Admons of Dorset Residents Granted by the Prerogative Court of Canterbury

Transcribed and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Kim Parker

List extracted from the Administration Act Books of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury (PCC) and translated from Latin to English by George FRY and originally published in instalments in "Notes & Queries for Somerset and Dorset" over a period of nine years from to 1890 to 1899.
George FRY’s notes:
DORSET ADMINISTRATIONS - The following list of the Grants of Administration to the Estates of Intestates in the County of Dorset has been extracted from the records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, now at Somerset House. They commence in the year 1559, the date of the earliest existing Act Book. The division of the various years is that adopted in the Official Calendar, and is that of the New Style, but the entries themselves are dated in the Old Style.
In all cases consanguineus has been rendered "kinsman" and prox’ consanguineus "next of kin." When a surname is not given it may always be taken to be the same as that of the deceased.
The Administration Act Book for 1643 contains Acts for the months of January to May, inclusive, and one Act only for July.
The following note appears in the Act Book for 1644: - "There were noe Administracions graunted at London in Anno 1644, untill November that yeare; when there was a new seale made for this office by authoritie of Parliament."
[As of December 1894 the] Administration Acts for 1653-4 for Dorset are at present missing from the series at Somerset House. They are entered in "Original Calendar N4" which includes Cornwall, Gloucestershire and Somerset-shire as well as Dorset, but there is no indication as to which of these counties the deceased belonged. [The entries listed here for those years could] consequently refer to one or other of the four counties mentioned.
The Administration Act Book for 1662 cannot be found but the ... names [for that year] appear in the Calendar of Dorset folk to whose estates Administration was granted [in 1662].
Kim Parker’s Notes:
The PCC Act Books are now held at the National Archives at Kew (ref: PROB 6), but as of 2014 they had not yet been indexed. Seeing as less than half of Dorset’s parish registers prior to the Civil War 1642-51 and the Commonwealth 1649-60 have survived - and many of those have gaps, or only partial information (with mothers’ names often ommitted) - this list is invaluable for family historians.
George occasionally ’forgot’ to translate the Latin version of given names into their English equivalent, particularly if the Latin version of the name had started to be used as a name in its own right by the 19th century - e.g. Ludovicus for Lewis, Matilda for Maud, Isabella for Elizabeth, etc - so I have corrected them.
Placenames have varied greatly over the centuries, so I have tried to identify the parish to which the settlement, manor or estate belonged (where it is not given) and I have called this the "Standardised Residence". However, it has not been possible to identify the parish in some cases, and in other cases where the placename is a common one that crops up in several parishes - e.g. Burton and Kingston. Such places have been classed as [unknown].
Despite George’s note about the years being presented ’old style’, he was not consistent in doing so in his list. Since he presented his list by year, and then alphabetically within year, this was not so important as the order in which grants were made could be deduced from the folio number. However, this deduction is more difficult when the entire list of, so I have ’corrected’ some of the dates to show both the year according to old style dating (the number to the left of the /) and new style dating (the number to the right of the /). In the Julian calendar (old style dating) the year ran from March 25th to March 24th.

