Chaldon Herring

Burials 1621 - 1880

Transcribed from the original parish registers held at the Dorset History Centre in Dorchester and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Kim Parker

 Arranged according to the Gregorian Calendar, with the Julian year indicated to the left of the forward slash (/) in those years when the Julian Calendar, which ran from March 25th to March 24th, was in use (i.e. prior to 1752, 1751 being the transition year).


30-Apr-1621; Stephen CROMEY

02-May-1621; John SNELLING

10-May-1621; Eleanor WHITE

22-May-1621; Elizabeth LAKE wife of Nicholas LAKE

11-Oct-1621; Dorothy LILLINGTON daughter of Thomas LILLINGTON


01-Apr-1622; Edward BENNET

30-Apr-1622; Jane SQUIBB daughter of John SQUIBB

14-Aug-1622; Sarah LAKE daughter of Nicholas LAKE

01-Oct-1622; Elizabeth WELLS widow

04-Nov-1622; Joan SKILLER daughter of Richard SKILLER

24-Nov-1622; Alice BISHOP widow


04-Nov-1623; Anne CROMEY wife of Stephen CROMEY

17-Nov-1623; Ananias CROMEY son of Stephen CROMEY


27-Feb-1623/4; Margaret SNELLINGE daughter of John & Eleanor [sic] SNELLINGE

09-Mar-1623/4; William MELCOMBE


22-Mar-1624/5; Elizabeth SNELLINGE wife of John SNELLINGE

04-Aug-1625; Bridget BALLEN daughter of Alice BALLEN

04-Sep-1625; Hannah GOVIES daughter of John GOVIES

22-Dec-1625; William MUNDAY

29-Dec-1625; Robert TOOPE


18-May-1626; Henry HUNT

16-Oct-1626; Hannah CROMEY daughter of Stephen CROMEY

13-Dec-1626; William HURST son of Emanuell HURST


18-Oct-1627; Simon TALBOT bastard son of Honour TALBOT


25-Feb-1627/8; Christian SNELLING widow

19-May-1628; Roger ROBINS son of Nicholas ROBINS curate

27-Nov-1628; Dorothy DEERING


12-Jan-1628/9; William WHITE

15-Feb-1628/9; Joan TOOPE widow

13-Apr-1629; John TALBOT

25-Apr-1629; Joan CROMWAY daughter of John CROMEY

09-Jul-1629; Alice CROMEY daughter of Stephen CROMEY

13-Jul-1629; Stephen SNELLING

15-Jul-1629; Stephen CROMEY

03-Dec-1629; Richard FROST son of Richard FROST

12-Dec-1629; Thomasin TALBOT wife of Nicholas TALBOT


30-Jan-1629/30; Reddigun DEERING

10-Feb-1629/30; Eleanor SWIRE daughter of John SWIRE

11-May-1630; Stephen CROMEY the elder

23-Nov-1630; Phillis BENNET widow

26-Nov-1630; Thomas SCOVEL

04-Jan-1630/1; Richard SPURRIER


31-Jan-1630/1; Elizabeth LILLINGTON wife of Thomas LILLINGTON

31-Jan-1630/1; William OSSET the younger

24-Feb-1630/1; Thomas LILLINGTON

29-Mar-1631; Elizabeth SQUIBB daughter of Edith SQUIBB widow

03-Jun-1631; William STEVENS son of William STEVENS

17-Jul-1631; Katherine SNELLING daughter of John SNELLING the younger

19-Jul-1631; Nathaniel SENLLINGE son of John SNELLINGE

02-Aug-1631; Roger LILLINGTON

26-Oct-1631; Elizabeth HAGGARD

13-Dec-1631; Thomas SQUIBB son of John SQUIBB


01-Feb-1631/2; John WHITE the elder of Fossell

15-Apr-1632; Agnes ARNOLL wife of Thomas ARNOLL

29-Apr-1632; Thomas ARNOLLE

17-Jun-1632; Miriam TALBOT

23-Jun-1632; Richard WHITE son of John WHITE

08-Aug-1632; Margaret SQUIBB daughter of John SQUIBB

02-Oct-1632; John BENNETT

11-May-1633; Mary SQUIBB

26-May-1633; Robert NORTHOVER

13-Aug-1633; Robert LILLINGTON


12-Jan-1633/4; Thomas WILLS

21-Feb-1633/4; Elizabeth SQIBB

15-Apr-1634; Sarah WHITE

18-Jun-1634; Henry LEWEDGE

14-Sep-1634; Simon SMITHS base child of Katherine SMITHS

21-Oct-1634; Luce MUNDEN widow

22-Oct-1634; Amias HUGH daughter of Henry HUGH of Holland [a hamlet, not the country]


09-Feb-1634/5; Eleanor CROCKER

29-Mar-1635; Alice STEEVENS wife of Richard STEEVENS

11-Jun-1635; Thomas CADDIE of Holland [a hamlet, not the country]

20-Dec-1635; Mary SQUIBB daughter of John SQUIBB


24-Jan-1635/6; William OSSET

26-Jan-1635/6; Agnes LEWEDG of Fossell

28-Apr-1636; Grace BISHOP wife of George BISHOP

14-Dec-1636; Elizabeth SNELLING


27-Feb-1636/7; Margaret CROMMIE widow

09-Apr-1637; Elizabeth BAT of Fossell

26-May-1637; Winefreith KNIGHT widow

28-Jun-1637; Elizabeth REASON wife of Richard REASON

30-Jun-1637; Henry SEAMOR

20-Jul-1637; Elizabeth SKILLER widow of South Holland [a hamlet, not the country]

20-Aug-1637; Eleanor JESSOP wife of George JESSOP


19-Jan-1637/8; James PAINE son of Robert PAINE of Fossell

04-Aug-1638; Luke HAGGARD

20-Aug-1638; Magdalen OSSET widow

28-Aug-1638; Nicholas GREGORIE

02-Dec-1638; Joseph SEAMAN


07-Jan-1638/9; Richard STEVENS

10-Jan-1638/9; Agnes LILLINGTON wife of Edward LILLINGTON

10-Jan-1638/9; Joseph LILLINGTON

26-Jan-1638/9; John WHITE

14-Jun-1639; Eleanor SWIRE wife of John SWIRE

03-Aug-1639; [illegible] CROMEY daughter of Joan CROMEY

14-Sep-1639; John SNELLING

01-Oct-1639; Henry LILLINGTON

13-Oct-1639; Henry SNELLING

16-Oct-1639; Ann LILLINGTON widow

06-Dec-1639; William BRAY clerk

22-Dec-1639; Walter MURREY


04-Jan-1639/40; Robert BRAY son of William BRAY

15-Feb-1639/40; John MEADON son of Charles & Christian MEADON

16-Feb-1639/40; Henry SEIMER son of Henry & Margaret SEIMER

19-Mar-1639/40; Prudence LAKE daughter of Nicholas LAKE

21-Apr-1640; Magdalen JESSOP

26-May-1640; George LILLINGTON the elder

26-Jun-1640; widow KEATE

03-Jul-1640; David TALBOTT

21-Aug-1640; Edith TALBOTT widow

31-Aug-1640; Jane WHITE wife of Edmund WHITE

04-Oct-1640; John GRAMWAY (?)


