1901 Census - RG13/1975

Transcribed by Keith Searson
[Updates in Red made 21 Nov 2013]


Address; Name; Relationship; Status; Age; Occupation; Where Born; Notes

Chalbury Rectory; George H BILLINGTON; Head; M; 70; Clerk in Holy Orders Church of England; Chester Cheshire

Francis A BILLINGTON; Wife; M; 73; Houghton Conquest Beds

George H BILLINGTON; Son; S; 36; Chalbury Dorset

Percival H HILLS; Boarder; S; 15; Student; Moseley Worcs

Maude Ellen PERRIS; Servant; S; 17; Domestic Servant; Finsbury Middlesex


Aaron POORE; Head; M; 40; Agricultural Labourer; Tarrant Gunville Dorset

Sarah A POORE; Wife; M; 36; Chalbury Dorset

Frederick G POORE; Son; S; 13; Carter on Farm; Chalbury Dorset

Arthur W POORE; Son; S; 10; Scholar; Chalbury Dorset

Caroline  POORE; Daughter; S; 9; Scholar; Chalbury Dorset

Lily L POORE; Daughter; S; 7; Scholar; Chalbury Dorset

Ethel R POORE; Daughter; S; 5; Scholar; Chalbury Dorset

Walter POORE; Son; S; 2; Scholar; Chalbury Dorset

Edith POORE; Daughter; S; 1; Chalbury Dorset


John HAYTER; Head; M; 32; Bailiff on Farm; St Giles Dorset

Ada HAYTER; Wife; M; 35; Burley Hants


Emily BUNGAY; Head; Widow; 74; Horton Dorset

Beatrice SHEARS; Grandaughter; S; 16; Dressmakers Apprentice; Hinton Martell Dorset

