time.
30th July 1880
Readmitted a girl Ada COLLIS on Monday. Several children at home with whooping cough.
10th September 1880
School re-opened on Monday morning with few scholars, many being kept at home through whooping cough. Miss CROCKER has been away all the week except Monday morning through illness.
17th September 1880
Miss CROCKER away for the first four days this week. Many children still away, most of them dull ones. Kept the first class in for half an hour on Tuesday morning.
24th September 1880
Admitted a new boy, Richard DRAKE, on Wednesday morning.
8th October 1880
Three children are leaving the school today through removal of parents. Two would have made up their attendances for presentation. Two or three dunces have been away from school this week. Infants rather backward in their writing.
15th October 1880
The fourth standard children are backward in spelling; gave them words to learn at home.
22nd October 1880
The third standard children do not know their geography. There are only two in that standard.
29th October 1880
Harmonium for school use arrived today.
5th November 1880
Kept several children after usual hours on Wednesday, as punishment for neglecting home lessons.
12th November 1880
Two boys have left school this week before proper time, one on Wednesday and the other on Thursday afternoon. Attendance of the infants has been very meagre. Only two present for the greater part of the week. Very inconvenient for teaching them to sing.
19th November 1880
Very few infants present again this week; many are kept home through illness. A boy in the fourth standard Fred LODER is away bird-scaring.
26th November 1880
have endeavoured to get the children to pay up their school fees.. Caroline PHILLIPS the teacher of the infants has been absent this week through illness.
3rd December 1880
Kept several of the fourth standard boys after usual time on Wednesday as punishment for carelessness in writing. Made up the school registers for the year. Average 49.6 a decrease of 2 on last years. This is to be accounted for by illness and a scarcity of girls.
7th January 1881
Admitted George HILLIER and Alfred DRAKE.
14th January 1881
Admitted Charles TAYLOR and Kate LODER on Monday morning.

January 1881
Inspector’s Report
“The school is in good order and has passed a very creditable Examination, both in the Standard and Extra Subjects.”
A new set of maps is required.
Miss A. CROCKER is recognised as qualified under Article 32 ( c ) 3
31st January 1881
School has been closed since 17th inst: on account of very deep snow which rendered roads impassable. Re-opened this morning with few scholars.
11th February 1881
Admitted Thomas LOVELL and William and Edwin LODER.
4th March 1881
Admitted Harry LODER on Monday. Very few infants have attended this week.
11th February 1881
Several children are absent on account of a Band of Hope tea-meeting at Holwell.
18th February 1881
Admitted Charles LODER on Monday.
25th February 1881
A vestry was held in the classroom this morning.
1st April 1881
The children have been supplied with little songbooks to be used in school.
8th April 1881
School was not opened on Monday on account of the master being appointed enumerator of this parish and Caundle Marsh.
22nd April 1881
Opened school on Tuesday morning with four scholars, many children being kept away by their parents to assist in gardening.
29th April 1881
A new door has been placed at the north end of the school for the convenience of an audience on the occasion of a concert or meeting. Will cause the room to be much colder in winter.
6th May 1881
There has been no school since Tuesday (3rd inst.) to allow preparations for a concert to be given on Thursday and Friday evenings.
27th May 1881
Sent home three children, besides the infant teacher, on Tuesday as they were suffering from an infection (ringworm).
3rd June 1881
Have let the children out for a few minutes, for recreation, on two or three days this week.
17th June 1881
Received 1 dozen slates, steel pens, foolscap paper etc this week. Also recived, on Friday, new maps of Europe, Asia, England, Scotland, Ireland and Dorset. Admitted James YOUNG on Monday morning.
24th June 1881
Some of the scholars have been told to stay away this week on account of ringworm.
1st July 1881
Caroline PHILLIPS the infant monitor has left school to take a situation at Milborne Port. She was succeeded on Monday by Annie DURRANT, a former scholar.
8th July 1881
Admitted Bessie LEGG on Monday.
15th July
Re-admitted Rosa PHILLIPS on Monday morning. The heat this week has been very oppressive. A new cupboard has been placed in the school.
22nd July 1881
Admitted Sidney SAUNDERS this week.
2nd September 1881
The attendance during the past week has been very low. The harvest is not yet over and many children are away in consequence.
16th September 1881
Punished two boys for absenting themselves without the consent of their parents.
23rd September 1881
Admitted Percy and Stanley PONTING on Monday. There are now the names of nine boys from the next parish of Holwell on the Register.
14th October 1881
The classroom was required this afternoon for vaccination of several children.
21st October 1881
Admitted George HANN, another boy from Holwell on Monday. Received 10cwt of coal for school use.
11th November 1881
Admitted three boys from Stourton Caundle on Monday morning.
9th December 1881
The school was inspected yesterday by Rev. H.H. HUGHES, and his assistant Mr WHITTAKER, when the scholars dispersed. For Xmas holidays.
6th January 1882
The Annual Treat and Christmas tree were given on Monday. School re-opened and duties resumed on Tuesday morning. The attendance has been rather meagre.
13th January 1882
No school today, the room being required for the collection of Tithes.
20th January 1882
Re-admitted Agnes BEALING on Monday. Also Jas. YOUNG.

