Canford Magna, Parish Church

This is an abbreviated list of the details transcribed from all the memorials in the burial ground. Memorials commemorating deaths less than 30 years old have not been included to avoid upsetting any relatives of the recently bereaved, details are available on request. Full details of all memorials are available by contacting the MI Coordinator (see contacts page). Please quote the MI reference number, the parish, the burial ground and the surname on all requests. Researchers are asked to please bear in mind that weathering of the stone and lichen growth can make transcription difficult and incomplete or even impossible in some cases.

Everything is transcribed exactly as is, but without capitalisation other than for all surnames.
Items in blue are not actually transcribed on the monument but are deduced and included to allow
sorting and searching by surname. * indicates unreadable information.

18ADYE Claud Robert Ross1873  
18ADYE Willett Lawrence1878  
18ADYE Henry Ralph Willett1880  
18ADYE Stanley John1889  
18ADYE James Mortimer1895  
18ADYE Elizabeth Marian1903  
18ADYE Octavious Ellerton1912  
169ADYE Henry Ralph Willett1880 22
121AFFLECK Robert1985  
184ALEN John Robert   
184ALLEN Sidney Carles   
184BAILEY Harry   
8BALL Elizabeth1766 46
24BANKS Mrs Catherine1797 72
15BARBER Mary1777 77
85BARNES Marina1787 20
85BARNES James1788 78
85BARNES Elizabeth1787 66
154BARRETT Doris Oxnam1966  
166BARTLETT William Oldfield1842 45
166BARTLETT Eliza1884 86
184BARTLETT William Albert   
81BENNET Sarah1744 66
48BISHOP William1818 28
191BOURK Margaret1768 21
147BOWERMAN Mary H1968  
153BOWN Arthur1976  
178BRICE Frances1833 71
178BRICE George Tito1826 67
180BROUNCKER Lewis William1812 43
180BROUNCKER Louisa Susanna1809  
180BROUNCKER William1809  
180BROUNCKER Harriot1859 79
38BROWN Mary   
184BROWNING Albert J   
128BRUNT John Jarvis1978 65
39BUDDEN Mary1757 81
40BUDDEN Ann1797 58
40BUDDEN Susanna1808 38
41BUDDEN Mary1770 64
41BUDDEN John1797 88
42BUDDEN Joseph1796 83
42BUDDEN Jane1795  
43BUDDEN William1779 63
43BUDDEN Jane   
58BUDDEN Bridget1809 70
58BUDDEN Thomas1819 78
62BUDDEN Charles1827  
63BUDDEN William1853 68
77CARD Sarah1810 26
78CARD Mary1793 33
78CARD Joseph1818 68
184CHISSELL George E   
141CLARK Alexander Russell1967  
164DAVIES Tom  74
184DENNETT John Thomas   
66DERBEY Mary1765 75
66DERBEY William1766 78
58DIMOTT Bridget1810 45
145DOMINEY S E (Jim)1967  
4DU CANE Charlotte Maria1902  
181EBEKEFONE Richard   
126EMERY Alec Robert Joseph1984  
131EVERETT Fred Lewis1984  
67EYERS Ann1842  
31FANCY Amelia1855  
135FIANDER Arthur Frederick1962  
135FIANDER Sarah1975  
184FORD Frederick Austin   
32FOSTER Hannah1789 5
34FRENCH Richard1775 45
76FRENCH Richard1776  
76FRENCH John1801 75
76FRENCH Sarah1805 73
82FRENCH Elizabeth1826 63
99FURNESS Philip1981  