Arthur H SHEARS; Grandson; S; 14; Working in Gardens; Hinton Martell Dorset

Stanley G SHEARS; Grandson; S; 11; Scholar; Chalbury Dorset


Walter W SHEARS; Head; M; 57; Boot maker; Chalbury Dorset

Ellen SHEARS; Wife; M; 50; Woodland Dorset

Ethel M CULTER; Niece; S; 8; Chalbury Dorset


Henry SHEARS; Head; M; 47; Baker and Grocer; Chalbury Dorset

Charlotte SHEARS; Wife; M; 46; Horton Dorset

Elizabeth  SHEARS; Daughter; S; 25; Grocery Shop Attendant; Chalbury Dorset

Nellie SHEARS; Daughter; S; 20; Mothers help; Chalbury Dorset

Ernest SHEARS; Son; S; 7; Scholar; Chalbury Dorset


Sarah LONGFORD; Head; Widow; 57; Swanage Dorset

William INGRAM; Lodger; S; 45; General Labourer; Holt Dorset


Alfred G BROWNE; Head; M; 50; General Labourer; Wimborne Dorset

Ellen BROWNE; Wife; M; 45; Verwood Dorset

Fanny BROWNE; Daughter; S; 13; Scholar; Chalbury Dorset

Ethel E BROWNE; Grandaughter; S; 3; Chalbury Dorset

Charlotte LOCKYER; Visitor; S; 17; General Domestic Servant; Verwood Dorset


Charles SHEARS; Head; M; 86; Retired Shopkeeper; Chalbury Dorset

Catherine SHEARS; Wife; M; 73; Horton Dorset


Mario TUBBS; Head; M; 32; General Labourer; Woodlands Dorset

Emily TUBBS; Wife; M; 32; Horton Dorset

Mary J TUBBS; Daughter; S; 8; Horton Dorset

Albert J TUBBS; Son; S; 6; Horton Dorset

Henry W TUBBS; Son; S; 4; Chalbury Dorset

Ethel M TUBBS; Daughter; S; 2; Chalbury Dorset


William KEEPING; Head; M; 76; General Labourer; Holt Dorset

Susanna KEEPING; Wife; M; 70; Holt Dorset


Charles LIGHT; Head; M; 58; Market Gardener; Woodlands Dorset

Ellen E LIGHT; Wife; M; 60; Cranborne Dorset

Hurbert E LIGHT; Son; S; 22; Barman; Stoke St Mary Dorset

Frederick W LIGHT; Son; S; 20; Stoke St Mary Dorset


William GOLDSTONE; Head; M; 83; Builder; St Giles Dorset

Fanny GOLDSTONE; Wife; M; 77; Chalbury Dorset

Henry GOLDSTONE; Son; S; 47; Builder; Chalbury Dorset

Elizabeth GOLDSTONE; Daughter; S; 42; Chalbury Dorset

Mary GOLDSTONE; Daughter; S; 39; Chalbury Dorset

Edith J GOLDSTONE; Daughter; S; 33; Chalbury Dorset

Gilbert G FRANKLIN; Grandson; S; 2; St Georges Hanover Sq London

Douglas H FRANKLIN; Grandson; S; 8 mths; [Blank]


Charles GALLOP; Head; M; 72; General Labourer; Sturminster Newton Dorset

Mary GALLOP; Wife; M; 75; Sturminster Newton Dorset


Susan  TUBBS; Head; S; 60; Chalbury Dorset


Emma HEBDITCH; Head; Widow; 59; Paper Sorter; Bitterne Hants

William LEGGE; Son; S; 36; Jobbing Labourer; Wimborne Dorset

Charlotte LEGGE; Daughter; S; 27; Wimborne Dorset


George HARRIS; Head; Widower; 61; General Labourer; Hinton Martell Dorset

Mary A HARRIS; Wife; Widow; 81; Woodlands Dorset


George SCOVELL; Head; M; 44; Agricultural Labourer; Horton Dorset

Fanny SCOVELL; Wife; M; 42; Horton Dorset

Hetty MASON (?); Niece; S; 10; Bournemouth Hants


Charles ISAACS; Head; M; 51; Carter on Farm; Gussage All Saints Dorset

Emily ISAACS; Wife; M; 47; Horton Dorset

Henry J ISAACS; Son; S; 23; Carter on Farm; Gussage All Saints Dorset

Frederick ISAACS; Son; S; 20; Carter on Farm; Gussage All Saints Dorset

John R ISAACS; Son; S; 17; Holt Dorset

William G ISAACS; Son; S; 15; General Labourer; Holt Dorset

Edith M ISAACS; Daughter; S; 13; Scholar; Chalbury Dorset

Bertie ISAACS; Son; S; 10; Scholar; Woodlands Dorset

Florence M ISAACS; Daughter; S; 4; Chalbury Dorset


Charles CLARKE; Head; M; 38; Carter on Farm; Verwood Dorset

Emma CLARKE; Wife; M; 39; Tarrant Rushton Dorset

Berty C CLARKE; Son; S; 12; Scholar; Woodlands Dorset

Reginald CLARKE; Son; S; 10; Scholar; Woodlands Dorset

Albert CLARKE; Son; S; 8; Scholar; Horton Dorset

Eliza M CLARKE; Daughter; S; 7; Scholar; Horton Dorset

Eva M CLARKE; Daughter; S; 5; Scholar; Horton Dorset

Bessie  CLARKE; Daughter; S; 2; Chalbury Dorset

William PENNEY; Father in Law; Widower; 74; Agricultural Labourer; Tarrant Rushton Dorset