January 1882
Inspector’s Report
“The children are in good Order, and they pass a creditable Examination in the Elementary Subjects. History and Geography have not been very successfully taught under the new scheme; I hope that next year the results will be better. The office arrangements are not quite satisfactory. On the boys’ side a proper urinal should be put up, and on the girls’ side a screen is wanted. The offices should also be partitioned.”
School staff:
Alfred James LEGGE - Master
A. CROCKER - Female Assistant
A. DURRANT - Paid Monitor
3rd February 1882
Visit without notice:

A Summary Register should be at once provided; also another Class Register for the infants.
The boys’ offices are not in a nice state, in consequence of the want of proper urinals.

3rd March 1882
A urinal has been erected for the boys this week, also a screen on the girls’ side.
10th March 1882
Miss CROCKER has only attended on the sewing days.
17th March 1882
The attendance has improved this week. Average 35.5.
24th March 1882
I Alfred J. LEGGE resign the charge of Bishop’s Caundle school this 24th day of March 1882
24th April 1882
I Emilie C. RAMSAY undertake the charge of the National School at Bishop’s Caundle. Admitted two scholars and readmitted one. The school has been closed for a month in order that it might be thoroughly repaired, white-washed and painted etc.
Thirza MILLER (aged 15) has been appointed assistant teacher in place of Miss CROCKER.
28th April 1882
Annie DURRANT (paid monitor) was dismissed today on account of her incapability as a teacher and was paid a month in advance of her notice.
2nd May 1882
Admitted Minnie GILLETT
8th May 1882
Admitted Geraldine GILLETT.
2nd June 1882
Mr WILKINS the school attendance officer called and took a list of absentees which I had prepared for him.
20th June 1882
Half-holiday given today on the occasion of the opening of the Organ (a special service being held).
23rd June 1882
Attendance all this week has been irregular in consequence of which I sent to the attendance officer and asked him to look into the absentees.
3rd July 1882
Mrs HOUSE has for a considerable time sent her children to school without paying the fees – saw her on Friday – insisted upon having the fees paid and would not admit the children – result children came this morning bringing their fees.
12th July 1882
All the 6th Standard children are away today, with the exception of one pupil, hay-making.
21st July 1882
The teacher was absent from school yesterday through illness – her sister came to take her place.
4th September 1882
Admitted Alice LODER.
18th September 1882
Percy and Stanley PONTING returned to school after being engaged in harvest work for several weeks.
28th September 1882
The 3rd Standard have considerably improved and. With the exception of Emma FOX, did their work creditably, but the 2nd Standard are still very backward and require very great attention.
20th October 1882
Examined the Infants in Reading. The children go out for recreation form 10.45 to 11 o’clock.
24th October 1882
The flood on Tuesday (the 24th) prevented the children from school.
26th October 1882
Annie HINE’s father was summoned to attend before the magistrates for not sending her regularly to school.10th November 1882
Very good attendance today. 50 children present.
15th December 1882
Very irregular attendance this week in consequence of which I sent to the attendance officer and gave him the list of absentees.
22nd January 1883
Poor attendance today on account of the weather.
29th January 1883
In consequence of the very unfavourable state of the weather only twelve children attended school this morning, and they were sent home again.

February 1883
Inspector’s Report
“The school is orderly, the attainments are on the whole fair. Another Blackboard and Easel are wanted; also some books, a ball-frame, some colours and a few more pictures for the infants.”
My Lords desire to be informed in what respect A.J. LEGGE’s conduct was unsatisfactory.
Scholar numbers 50.
School staff:
Emilie C. RAMSAY - Mistress
Thirza MILLAR - Paid Monitor
12th February 1883
The great quantity of rain has in many places caused the roads to be impassable, consequently only nine children attended school and these were at once sent home.
14th February 1883
The state of the weather being the same as on Monday (12th) only 5 children came to school, they were sent home again.
20th April 1883
I, Emilie C. RAMSAY, resign the charge of Bishop’s Caundle School this 20th day of April 1883.
23rd April 1883
Began duties as Mistress of this school.
27th April 1883
Admitted two infants Stephen HARRISON and ?W. VATCHER.
4th May 1883
readmitted Minnie and May GILLETT and admitted Bertie GILLETT. Miss LOVETT came all Thursday afternoon to help with the knitting.
18th May 1883
Admitted James and Hubert BEALING, the former is nine years of age and cannot say his letters.
27th May 1883
readmitted Percy and Stanley POINTING.
15th June 1883
Admitted Rose, Thomas and Maud STICKLAND.
All the children seem dull with Grammar.
22nd June 1883
Admitted Willm: BRAKE, ?Kate ERYES and Florence Fanny HILLIAR – all infants.
6th July 1883
Admitted Harry GOSNEY.
14th July 1883
Admitted Lucy HANN.
20th July 1883
Sent home three children because they has ringworm in their heads.
27th July 1883
Admitted William ?SHINER.
2nd August 1883
Ida CHAFFEY is very dull.
4th September 1883
Several children away with whooping cough.
8th September 1883
4th Standard have done their Arith: and Dictation very carelessly this week, caned several of them for Spelling.
19th October 1883
Rev MAYO examined the children in Scripture.
2nd November 1883
Some of the big boys away picking apples.
The School was inspected by the Rev C.H. MAYO, Diocesan Inspector, on Oct. 19th.
He reports:

Religious Knowledge – Good

Repetition – Good

Discipline and Tone – Very Good

School in regard to Religious Education as a whole – Quite Satisfactory

“I am happy to be able to report favourably on the condition of this School. The children with few exceptions answered brightly and intelligently in all the subjects. The writing from memory was carefully and neatly done, and with few inaccuracies.”
He adds: “I should like on the next inspection to hear the children repeat short prayers for use before and after Divine Services.”
20th November 1883
John GOSNEY a 5th Std: boy has given a lot of trouble. He is very lazy with his Arithmetic, has been kept in until 1 o’clock to do his work.
27th November 1883
Sent Henry WELLS home because he had a ringworm on his neck.
6th December 1883
Revd and Mrs LYON visited the school this morning.
11th December 1883
Very cold. No fire, grate taken away to be mended.
17th December 1883
The day of the examination, Miss LOVETT, Mrs C. SPICER, Mrs A. SPICER and Miss ANDREWS were present all morning. Mr and Mrs LOVETT called in during the time.
11th January 1884
Several of the higher standard children have left School. Admitted Ellen STICKLAND. Sent home James BEALING for ringworm. A great many of the children away.
25th January 1884
Sent home two children with ‘Ringworm’.
22nd February 1884
I resign the charge of Bishop’s Caundle School this day February 22nd ’84.
February 1884
Inspector’s Report
“The Elementary work has been only pretty fairly done, much of the spelling being careless and weak. The class subjects are also poor and it seems that owing to a misconception more subjects have been attempted than was provident. English and Needlework just earn the lower Grant this year but Geography is a total wreck. The infant class is in fair order, but their needlework (of the boys that is) appears to have been ignored until a few weeks ago.”
School staff:
Emily BROWN                      Mistress
Thirza MILLER                     Paid Monitor
29th February 1884
I (Emily BROWN) took charge of Bishop’s Caundle school on Monday Feb 25th.
21st March 1884
Attendance a little better this week. Average 35. Admitted one child Edward WELLS. 2nd May 1884
All the children on Registers attended this week with the exception of George EYRES who was ill. Average 40.2.
6th June 1884
Poor attendance all week, many of the children attending Clubs held in the neighbouring villages.
18th July 1884
On Tuesday afternoon began school at 1.30 as schoolroom was wanted for a Bible meeting held in the evening. All the children on register attended this week. Average 48.2.
30th July 1884
Children were examined this morning in Scripture by the Rev C. MAYO. Holiday given this afternoon for the children to attend a Temperance Fete at Holwell.
Report by Rev C. MAYO
“The children have passed a good Examination throughout the School, and I am much pleased with the care with which the Religious Instruction has evidently been imparted.”
2nd September 1884
I have examined the Registers this day on the part of the Managers and find them correct and the School in excellent order.
Signed: Elizth. LOVETT
5th September 1884
Readmitted an infant Maud STICKLAND.
19th September 1884
Some of the children away this week potato-picking. Sent home Fanny DOWNTON for ‘Ringworm’.
3rd October 1884
Classroom wanted this afternoon for a Vaccination so the Infants had a writing lesson instead of Object lesson.
6th October 1884
Received six packets of Arithmetic Cards, one for each standard.
9th October 1884
Very cold and wet. Had fires lighted.
10th October 1884
Admitted Ethel HATCHER this week.
17th October 1884
Have sent in a list of children who have attended irregularly.
24th October 1884
Examined the children in Dictation and Arithmetic. Dictation was badly done.
Visitors: Mrs and Miss LOVETT. Rev. Lovett gave Scripture lesson on Friday.
31st October 1884
Very poor attendance on Monday, many of the children away picking acorns.
Received 1Doz. Penholders and a box of pens.
Visitors: Mrs and Miss Lovett (visited twice). Scripture lesson on Tuesday morning given by Rev. LOVETT.
28th November 1884
Rev. A.E. LOVE has opened the school the last three mornings, has visited several times and examined the 5th Standard in Dictation and Arithmetic. Mrs and Miss LOVETT have also visited. Scripture lesson given on Friday morning by Rev. A.E. LOVE.
7th January 1885
Monitress absent, her brother having the measles.
9th January 1885
Agnes VATCHER, 7th Stan: girl has taken the infants during the absence of the Monitress.
16th January 1885
Rose LOVELL and Agnes VATCHER have been appointed to assist in the school, the former during the absence of the Monitress, the latter permanently.
23rd January 1885
A few of the children are away with measles.