60GALPINE Hannah1819 70
51GAUDERN Elizabeth1855 48
51GAUDERN James Meaby1828  
51GAUDERN Stephen1859 59
22GAY Eve1963  
148GILBERT Irene F L1966  
148GILBERT Margery1969  
75GILLINGHAM Mary1772 32
156GODDARD Constance Winifred1964  
64GOMER William1769 51
64GOMER John Bart**er   
64GOMER Mary1803 6
1GUEST Ivor Bertie1914  
1GUEST Cornlia Henrietta Maria1927  
2GUEST Christian Henry Charles1957  
3GUEST Frances Henrietta1918  
6GUEST Montague John1909  
7GUEST Arthur Edward1898  
170GUEST Arthur Edward1898 56
182GUEST Augustus Frederick1862  
185GUEST T Merthyr1904 66
186GUEST Montague John  1909
187GUEST Nan Frances Henrietta1918  
162HACKER Mary Frances1980  
184HAMMETT Victor W   
89HANSFORD Harold R1982  
89HANSFORD Kathleen M1982  
184HARDY Cecil William   
18HARPER Alice Margaret1955 92
125HARROLD Sidney Hubert1969  
28HART Mary1753  
28HART Willis1792 66
28HART Lieut. Joseph1795 22
28HART Henry Willis1803 2
28HART Ann1836 55
28HART Betty1813 86
179HART Mr Willis1792 65
124HATCHER Christopher1991  
151HAWES John Harry1966  
12HAYES William Richard1819 26
120HAYTER Harry1970  
133HEMMING Percy E1968  
133HEMMING Ethel1975  
134HISCOCK Rose Ellen1983  
184HOARE Richard John   
61HOCKLEY Elizabeth1753  
17HOLLAND Edward1781 15
94HOLLAND Patricia1981  
184HOMER Alfred   
123HOPKINS Cleaveland1979  
142HOULTON Shirley1983  
35JENKINS Richard1792 46
36JENKINS Rebecca1767 65
36JENKINS Joseph1776 73
36JENKINS Benjamin1808 73
37JENKINS Susanna1756 58
37JENKINS Samuel1789 85
144JONES Alfred A1972  
122JUKES Cecil Frank1969  
57KEARLEY Lucy1826 48
127KEMPE John Reeves1962  
83KNAPP Richard1797 62
84KNAPP John1766 66
84KNAPP Sarah1774 73
84KNAPP John1798  
136KNOTT Elizabeth Sarah1974  
136KNOTT Alexander1985  
140KNOWLES Anthea Beryl1962  
118LANGDON Ada Louisa1978  
15LAW George1802 75
15LAW James1811 43
15LAW Mary1819 80
9LAYARD Henry Austen1894  
9LAYARD Mary Enid Evelyn1912  
109LEGGETT David1979  
184LIMB Alfred   
23LINES Julia Elizabeth1979  
177LLOYD Elizabeth1733 62
177LLOYD Richard1732 72
130LONG Ethel Florence1968  
130LONG Percy Edward1974  
175LUFF John William1893  
184MARSH Edwin John   
16MARTIN Thomas1823  
18MARTIN Samuel1788 73
165MARTIN Samuel1788  
64MASTERS Joseph1785 20
184MCCALLUM Donald   
11MEABY Thomas James1931  
11MEABY Caroline Emma Mary1960  
13MEABY Thomas1860 55
13MEABY Elizabeth Mary1872 25
13MEABY William Joseph1887 35
13MEABY Hannah1887 72
13MEABY Thomas James1912 64
13MEABY Elizabeth1936 93
13MEABY Henry Stephen1888 34
46MEABY James1818 73
46MEABY Elizabeth1833 78
49MEABY Elizabeth1756 34
50MEABY Thomas1823 82
168MEABY Thomas James1912  
163MEADMORE Eith May1965  
163MEADMORE Otto Blashford1971  
21MENTER Kay G1983  
60MERCER John1819 79
104MILLER Richard Sydney1980  
26MITCHELL Isabella   
26MITCHELL Isabella   
26MITCHELL Frances   
26MITCHELL Charlotte   