Surame of Deceased ForenameRecorded ResidenceStandardised ResidenceGrantee & Relationship to Deceased DateFolio
JACKLETJohn- ---Sep1654-
JACKMANLabanStratton StrattonAnn JACKMAN, relict07Oct1659 332
JACKMANWilliamHelmesworth, Shapwick ShapwickEdith FISHER, daughter27Mar1666/7 49
JACKSONGeorgePoole PooleJuliane JACKSON, relict27Nov1570 166
JACKSONJamesMooreton MoretonRose JACKSON, relict (further grant Nov 1707)04 Jun168581
JACKSONJamesMoorton MoretonEdward JACKSON, son - Rose JACKSON, relict, now dead, not having fully administered (previous grant Jan 1685) 13Nov1707211
JACOBDanielWeymouth, but died in the ship "Portsmouth" WeymouthJoane JACOB, relict15Aug1690 149
JACOBBWilliam- ---Nov1654-
JACOMBEWilliamPoole PooleMary JACOMBE, relict (further grant May 1729)08 May1698115
JAGOJohn-- --Jun1653-
JAMESCharlesSturminster Marshall Sturminster MarshallJoane JAMES, relict19Dec 1640173
JAMESJoanSturminster Marshall Sturminster MarshallChristopher HARDING, senior, principal creditor 23Apr164938
JAMESRobertCorfe Moleyn Corfe MullenThomas BARNE, yeoman of Corfe Moleyn, next of kin 03Nov1590155
JAMESThomasMargaret Marsh Margaret MarshEllinor JAMES, relict01Jul 167193
JANESEdwardSutton, but died in the ship "Portand" Preston-cum-Sutton Poyntz or Sutton Waldron (parishes) or Sutton Holms in Wimborne St Giles William CLAPCOTT, attorney of Frances JANES, widow, mother13 Aug1691142
JARRETTAugustine- ---Nov1654-
JARRETTRobert, bachelor Poole, but died in the ship "The Hope"PooleEli DUFFETT, principal creditor 15Aug1692146
JAYSusannaWimborne Minster Wimborne MinsterPrudence, wife of Thomas BENNETT, Margery, wife of John DEANE and Susanna, wife of Nicholas LAMBERT, daughters 18Dec1669166
JEANESBernardStalbridge StalbridgeElizabeth JEANES, relict01Jun 1609161
JEANESGilesWeeke Oliver, Preston Preston-cum-Sutton PoyntzFrances JEANES, relict20 Feb1684/519
JEANESGiles, bachelor PrestonPreston-cum-Sutton PoyntzElizabeth UVEDALE 03Feb1702/334
JEANESHenry- ---Aug1653-
JEANESJohnSherburne SherborneJoan JEANES, relict19Nov1578 157
JEANESWilliamHorton HortonDorothy JEANES, relict21Jun1659 253
JEANES alias CLAVELLFrances HollwellHolwellHenry JEANS, husband29 Oct1647151
JEFFREYJohn- ---Sep1654-
JEFFRYESWilliamGillingham GillinghamElizabeth, wife of Benjamin PERRIN, daughter21 Apr168661
JENKINSAnne- ---Nov1654-
JENKINSJohn, bachelor Shipton St George, but died in the ship "Breda"Shipton Gorge Benjamin CHAPPELL, attorney of John JENKINS, father18Dec 1690234
JENKINSJohn, bachelor late of the ships "Ruby" & "Advice"[unknown] Ellen, wife of John BASON, attorney of Mary LUES, widow, mother, in Dorset 27Jul171593
JENKINSJulian, bachelor AskerswellAskerswellEdmund JENKINS, brother04 Apr169165
JENNENSJohn- ---Oct1654-
JENYSBarnardRyme Ryme IntrinsecaThomas JENYS, brother, during the minority of Walter, Elizabeth & Christiane, children of the deceased, with the consent of Barsabe JENYS, relict 10May1595132
JERADEThomasMorden MordenEdith JERADE, relict19May1587 16
JESOPGertrudeEast Chickerell ChickerellThomas JESOP, armiger, Doctor in Medicine, next of kin, during the minority of John JESOP, son 10Dec1608140
JESOPMariaEast Chickerell ChickerellFrances NAPPER alias JESOP, wife of John NAPPER, sister 08May161117
JESOPWilliam, juniorEast Chickerell ChickerellThomas JESOP, armiger, Doctor in Medicine, next of kin, during the minority of John JESOP, nephew of the deceased 03Feb1606/767