19-Jan-1640/1; Joan GREGORY widow

22-Jan-1640/1; Agnes SNELLING wife of John SNELLING

01-Feb-1640/1; Robert FIANDER

26-Mar-1641; Agnes FIANDER [entered twice]

19-Jul-1641; James SEIMER [entered twice]

09-Oct-1641; Edmund SEIMER son of Henry SEIMER


22-Feb-1641/2; Thomas MEADER

29-Jun-1642; George JESSOP

28-Dec-1642; Margaret LILLINGTON


01-Jan-1642/3; Lydia LILLINGTON

21-Jan-1642/3; Joseph LILLINGTON

03-Feb-1642/3; Joan WHITE

05-Feb-1642/3; Robert TILLEY

24-Feb-1642/3; Joan HURST

01-Mar-1642/3; Joan FIVIAN

30-Mar-1643; Marie DIBSDALE

08-Apr-1643; Joan SMITH widow

17-Apr-1643; Anne WHITE daughter of Edmund & Bettrice WHITE

30-Aug-1643; Margery KINGE

22-Dec-1643; Andrew FOOKE

28-Dec-1643; Maud LILLINGTON


16-Feb-1643/4; Alice STROWDE

05-Mar-1643/4; Agnes SNELLING

16-Apr-1644; Anne REASON

17-Apr-1644; Roger STROWDE

14-May-1644; Elizabeth WHITE base born

26-May-1644; Dorothy BENNETT

31-May-1644; Eleanor SNELLING widow

26-Jul-1644; Emanuel CHARLES

30-Oct-1644; Edward LILLINGTON

15-Dec-1644; Alice GREGORIE


22-May-1645; Joan HAGGARD

13-Jun-1645; Richard SAMSON

09-Sep-1645; Edith GOULDINGE of Ringstead

26-Dec-1645; Henry COSTFIELD


20-Feb-1645/6; Henry GOULDINGE

04-Apr-1646; Richard KINGE

28-Aug-1646; widow CADDEY


05-Mar-1646/7; Matthias SAMSON

30-May-1647; Susan CHURCHILL

31-May-1647; Margaret LILLINGTON

27-Nov-1647; Elizabeth GILLINGHAM


03-Oct-1648; Temperance LILLINGTON widow

10-Nov-1648; Jonathan REASON son of John & Christian REASON


09-Jul-1649; Elizabeth HOMER


07-Jan-1649/50; Ann JESOPP daughter of John JESOPP [same day as christening]

28-Apr-1650; John HOMAN

04-Jul-1650; Nicholas ZEAMON


25-Jul-1651; Mary SEAMORE

14-Dec-1651; Alice WHITT


27-Jan-1651/2; Elizabeth SNELLING

16-Apr-1652; Thomas REASON

15-Jun-1652; John LOVELACE

04-Jul-1652; Eleanor LAKE wife of Gregory LAKE

01-Dec-1652; George TYLLEY


21-Jul-1653; John BAYLY

05-Sep-1653; George BENNET son of Edward BENNET


14-May-1654; Walter HALL

06-Aug-1654; Robert GRIFFON of South Holland

20-Aug-1654; Christian HURST wife of Robert HURST

27-Aug-1654; child of Robert HUST

03-Sep-1654; George STEVENS

05-Sep-1654; John SNELLING

16-Nov-1654; William HAGGARD

18-Dec-1654; Margery SQUIBB


22-Jan-1654/5; Alice TILLIE wife of John TILLIE

01-Feb-1654/5; Richard SNELLING

05-Aug-1655; Nicholas LAKE


27-Jan-1655/6; William FIANDER

29-Mar-1656; Edith GREENE

02-Jul-1656; Alice BRIDELL wife of William BRIDELL

16-Aug-1656; Sarah DASHWOOD daughter of John DASHWOOD, gentleman of North Holtwood

30-Oct-1656; John LILLINGTON son of George LILLINGTON

05-Dec-1656; Mary LOVELESSE daughter of Bridge LOVELESSE widow


06-Feb-1656/7; Emanuel HURST

14-Feb-1656/7; Joan HUST widow

12-Mar-1656/7; William PETTEY son of William PETTEY

21-Apr-1657; George BISHOP

03-Sep-1657; Honor SQUIB daughter of John SQUIB

18-Sep-1657; Mary KINGE wife of Richard KINGE

05-Oct-1657; Mary KING daughter of Richard KING

07-Oct-1657; John LILLINGTON

22-Nov-1657; John SQUIBB

28-Nov-1657; Avis FIANDER wife of John FIANDER

03-Dec-1657; Anne JACOBB


01-Jan-1657/8; Benjamin SNELLING

14-Jan-1657/8; Anne JESSUP wife of John JESSUP

09-Feb-1657/8; John GRIGORIE the elder

12-Feb-1657/8; Mary LACKE daughter of Gregory LACKE

02-Mar-1657/8; Ann GREACKE wife of Edward GREACKE

03-Apr-1658; John DAISHOD son of John DAISHOD [DASHWOOD] the younger

06-Apr-1658; Agnes SNELLING daughter of John SNELLING

19-May-1658; Thomas LILLINGTON son of Roger LILLINGTON

05-Jun-1658; Ann HALL wife of Henry HALL

12-Jul-1658; Elizabeth SNELLING wife of George SNELLING

15-Jul-1658; Mary TARRENT wife of Lawrence TARRENT

19-Jul-1658; John HURST son of Robert HUST

22-Aug-1658; Anne TARENT daughter of David TARENT

02-Sep-1658; Bernard CHURCHILL senior

11-Nov-1658; Nicholas ROBBEINS clerk


18-Feb-1658/9; Betteras WHITE wife of Edmond WHITE of Forcell

01-Apr-1659; Alice WHITE wife of John WHITE of Forcell

13-Oct-1659; Tomsin WHITE of Forcell

22-Nov-1659; Rachel SCOOT [sic] wife of Henry SCOTT

23-Nov-1659; John TILLIE


05-Jul-1660; Joan CADDIES

13-Jul-1660; Hannah JEASIPP wife of John JEASIPP


08-Aug-1661; Robert LILLINGTON son of Richard LILLINGTON

13-Oct-1661; Richard LILLINGTON son of Richard LILLINGTON

30-Oct-1661; Goeg SNILLING



08-Mar-1665; Edward GREEKE

28-Jun-1665; John DASHOD of Holworth


[none recorded]