141MORETON Ivy1972  
146MORRIS Trevor Rowley1963  
47MOULDEN Emma1840  
132MOULSON Winifred Mary1962 74
95NORTON Dick1984  
96NUNN Leslie W B1985  
190ODNEY William   
44PAINTER Thomas1806 87
44PAINTER Ann1809 68
45PAINTER Edward1771 86
45PAINTER William1788 69
14PATEY Dora Emma1880 38
14PATEY Col. G.W.1887 67
176PATEY Lieut. Cmdr Russell1852 34
47PEACE John1800 70
47PEACE Penelope1812 73
25PEARCE Catherine1819 35
79PELLY Thomas1731 72
79PELLY George1765 66
80PELLY Thomas1786 57
86PENNINGTON Alice1770 77
86PENNINGTON Stephen1703 88
103PHILLIPS Helena Nancy1985  
138PITMAN Bertha Emily1967  
138PITMAN Edward Charles1973  
143POOLEY Joseph Edwards   
184POORE Charles William   
101PRATT Philip Harold1985  
155PRATT Helen1981  
33REES John1762 33
10RICHARDSON George Frederick1944  
10RICHARDSON Kathleen Marian1946 83
184RIGGS Sydney Albert   
150ROLLS Kathleen1977  
188ROSS Claude Robert1873  
28ROWDEN Mary1797 35
28ROWDEN Henry1848 77
28ROWDEN Mary1824 26
28ROWDEN Henry1801 8
14RUSSELL Elizabeth1818 65
14RUSSELL Thomas Macnamara1824 84
176RUSSELL Thomas Macnamara1824 84
176RUSSELL Elizabeth1818 65
183SALISBURY Caroline1830 64
27SAVARY John Willis1789 65
179SAVARY Mr John Willis1789 65
5SCHREIBER Charlotte Elizabeth1895  
172SCHREIBER Lady Charlotte Elizabeth1895  
184SCOTT George Henry   
139SEARLE Joan1983  
112SHUTER Eva Dora1979  
91SMITH Lilian M1985  
192SPURRIER Jane   
161STEELE Harold James1965 58
160STRIDE Percy Charles1964  
158SURTEES Dorothy1965  
59SYMS William  77
59SYMS Martha1808 79
107TAYLOR Kenneth Stewart1979  
157TAYLOR Edith1976  
157TAYLOR Malcolm Lees1978  
24TOBY Elizabeth1801 40
115TREHARNE Douglas1979  
54TRIM Bridget   
55TRIM Mary1800 78
55TRIM James1800 82
56TRIM Thomas1713  
13TURNER James1827 19
67WARLAND Willm1794 60
67WARLAND Mary Ann1797 10
67WARLAND William Henry1818  
67WARLAND Dorothy1830 72
67WARLAND Mrs Eliza1845 55
67WARLAND Christopher1848 56
67WARLAND Henry1817 77
68WARLAND John1769 85
69WARLAND Ann1769  
69WARLAND Robert1758 64
69WARLAND Ann1784 83
70WARLAND John1769 85
70WARLAND Sarah1769 83
71WARLAND John1730 80
71WARLAND Mary1753 95
72WARLAND William1746 57
73WARLAND William1789 25
73WARLAND Elizabeth1792 56
73WARLAND John1794 66
74WARLAND Mary1770 42
74WARLAND Robert1782 50
53WHITE Frances   
65WHITE Alice1714 50
149WIGHT Ada1963  
149WIGHT Thomas1971  
167WILKIE Henrietta Mary1790  
52WILLACY the Rev James1803 67
18WILLETT Annabella1779 61
173WILLETT Catherine1798 36
173WILLETT Annabella Willett1795 14
174WILLETT Annabella1795 75
189WILLETT John Willett1815 71
159WILLIAMS Hugh Morgan1980  
184WILLIAMS Damel   
29WILLIS Catherine1719  
29WILLIS Jane1723 18
30WILLIS Mary1765 55
30WILLIS William1765 33
30WILLIS William1781 81
30WILLIS Sarah1807 60
20WOODFORD Thelma1984  
152YOUNG Barclay North1963  


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