Stock Gaylard

Marriages 1722-1838


Transcribed by Caryl Parsons

NOTE: o.t.p. of this parish


Date; Grooms Name; Parish; Brides name; Parish; by; Witnesses

1.5.1722 not given BUSEY not given RYAL

24.11.1723 John HAMLIN Sarah REEVES

18.6.1724 Mr John FARR Mrs Mary LEWYS

30.8.1725 John COOK of Mudford & Armenia HANCOCK

5.9.1725 Will. HARTLAND Deborah RIDOUT of Stourminster

25.9.1725 Mr Charles ?RAKER of Eberton & Mrs Sarah APLIN

26.6.1726 ?Ambros ?BEEZLEY Sarah BUCK of ?Stalbrig

7.7.1725 Tho. ?FOOT Anna MITCHELL of Haselbury Briant

14.2.1727 Andrew GOOSNEY of Sturton Candle & Sarah ?MERSHES of Pulham

4.7.1727 Justinian MILTON of Haselbury Briant & Chatherine ?HOLE of Henstrige

29.8.1727 John CARTER Lutice LODER of Haselbury Briant

10.9.1727 Edward CROCKER of Evershot & Elizabeth POPE of Can: Bishp.

3.10.1727 George LEMON Mary MILLAR of Sturton Candle

11.10.1727 John STRANGE Mary ?PLUMER of Eberton

24.8.1728 Mr Richard WRIGHT Mrs Mary WESTON of Stalbrige

?15.4.1729 Thomas LIMYN of Stalbrige & Elizabeth ?TAYLOR of Stalbrige

19.10.1730 William BANGER of Stalbrige & Melior TYTE of Stalbrige

7.3.1735 William TOOP of Holwall & Elizabeth ?HEYNES

1.5.1737 Joseph MOGG of Lydlinch & Edith MARSH of Pulham

23.6.1740 The Revd. Mr Thomas BRAITHWAITE Mrs Jenny LEWYS

8.1.1741 Thomas GOSNEY Anna DAY

26.4.1742 Edmund WYATT of Lydlinch & ?Pratizer LEMON of Hollwall

3.5.1743 William TROKE of Lydlinch & Mary WARREN of Stalbrige; by banns

8.9.1744 John BURT of Lydlinch & Sarah STOKES o.t.p.; by banns

23.12.1744 Edward STOKES o.t.p. & Jane BAKER of Caundle Bishop; by banns

11.1.1745 John NEWPORT of Winterborne Stickland & Elizabeth MITCHELL of Hollwall; by licence

24.5.1746 William STYLE of Hollwall & Betty BULLEN o.t.p.; by banns

17.6.1746 Richard BURT o.t.p. & Mary STOKES of Lydlinch; by banns

19.4.1747 Robert BRAKE Grace YOUNG of Hollwall; by banns

13.7.1747 William JENKINS of Corf Castle & Anna CROOMES of Spetisbury; by licence

27.11.1748 John BURDEN of Lydlinch & Katharine COLLIS o.t.p.; by licence

1.5.1749 Michael DAY Betty EVERET o.t.p.; by banns

15.9.1750 John FARR Esq., o.t.p. & Mrs Mary YEATMAN of Hinton St Mary; by licence

8.10.1750 Richard MARTIN of Sturton Candle & Betty BURT o.t.p.; by banns

11.2.1750 John MULLET of Hollwall & Tamesin GAULER of Hollwall; by banns

9.7.1751 Joseph COOMBES Sarah CADIE of Hollwall; by licence

14.12.1752 Henry CROCKER of Lydlinch & Grace GODDARD o.t.p.; by banns

8.1.1753 Thomas RODBER Rebecca NAPPER of Sherborne; by licence

25.2.1754 John BA/UGG of Lydlinch & Elizabeth RYALL o.t.p.; by banns

20.5.1754 Edward LANE of Buckland Newton & Jenny TOLLERVILL o.t.p.; by banns; Sarah NAPPER & Robert ?TOOP

26.5.1755 Robert FUDGE o.t.p. & Sarah ?BRETT o.t.p.; by banns; Willm. COFFEN & Wm. MILES

27.12.1756 Benjamin FUDGE of Lydlinch & Charity BRETT o.t.p.; by banns; Thos. BULLEN & Wm. MILES

28.3.1758 Joseph CROCKER of Lydlinch & Susanna RYAL o.t.p.; by banns; Wm. COFFIN & John CROCKER

11.4.1761 Joseph MOGG of Lydlinch & Charity DAVIDGE o.t.p.; by banns; Morgan YEATMAN & Edwd. STOKES

26.5.1761 The Revd. Mr Nathaniel TEMPLEMAN of Almer & Miss Elizabeth CHURCHILL of the p'sh of Holy Trinity, Dorchester, resident in this p'sh; by licence; Jane ?HABBOCK & John FARR

