Poll Tax 1381

Hundred of Hasler

Transcribed by Louise Haywood

The tax was taken on everyone over the age 15 years, both male and female. Many avoided it. The 1381 list is the only one remaining for Kimmeridge

ChaldesWillelmus  30Marg’ ux’franklayn
WyotWillelmus  20Johanna ux’caruc’
BaleysWillelmus  20Lucia ux’bercar’
WathmanHugo  2 0Editha ux’caruc’
NywemanWillelmus  20Isolda ux’caruc’
BartramBartholomeus   18Dionisia ux’fug’
Nicholaus  2 0Johanna ux’caruc’
AdamAdam    18Isolda ux’bercar’
PrestWalterus   0Jul’ ux’cissor
Wyot, jun’Willelmus   12   
WyotNicholaus   12frater eiusdem  
CakeJohannes    12 fug’
NywemanHenricus   12  labor’
RenandHenricus   12  piscator
ChaldecoteJohannes   12  fug’
WyotStephanus   12  bercar’
WillamJohannes   12  labor’
Chelb’Robertus   12  labor’
Summapersonarum 27       
 denar’  270   


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