January 1885
Inspector’s Report
‘The children have passed a first rate examination in the Elementary Subjects. They have also done their English well, and some very good Needlework has been shewn. The Infant Class appears to require rather more attention and the Geography is a failure. The results, however, as a whole reflect great credit on Miss BROWN.
It must not be lost sight of that 32 percent of the children have been presented in the same Standard again. Next year I shall quite expect to find the School worthy of being rated excellent.’
29th January 1885
Very wet and rough today. Only a few children attendee and these were sent homs. Monitress resumed her duties on Monday.
20th February 1885
Have sent in a list of children, who have attendee irregularly, to the attendance officer. Average attendance 33.6.
2nd April 1885
Have sent a list of absentees to the Attendance Officer. Average 36.25.
17th April 1885
Admitted Ernest LODER.
21st April 1885
Admitted James GOSNEY.
22nd May 1885
Re-admitted Maud STICKLAND on Monday.
5th June 1885
The School-room being required on Tuesday for a Bazaar there will be a holiday given next week instead of the usual one at Easter.
31st July 1885
Break up today for the Midsummer holiday.
31st August 1885
Re-opened School today.
15th September 1885
School Treat held at the Rectory this afternoon so a half holiday was given.
The School was inspected by the Revd. C.H. MAYO, Dioc: Insp: on July 20th
He reports:
‘The School has again passed a good examination. More care should, however, be taken with the repetition of the Catechism in the Lower Standards. The old and new Test Subjects were well done. Thomas LOVELL, Ida CHAFFEY and Agnes VATCHER answered the best in their respective groups.’
23rd October 1885
Monitress unable to attend this morning on account of the weather.
7th December 1885
The school room being required tomorrow for the polling there will be two days’ holiday.
7th January 1886
A holiday will be given tomorrow as the school room is wanted for the collection of tithes.
22nd January 1886
Snow falling on Wednesday prevented several of the children from attending school the last three days.
5th February 1886
Received 1 Doz. Poetry Books ‘Cowper on the receipt of his Mother’s Picture’.

February 1886
Inspector’s Report
‘The Standard work continues to be done in a most satisfactory manner. Geography this year has just reached fair. In English the Poetry is recited well, but the knowledge of Grammar is not quite so good.’
23rd February 1886
All the children on registers attended this afternoon with the exception of L. KINGSBURY.
1st March 1886
The roads being in a very bad state on account of a recent fall of snow, only eighteen children attended school this morning so registers could not be marked and children were dismissed.
9th April 1886
Admitted Rose LODER this week.
16th April 1886
Very poor attendance, only 28 present. Several of the children assisting their parents with potato planting. Average 37.
18th April 1886
School closed a week before usual on account of scarlatina.
10th May 1886
School re-opened today after being closed three weeks. Admitted two new pupils.
24th May 1886
Admitted three new children.
26th May 1886
Holiday given today on account of a Foresters’ Fete, held in the village.
14th June 1886
Monitress being ill is unable to attend school. Agnes VATCHER has been appointed to assist in her absence.
21st June 1886
Admitted Albert WELLS.
13th August 1886
Several visitors on Tuesday. Mrs LOVETT came this afternoon, accompanied by another lady, tested the Registers and heard the children sing and perform the ‘Railway Train’ and ‘The Hurricane’. Nearly all of the girls have finished their Needlework and Knitting.
13th August 1886
Break up today for the harvest holidays. Made up the quarter’s attendances. Average for the quarter 48.4
I  resign the charge of Bishop’s Caundle School this day, August 13th 1886.
13th September 1886
!, Kate ELLEN, undertake the charge of Bishop’s Caundle School, this 13th day of Sept: 1886.
Mrs LOVETT visited the school this afternoon. Attendance very poor, only 41 children present in the morning, and 40 in the afternoon.
24th September 1886
Louisa KINGSBURY (Standard V) is very backward in Arithmetic.
The attendance has somewhat improved this week, though not as good as it might be, as many children have been assisting their parents in the potato field.
1st October 1886
  Infants were taught in the room with the older children, the classroom being required for the parish Vaccination. Many children still absent assisting in the apple and potato-picking.
8th October 1886
Again examined all Standards above the First in Writing, Arithmetic and Grammar. Work not quite so good through carelessness. Grammar is very weak. There was a very poor attendance on Tuesday, many of the children having attended a Tea given to the Parish of Caundle Marsh.
15th October 1886
Rose STICKLAND, who left school a short time ago for service, has returned. Kept George HOUSE and Albert WELLS in for three-quarters of an hour for inattention to lessons, and disobedience. The weather has been very bad this week, and consequently many children living at a distance have been unable to attend.
5th November 1886
Attendance on Monday and Tuesday remarkable good, 56 being present each afternoon. Carrie AXTEN, who has just returned to school, having been absent since the first week in August, is very backward in Spelling and Arithmetic, being unable to do 2ns Standard sums although in Standard III.
12th November 1886
On Thursday afternoon five boys came in too late to be marked, through following the hounds. Gave them each 200 words to write and learn after school. On Tuesday only 34 present, the heavy rain having made the roads impassable. Average 46.7.