1.5.1765 John RYAL o.t.p. & Elizabeth SHORT o.t.p.; by banns; Morgan YEATMAN & Edwd. STOKES

15.10.1766 John CAF/VE o.t.p. & Elizabeth WATTS o.t.p.; by banns; Wm. WATTS & Edwd. STOKES

10.5.1769 Samuel DUNFORD o.t.p. & Charity BRETT o.t.p.; by banns; Edward STOKES & Michael DAY

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29.1.1779 John Berkley BURLAND of Pylle, SOM, bach. & Theophila FARR o.t.p., spinster; by licence; Susana YEATMAN & Wm. HORSEY

7.5.1781 Thomas GODDARD o.t.p., yeoman & Betty COGGAN of Pulham, spinster; by licence; Jane GODDARD & Edwd. STOKES

13.8.1787 John FANNER o.t.p. & Susannah HILLYAR o.t.p.; by banns; Richard ?SANDYNELL & Edwd. STOKES

3.9.1788 Edward STOKES junr., o.t.p. & Betty COOMBS of Pulham; by banns; William HOMER & Edward STOKES sen.

28.9.1802 Stephen MOGG o.t.p. & Mary CHAPMAN o.t.p.; by banns; Margery CHAPMAN & William ?DUNFALL

18.2.1805 Willm. JEANS o.t.p. & Anna STOKES o.t.p.; by banns; ?James STOKES & William DU--ALL

16.1.1809 Henry KNIGHT of St Michael, Bath, bach. & Eleanor BULLEN o.t.p., spinster; by licence; John BULLEN & Mary BULLEN

24.4.1809 Diaclesion ?VIVIAN of Haselbury Bryant & Sarah LAURANCE o.t.p.; by banns; Robert ?CAR--- & Mary STAMP

5.12.1809 Richard PURCHASE of Morden, bach. & Anna BULLEN o.t.p., spinster; by licence; G. ?KEARB/LY & Mary BULLEN

7.7.1811 James MILES of Melbury Abbas, bach. & Mary BULLEN o.t.p., spinster; by licence; John MILES & Elizabeth BULLEN

3.11.1812 James HUNT o.t.p., bach. & Anna GODDARD of Haselbury Bryant, spinster; by licence; Michael FOOT & Ann LIGHT

11.5.1813 William POPLE of Ibberton, bach. & Elizabeth BULLEN o.t.p., spinster; by licence; ?Richard LIDFORD, Spetisbury & Jean BULLEN, Stock Gaylard

13.12.1813 John MILES of Melbury Abbas, bach. & Jane BULLEN o.t.p., spinster; by licence; Thos. MILES & Catherine BULLEN

13.5.1816 Matthew LANE of Lydlinch, bach. & Elizabeth SYMS o.t.p., spinster; by licence; George CROCKER & Ann SIMS

28.12.1818 John CLARKE of Spetisbury, bach. & Thomazin WEBBER o.t.p., spinster; by licence; ?Benj. LUCAS & Susanna OLD

8.2.1820 James JEANES o.t.p., yeoman & Mary STYLES of Lydlinch, spinster; by banns; J. MOGG & Martha MOGG

11.3.1822 William ARNOLD o.t.p., servant & Phebe ?HALLETT o.t.p., servant; by banns; James KEATES & Sarah ?COURTNAY

12.9.1823 John BUGG of Stalbridge, bach. & Mary HAWKINS o.t.p., spinster; by banns; Samuel HAWKINS & Sarah HAWKINS

14.6.1824 John MILES o.t.p., widower, labourer & Grace GILLINGHAM of Leigh; by banns; Joseph MOGG & Grase ?B---

22.8.1831 Soloman UPSHALL o.t.p., bach., labourer & Christian STOKES o.t.p., spinster; by banns; James UPSHALL & Christian YOUNG

9.11.1831 George JEANS of Holwell, Somerset, labourer & Ellen JEANS o.t.p., widow; by banns; Mark ?LYTE & Charlotte ?LYTE

28.2.1837 James COFFIN o.t.p., labourer & Sarah MOGG of Lydlinch, spinster; by banns; Thomas COFFIN & Phillis STRANGE

24.5.1838 William John MEECH of Whaddon, Buckinghamshire & Sarah Marwood YEATMAN o.t.p.; by licence; Louisa Wolcott YEATMAN & ?Hn. Farr YEATMAN