10-Aug-1667; John BOFFEY

05-Sep-1667; William STEFENS

26-Sep-1667; William FOUKE

24-Dec-1667; Richard REASON the elder


06-Feb-1667/8; Susanna WHITE widow

26-Feb-1667/8; Alice WHITE wife of John WHIT

05-May-1668; Richard REASON son of Thomas & Alice REASON

15-Jun-1668; George LILLINGTON

15-Jul-1668; Thomsin POUKE wife of William POUKE

02-Oct-1668; Samuel POUKE son of William & Thomsin POUKE

09-Dec-1668; Mary FLAG wife of Matthew FLAG


19-Feb-1668/9; Lawrence TARRENT

13-Apr-1669; William SEAMAN

18-Apr-1669; Mary SEAMAN widow

22-Apr-1669; John LILLINGTON son of Roger LILLINGTON

22-Apr-1669; Dorothy SNELLING wife of George SNELLING

28-Apr-1669; Anthony BILLET

10-May-1669; Mr Barnard TOUP

20-May-1669; Anthony SNELLING son of John SNELLING

21-Sep-1669; Mary LAKE

10-Oct-1669; Margaret FOUCK widow

08-Dec-1669; Richard LAKE son of Mary LAKE

24-Dec-1669; Gregory LAKE


16-Feb-1669/70; Robert WHITE son of John WHITE

18-Feb-1669/70; Agnes SNELLING

20-Feb-1669/70; Thomas SQUIBE son of Thomas SQUIBE

04-Mar-1669/70; Elizabeth LILLINGTON

10-Mar-1669/70; Grace SNELLING daughter of John SNELLING

25-Mar-1670; John SNELLING

28-Mar-1670; Elizabeth SNELLING daughter of James SNELLING

10-Sep-1670; John FIANDER

24-Nov-1670; Henry SCOTE


06-Jan-1670/1. Luke KINGE

12-May-1671; Robert SEAMON

21-May-1671; Edward LILLINGTON

09-Dec-1671; Joan WITES


12-Jan-1671/2; Mary REASON

19-Feb-1671/2; Henry GILBERAD

07-May-1672; William SLADE

12-Jun-1762; William POUKE

04-Sep-1762; Lucy GILBERT

07-Oct-1762; Richard SNLINGE


07-Mar-1672/3; Robert GOSLEN

12-Oct-1673; Robert PITFIELD son of Sebastian & Christian PITFIELD


12-Jan-1673/4; Mary HOULET daughter of Henry & Grace HOULET

06-Feb-1673/4; Judith HALL daughter of Henry HALL

14-Feb-1673/4; Ealce (?) STEVENS (?) daughter of Elizabeth STEVENS


27-Apr-1675; Alice SNELLING


20-Jun-1676; Mary WHITE

27-Aug-1676; Dorothy BENNETT


07-Jan-1676/7; Samuel SQUIBB

20-May-1677; Elizabeth LILLINGTON

06-Jun-1677; Luze TABOT

04-Aug-1677; John REASON


12-Jan-1677/8; Alice BOYLAND



09-Aug-1685; Grace HOWLET wife of Henry HOWLET

__-Nov-1685; Edmund WHITE the elder



01-Dec-1696; Roger LENTEN deceased


02-Apr-1697; Henry FOOKS deceased



24-May-1702; Samuel HURST


14-Feb-1702/3; Johanna CLARK wife of John CLARK


18-Jan-1703/4; Martha GILBERD

26-Mar-1704; John SQUEB

26-Mar-1704; George HULET

19-Apr-1704; Joanna TOOP

07-May-1704; Elizabeth WHELER

17-May-1704; Mary WHIT

25-Jun-1704; Anne MEADEN

29-Jun-1704; John LILLINGTON

23-Oct-1704; William LILLINGTON

21-Dec-1704; John SQUEB


21-Jan-1704/5; John SQUEB

23-Sep-1705; William DOLBRE

09-___-1705; Henry PELLE


07-Aug-1706; Laurence SNELLING son of Francis (?) & Bridget SNELLING

18-Sep-1706; Martha [illegible] daughter of George & Elizabeth [illegible]

10-Oct-1706; Edith BELLET (?)

02-Nov-1706; Robert SQUEB (?)




14-Jul-1708; William TOOP

05-Sep-1708; John SNELLING

05-Nov-1708; Elizabeth DESKET

12-Nov-1708; Thomas DESKET


19-Mar-1708/9; William SIMES

04-Jul-1709; Robert BURDEN

18-Oct-1709; Elizabeth KING


16-Apr-1710; Nathaniel GRIFEN

13-Aug-1710; Joane SEAMER


11-Feb-1710/11; Mearie ILLE

13-Aug-1711; Mary BOYLAND

17-Oct-1711; Robert MEADEN of Holord


15-Apr-1712; James MEADEN, at Owermoigne, father of Thomas, James & Elizabeth MEADEN

17-Sep-1712; Edmund WHIT

16-Nov-1712; Richard MEADEN

18-Dec-1712; Bridget SNELLEN


16-Mar-1712/3; Mrs Hannah TOOPE widow

23-Mar-1712/3; Uriah SLADE


28-Apr-1714; Nathaniel LILLINGTON

29-May-1714; Robert LILLINGTON

07-Nov-1714; John LILLINGTON

14-Dec-1714; Mary HINE daughter of Richard HINE


12-Jan-1714/5; Ann FISHER wife of John FISHER

27-Jun-1715; Henry SAYMER

11-Oct-1715; Mary VINCENT

13-Nov-1715; Susannah CLARKE wife of Henry CLARKE


14-Mar-1715/6; James NEWMAN son of John NEWMAN

25-Mar-1716; Henry HULETT

23-May-1716; John WHITE

28-Jun-1716; John CHURCHILL

19-Aug-1716; Henry CLARCK


20-Nov-1717; Alice LILLINGTON wife of Nathaniel LILLINGTON


29-Jan-1717/8; John TOOGOOD

02-Feb-1717/8; Mary HULETT

05-Oct-1718; Mr George DOLLBERY

11-Oct-1718; Susannah GRIFFIN wife of Benjamin GRIFFIN

02-Dec-1718; Joyce HULETT

17-Dec-1718; Johanah STEVENTON


13-Apr-1719; Hannah HINE

10-Sep-1719; Thomas MEADEN losed this life 7 Sep 1719 and was buried at Owermoigne the 10th day 1719

13-Aug-1719; Allthe CHERRY daughter of Samuel CHERRY

05-Nov-1719; Solomon WHITE

05-Nov-1719; James BEARNS

11-Nov-1719; Judith CHERRY wife of Samuel CHERRY, died 9 Nov 1719

13-Nov-1719; Mary SANDERS


20-Feb-1719/20; John CLARKE junior

02-Mar-1719/20; Laurence SNELLING

20-Mar-1719/20; Elizabeth SNELLING daughter of John SNELLING died

02-Jul-1720; Elizabeth HEULET


23-Aug-1721; Sarah ELMES

20-Dec-1721; Thomas BURDEN son of Pass [Percival] & Sarah BURDEN


14-Oct-1722; Ann TALBOT wife of Lewis TALBOT

22-Oct-1722; John GRIGORY


05-May-1723; Lewis TALBUT


29-Sep-1724; Susannah LILLINGTON widow

27-Oct-1724; Dorothy HINDE wife of Richard HINDE

26-Nov-1724; Robert SQUEEB son of Richard SQUEEB


12-Jan-1724/5; Giles HINDE son of Richard HINDE

08-May-1725; Dorothy SNELLING wife of John SNELLING


06-Jan-1725/6; Robert SEAMER

17-Apr-1726; John SNELLING son of John & Elizabeth SNELLING

06-Nov-1726; Joan COMBERSHALL friendless


11-Feb-1726/7; George GRIFFIN son of Benjamin GRIFFIN

11-Feb-1726/7; Mary HUST daughter of Mary SNELLING

18-Mar-1726/7; John FOOKS

02-Jul-1727; Susannah KING daughter of Thomas KING

09-Nov-1727; Ann REETMAN widow


04-Jan-1727/8; Dorothy GRIFFEN widow

28-Feb-1727/8; John FOOKS son of John FOOKS

14-May-1728; Joan SEMER widow

01-Sep-1728; Robert WHEELER

16-Dec-1728; George LILLINGTON


14-Feb-1728/9; Henry TALBUT

19-Apr-1729; Mary GRIFFIN daughter of Benjamin & Mary GRIFFIN

09-Jun-1729; Mabel WHITE widow

19-Sep-1729; John FORD

02-Dec-1729; Mary WHITE


24-Jan-1729/30; John SNELLING

11-Feb-1729/30; Thomas SQUIBB son of Richard SQUIBB

25-Feb-1729/30; Joan WHITE wife of George WHITE

29-May-1730; Jane COMMERSHALL

26-Jun-1730; Ann SQUIBB

26-Jun-1730; Elizabeth PELLY

05-Oct-1730; Rebecca BARNS wife of Thomas BARNS

10-Oct-1730; Elizabeth BARNS wife of George BARNS

26-Nov-1730; Thomas BARNS

24-Dec-1730; Martha KING wife of Thomas KING, died 22 Dec


29-Jan-1730/1; Esther SQUIBB daughter of John & Susannah SQUIBB

23-Feb-1730/1; Ezekiel SLEAD

14-Mar-1730/1; Mary FINDER daughter of John & Sarah FINDER [FIANDER]

