Where possible I have tried to duplicate the spelling and capitalisation of the original document. 

Transcribed Barbara McNally


Will of Giles Jupe made 13th January 1709

In the Name of God. Amen. I Giles Jupe of Bourton in the Parish of Gillingham in the County of Dorset Yeoman Being infirm of Body but of Sound and Perfect Memory thanks be given to Almighty God for it Doe Make and ordain this My Present last Will and Testament in Manner and forme following. First and Principally I Bequeath my Soul Into the Hands of Almighty God Hoping through the Missery Death and Passion of My Saviour Jesus Christ to have full Pardon and forgiveness of all My Sins Past My Body I commit to the Earth to be decently buryed According to the Discretion of my Executors herein after Named and as for such worldly goods as God hath been pleased to bestow upon me I dispose thereof as follows. ITM(?) I give and bequeath unto My Son Giles Jupe my bedstead in the best Chamber the two old joyned chayers in the Hall and the Standing cubard in the same room the Sydor mill and wring and the other materials that belong to Sydor Making the table bord and formes the settell and side bord and bason rack in the kitching and the takes(?) and shilfs(?) in the Milk house and kitching whether Naild or not Naild ITM I give unto My Son William Jupe one feather bed and the Least Bedstead in the outer Chamber one Payer of Blankets one payer of Sheets and the Rug Lying on the Bed in the Middle Chamber one Bolster and Pillows(?) and the chest in the outer chamber one peuter dish one Bellmetele Pott and all my Wearing Apparel both Lining and Woollen to be Delivered to him in six weeks after my deseace. ITM I give unto my Son Henry Jupe the sum of fifty Pounds to be payd by my Executor hereinafter named in manner and  form following viz tenn Pounds in twelve Months next after my deseace and the sum of twenty Pounds in twelve months next following after and the sum of twenty pounds Residue and Remainder of the above said fifty in twelve Months next following after ITM I give unto my daughter Mary fforward My Clock(?) now standing in My halle to be Delivered in six Months after My deseace by My Executors after named ITM I give unto My other two daughters Elizabeth and Judith one duzen of puter plates now standing in the Kitching (insert above the line =[at Charnage]?) Equally to be divided Between them and to be delivered to them in six months after my deseace ITM I give unto my daughter Judith over and above the above mentioned plates one barrel which is three quarters of one Hogshead ITM I give unto my sons ffrancis and Robt two shillings and six pence a peece to be Paid them by my Executor in six months after my deseace ITM I give unto my son Thomas my Great Bible to be Delivered to him in six Months after My deseace ITM all the Rest of my Goods and Chattels whatsoever that shall be and remain after my Debts and Legasies are Paid and my funeral Expenses Disscharged I do give and bequeath the same unto my son John Jupe whom I do hereby Make my Whole and Sole executor of this My Last Will and Testament And I do desire my very Loveing friends Mr Caleb Perfect of Silton and my Soninlaw William fforward of Woolverton to be my friends in Trust to see my will Performed and for their Pains therein do give them and each of them two shillings and six pence to bye them gloves In Witness wherof I have here unto sett My hand and sealed this thirteenth day of January in the Eighth year of the reign of our Most gracious Sovereign Lady Queen Anne over Great Brittain ffrance and Ireland Anno Dim 1709

Giles Jupe and seal

Sealed and Published to be the last

Will and testament of the

above named Giles Jupe in

the presence of us

Robt Nation 

The sign of

Nickolas ffarthing

The sign of

Mary Greene  

Will proved Trowbridge




Last will and testament of Giles Jupe 10th May 1756

In the name of God Amen. I Giles Jupe of Bourton in ye parish of Gillingham in the County of Dorset Linnen Weaver being of perfect Memory do on the tenth day of May One thousand seven hundred and fifty six Make and Ordain this my last Will and Testament in Manner and for following IMP. I give and bequeath unto my son John my furnace, cistern and all other my Utensils belonging to the Linnen Weaving Trade. Also I give to my daughter Jane Standerwick Twenty pounds on condition She ye said Jane Standerwick pay or cause to be paid unto my Executrix hereafter named ye Sum of Twenty Shillings P Ann. During her life for her better support and Maintenance. And I do hereby direct, Nominate and Appoint Eleanor my Daughter to come into the next Court Baron to be held in and for ye Mannor of Gillingham Afforesaid or any other subsequent court that shall happen after ye Decease of Jane my Wife and there claim Admittance (according to ye Custom of ye said mannor) to one cottage with ye Appurtenances belonging formerly in ye possession of Mary Farthing Widow and situate and lying in Bourton Afforesaid and to half an Acre of Coppice lying against ye said Appurtenances and to one Close of Meadow Ground called little Breach containing by estimation three Acres be the same more or less on Condition that Mary my Daughter Shall have an abiding in the said House (Rent free) as long as she continues Unmarried. And lastly I give and bequeath unto my said Wife all the rest Residue and Remainder of my Goods, Chattles and Credits not before given whom I also Nominate Constitute and Appoint sole Executrix of this my last Will and Testament. In witness whereof I have hereto set my Hand and seal ye day and Year first above written.

Sign’d, Seal’d, publish’d and Declar’d by ye said

Giles Jupe and for his last Will and Testament

in ye presence of us who have hereto subscribed

Our hands as Witnesses

The mark of Jno. Goff   Giles Jupe

Susanna Goff   Seal

Natn. Goldsbroughnton(?)