January 1887
Inspector’s Report
‘A creditable examination has been passed. The Elementary work is good. English has improved and is now very fair indeed. Geography is fair on the whole, but the second and third Standards are weak. The order and Needlework are satisfactory and the Infants well looked after. The Class-room walls require repairing and re-colouring.’
6th January 1887
Attendance this week has been very poor indeed owing to the severe weather. Average 35.
14th January 1887
Several children absent with bad colds and Chicken-pox.
17th January 1887
Re-admitted Bessie VARDY.
27th January 1887
Received calico and Holland for Examination work.
11th February 1887
Received print for 1st and 2nd Standard Needlework.
28th February 1887
Admitted Alfred STICKLAND, Infant. There are now fifty-five on books.
  15th March 1887
Unable to open school on account of a heavy fall of snow.
24th March 1887
Infants taught in the school-room during the morning, the class-room being required for a Vestry meeting.
1st April 1887
Two children absent through illness, one being very ill with Rheumatism.
7th April 1887
Break up today for a fortnights’ holiday, during which time the school is to be enlarged.
9th May 1887
School re-opened today having been closed for a month for the purpose of enlarging and repairing. Admitted Annie GRAY (Infant). 43 present both morning and afternoon.
10th May 1887
Admitted two children, both very backward, the younger, Mary GILLINGHAM, is eight years old and still in the Infant Class. She is just able to read her letters, but has very little idea of forming them on a slate.
13th May 1887
Rev G.W. Malim visited the school.
16th May 1887
Admitted two Infants and re-admitted Reginald ROWE who has not attended school since August last year on account of delicate health. Being only just able to read his letters and not able to write he is placed in the Infant Class.
6th June 1887
Re-admitted Kate EYRES, who left the neighbourhood in February last.
7th June 1887
An unusually good attendance, every child on the Registers (58 in number) being present.
13th June 1887
Admitted Bessie HAMMOND.
21st June 1887
A whole holiday given in honour of the Queen’s Jubilee.
22nd June 1887
The new porch, built as a ‘Jubilee Memorial’ was opened.
24th June 1887
The attendance this week has been very poor on accont of the Jubilee Festivities in various parishes. Average attendance 43.5.
28th June 1887
Admitted Ernest WELLS.
1st July 1887
Several children absent, helping in the hay-fields.
22nd July 1887
The boys in the higher Standards kept in for half-an-hour for disobedience and talking during a lesson given by Thirza MILLER. Lewis FOX was not allowed to attend school in the afternoon for refusing to obey.29th July 1887
The boys in the first class have been much more orderly.
2nd August 1887
A whole holiday given for the Sunday School Treat and jubilee Commemoration.
3rd August 1887
School not opened until the Afternoon as the room could not be got ready. A poor attendance, only 36 being present.
12th August 1887
Several of the children have been absent for gleaning.
5th September 1887
School re-opened today. A very wet morning, and consequently poor attendance. Re-admitted Agnes PHILLIPS, who has been absent since March 14th, having had Rheumatic Fever.
16th September 1887
Punished Mary GILLINGHAM and Annie GRAY, by standing them in the corner during the dinner-hour, for being absent from school without their parents’ consent.
23rd September 1887
Infants have been given strips for Hemming and Knitting for Examination.
7th October 1887
Have found out that Henry GILLINGHAM failed in Three Subjects in Standard I last year, so have put him back although he has been working in Standard II.
14th October 1887
Attendance not so good, many being absent for apple-gathering.
17th October 1887
A very poor attendance, on account of the annual Fair at Sherborne.
28th October 1887
Attendance still poor, the older boys being absent for potato and corn picking, and on Thursday many of the Infants were away on account of the weather.
1st November 1887
Very wet and rough. Only six children came in the morning.
4th November 1887
Attendance a little better, but three children in one family are absent with mumps and bad heads.
5th December 1887
All commenced work in their new Standards, except Hubert BEALING, who failed in two subjects in Standard II, and Edward WELLS, William SHINER and Harry GOSNEY, who failed in two subjects in Standard I. Kate BURGESS who failed in two subjects in Standard II has been moved into the 3rd Standard.
13th December 1887
Unable to keep school on account of wet rough weather.
21st December 1887
Half-holiday given, the school-room being required for distributing the Charities.
22nd December 1887
Half-holiday given to prepare school-room for a Concert.
23rd December 1887
The Monitress has been absent since Monday through illness. Infants have been taught by Eliza PHILLIPS and Harry ROWE.