15-Apr-1731; Timothy LILLINGTON

21-Apr-1731; Grace GRIFFEN daughter of Benjamin & Mary

01-May-1731; John FIANDER son of John & Sarah FIANDER

24-May-1731; Ann SHERCOM daughter of George & Elizabeth SHERCOM

23-Jun-1731; Margaret BRIDLE wife of Henry BRIDLE of Steeple

25-Jun-1731; Richard SQUIBB

01-Nov-1731; Mary LILLINGTON widow of the late Timothy LILLINGTON


18-Mar-1731/2; George FORD of Osmington

09-Apr-1732; Elizabeth HUNT

19-Apr-1732; John STEPHENS

21-Dec-1732; George WHITE


14-Jan-1732/3; Mary HURST

04-Apr-1733; Jane GREGORY of Winfrith

20-May-1733; Elizabeth SQUIB

09-Sep-1733; Charles BAKER son of John & Martha BAKER

05-Dec-1733; John CLARKE


05-Jan-1733/4; Charles FLAGG

14-Feb-1733/4; Robert SQUIB son of Robert SQUIB

11-Oct-1734; Robert HONEY

13-Oct-1734; Mary HONEY


10-Aug-1735; John SQUIBB

13-Nov-1735; Walter KINGSBURY


18-Apr-1736; Joan HARREST

11-May-1736; Ann REEP

29-Jun-1736; Mary BURT

15-Jul-1736; Jane FIANDER

27-Jul-1736; Edith GRIFFIN

15-Aug-1736; Jane SLADE

27-Aug-1736; Thomas VINE


07-May-1737; Mrs Elizabeth TURNER widow

07-May-1737; Sarah BAKER daughter of John & Martha BAKER

13-Dec-1737; William SNELLING

25-Dec-1737; Avis SNELLING


24-Jan-1737/8; James SNELLING

31-Mar-1738; Thomas CLARKE

31-Mar-1738; Agnes CHAPPELL

20-Aug-1738; Eve KING

10-Sep-1738; William GREGORY son of Nathaniel & Edith GREGORY of Winfrith

05-Dec-1728; Alice TOOGOOD


02?-Jan-1738/9; George GRIFFIN infant son of George & Jane GRIFFIN

09?-Jan-1738/9; Robert SQUIB son of Robert & Anne SQUIB

20-Mar-1738/9; Jane ARNEY wife of Edward ARNEY

12-Aug-1739; John GREGORY of Winfrith

31-Aug-1739; Nathaniel GREGORY of Winfrith

14-Sep-1739; John SQUIB

21-Sep-1739; Richard FOOK

24-Nov-1739; George GRIFFIN infant son of George & Jane GRIFFIN


01-May-1740; Mary TILLY

17-May-1740; Bernard HURST

13-Nov-1740; William BRIDLE


11-May-1741; Rebecca TALBOT

17-May-1741; Eleanor WHITE

21-Jun-1741; John SNELLING

08-Jul-1741; Elizabeth HARRIS daughter of John HARRIS

08-Jul-1741; John GREGORY son of John & Martha GREGORY


21-Apr-1742; Robert TIZARD

27-Aug-1742; Jane FOOK daughter of John & Elizabeth FOOK

16-Sep-1742; Mary SNELLING a poor old widow

20-Oct-1742; Elizabeth CUMMERSHAL wife of Richard CUMMERSHAL alias LOCK

07-Dec-1742; Jenny CUMMERSHAL daughter of Richard CUMMERSHAL alias LOCK


24-Jan-1742/3; Martha LILLINGTON daughter of George & Ann LILLINGTON

27-Jan-1742/3; Tamsey HURST

08-Mar-1742/3; Lydia SPEER of Corfe Castle

11-May-1743; Betty STURMY daughter of Thomas & Susan STURMY

14-Oct-1743; Thomas KING the elder


15-Mar-1743/4; Edward Tizard KING son of James & Mary KING

21-Mar-1743/4; John GARLAND son of Joseph & Mary GARLAND


19-Apr-1745; Frances STEPHENS wife of George STEPHENS

24-Apr-1745; George STEPHENS

23-Dec-1745; Agnes WALLIS


01-Jan-1745/6; Anne HIBBS wife of Elias HIBBS

19-Apr-1746; Elizabeth ARNEY daughter of John & Rose ARNEY

02-Dec-1746; Stephen VINE son of Mary VINE


05-Apr-1747; Robert HIBBS son of Elias HIBBS

23-May-1747; Nathaniel GREGORY

24-Aug-1747; Susan GALTON wife of [left blank] GALTON

04-Nov-1747; Margaret BRIDLE daughter of William & Mary BRIDLE


19-Apr-1748; Mr George LILLINGTON

30-Jul-1748; Hannah MEADEN wife of John MEADEN


19-Apr-1749; Priscilla CLARK

01-Jul-1749; Thomas RASH son of Thomas & Mary RASH

15-Jul-1749; George BARNES gent

29-Jul-1749; Edward ARNEY

01-Oct-1749; John ARNEY


16-Jan-1749/50; James GALE base born son of Elizabeth GALE

26-Mar-1750; Sarah FOOK daughter of John & Elizabeth FOOK

03-Apr-1750; Joseph TRINKHOLE

26-Oct-1750; a daughter of William & Mary SNOOK

28-Oct-1750; Mary TIZARD daughter of Silas & Sarah TIZARD

10-Nov-1750; George RANDALL son of Richard & Lydia RANDALL

17-Nov-1750; John GREGORY son of John & Martha GREGORY

21-Nov-1750; John GREGORY


06-Feb-1750/1; William LOCK base born son of Mary LOCK

16-Jul-1751; John NELSON

17-Sep-1751; James NEWMAN son of William & Anne NEWMAN


12-Jan-1752; Anne SKRODE daughter of Robert & Anne SKRODE

21-Jun-1752; Sarah BURDEN wife of Percival BURDEN

21-Nov-1752; Betty TIZARD


20-Jan-1753; Jenny HIBBS daughter of David & Jenny HIBBS

24-Mar-1753; Mary KING wife of James KING

22-May-1753; Thomas RANDALL son of Richard & Lydia RANDALL

09-Nov-1753; Bridget FLAGG


16-Apr-1754; Jane HARRIS wife of John HARRIS


23-Jun-1755; Sarah LILLINGTON daughter of George & Anne LILLINGTON


[none recorded]


