Child Okeford

Extracts from Hutchins History of Dorset 1870

Transcribed by Dorinda Miles


The Parish Registers


John, son of Edward ST LOE 1669

Anne, daughter of Edward ST LOE May 29 1672

Ann, daughter of Edward ST LOE April 28, 1673

Mary, daughter of Edward ST LOE March 4, 1674

Susannah, daughter of Edward ST LOE April 4, 1678

Edward, son of Edward ST LOE Sept 8, 1679

Thomas, son of Edward ST LOE July 11, 1681

Dorothy, daughter of Edward ST LOE Jan 1, 1683

Thomas, son of Thomas BOWER of Iwerne Courtney, April 15, 1731

John, son of Thomas BOWER, Jan 30, 1735

Katheren, daughter of Thomas BOWER, May 20, 1743


Mr Edmond KNAVIN and AMES, Feb 2, 1679

John VIVERS, Minister, and Eliz COMPTON, Nov 28, 1682


Ann(e), daughter of Mr Edward ST LOE, Jan 27, 1673

Thomas & Joan, son & daughter of the above

Mrs Elizabeth CRABB, March 28, 1747

Rev William CRABB, Rector, Aug 12, 1747

Rev John CRABB, Rector, Oct 9, 1761

Rev Mr MONK, A M Rector, May 20, 1763

Mrs Hannah CRABB, Jan 20, 1778

Mrs Judith HALL, May 6, 1785


Monumental Inscriptions



In memory of Robert TILLEY, gent and Dorothy his wife, daughter of Christopher BRODREPP, esq of South Mapperton, in this county. No date visible

To the memory of Eliza Bridget SEYMER, daughter of the late Henry SEYMER, esq of Hanford, who died the 30th of August, 1848, aged 51 years.

To the memory of Rev Daniel Warren EVANS, Rector of this parish, who entered into rest Sept 30, 1867, aged 66 years. Also of Hester, his beloved wife, who went before him four months. She entered into her rest May 26th, 1867, aged 73 years.



Here lieth the body of Gerard WOOD, Doctour in Divinity, Late Archdeacon of Wells, and Rector of Child Ockford,

who departed this life Oct the first AETAT SUAE 86

A father, mother and their daughters dear

(Herself a loving wife), all buried here.

Mary DOURE, died Aug 26, 1788, aged 45

Mary LOCK, died Nov 6, 1794, aged 94

In the south aisle of this church was a vault for the family of ST LOES.


Charitable Benefaction to this Parish, as returned to Parliament, 1786

John RAKE gave by will, in 1767, 5l in money; to the eldest poor persons in the parish of Child Okeford, who have lived upright, sober, and industrious lives. It is vested in the minister and churchwarden for the time being. He chargeth all his estates in the parish of Child Ockford, with the payment of the said yearly sum of 5l; to be distributed at Christmas in every year: accordingly a distribution was made by the minister and churchwardens the 25th of December, 1767; but it has been discontinued, as the executor claimed an exception upon the stature of mortmain.

Henry HALL, Rector


John MOORE    ) churchwardens

By the return of Parliament in 1801, the parish of Child Okeford, contained three uninhabited houses; and 107 inhabited houses, occupied by 109 families; consisting of 257 males and 241 females, in all 498; of whom 53 were chiefly employed in agriculture, and 79 in trade, manufactures, or handicraft.

By the return in 1811, Child Ockford contained 1 house building, 2 uninhabited and 119 houses occupied by 122 families (87 of whom were chiefly employed in agriculture, and 30 in trade, and c) consisting of 303 males, and 317 females; total 620.

In 1851 here were 164 houses and 773 inhabitants; and in 1861, 178 houses and 783 persons.

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