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Until 1858 all wills had to be proved (formally approved) by church and other courts. The Prerogative Court of Canterbury (PCC), the most important of these courts, dealt with the relatively wealthy individuals living mainly in the south of England and most of Wales (what was originally the ecclesiastical province of Canterbury). Wills of less wealthy individuals MAY have been proved in a number of other ecclesiastical courts, including the Archdeaconry Court of Exeter (pre-1843); the Archdeaconry Court of Dorset (post-1843); The Consistory Court of the Bishop of Exeter (pre-1843); or the Royal Peculiar of Sarum. From 1858 all wills were indexed centrally and this index is widely available at Record Offices, Probate Registries and the LDS Church.

Wills proved in the PCC can be downloaded from the Documents online service of the National Archives for a small fee:
BALSTON Will of Edward Balston of Broadmayne, Dorset 14 October 1854 PROB 11/2198
BASCOMBE Will of John Bascombe of Broadmaine, Dorset 11 July 1833 PROB 11/1818
BRIDLE Will of William Bridle, Yeoman of Broadmayne, Dorset 21 October 1844 PROB 11/2005
FREKE Will of John Freke of Broadmayne, Dorset 20 February 1654 PROB 11/236
HUNT Will of John Hunt, Innkeeper of Broadmayne, Dorset 12 April 1824 PROB 11/1684
JAMES Will of Raphe James, Husbandman of Broadmayne, Dorset 02 April 1627 PROB 11/151
LEGG Will of William Legg, Yeoman of Broad Mayne, Dorset 19 March 1855 PROB 11/2208
LIGHT Will of Elizabeth Light, Widow of Broadmayne, Dorset 01 December 1737 PROB 11/686
SAMWAYES Will of Sarah Samwayes of Broadmayne, Dorset 13 June 1735 PROB 11/671
SAMWAYES Will of George Samwayes, Yeoman of Broadmayne, Dorset 07 December 1764 PROB 11/904
SAMWAYS Will of John Samways, Maltster of Broadmayne, Dorset 07 September 1810 PROB 11/1515
SAMWAYS Will of William Samways, Gentleman of Broadmayne, Dorset 27 January 1813 PROB 11/1540
SEOVILE [SCOVILE?] Will of Richard Seovile of Broadmayne, Dorset 20 August 1678 PROB 11/357
SHERREN Will of Henry Sherren, Gentleman of Broadmayne, Dorset 20 February 1851 PROB 11/2128
STICKLAND Will of John Stickland of Broadmayne, Dorset 10 September 1855 PROB 11/2219
SWYER Will of John Swyer, Gentleman of Broadmayne, Dorset 29 August 1761 PROB 11/868
TALBOT or TALBOTT Will of William Talbot or Talbott of Broadmayne, Dorset 29 September 1574 PROB 11/56
TALBOTT Will of William Talbott, Gentleman of Broadmayne, Dorset 03 February 1616 PROB 11/127
URQUHART Will of Reverend David Henry Urquhart, Clerk of Broadmayne, Dorset 03 July 1829 PROB 11/1759
WALLIS Will of Ann Wallis of Broadmayne, Dorset 10 March 1837 PROB 11/1875

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