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St Nicholas Durweston
St Nicholas Church from an old postcard

Durweston is a parish 2 miles north of Blandford on the main road to Sturminster Newton, though much of the village lies to the west of the road. The River Stour is crossed by a bridge of three arches just to the east of the village. Much of the village was part of the Portman Estates whose family home lay nearby in Bryanston (now a public school). Durweston parish was originally two parishes: Durweston and Knighton. The present-day parish church is on the site of the church that belonged to Knighton parish; the original Durweston church occupied a site near Durweston Mill, though little trace remains today. The two parishes were combined in 1381.

The parish church of St Nicholas has a tower which dates to around the 14th century, the rest of the church seems to be in keeping with this age but was in fact a skillful restoration by P. C. Hardwick in 1846.

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Census 1841 Census ~ Jacqui Bowen
1881 Census ~ Ralph Woolfrey
1891 Census ~ John Ridout
1901 Census ~ Andrew Wright
Parish Registers Baptisms 1731-1770 ~ Jenfer Dando
1825-1833, 1834-1878 ~ Julia Graham

~ Jenfer Dando
1825-1832, 1833-1837 ~ Julia Graham

1731-1800 ~ Jenfer Dando
1825-1832, 1833-1878 ~ Julia Graham
Postal Directories Extract from Kelly's 1880 Directory ~ Lynda Small
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Maps The 1891 Ordnance Survey maps of the parish can be seen at the old-maps site, just enter 'Durweston' under place search. For modern location maps visit:-

Records held at the Dorset History Centre
[Ref PE-DUR]
Christenings 1730-1884. Marriages 1731-2014. Burials 1731-1915.
Registration District
(for the purpose of civil registration births, marriages, deaths & civil partnerships)
1 Jul 1837-30 Jun 1956: Blandford
1 Jul 1956-31 Mar 1974: Poole
1 Apr 1974-17 Oct 2005: North Dorset

Knighton House
Knighton House now a girls school

Durweston Mill
Durweston Mill ~ date unknown


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