Charlton Marshall

Marriages 1813–1841

Transcribed by Tony Higgins from microfilm of BTs.

Abbreviations: bach = bachelor; otp = of this parish; botp = both of this parish;
spin = spinster; wid = widow, widower; Witn = witnesses; (x) = mark as signature; (s) = signed.

The transcript has been checked against the British Vital Records Index 2nd edition (VRI),
which for Dorset uses the same source (BTs). Only significant differences are noted.


1813 – No marriages


Apr 6 – Francis HOPKINS (s) & Mary GOVER (x), botp. Witn: Thomas Gallop, Ambrose Ford


Mar 20 – Thomas FRY (x) & Sophia CHERRET (x), botp, banns. Witn: Lucy Whitmell, Elizabeth Luckham

Apr 10 – Edward BOYCE (s) of Blandford St. Mary & Susanna FOSTER otp, banns. Witn: William Foster(?), Hester Short

June 7 – James PEARCE (s) & Leah COMPTON (x), botp, banns. Witn: Richard Compton, John Frampton

xxx(?) 21 – Robert COMPTON (s) & Leah COMPTON, botp, banns. Witn: William Foster, Sarah Pearce

Dec 25 – William SAVAGE (x) of Blandford St. Mary & Priscilla DENNIS (x), otp, banns. Witn: Ann Copmpton, Mary Compton(?)

1816 (badly faded)

Oct 30 – William FOSTER & Sarah PEARCE (VRI has Oct 13)


June 15 – Reuben WARR of Tarrant Crawford & Eliza COOKMAN. Witn: John Compton, Mary Cookman

1818 No marriages


Jan 4 – Charles SCAMMEL & Ann BUTT, botp, banns. Witn: George Short, Ann Butt


May 30 – George ROBBINS & Mary KEATES, botp, banns. Witn: Peter Robbins, Mary Pearce

Aug 1 – John FORD & Sarah KERLY, botp, banns. Witn: Richard C. Compton, Ambrose Ford

Oct 30 – Thomas TRIGELL & Sarah JORDAN, botp, banns. Witn: Robert Compton, Betsy Elage(?)

Nov 15 – John BOYCE of Blanford (sic) Forum & Ann ROBBINS otp, banns. Witn: Ros Robbins, Rea Robbins


Aug 8 – Robert ATWELL of Langton & Susannah FOOT otp, banns. Witn: Ann Foot, Leah(?) Foot

1822 & 1823 (Missing in BTs)


July 26 – Richard SWYER (x) otp & Lucy MEATYARD (X) of Blandford Forum, banns. Witn: Richard Compton, Ambrose Ford (x)

Aug 9 – John WARREN (s) of Sturminster Marshall & Ann PEARCE (x) oto, banns. Witn: Roder (sic) Robbins, Mary Robbins

Sept 30 – William POPE (x) & Rose ROBBINS (s) botp, banns. Witn: Roder (sic) Robbins, Lucy Wheeler

Nov 23 – Stephen HISCOCK (x) & Lucy WHEELER (s), botp, banns. Witn: John Wheeler, Mary Anne Wheeler


Oct 26 – John PALMER (x) & Rhoda ROBBINS (s), botp, banns. Witn: George Palmer, Elizabeth Robbins

1826 (Missing in BTs)


Mar 27 – William AUSTIN (x) of Sturminster Marshall & Rebecca DENNETT (x) otp, banns. Witn: John Ball, Maria Kail, John Austin

Oct 16 – John BALL & Jane PALMER, botp, banns. Witn: Charles Palmer, Elizabeth Furber


Feb 18 – William HAMES & Charlotte FOSTER (x). Witn: Elizabeth Lillingham, Sarah Ames

Mar 4 – John HAMES (s) & Mary COMPTON (x)

Apr 7 – Harry MELMOTH of Durweston & Elizabeth PITMAN

xxx(?) – James VINCENT (x) & Isabella HAMES (x) botp.