JESOPPJohnChikerell ChickerellWilliam JESOPP, brother and Thomas & John JESOPP, kinsmen 26May158238
JESOPPEJohnEast Chickerell ChickerellElizabeth JESOPPE, relict16Nov 1601100
JESSThomasBurleston BurlestonEleanor JESS, relict21Feb1656/7 35
JESSE/ JOYCEMaryBeere Regis Bere RegisThomas JESSE, husband09Aug1695 151
JESSOPPConstantWimborne Minster Wimborne MinsterElizabeth JESSOPP, relict27Jul 1658185
JOHNSONClementCramborne CranborneEdmund JOHNSON, of Chevening, kinsman31 Jan1571/22
JOHNSTONRobertShaston ShaftesburyMary, wife of Thomas PENNY, mother of Thomas JOHNSTON, bachelor, deceased, son 26Apr172275
JOLLIFFEJohnStower, East East StourCatherine JOLLIFFE, relict09Dec 1639/4089
JOLLIFFEThomasHaselbury Bryant Hazelbury BryanJohn BRISCOE, citizen & merchant of London of St Dunstans in the West, creditor - Martha JOLLIFFE, relict, renouncing 14Feb1628/975
JOLLYFFERichardWest Pulham PulhamWilliam STERR & Rebecca STERR alias JOLLYFFE, daughter 15Jun160510
JOLYFFEChristianaDorchester DorchesterHenry BESTLAND, gent., creditor21Apr 166693
JONESDavidSherborne SherborneAnn JONES, relict14Aug1624 110
JONESEdmund- ---Jul1653-
JONESEdwardDorchester DorchesterPriscilla JONES, relict (further grant May 1705) 19Nov1680164
JONESEdwardDorchester DorchesterMargaret, wife of William WILLIAMS, daughter - Priscilla JONES, relict, now dead, not having fully administered (previous grant Nov 1680) 15May1705101
JONESHenry-- --Aug1653-
JONESJohn-- --Aug1653-
JONESJohnWeymouth, but died in the ship "Expedition" WeymouthElizabeth JONES, widow, mother01Dec 1690234
JONESJohnLyme, but died at East Greenwich Lyme RegisMary JONES, relict26Sep1692 165
JONESMaryWimborne Minster Wimborne MinsterWilliam JONES, brother01Aug 1650121
JONESNicholasWaymouth & Melcombe Regis Weymouth & Melcombe RegisJohn de WAIGHTER, foreign merchant of St Mary Woolchurche Hawe, City of London, creditor, with Jane de WAIGHTER his wife, during the minority of Jasper and Susan JONES, children of the deceased (cancelled May 1598) 06Apr1597201
JONESNicholasWaiemouth & Melcombe Regis Weymouth & Melcombe RegisJoane ALEXANDER alias JONES, relict (letters granted 6 Apr 1597 cancelled) 24May1598251
JONESRichardCorfe Castle Corfe CastleMary JONES, relict02Jun1681 71
JONESRobertShaftesbury ShaftesburyEdith JONES, relict31Jul1600 55
JONESWilliamCharstocke ChardstockMargaret JONES, relict15Feb 1619/2056
JONESWilliamSherborne SherborneJoane JONES, relict23Jun1694 130
JOPEJohn-- --Jan1653/4-
JORDYNSilvesterLyme Regis Lyme RegisElizabeth JORDYN, relict (’de bonis’ grant Nov 1612) 11Dec161143
JORDYNSilvesterLyme Regis Lyme RegisJohn JORDYN, son - Elizabeth JORDYN, relict, not having fully administered 06Nov161278
JOSHAMThomas- ---Jun1653-
JOURDANAnthonyWaymouth & Melcombe Regis Weymouth & Melcombe RegisFriswell JOURDAN, relict26 Apr1625158
JOURDAYNEJohnLyme Regis Lyme RegisJone VINEY, next of kin03Mar 1622/316
JOYAgnesHalstocke HalstockWilliam JOY, son, and Lucy WILLES alias JOY, daughter 16Dec1629138
JOYGeorge, bachelorMaiden Newton Maiden NewtonEdward JOY, William FRAMPTON & William BUTCHER, cousins (previous letters revoked) 17Jun1703120
JOY alias BENNETTGeorge, bachelor Maiden NewtonMaiden NewtonJohn BENNETT alias JOY, cousin - revoked; fresh letters granted Jun 1703 08Dec1702235
JOYCEJohnMarnhull MarnhullSusan JOYCE, daughter, and Thomas JOYCE, brother, for the use of Susan, John & Margaret JOYCE, children of deceased 15May1657104
JOYCEJohnMarnhull MarnhullThomas JOYCE, uncle, next of kin & principal creditor 31Jan1666/715
