Parish of Frome Vauchurch

MARRIAGES 1667 - 1812

Transcribed by Peter Collins for the OPC Project from  Dorset Parish Registers Marriages, Volume 3, edited by W P W Phillimore and Edmund Nevill, published in 1908.

Vol. 1 Baptisms begin 3rd April 1654; Marriages 8th April 1667; Burials 30th March 1642; it measures 5in. by 10in., and is on fair condition.

Vol 11 is the usual book of printed forms, bound in parchment.


John HARDY of Compton Abbas & Ursula VINCENT of Maiden Newton Widow were married 08-Apr 1667

George HARDY of Compton Abbas gentleman & Ann COOPER of Evershot were married 24-Aug 1668

George HARDY of Bridport & Martha BATISCOMB of Bridport were married 25-May 1677

Robert FORSE of Catestock & Elizabeth GOARE of Catestock were married 20-Oct 1681

William SMITH de Musbury in Comit. Devon & Eliz. CROFT de Dolwood in Comit. Dorset were married 20-Apr 1690

Robert AYLES of Godmanston & Avisia CHURCHHILL of Godmanston were married 10-Oct 1690

Giles HITT of Liscombe gentleman & Ann PAUL of Burstock were married 24-Apr 1694

John EVERTON Widower & Ann MUNDEN of Maiden Newton were married 24-Oct 1700

William HODDER & Alice BURTON were married 28-Jul 1707

James SYMES Widower & Mary CASE of St. Peter's Dorchester Widow were married 28-Dec 1707

Thomas MABER of Frampton & Mary WEST als WALLIS of Wingford Eagle were married 06-Apr 1706

John ******* son of Thos. DRATON & Martha [] were married 01-Nov 1706

Richard GIFFORD of Maiden Newton Widower & Grace GANGE were married 23-Jun 1711

"The foregoing leaves of the Register from 1642 to 1709 were faithfully copied from an old Register Book of this Parish very much damaged and now lost."

Simon HODDER & Hannah LOVELACE were married 29-Mar 1714

Thomas BROWN & Eliz. MOORES were married 12-Nov 1717

Edward HAYNE & Mary CROCKER were married 19-Apr 1720

Richard SYMS & Eliz. BRIDLE were married 02-Oct 1720

Francis MEECH of Winford & Ann BRIDLE were married 26-Dec 1720

Mr Benjamin SKUTT of Pool & Mrs Margaret HENNING of Notton were married 15-Feb 172B

Richard EYRES of Oswinston & Katherine GENGE of Maiden Newton were married 18-Feb 172H

Ralph BRIDLE & Eliz. MEECH were married 27-Jun 1726

Matthew SPRACKLING of Winsfor & Eliz. GIFFARD of Maiden Newton were married 17-Oct 1726

John BRIDLE & Margaret PRESLEY were married 26-Jun 1732

Thomas CROCKER of Evershot & Susannah HOMER were married 23-Nov 1736

"Note. - The list of Marriages contained in this leaf was faithfully transcribed from a loose paper leaf in the beginning of the book which must otherwise have been lost and the whole Register Book new stitched and covered in order to preserve it better for the future. Dec. 1 1740. J.H. Rector.

Richard BUSH of Sidling & Rachel BURT of Own Mayne [? Over Moigne]. were married 14-Dec 1742

Richard TILLY of Batcomb & Sarah HOLT of Batcomb were married 06-Feb 174H

James GENGE of Maiden Newton & Catharine GROVES were married 16-Dec 1745

James BURT of Batcomb & Sarah BIRD of Woolcomb were married 08-Dec 1747

John GRIFFIN of Batcomb & Betters RUSSEL of Batcomb were married 26-Sep 1748

[1749-50 --None]

John CORBAN of Maiden Newton & Eliz. SALWAY of Maiden Newton were married 10-Sep 1751

William PORTER & Mary WARREN of Up Loders were married 21-Oct 1752



James BRIDLE & Mary HARDY of Maiden Newton were married 06-Jan 1756

Thomas HOLT & Sarah WOODSFOR were married 20-Oct 1767

John SIBLEY of Maiden Newton Malt Maker & Sarah CORBIN were married 29-Jan 1769 by License

William BRIDGE of Maiden Newton & Betty BOWRING were married 22-Feb 1775

Joseph BENNET of Cerne Abbas & Eliz. PORTES were married 18-Sep 1775 by License

Richard KEATE & Eliz. GILL were married 29-Oct 1775 by License

Stephen CROSSMAN & Ann ROGERS of Maiden Newton were married 25-Jul 1782 by License

Martin WHELLER & Sarah NOTTON were married 14-Oct 1782

Joseph LINNINGTON of Briants Puddle & Betty HARDY BRIDELL were married 19-Apr 1785 by License

John LOCK of Alton Pancras & Sarah CROCKER were married 22-Aug 1785 by License

John DAVIS of Kingston Russell in Longbredy & Edith PEARSON were married 23-Oct 1788 by License

William PALMER & Mary JACOBS were married 28-Nov 1790 by License

Thomas STANDISH of Maiden Newton & Mary KEATE were married 30-Nov 1790

Joseph LOVELASS of Chard & Ann JACOB were married 16-Mar 1792 by License

George CORNICK of Chilfroom & Ann BALLER were married 29-Oct 1792

Joseph HARRIS of Beaminster & Eliz. JACOB were married 05-Sep 1793

James SALISBURY of Chideock & Mary BAKER were married 03-Jan 1798

Job BRYDLE & Sarah DAVINISH of Sydling St. Nicholas were married 06-May 1799

Thomas GOULD & Ann DIMMANT were married 24-Jun 1802

William COLLINS & Mary CORNICK were married 10-Aug 1804

William EDWARDS of Puddle Town & Charlotte LOVELESS were married 17-Mar 1807

William CROFT of Stratton & Alice FARNHAM were married 11-Jul 1808

Richard COLLINS of Maiden Newton & Eliz. SYMS were married 15-Sep 1808

William WHEELER & Ann DUNFORD of Wraxall were married 09-Oct 1810

Here ends the Marriage Records of Frome Vauchurch.