January 1888
Inspector’s Report
‘The Elementary work is well done and but for a few backward children would have been extremely good. In classwork I think rather too much has been attempted. Needlework is good. T.MILLER is recognised under Article 84.’
School Staff: Miss Kate ELLEN, Mistress; Miss Thirza MILLER, Asst. Mistress
13th January 1888
Admitted Thomas HOUSE (Infant). There has been a dense fog all week, and in consequence many children being at a distance could not attend. Many are also absent with severe colds. Out of 59 on register only 41 were present al all.
20th January 1888
Miss MILLER opened the school on Monday morning, the Mistress being unable to attend. Admitted James LOVELL (Infant). Scripture lessons on Monday and Friday by the Rector and Curate. Miss LOVETT came on Wednesday.
24th January 1888
It has been decided to take only one Class Subject this year, viz: English, having found that two subjects cannot be taught successfully. Geography lessons have been struck out.
10th February 1888
Miss T.MILLER has given up teaching on account of ill health. Agnes VATCHER (aged 15) has been appointed to succeed her as teacher of the Infant Class. Harry ROWE, aged 14, who has passed Standard VII, is appointed as temporary monitor to assist with the lower Standards.
17th February 1888
Owing to a severe snowstorm on Tuesday we were unable to open school. Where the snow had drifted the roads were impassable. An attempt was made to open on Thursday, but as only 13 were present out of 59, these were sent home and school was closed for remainder of the week.
2nd March 1888
Examined Standard I, and I find that Edgar HOUSE and Kate BEALING are not sufficiently advanced for it, so their names are transferred to the Infant register for the New Quarter. Mabel WELLS is also very dull and backward, but shall try her again for another quarter.
22nd March 1888
Examined Standard II in Arithmetic. All did well except Kate EYRES, Sarah SAUNDERS, and Maud STICKLAND, who are very dull.
23rd March 1888
Harry ROWE (pain Monitor) leaves school today to become a Draper’s Assistant.
29th March 1888
George EYRES (Standard VI) has left.
19th April 1888
Admitted Ernest SAUNDERS (Infant).
27th April 1888
Out of 58 on Register, only 31 have been present at all, and the average is 24.7. The majority of absentees have been ill with sever colds. The weather has been very cold all week.
29th May 1888
Admitted Bridget WELLS (Infant).
1st June 1888
Kate BEALING much improved and fit for Standard I.
13th June 1888
Kept in Albert WELLS and James BEALING until 10 minutes to one, for disobedience and neglecting their lessons.
18th June 1888
Ellen STICKLAND, a sixth Standard girl, has left school to go to Service.
25th June 1888
Admitted William NORTHOVER (Infant). Agnes VATCHER (Monitress) was left in charge of school during the greater part of the afternoon, as I was unable to attend, through Neuralgia.
28th June 1888
Mabel WELLS is still very backward in Spelling, and Annie GRAY in Arithmetic.
2nd July 1888
Did not keep school all day, the weather being so bad as to prevent children attending.
3rd July 1888
Admitted Alice PITMAN, who is seven years of age and in Standard I. On examining her, found her very backward in everything. Can only read words of two or three letters and not able to spell such common words as Girl, School, Mother etc. An Addition and Subtraction sum both worked wrong.
11th July 1888
Kept James BEALING in until 5.15 for refusing to do his Arithmetic, and made him finish his lesson before he left.
16th July 1888
Admitted Sarah-Ann BAKER and Bessie EYRES (Infants).
26th July 1888
Half-holiday given, in consequence of the Mistress and Teacher attending a Festival, in connection with the ‘Girls’ Friendly Society’.
3rd August 1888
The attendance has not been quite so good this week, many being kept at home for the hay-making, as the farmers are very busy now that the fine weather has set in. Average 50.5.
6th August 1888
Bank Holiday. 38 present in the morning and 35 in the afternoon. The others attended a Conservative Fete in Holnest Park.
14th September 1888
Re-admitted Fanny DOWNTON this week. She has been living in London for about two years and attending a Board School. She is nine years of age, in Standard II, but very backward.
14th September 1888
The attendance has been very poor this week on account of the Harvest being so late.
Half-holiday given this afternoon (Friday) for the Annual School Treat.
24th September 1888
Admitted Emily and Sarah Ann STICKLAND (Infants).
1st October 1888
Admitted Herbert PITMAN, Standard IV.
2nd October 1888
Herbert and Alice PITMAN were punished for being absent from school without their parents’ consent.
3rd October 1888
Admitted Grace COUSENS, Standard II. Taught a new song ‘The Father’s Return’ and found it much better to have the assistance of the harmonium, which has been lately repaired. Received a jar of ink.
5th October 1888
Thomas and Alfred STICKLAND were sent home on account of having an infectious skin disease.
12th October 1888
Began fires this week.
19th October 1888
Harry LOVELL went home ill on Monday and has been absent since, with measles. His brothers Thomas and James are also absent in consequence of this.
22nd October 1888
Admitted Ada SWAIN (Infant).
23rd October 1888
Began teaching Musical Drill. Mrs LOVETT came from 11 to 11.25 to play the harmonium.
26th October 1888
Two of the best boys have left the school in consequence of their father (who has been policeman here for six years) being moved to another station.
29th October 1888
Admitted Cecil and Raymond CHURCHILL.
1st November 1888
Kate BURGESS, who failed in two subjects last year in Standard II and has been working through the year in Standard III, has been put back again in her own Standard; as, through her very irregular attendance, she is not fit to be presented in Standard III.
5th November 1888
Admitted Ada CHURCHILL (Standard V).
9th November 1888
Henry GILLINGHAM has been absent with ‘Mumps’. Sent home Mary, his sister, for the same reason.
13th November 1888
Was unable to keep school this morning, as the heavy rains had flooded the roads, and rendered them impassable.
23rd November 1888
Examined Standard II in Arithmetic. The Subtraction and Short Division were carelessly worked, so kept them at Arithmetic on Black-board nearly the whole morning. Kate EYRES and Sarah SAUNDERS are very dull, and I don’t think the latter will ever understand Arithmetic.
15th December 1888
It is decided that Reginald ROWE and Mary GILLINGHAM be withheld from Examn: R. ROWE is extremely delicate and is forbidden by the Doctor to do any but the lightest work (lately only half time) and Mary GILLINGHAM has had bad health throughout the year and is at present ill.
Signed: Eliz: LOVETT, on the part of the Managers.
8th January 1889
Agnes VATCHER, the Infant Teacher, has left and Caroline SNOOK, 14 years of age and who has passed Standard VI in a London school, is appointed in her stead.