1829 – No marriages


Feb 11 – John PEARCE & Elizabeth BEST botp, banns. Witn: John Warren, Samuel Pearce

Aug 26 – Robert ROBBINS bach & Hannah HEWETT spin, botp, banns. Witn: Ambrose Ford, Ann Hewett


Mar 22 – James ROBBINS (x)  & Maria ANSWOOD (x), botp, banns. Witn: Jane Answood, George Answood

Mar 25 – Charles GREEN of Basinstoke (sic), Hants & Jane ROBBINS otp, licence. Witn: Elizabeth Robbins, Ambrose Ford

Apr 20 – Thomas DENNETT (x) & Sarah DENNISS (x), botp, banns. Witn: Charles Plowman, Mary Elizabeth Domony

Oct 3 – James BELLOWS (s) & Mary GAME (x), botp, banns. Witn: Charles Bellows, Mary Ann Kerly


Apr 10 – George ANSWORTH & Ann Mary RIDOUT, botp, banns. Witn: Thomas Answorth, Elizabeth Hopkins

July 22 – Richard HANNAM, bach of Spetisbury & Ann BOYCE, wid otp, licence. Witn: George Robbins, Mary Ford

Dec25 – Charles PALMER & Elizabeth HAMES, botp, banns. Witn: Joseph Palmer, Ambrose Ford


Nov 28 – Thomas MUNDEN (x) of Morden & Maria BILLOWS (x) otp, banns. Witn: Robert Bellows, Luke Bellows

Dec 25 – Thomas HILL (s) of Stourpain & Christinana DENNIS (x) otp, banns. Witn: William Hill, Caroline Hill


Jan 30 – Richard MILES of Melbury Abbas & Jane KEATS otp, licence. Witn: John Sharp, Elizabeth Robbins

Apr 1 – Charles BELLOWS & Mary TOOP, botp, banns. Witn: Ann Toop, Joseph Palmer

Aug 13 – John WHITE (x) of Stowborow Holy Trinity, Wareham & Harriet Caroline WHELLER (x) otp, banns. Witn: Thomas Francis, Sarah Hames


July 27 – Richard DENNESS (x) & Alice BEST (x), botp, banns. Witn: Mary Elizabeth Demony, Ambrose Ford

Sept 15 – John SKUTT (s) & Charlotte BELLOWS (x), botp, banns. Witn: Robert Bellows, Mary Skutt

Oct 7 – Lemuel GULLIVER (s) & Sarah GREEN (x), botp, banns. Witn: James Hopkins, Harriet Allen

Oct 13 – James HAMBLETON & Jane GULLIVER, botp, banns. Witn: John Carter, George Hambelton


Mar 1 – Henry BARNES & Jane ANSWORTH, botp, banns. Witn: Thomas Answorth, Betsy Compton

May 24 – Samuel BLANCHARD & Sarah Sampson HAMES, botp, banns. Witn: Charlotte Milford, Joseph Kemp

Dec 26 – Samuel CHRISTOPHER (x) & Hannah DENNESS (x), botp, banns. Witn: John Denniss, Sarah Hiscock


Mar 2 – James HISCOCK (s) & Susannah BARNES (x), botp, banns. Witn: John Denniss, Sarah Hiscock

Oct 1 – Charles DANIEL (s), 23, bach, labourer of Langton, son of John Daniel, labourer & Anne WHELLER (x), 22, spin of Charlton Marshall, dau George Wheller, labourer. Banns. Witn: Ambrose Ford, Luke Billows

Oct 4 – Joseph PALMER, 26, bach, tanner of Charlton Marshall, son of Joseph Palmer, labourer & Anne TOOP, 23, spin of Charlton Marshall, dau William Toop, blacksmith. Banns. Witn: George Toop, Betsy Compton

Nov 2 – William NUTBEAM, full age, bach, farmer of Blandford, son of John Nutbeam, farmer & Hannah HUNT, full age, spin, servant of Charlton Marshall, dau Ambro (sic) Hunt, cordwainer. Licence. Witn: William Barfoot, Fanny Hunt