11-Feb-1757; Richard HIND

07-Mar-1757; Mary ALLEN daughter of John & Elizabeth ALLEN


01-Jan-1758; Susannah SQUIB

08-Jan-1758; Margaret TALBOT wife of John TALBOT

14-Jan-1758; Anne SAXAY daughter of Robert & Sarah SAXAY

05-Feb-1758; Jenny HIBBS daughter of James & Jane HIBBS

14-Feb-1758; John SNELLING

04-May-1758; Margaret WILLIAMS daughter of Ellis & Mary WILLIAMS

02-Jun-1758; Anne BAG daughter of Samuel & Mary BAG

20-Jul-1758; Mary HIBBS daughter of James & Jane HIBBS

31-Jul-1758; Robert MAYBE son of Henry & Susannah MAYBE

16-Aug-1758; William BURT son of Robert & Anne BURT

23-Aug-1758; John TALBOT son of John & Margaret TALBOT

27-Aug-1758; Elizabeth ALLEN wife of John ALLEN

08-Oct-1758; David ALLEN son of John & Elizabeth ALLEN


18-Jan-1759; Mary BOLLEN widow

06-May-1759; John ALLEN

05-Jun-1759; George GREGORY son of William & Elizabeth GREGORY

08-Jun-1759; Anne SAXEY daughter of Robert & Sarah SAXEY

25-Nov-1759; Ann NEWMAN wife of William NEWMAN


09-Jan-1760; Robert LILLINGTON shepherd

13-Apr-1760; Edith GREGORY widow aged 99

30-Apr-1760; John LOCK son of Joseph & Elizabeth LOCK

08-May-1760; Elizabeth BAGG daughter of Samuel & Mary BAGG

21-May-1760; Richard BAG labourer

27-Jun-1760; James KING labourer

01-Aug-1760; Mary GREGORY daughter of William & Elizabeth GREGORY

08-Aug-1760; William WINZAR son of William & Anne WINZAR


24-Jan-1761; John LOCK son of Joseph & Elizabeth LOCK

31-Mar-1761; Mary BAGG daughter of Samuel & Mary BAGG

17-Sep-1761; Mrs Mary LILLINGTON

25-Sep-1761; John HARRIS

06-Oct-1761; Elizabeth NEWTON wife of Thomas NEWTON

29-Nov-1761; Robert HARRIS base born son of Susan HARRIS


14-Feb-1762; Jane WINDSOR wife of William WINDSOR

04-Apr-1762; Jenny PITMAN daughter of James & Mary PITMAN

27-Apr-1762; John HARRIS son of John & Elizabeth HARRIS

02-May-1762; Susanna MAIBY daughter of Henry & Susanna MAIBY

18-May-1762; Robert MAIBY son of Henry & Susanna MAIBY

25-May-1762; Mary HIBBS daughter of James & Jane HIBBS

02-Jun-1762; George BRIDLE son of Henry & Martha BRIDLE

16-Jun-1762; George GREGORY son of William & Elizabeth GREGORY

25-Jun-1762; [blank] HIBBS son of James & Jane HIBBS

17-Jul-1762; Eleanor HOOD wife of Robert HOOD

20-Jul-1762; Hannah BURT wife of William BURT

18-Aug-1762; Richard GOSTELOWE Esq

05-Sep-1762; Sarah SNELLING daughter of John & E. SNELLING

14-Dec-1762; Elizabeth SNELLING widow of John SNELLING


31-Jan-1763; Philip PALMITER

17-Mar-1763; Elizabeth TRINKHOLE

19-May-1763; Anne KELLY daughter of Henry KELLY

09-Jul-1763; Margaret BRIDLE daughter of Henry & Martha BRIDLE

28-Dec-1763; Joan BOYLAND


19-Apr-1764; Elizabeth WILLIAMS wife of Robert WILLIAMS

08-Jul-1764; Thomas BAGG son of Samuel & Mary BAGG

17-Jul-1764; William TALBOT

04-Dec-1764; Elizabeth TALBOT

11-Dec-1764; John LOCK son of John & Elizabeth LOCK


22-Jan-1765; Joseph KIPP

25-Sep-1765; Thomas KING

16-Oct-1765; Henry TALBOT


12-Apr-1766; John MILLER son of Matthew & Elizabeth MILLER

22-Jun-1766; Jane MILLER daughter of Matthew & Elizabeth MILLER

09-Jul-1766; Mary PALMITER widow

31-Aug-1766; Jane WINDSOR daughter of John & Ann WINDSOR


16-Aug-1767; George GRIFFEN

05-Oct-1767; Benjamin GRIFFEN


07-Oct-1768; Dorothy SNELLING daughter of Larans & Bridget SNELLING


14-Jan-1769; Mary GRIFEN wife of Benjamin GRIFEN

31-Mar-1769; John NOTTING son of John NOTTING

23-Apr-1769; George NOTHOUR [possibly meant to be NORTHOVER or NOTLEY]

04-May-1769; Robert GRIFFEN

05-Jul-1769; Jeney GREFFEN [sic] daughter of George GRIFFEN

28-Jul-1769; Robert HOOD son of Robert HOOD

02-Oct-1769; William NOTTLEY son of John & Faney NOTTLEY

20-Oct-1769; Philip PALMETER son of Philip & Rebecca PALMETER

19-Nov-1769; Joseph NOTLEY son of John & Frases [Frances] NOTLEY

08-Dec-1769; Joseph ALLEN son of John & Elnar ALLEN


12-Jan-1770; William WINSER son of John & Ann WINSER

23-Jan-1770; Thomas KING son of James & Mary KING

06-Feb-1770; William WINSER son of William WINSER

26-Apr-1770; Thomas SIMES

06-Jul-1770; William GOULD

09-Oct-1770; Mary BRDLE [probably meant to be BRIDLE]

29-Oct-1770; Elizabeth BARNS

12-Dec-1770; Henry WORLD Esquire


01-Apr-1771; Robert HOOD

08-Dec-1771; Thomas SURMEY [possibly meant to be STURMEY]


