Fleet Old Church

Fleet is a small village two miles west of Weymouth. The village is named after The Fleet, the nearby lagoon which sits behind Chesil Beach. The village is most famous for its connections with the novel Moonfleet by J Meade Faulkner which is based in the village.

On the 24th November 1824 a huge storm hit causing much damage to the towns and villages along the coast of Dorset. Fleet suffered badly when a huge wave crashed over the chesil bank, past the lagoon and into the village.

The church being very close to The Fleet was almost completely destroyed and what remains today (above) is only a small part of the original church.

After the storm which destroyed most of the original village it was rebuilt further inland. The new church of the Holy Trinity (right) was rebuilt using money given from collections made at other churches. Some of the relics not destroyed in the flood were taken from the old church and placed in the new one.

Fleet New Church

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Baptisms 1663-1993. Marriages 1664-1988. Burials 1664-1995.


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