January 1889
Inspector’s Report
‘The school is in all respects in an efficient state. The needlework and musical drill deserve special mention. Miss ELLEN will receive her certificate in due course.’
School staff: Miss Kate ELLEN, Mistress
Caroline SNOOK and E. PHILLIPS, Monitors
25th January 1889
James GOSNEY, who has been in Standard I since the examination, has been put back into the Infant Class, being quite unfit for 1st Standard. Mumps are still prevalent.
11th February 1889
In consequence of snow, and the slippery state of the roads very few children were present, 30 in the morning and 28 in the afternoon. Admitted Rose WARR.
16th February 1889
Admitted Albert STICKLAND.
28th February 1889
A snowy morning and consequently small attendance.
5th March 1889
Made an attempt to open school, but as only 11 out of 71 came, these were sent home, and school closed for the day.
22nd March 1889
Caroline SNOOK, the Infant Teacher, was absent today through illness.
29th March 1889
The Infant Teacher has been absent all week, and Eliza PHILLIPS, monitor, has taken the Infant Class. Many of the boys have been absent this week, being employed at bean dropping.
1st April 1889
Admitted Ernest DURRANT (Infant).
5th April 1889
Sent Fanny DOWNTON home for non-payment of school pence.
15th April 1889
Admitted Amy KNIGHT as an Infant. She is nearly six but has never been to school.
29th April 1889
Admitted John SHINER, Infant.
30th April 1889
Re-admitted Mabel and Bridget WELLS.
6th May 1889
As there is such a large Infant Class, the first Division have their Reading lesson in the School-room with the Monitor.
17th May 1889
Several of the elder boys are kept at home to help in the fields and to keep the birds.
20th May 1889
Admitted Charlie NORTHOVER (Infant).
3rd June 1889
Admitted Albert FOX (Infant).
17th June 1889
Caroline SNOOK, Infant Teacher, has left, being totally unfit for a teacher. She has no control over the children, who are getting very disorderly. Eliza PHILLIPS is taking her place until someone is engaged.
20th June 1889
Amy BUGG commenced duties as Infant Teacher. She has never had any experience in school teaching.
21st June 1889
Eliza PHILLIPS, Monitor, has been absent two days, in consequence of sickness at home.
28th June 1889
Amy BUGG, the Infant teacher, has left, being unable to manage the children. Agnes VATCHER (who left last Xmas) will return again.
1st July 1889
Eliza PHILLIPS is teaching the infants for the present.
3rd July 1889
Infants were taught with the older children, Monitor being absent.
4th July 1889
Agnes VATCHER commences duties today (Thursday).
5th July 1889
The Infants have been very quiet and orderly during the last two days.
17th July 1889
Caned two boys for idleness and bad behaviour.
26th July 1889
Monitress is obliged to stay at home for a time, as her mother is very ill. Agnes VATCHER has taken Standard I with the Infants, except on Needlework afternoons.
6th September 1889
Eliza PHILLIPS, (7th Standard girls and Monitress) has left school in consequence of the death of her mother and sister. No-one has been appointed to help in her stead, so Standard I are taken by the Infant Teacher. A great many are still absent for the gleaning. Children seem to have forgotten a great deal.
20th September 1889
Sarah SAUNDERS and Kate EYRES, who failed in Arithmetic both in Std: I and II, have been working so far with Standard III; but on examining them and finding them totally unfit for presentation in that Std:, they have been put back in Std: II.
15th October 1889
Sent home Bessie LEGG for school fees which have not been paud since the midsummer holiday.
8th November 1889
Standard I have been brought out of the class-room altogether, as the Infants were not making satisfactory progress.
21st November 1889
Sent home several of the Infants with an eruption on their faces as it seemed to be infectious.
9th January 1890
A temperance Tea and Entertainment held in the school-room. Half holiday given in consequence.