03-Mar-1772; [illegible BAG daughter of Samuel & Mary BAG


01-Mar-1773; [Marey (?)] MILER daughter of Matthew & Elizabeth MILER

10-Apr-1773; [Marey (?)] VINE wife of Stephen VINE


08-Feb-1774; [Thomas BAGG (?)] child of Samuel & Mary

18-Aug-1774; Mrs Sarah GOULD wife of Mr John GOULD

_8-Sep-1774; [Lost] BRIDEL daughter of Henry & Martha BRIDEL

14-Oct-1774; [Mary (?)] SNELLING wife of John SNELLING

21-Dec-1774; [Lost] GEAP daughter of Andrew & Betty GEAP


05-Apr-1775; Joseph TRINKHOLE husband of Betty TRINKHOLE


12-Jan-1776; John FOOKS husband of Betty FOOKS

18-Jan-1776; Mary BAG wife of Samuel BAG

18-Jan-1776; Sarah BAG daughter of Samuel & Mary BAG

05-Dec-1776; Mrs Ann LILLINGTON wife of Mr Robert LILLINGTON

13-Dec-1776; Betty GEAP daughter of Andrew & Betty GEAP

16-Dec-1776; Sarah DOUNTEN wife of William DOUNTEN

29-Dec-1776; Samuel BAG son of Samuel & Betty BAG


29-Jul-1777; Robert BALL

06-Nov-1777; Betty FOAN daughter of John & Mary FOAN

13-Nov-1777; John WILLSHIRE son of Robert & Mary WILLSHIRE

10-Dec-1777; Sarah GEAP daughter of Andrew & Betty GEAP


21-Jun-1778; Sarah FURMADGE daughter of John & Mary FURMADGE

26-Nov-1778; Thomas NEWTON of East Knighton


12-Feb-1779; Dorothy TALBOT wife of John TALBOT

28-Jun-1779; Mary HENNING daughter of William & Elizabeth HENNING

07-Oct-1779; Sarah TALBOT daughter of Lewis & Ann TALBOT

14-Nov-1779; John KING base born son of Jane KING

17-Nov-1779; Margaret WINDSOR daughter of John & Ann WINDSOR

30-Nov-1779; Richard CUMMERSHALL commonly called John LOCK


__-Feb-1780; Thomas FOOKES son of William & Jane FOOKES

15-Mar-1780; Thomas OKE

11-Nov-1780; Robert SQUIB

12-Dec-1780; Isaac GAPE son of Andrew & Betty GAPE


27-Oct-1781; Robert HARRIS son of John & Elizabeth HARRIS


07-Mar-1782; Mary FONE wife of John FONE

16-Mar-1782; Mary WILLSHIRE daughter of Robert & Mary WILLSHIRE

22-Mar-1782; William TALBOT aged 90

13-May-1782; George LILLINGTON senior

20-Aug-1782; Judith GRIFFIN wife of Nathaniel GRIFFIN

25-Aug-1782; Jane SLYFIELD

09-Dec-1782; Mary GAPE daughter of Andrew & Betty GAPE


10-Apr-1783; Elizabeth LOCK wife of John LOCK

11-Oct-1783; Margaret PARMITER daughter of Philip & Rebekah PARMITER

06-Dec-1783; John SQUIB


15-Jan-1784; Ann SQUIB daughter of Sarah SQUIB widow

15-Jan-1784; John SQUIB son of Robert & Susannah SQUIB

13-Apr-1784; Mary HARRIS daughter of John & Elizabeth HARRIS


23-Mar-1785; William WINDSOR

14-Apr-1785; Nathaniel GRIFFIN

05-Jun-1785; [Richard] GREGORY base born son of Catherine GREGORY

29-Sep-1785; William BURT

17-Dec-1785; Sarah WILCOX


29-Aug-1786; Mrs Mary GOSTELOWE

29-Oct-1786; Silas TIZARD


29-Mar-1787; James JAMES an infant

09-Apr-1787; William JAMES an infant

23-Apr-1787; Robert LILLINGTON junior

09-Aug-1787; John GALE aged 26

31-Dec-1787; Elizabeth MILLER


24-Oct-1788; Elizabeth BAGG pauper

09-Nov-1788; James KING

09-Dec-1788; Mrs Judith WORRALE


13-Mar-1789; Joan LILLINGTON

19-Mar-1789; John SLAFIELD

31-Dec-1789; Anna JAMES


08-Nov-1790; Jenny HARRIS


27-May-1791; Thomas LILLINGTON

19-Jul-1791; George LILLINGTON junior

25-Jul-1791; James HIBBS pauper

19-Nov-1791; Ann SYMS


05-Aug-1792; Lydia RANDELL

06-Aug-1792; Robert GALE

28-Oct-1792; Sarah FRY




14-Jan-1794; Susannah GREGORY pauper

25-Jul-1794; Elizabeth BROWN

26-Oct-1794; Margaret BATTER

04-Nov-1794; Mrs Ann GOSTELOWE

01-Dec-1794; Lewis TALBOT

25-Dec-1794; Rachael PLOMBER


22-Apr-1795; Mary TRINCOLE


04-Mar-1796; John VINE

13-Mar-1796; Robert HIBBS

24-Mar-1796; William NEWMAN

12-Jul-1796; Jane STICKLEY daughter of William & Elizabeth STICKLEY

31-Jul-1796; Anne VINE


12-Mar-1797; George HARRIS

27-Jun-1797; Anne SQUIB

29-Jul-1797; Mrs Anne LILLINGTON

15-Dec-1797; Sarah HELLIER wife of Mr Henry HELLIER


26-Jan-1798; Elizabeth NEWMAN widow of William NEWMAN




12-Feb-1800; James FIANDER


26-Mar-1801; Sarah TIZARD

17-Apr-1801; William OAK

12-Aug-1801; John LOCK

10-Sep-1801; Betty STURMEY




08-Oct-1803; Thomas STURMEY

22-Oct-1803; Edith PITTMAN wife of Thomas PITTMAN


28-Feb-1804; Margaret WILLIAMS wife of Ellis WILLIAMS

31-May-1804; Jane HARTNEL daughter of Abraham & Margaret HARTNEL

09-Aug-1804; Charles SCUTT son of Charles & Elizabeth SCUTT

26-Aug-1804; Anne TALBOT widow of Lewis TALBOT

27-Dec-1804; Elizabeth BELLY wife of John BELLY


01-Jul-1805; Jane BRINE wife of Richard BRINE

12-Nov-1805; Mrs Mary LILLINGTON


25-Mar-1806; Mrs Elizabeth COOPER

13-Jun-1806; Robert WILTSHIRE


04-Apr-1807; Mrs Elizabeth CAINES

05-Jul-1807; Susannah STURMEY

08-Oct-1807; Anne TALBOT


21-Feb-1808; William SYMMONDS

27-Apr-1808; Henry BRIDLE

21-May-1808; Ellis WILLIAMS

09-Jun-1808; Anne SQUIBB

03-Jul-1808; Jane FOOKES

09-Oct-1808; Thomas STURMEY

07-Nov-1808; John TALBOT


05-Feb-1809; Joseph LOCK

14-Apr-1809; William STICKLEY

21-Apr-1809; James BELLY

01-Jun-1809; Richard SQUIBB

10-Jun-1809; Sarah RIDOUT

31-Dec-1809; Jane THOMAS widow


12-Feb-1810; Anne SLYFIELD widow

23-May-1810; Mary KEATS wife of Edward KEATS


17-Feb-1811; Mr William SOPER


23-Feb-1812; George NOTTON

23-Mar-1812; Robert Eakins LILLINGTON

12-Aug-1812; Betty STEVENS daughter of William & Mary STEVENS


11-Apr-1813; Mary LAMBERT 77

16-Oct-1813; William TALBOT an infant

24-Oct-1813; Elizabeth TALBOT an infant

26-Dec-1813; Hannah SOPER 53


06-Nov-1814; William PITMAN an infant


29-Jan-1815; William FOOKS 77

17-May-1815; Sarah BROWN 67

28-Jun-1815; Robert SQUIB 74


09-Jan-1816; Martha BRIDLE 85


09-Feb-1817; Mary BURDEN 16

11-Apr-1817; Susanna BARTLETT 41

27-May-1817; Betty BISHOP 67

17-Oct-1817; Phillip PARMITER of West Lulworth, 89


25-Mar-1818; Elizabeth LOCK 78

19-Apr-1818; Elizabeth TRINKNOLE of Owermoigne, 79

19-Oct-1818; Dinah RIDOUT 25

11-Dec-1818; Margaret HARTNELL 56

11-Dec-1818; George STURMEY an infant


14-Mar-1819; Phillip JAMES of Knighton, 65

04-Nov-1819; James JAMES of Knighton, 19

01-Dec-1819; Richard RANDALL 82


13-Jan-1820; Robert BISHOP 6 months

12-Mar-1820; Thomas BROWNE 75


09-May-1821; William PITMAN 4, son of William & Elizabeth PITMAN of West Chaldon

14-Jun-1821; Thomas OAK 55


03-May-1822; Harriot STURMEY 40, wife of Edward STURMEY

15-May-1822; William PUCKETT 42, killed by falling from the shafts of a wagon and the wheels passing over his body

05-Jun-1822; John GREGORY 5, son of Edmund & Ann GREGORY

27-Jul-1822; Ann GREGORY 27, wife of Edmund GREGORY

08-Aug-1822; Thomas LOCK of West Chaldon, 43

10-Nov-1822; John RANDALL 1 month, son of John & Mary Ann RANDALL


20-Jan-1823; James HIBBS 25

14-Aug-1823; Henry STICKLAND 54

14-Sep-1823; Thomas BISHOP 77


12-Feb-1824; Mary WILTSHIRE widow 86

23-Feb-1824; Elizabeth STICKLEY 54

29-Feb-1824; Joseph PARMITER of Saint Andrews in the Parish of East Stoke, ~9 months

20-May-1824; Elizabeth BRINE 44, wife of Richard BRINE

19-Jul-1824; Eliza BRINE 1 year 5 months, daughter of Richard BRINE

06-Oct-1824; Edward SQUIRE of South Holworth in the Parish of Milton Abbas, 80


26-Jan-1825; Mr Thomas LILLINGTON of Hartfoot Lane in the Parish of Hilton, 70

04-Mar-1825; James RIDOUT 80

21-Aug-1825; James BISHOP 38

11-Sep-1825; Elizabeth BASCOMBE 13


12-Sep-1826; Robert GALE of West Chaldon, 29

08-Oct-1826; Martha OAK 85


08-Apr-1827; Judith Rebecca TALBOT under 1 year

26-Apr-1827; Joseph WHITE 79

09-May-1827; Eliza SUMMERS 18, daughter of George & Mary SUMMERS

20-May-1827; James NEWMAN of Fossell, 87

20-Aug-1827; John HARRIS Parish Clerk 87

02-Sep-1827; Ann BASCOMBE 50, wife of James BASCOMBE

24-Oct-1827; Thomas PITMAN 77


14-Apr-1828; David SYMES 67

25-Apr-1828; John FRY 77

01-Jul-1828; James SQUIBB 73


28-Feb-1829; James GODDARD 32

02-Apr-1829; George SQUIBB 5, son of James SQUIBB

28-Sep-1829; Jane SYMONDS 62, wife of Robert SYMONDS

16-Oct-1829; Joseph PARMITER 3, son of Thomas PARMITER of Saint Andrews in the Parish of East Stoke