1838 No marriages

Note: Interleaved with the Charlton Marshall BTs are several sheets of paper containing marriages for Spetisbury for the years 1837–1839. While clearly labelled Spetisbury, the VRI lists them all as taking place at Charlton Marshall:

1837 Marriages at Spetisbury

June 5 – John GOBEY (x) of Spetisbury & Elizabeth BROWN (s) of Spetisbury, banns. Witn: Leah Loader, Benjamin Knight

Sept 21 – Bryan BURRELL (s), 31, bach, Esquire of Spetisbury, son of William Burrell, Esquire & Frances Mary QUANTOCK (s), 24, spin of Spetisbury, dau of John Quantock, Esquire. Witn: John Mellow, Elizabeth Quantock, Anne Hawkins

Dec 17 – William SHAVE (s), full age, bach, gamekeeper of Tarrant Crawford, son of David Robert Shave, cordwainer & Mary GREEN (s), full age, spin of Spetisbury, dau of John Green, Innkeeper. Banns. Witn: John Green, Mary Anne Green

1838 Marriages at Spetisbury

Apr 2 – William STEVENS (s), full age, bach, blacksmith of Spetisbury,  son of Stephen Stevens & Henrietta Hart HARDING (s), full age, spin of Spetisbury, dau of James Harding. Banns. Witn: James Ames, Edward Stevens

June 3 – Reuben ROBERTS (x), full age, wid, blacksmith of Spetisbury, son of Thomas Roberts, labourer & Eliza LOADER otherwise FORD (s), full age, spin of Spetisbury, dau of Thomas Loader otherwise Ford, labourer. Witn: William Bellott, Maria Bellott

Nov 20 – Justinian BARNES (x), full age, labourer, wid of Spetisbury, son of Thomas Barnes, labourer & Amey GOBEY (x), full age, wid of Spetisbury, dau Robert Gobey, labourer. Banns. Witn: William Knight, Benjamin Knight

Nov 28 – Joseph DOWNTON (s), full age, bach, farmer of Kingwood, Hants, son of Joseph Downton, farmer & Sarah Stone CHISMAN (s), spin of Spetisbury, dau of Thomas Chisman, labourer. Licence. Witn: Mary Downton, John Downton

1839 Marriages at Spetisbury

Nov 11 – Levi GROVES (s), full age, bach, farmer of Wickmoor, Christchurch, son of Levi Groves, farmer & Mary Ann GROVES (s), full age, spin of Spetisbury, dau Stephen Groves, farmer. Licence. Witn: George Groves, Stephen Groves

Dec 30 – William GALPIN (x), full age, bach, labourer of Spetisbury, son of John Galpin, labourer & Jane PARKER, minor, spin of Spetisbury, dau of John Parker, labourer. Banns. Witn: James Kelloway, John Durant

Note: Marriages for Charlton Marshall 1839–1841 continue below.


June 4 – John DENNIS, minor, bach, labourer of Charlton, son of James Dennis, labourer & Sarah HISCOCK, minor, spin of Charlton, dau John Hiscock, labourer. Banns. With: Ambrose Ford, Rosana Compton

July 16 – John CARTER (s), full age, bach, labourer of Charlton, son of John Carter, seaman & Mary Ann HAMES (x), full age, spin, dau Joseph Hames, servant. Witn: George Hames, Ambrose Ford


June 11 – James DENNESS (x), full age, wid, labourer of Charlton, son of John Denness, labourer & Anne STOKES (x), full age, wid of Charlton, dau of Stephen Adams, butcher. Witn: Lydia Gulliver, Ambrose Ford


Jan 26 – John TOOP (s), full age, labourer of Charlton Marshall, son of William Toop, blacksmith & Ellen Fry BARNES (x), minor, spin of Charlton Marshall, dau Thomas Barnes, labourer. Banns. Witn: George Toop, Ambrose Ford

June 3 – Charles COFFIN (s), full age, bach, cordwainer of Charlton Marshall, son John Coffin, miller & Sarah ROBBINS (s), minor, spin of Charlton Marshall, dau George Robbins, carpenter. Banns. Witn: George Coffin, Jane Robbins


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