Henry PENNEY; Step son; S; 10; Scholar; Chalbury Dorset


South Farm; William NEWMAN; Head; M; 54; Farmer; Devizes Wilts

Louisa C NEWMAN; Wife; M; 52; Salisbury Wilts

Louisa C ANDREWS; Visitor; S; 54; Sheerness Kent

Bessie E KNOWLTON; Servant; S; 20; Cook; Three Cross Dorset

Jane SQUIBB; Servant; S; 20; Domestic House maid; Holtwood Dorset


Henry AVERY; Head; M; 64; Lodge Keeper; Witchampton Dorset

Caroline AVERY; Wife; M; 57; Holt Dorset

Frank AVERY; Son; S; 33; General Labourer; Hinton Martell Dorset

Frank FURNELL; Grandson; S; 7; Scholar; Witchampton Dorset


William CHINCHEN; Head; M; 43; Stockman on Farm; Langton Dorset

Elizabeth CHINCHEN; Wife; M; 40; Blandford Dorset

George CHINCHEN; Son; S; 13; Scholar; Puddletown Dorset

Annie CHINCHEN; Daughter; S; 11; Scholar; Puddletown Dorset

Charles CHINCHEN; Son; S; 10; Scholar; Wareham Dorset

Daisy CHINCHEN; Daughter; S; 6; Scholar; Wareham Dorset

Freeland CHINCHEN; Son; S; 4; Stoke Dorset [FreeBMD has Arthur Freeland Chinchen]

Mary CHINCHEN; Daughter; S; 3; Christchurch Hants

Ellen CHINCHEN; Daughter; S; 2; Christchurch Hants

Thomas CHINCHEN; Son; S; 1; Chalbury Dorset


Dedlington Farm; Christian J TOZER; Head; M; 34; Farmer; Blandford St Mary Dorset

Mary L TOZER; Wife; M; 35; Gussage All Saints Dorset

Henry TOZER; Son; S; 5; Chalbury Dorset

Bessie C LUSH; Servant; S; 16; Domestic Servant; Long Critchel Dorset


Dedlington Mill; David KING; Head; M; 56; Retired Police Constable; Chalbury Dorset

Caroline KING; Wife; M; 54; Spetisbury Dorset


William CHARLES; Head; Widower; 59; Carter on Farm; Osmington Dorset

Harry PARRIS; Nephew; S; 15; Agricultural Labourer; Finsbury Middlesex


Charles TUBBS; Head; M; 33; Agricultural Labourer; Holtwood Dorset

Fanny E TUBBS; Wife; M; 32; Hinton Martell Dorset

Elsia A TUBBS; Daughter; S; 8; Holtwood Dorset

Winifred M TUBBS; Daughter; S; 6; Holtwood Dorset

Ethel M TUBBS; Daughter; S; 4; Holtwood Dorset


Johnas KING; Head; M; 50; Gardener; Chalbury Dorset

Augusta KING; Wife; M; 49; Gussage All Saints Dorset

Alfred KING; Son; S; 19; Shepherd; Gussage All Saints Dorset

Edwin KING; Son; S; 14; Gardeners Lad; Gussage All Saints Dorset

Dorcas KING; Daughter; S; 12; Gussage All Saints Dorset

Charlie KING; Son; S; 8; Chalbury Dorset


George HART; Head; Widower; 61; Shepherd; Spetisbury Dorset


Henry W HART; Head; M; 39; Shepherd; Chalbury Dorset

Mary J HART; Wife; M; 38; Tarrant Gunville Dorset

William C HART; Son; S; 15; Shepherd; Holtwood Dorset

Bessie M HART; Daughter; S; 12; Scholar; Hinton Martell Dorset

Mabel M HART; Daughter; S; 9; Scholar; Chalbury Dorset

Elsie M HART; Daughter; S; 5; Scholar; Chalbury Dorset

George HART; Son; S; 2; Chalbury Dorset


Job LOADER; Head; M; 31; Mason; Horton Dorset

Alice LOADER; Wife; M; 29; Pimlico Middlesex

Elsie LOADER; Daughter; S; 6; Horton Dorset

Leonard TUBBS; Son; S; 51; General Labourer; Horton Dorset

Charles RYMAN; Head; M; 51; Shepherd; Woodcutts Wilts

Jane RYMAN; Wife; M; 49; Stickland Dorset

Kate RYMAN; Daughter; S; 24; Minchinhampton Dorset


Mary Jane STEELE; Head; Widow; 25; Langton Matravers Dorset

Hilda Mary STEELE; Daughter; S; 3; Chalbury Dorset


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