03-Feb-1830; Edward FAWCONER Esquire 54

22-Apr-1830; Thomas PITMAN 5, son of Thomas & Mary PITMAN

06-May-1830; Manuel BASCOMBE under 1 year, son of James & Ann BASCOMBE

10-May-1830; William RANDAL 53

14-May-1830; Martha SYMONDS 2

28-May-1830; Ann SIMS of Woodsford, 66

04-Jul-1830; Mary PITMAN 4, daughter of Thomas & Mary PITMAN

16-Jul-1830; Jane LOCK 30

20-Dec-1830; Edward KEATS 83


12-Jun-1831; Elizabeth HARRIS 90

12-Jun-1831; Robert BASCOMBE 6 weeks


05-Jan-1832; Ann HURDEN 25

05-Feb-1832; Sarah RANDALL 59

12-Mar-1832; Robert STICKLEY under 1 year

04-Apr-1832; Mary STURMEY 44

07-May-1832; William BASCOMBE 53

24-May-1832; Rebecca PARMITER 91

26-Jun-1832; Jane SQUIB 33

14-Jul-1832; Robert GALE of West Chaldon, 70


20-Mar-1833; Mary SQUIBB 35

20-Mar-1833; Eliza OAK 19

27-May-1833; Abraham HARTNELL 66

03-Jun-1833; Mary SNELLING 79

11-Aug-1833; Ann DOWNTON alias RANDALL 7 months


10-Feb-1834; Mary CAINES widow of Wool, 64

29-Jun-1834; Henry WATTS 70

07-Dec-1834; Robert SYMONDS 77


17-May-1835; Hester SQUIBB of Moreton, 86

07-Jun-1835; Edward HIBBS 72

21-Jun-1835; Richard HARRIS 7 months, son of Robert HARRIS

19-Jul-1835; Sarah PARMITER 39, wife of Thomas PARMITER of Saint Andrews in the Parish of East Stoke

05-Nov-1835; Mary FRY 91

17-Nov-1835; Richard SQUIBB 3


07-Apr-1836; Robert HARRIS 19


09-Feb-1837; Robert SQUIBB 60

07-May-1837; Jane LOCK infant


03-May-1838; Mary Ann PITMAN 4

11-Sep-1838; Mary RIDOUT 83

10-Nov-1838; John SNELLING 84


13-Mar-1839; Elizabeth BISHOP 64

24-Apr-1839; Mary ROLLS 22

06-Oct-1839; Catherine BROWN 87


23-Aug-1840; Walter SQUIBB 73

02-Dec-1840; Maria RANDALL 29


14-Jan-1841; Mary SQUIBB 80

24-Jan-1841; James Andrews BRINE infant of Wareham

12-Aug-1841; Thomas HARRIS infant

28-Aug-1841; Harriet BUNT infant

01-Sep-1841; John BUNT infant

26-Oct-1841; Elizabeth SQUIBB 36


17-Apr-1842; Susannah PARKER 61

02-Oct-1842; Mary BURDEN 70

02-Nov-1842; Catherine DOWNTON 80

20-Nov-1842; Mary BURDEN 36


05-Feb-1843; James BASCOMBE 36

06-Feb-1843; Mary Jane BRINE 3

12-Feb-1843; Jane LOCK 4

25-Feb-1843; Joseph LOCK 2

13-Mar-1843; Thomas Henry GREGORY 3

19-Mar-1843; Susanna SQUIBB 89

14-Jul-1843; Mary PADDOCK 81

21-Jul-1843; Sarah SQUIBB 62

03-Oct-1843; Dorcas BRINE 2

02-Nov-1843; Mary Ann TALBOT of Melcombe Regis, 30

07-Nov-1843; Frederick William Pitman TALBOT of Melcombe Regis, 13 days

15-Nov-1843; Elizabeth GALE 80


25-May-1844; James STICKLEY 15

08-Aug-1844; Jane SYMONDS 13

13-Oct-1844; Richard BAKER of Sherborne, 41

17-Oct-1844; Sarah PARMITER 66

27-Oct-1844; Thomas TALBOT 72

31-Oct-1844; Ann BRINE of Wareham, 26


02-Mar-1845; William STICKLEY 83

10-Mar-1845; Richard RIDDLE of Melcombe Regis, 2 years 7 months

22-Apr-1845; Sarah STURMEY of Galton, 5 weeks

14-Jul-1845; Mary TOOP 70

10-Jul-1845; Sarah OAK 73

21-Sep-1845; Elizabeth WELLMAN 17


12-Feb-1846; Ann KING 79

26-Mar-1846; John PAINE 1 month

17-May-1848; John HARRIS 73

09-Jul-1848; Edward STURMEY 74

27-Nov-1846; Thomas PARMITER of Saint Andrews in East Stoke, 61


21-Jan-1847; James BAGG 77

24-Jan-1847; Frederic PITMAN of West Chaldon, 1

29-Jan-1847; Ann HIBBS 38

22-Apr-1847; Elizabeth OAK of Burton, 44

11-Jul-1847; Mary BILLEY of West Chaldon, 72

29-Sep-1847; Richard BRINE 70


21-Feb-1848; Thomas STURMEY 71

02-Apr-1848; Hannah PITMAN 28

23-Apr-1848; James BASCOMBE of Tadnoll, 5

28-May-1848; Edward BASCOMBE infant

06-Jul-1848; Susannah HARRIS of Almer, 20

03-Sep-1848; Charlotte PUCKET 33


02-Jan-1849; Samuel BASCOMBE infant of Owermoigne

16-Jan-1849; William GREGORY infant

06-Apr-1849; Ann Priscilla LILLINGTON of Hartfoot Lane in the Parish of Hilton, 41

