Hearth Tax Assessement 1662-6

Hundred of Hasler

Transcribed by Louise Haywood

Name No. of hearths Residing in
Roger Clavell, esq 10  
Mr Thomas Whitrow etc    
William Say 4 House of said Mr Clavell
Robert Bayley 2 House of John Tregonwell, esq
William Vyne 2 House of Alexander Thistlethwaite, esq
John Galton etc    
George Hellyer etc    
Mary Bond etc    
Elizabeth Bailey 4 House of Mr Giles Turner
Robert Parris 2  
Giles Parris 4  
Hester Fry etc    
Edmund Parris 3 House of Mr John Eyres
John Burt etc    
Richard Acock 3 House of John Hayward


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