January 1890
Inspector’s Report
‘The children are tidy and very orderly in their behaviour and the Examn: in Standard Subjects has been passed with very satisfactory results. English is again weak in Grammar and the Infants are backward, but needlework and musical drill are very creditably taught.’
31st January 1890
The upper Standards are attending very irregularly.
14th February 1890
There is a great deal of sickness amongst the children.
17th February 1890
As about half of the children are still unable to attend school through sickness, it has been decided to close for a week.
24th February 1890
Agnes VATCHER, Infant teacher is unable to return to school being ill in bed. The 6th Standard girls are taking the Infants during her absence.
4th March 1890
Agnes VATCHER resumed her duties today.
25th March 1890
Revd: J. REES visited the school.
28th March 1890
Most of the children who have been ill have now returned and the attendance is improving. Punished three girls for loitering on their way to school, and coming in half-an-hour late.
2nd May 1890
There has been a very good attendance of Infants throughout the week, but the older boys and girls are still irregular, being kept at home to help in the gardens.
19th May 1890
Admitted William KNIGHT (Infant).
26th May 1890
The Infant teacher had a day’s holiday and one of the 6th Standard girls taught the Infants. Admitted Theresa KNIGHT.
27th May 1890
Many of the children absent to attend a Club in the next village.
5th June 1890
Agnes VATCHER had a half holiday to attend a G.F.S. Meeting at Stalbridge. Amy OLD, 6th Std: girl, taught the Infants during her absence.
9th June 1890
Admitted Maurice and Rose LODER.
13th June 1890
I resign the charge of Bishop’s Caundle School this 13th day of June 1890.
Signed: Kate ELLEN
16th June 1890
I take charge of this school today 16th of June 1890.
Signed: Emma Beatrice HULL
28th June 1890
I found the Upper Standards a little backward in Arithmetic, but I have noticed a slight improvement this week.
30th June 1890
The attendance today is only 26 on account of the heavy storms.
1st August 1890
The boys Maurice LODER, Hubert HELLIAR and William SHINER are the most irregular in attendance. Having been away for the past month without one attendance.
8th September 1890
The attendance is still very low on account of the Harvest being late.
12th September 1890
No attendance marked this morning. Numbers too low.
22nd September 1890
Miss LOVETT and Madame LANCIA visited. The lady favouring us with two sacred songs, which were beautifully rendered.
26th September 1890
The two girls Annie BAKER Stand: V and Alice LODER Stand: VI are very irregular in attendance. The first girl being absent for the past five weeks. Hubert HELLIAR IV Stand: has also been absent for five weeks.
24th October 1890
The 1st Standard is very dull. Especially in learning their Arithmetic.
6th November 1890
The three children Maurice, Rose and Flora LODER are suffering from an infectious eruption on their faces and arms, and are consequently absent from school.
28th November 1890
The cold and snowy weather has greatly affected the attendance of the Infants yesterday and today.

January 1891
Inspector’s Report
‘The attainments are fair but considering the irregularity of the attendance, too much appears to have been attempted. The Infant Class has improved.’
School Staff: Miss Emma Beatrice HULL, Mistress; Eliza PHILLIPS Monitor