24-Jun-1849; Joab RANDALL 2

05-Jul-1849; William OAKE 49

08-Aug-1849; Edith Pitman TALBOT of Melcombe Regis, 7

24-Aug-1849; Edward HARRIS infant

20-Sep-1849; George PAIN infant


10-Mar-1850; Richard KING 78

29-Mar-1850; Eliza STICKLEY infant

05-May-1850; Elizabeth LOCK 76

05-May-1850; Mary PUCKETT of Lower Fossell in Winfrith, 74

09-Jun-1850; Elizabeth PAIN 10

20-Aug-1850; Mary RANDALL infant

21-Aug-1850; Frances COLEMAN infant of Whitenose

26-Sep-1850; Charles COLEMAN infant of Whitenose


21-Mar-1851; John OAK of Bockhampton, 44

12-Jun-1851; Mary BAKER of Sherborne, 57

12-Jun-1851; Richard RANDALL 79

10-Aug-1851; Robert STICKLEY 4

22-Aug-1851; John STICKLEY 7

10-Sep-1851; William BRINE 4

20-Sep-1851; Jane BRINE 6

12-Oct-1851; John SQUIBB 6

01-Nov-1851; Isabelle HARRIS 3


06-Jan-1852; Eliza Ann PUCKETT 10

08-Jan-1852; Elizabeth SCUTT 90

05-Mar-1852; Alice Julia BRINE 7 months

28-Mar-1852; George James PAIN 10 months

30-Mar-1852; John PITMAN 12

16-Apr-1852; William PITMAN 1

23-Apr-1852; Eliza STICKLEY 9 months

02-May-1852; Edwin RANDALL 11 months

07-May-1852; James SQUIBB 1

07-Sep-1852; Mary COX 5 months

26-Oct-1852; Elizabeth CORNICK 3


06-Jan-1853; John FLAHERTY of Whitenose, 1

23-Feb-1853; John BASCOMBE of Tadnoll, 66

21-Apr-1853; Edith PITMAN of Melcombe Regis, 66

29-Apr-1853; George LOCK 5 months

07-May-1853; Caroline FURZE of Whitenose, 29

26-Jun-1853; Elizabeth PAIN 27

20-Nov-1853; Frances HURST of Forsell, 15


03-Feb-1854; Alfred RANDAL 8 months

12-Feb-1854; Robert Gale CAVE of Almer, 9 months

05-Mar-1854; James PARMITER 77

29-Apr-1854; Mary HARTNELL 56

17-May-1854; Esther Ingram SQUIBB of Poole, 28

20-Aug-1854; Elizabeth SQUIBB of Winfrith, 88

07-Sep-1854; Elizabeth RANDALL 40

13-Sep-1854; Robert BURDEN 81

29-Oct-1854; Jane SQUIBB 32


19-Apr-1855; Charles BURDEN of Morden, 48


09-Jan-1856; Seth HARRIS 1 year 3 months

04-Mar-1856; James STICKLEY infant of Belhuish


02-Jun-1857; Elizabeth TALBOT of Preston (?), 57

15-Nov-1857; Jane PITMAN of West Chaldon, 3

10-Dec-1857; Edith Rosa PARKER 6

17-Dec-1857; Jane RICHARDS infant of Abbots Court


06-Jan-1858; Jane PARKER 9

22-Feb-1858; James BASCOMBE of Tadnoll, 66

07-Mar-1858; Edward CORNICK 7 months

07-May-1858; Mary Ann PATTEN 31

09-May-1858; Bethiah BURDEN of Owermoigne, 44

22-May-1858; Jane STURMEY of Galton, 44

18-Jul-1858; Mary BRINE of Owermoigne, 73

06-Aug-1858; Charles SQUIBB 27

24-Aug-1858; Jane PARKER of Forsell, 10


01-Feb-1859; Annie SQUIBB of Poole, 16 months

07-Mar-1859; John PENGELLY infant of Whitenose

22-Jun-1859; Mary TALBOT 84

24-Nov-1859; William CHOPE of Whitenose, 11


01-Jan-1860; Ann HIBBS 86

16-Mar-1860; Anne OAKE 53

31-May-1860; Mary PITMAN 66

28-Jul-1860; Sarah BAGG 77


08-Mar-1861; Edward SNELLING 63

09-Mar-1861; Frederick PITMAN of Weymouth, 70

23-Aug-1861; Seth HARRIS 4

22-Jul-1861; Horatio CLARKE of Portsmouth, co. Hampshire [age not given]

23-Aug-1861; Isaac BELLEY 69

26-Oct-1861; Hannah Coombs LILLINGTON of Ansty [Parish of Hilton], 81

28-Oct-1861; George SQUIBB 18

03-Dec-1861; Thomas SQUIBB 44

05-Dec-1861; Mary BASCOMBE of Tadnoll Mills, 50

24-Dec-1861; Frank SQUIBB 13


06-Mar-1862; Mary Anne STICKLEY 27


01-Feb-1863; Robert SQUIBB of Wareham, 83

17-Mar-1863; Esther Mary SQUIBB of Poole, 1 year 11 months

21-Mar-1863; Mary Ann BURDEN 54

17-Jun-1863; Catherine PASCOE of Whitenose, 4 months

24-Jun-1863; Sarah Anne PAYNE 1 year

02-Aug-1863; Mary HARRIS 62

23-Aug-1863; Mary Jane PAYNE of Sturminster Marshall 26

30-Aug-1863; Louisa HURRELL of Whitenose, 1

30-Aug-1863; Elizabeth HAYTER infant

16-Sep-1863; Jane PAYNE 5

07-Oct-1863; James John Dean BAKER of Whitenose, 5 months

07-Dec-1863; Eli STICKLEY of Wareham, 5 months


03-Jan-1864; Susanna HARRIS 87

18-May-1864; Louisa Sarah TALBOT infant

18-Sep-1864; William ARDLEY 31

24-Sep-1864; Peter KERLEY 36


10-Feb-1865; Jane PARKER 4

26-Feb-1865; Eli Seth HARRIS of Wargate in Wareham, 1 year

22-Mar-1865; Joseph SQUIBB [age not given]

30-May-1865; John HICKEY of Warbarrow Station, 35

23-Jun-1865; Job CORNICK 22

15-Dec-1865; Edward PITMAN 24


17-Sep-1866; William STICKLEY 56


19-Jan-1867; John TALBOT 10 months

17-Mar-1867; Ellen SQUIBB of Poole, 4


05-Jan-1868; Phebe Jane HARRIS 6 months

19-Jan-1868; James HARTNELL 73

08-Mar-1868; Eli HARRIS 6 months

16-Apr-1868; Esther PITMAN of Poole, 63

22-Nov-1868; Lydia CROFT 5

28-Nov-1868; Sarah STURMEY of Galton, 23


01-Feb-1869; Charles CORBEN of Whitenose, 5 months

25-Feb-1869; Frank TREVIS [age not given]

16-May-1869; Robert SINNICK 11


25-Mar-1870; Elizabeth CAVE of Sturminster Marshall, 74

26-Apr-1870; William TEMPLE of Whitenose, 30

05-Aug-1870; Ann SQUIBB of Poole, 77

13-Nov-1870; Elizabeth PITMAN of Owermoigne, 88


03-Mar-1871; Edwin PATEY infant

27-May-1871; William PITMAN of Owermoigne, 84

15-Jun-1871; George RANDALL 41

22-Jul-1871; Louisa WHELLER of Weymouth, 21

29-Sep-1871; Joseph Russell LEE of Osmington Mills Station, 40

30-Sep-1871; William SQUIBB of Burton, 58

13-Dec-1871; Susannah FOX 66


04-Jan-1872; Frank PITMAN 2

11-Jan-1872; Annie Maria RANDALL 2

14-Jan-1872; Mary SYMONDS 74

24-Jan-1872; Henry George BARRET 9

21-Feb-1872; Henry HARWOOD 75

05-Dec-1872; Julia PITMAN 13

26-Dec-1872; Ann STURMEY of Preston, 23


06-Mar-1873; Walter Henry HARRIS 4 months

24-May-1873; Elizabeth SLADE 5


16-Feb-1874; Elizabeth PAINE of West Burton in Winfrith, 63

18-Feb-1874; Jane BARRETT 42

12-May-1874; James SQUIBB 84

04-Jul-1874; Jane TOMKINS 72


13-Mar-1875; Thomas LOVELESS of Fossell, 70

05-Jun-1875; Rose Gertrude PAYNE 9 months

27-Jul-1875; Elizabeth PAYNE 41

27-Jul-1875; William SQUIBB 67

13-Sep-1875; Leonard James COOMBS 6 weeks

09-Nov-1875; George LOCK of Owermoigne, 70


18-Apr-1876; Mary STICKLEY of Winfrith, 77


01-Feb-1877; Henry Edward COSH 6 months

30-Mar-1877; Louisa PITMAN 25

21-May-1877; Martha LOCK of Tolpuddle, 65

28-May-1877; George TALBOT of Woodsford, 47

03-Jun-1877; Louisa SKILLER of Winfrith, 18 months

23-Jun-1877; John RANDALL 79

02-Sep-1877; Mary Ann SHINER 39

09-Sep-1877; Edmund GREGORY 89

16-Sep-1877; Ethel Mary HOUSE 15 months


04-Jan-1878; Frederick Walter James RIGGS 8 months

28-Jan-1878; Sarah LOCK of Trigon in the Parish of East Stoke, 58

05-Apr-1878; Thomas LONGMAN of Fossell, 53

05-May-1878; Frances Mary STAPLE 1 year 8 months

18-May-1878; Charles WOOD of the Chaldon Coastguard Station, 15

22-Jul-1878; Ellen PARKER 22


09-Feb-1879; George PAYNE 75

21-Mar-1879; Ebenezer STAPLE 61

30-Mar-1879; Ernest George PITMAN 1

12-May-1879; Alfred William NEWNHAM of the Chaldon Coastguard Station, 11 months

12-Aug-1879; Mary Ann RANDALL 78

12-Sep-1879; John COX of Fossel, 11-1/2 months

19-Oct-1879; Edith Gertrude PITMAN 1 week


27-Feb-1880; William John HOUSE 1 year 4 months

04-Apr-1880; Ann BASCOMBE 72

19-Apr-1880; Elizabeth SINNICK 50

23-Sep-1880; John Bragg Foster COX of Fossill, 10 months

28-Nov-1880; Mary SQUIBB 59

26-Dec-1880; Mary Elizabeth PITMAN 62


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