JOYCEJohn, bachelorBlandford Forum Blandford ForumElizabeth JOYCE, widow, mother24 Jul1700139
JOYCE alias PERSEYAgnes MarnehullMarnhullFrancis PERSEY, husband24 Mar1629/30157
JOYLIFFERichardEast Stower East StourJohn CAVE, grandson & next of kin12Jul 167192
JUBBERWilliamCranford Canford MagnaHellene JUBBER, relict30Jun 160187
JUBBERWilliamCorfe Corfe Castle or Corfe MullenAlice JUBBER, niece (further grant Dec 1651) 30Jun165189
JUBBERWilliamCorfe Corfe Castle or Corfe MullenAgnes, wife of Richard REAKES, and Alice, wife of Leonard GUY, daughters of the sister of the deceased [nieces], of goods not administered by Alice JUBBER, relict, now deceased 19Dec1651192
JUBBER alias WARRENJoan EnsburyKinsonWilliam WARREN, husband18 Dec1651185
JUDDPeter-- --Sep1653-
JUPERobert, bachelorCrawford Magna, but died in the ship "Victory" SpetisburyJohn JUPE, cousin03Oct1691 190
KARSWELLJefferyBrapall BradpoleWilliam & Nicholas SAMSON, next of kin26 Oct162090
KEARLEJoane- ---Aug1653 or 54-
KEATRichardWeymouth WeymouthMargaret KEAT, relict30Sep1656 222
KEATThomasChesselborn CheselbourneElizabeth KEAT, relict12Mar 1637/8159
KEATEJohn-- --Oct1654-
KEATEThomas, widowerLeigh Leigh (parish, then a chapelry of Yetminster) or Leigh in Wimborne Minster Susan, wife of Robert BANBURY, aunt on mother’s side, and guardian of Samuel KEATE, son of the deceased 22Dec1682179
KEBBYBartholomewStockland StocklandJohn KEBBY, son - Mary, now wife of George LORING, relict, renouncing 05Oct1692185
KEDDLE/ KETTLEJamesHaslebury Hazelbury BryanMary KEDDLE/KETTLE, relict18Jul 1694151
KEECHWilliamChiddock ChideockJoane KEECH, relict07Jun1659 253
KEENE alias MOGGWilliam WinfordWynford EagleJohn KEENE alias MOGG, uncle 07Aug1647120
KEICHEWilliamLyme Regis Lyme RegisJane KEICHE, relict17May1598 249
KELKEThomasLyme Regis Lyme RegisJoane KELKE, relict01Apr1601 79
KELLAWAYBenjaminEast Knighton Winfrith NewburghJohn KELLAWAY, principal creditor - Elizabeth KELLAWAY, relict, renouncing 06Aug1724172
KELLETTJohn, clerk, late vicar of Almer AlmerAlmerJoane KELLETT, relict
[NB: folio number may be incorrect]
KELLEYHenry- ---Jun1654-
KELLEYJohn-- --Sep1653-
KELLOWAYElizaWest Knighton West KnightonNicholas KELLOWAY, uncle & guardian of Mary KELLOWAY, daughter of the deceased 20Feb1702/334
KELLOWAYNicholasWest Knighton West KnightonNicholas KELLOWAY, senior, uncle & guardian of Mary KELLOWAY, daughter of the deceased 20Feb1702/334
KELWAYHenryWinterborne Kingston Winterborne KingstonLucy KELWAY, relict16Sep 1657211
KEMPEAnthony- ---Sep1654-
KENDALLWalter- ---Feb1653/4-
KENDERICKJohn- ---Aug1653-
KENNARD alias WHITLEDGEElizabeth ----Jun1653-
KENNELLEdwardWareham WarehamWilliam KENNELL, brother19Oct1646 118
KENNELLRobertWareham WarehamJohn KENNELL, brother31Mar1656 54
KENNETTJohnWoodland, Horton (died abroad) Horton-cum-WoodlandsRichard SELBIE, yeoman of Pemperne, grandfather (on mother’s side) of Margaret & Joan KENNETT, children of the deceased 07Jan1613/14134
KENNISTONElizabethLeweston, but died at Haddington, Somerset Catherston LewestonJohn KENNISTON, son13Feb 1699/170030
KENNISTONElizabeth, widow LewestonCatherston LewestonJohn KENNISTON, son 13Feb1693/434
KENTERobertShaftesburie ShaftesburyJames KENTE, son14Jun1599 16
KENWAYMatthewWotton Fitzpaine Wootton FitzpaineMary, wife of William COMBE, sister05 Oct1646117
KERLEY alias STICKLANDMartha ----Jun1654-
KERRASKIN alias RICHARDSJohn ----Jun1654-
KEWERRobert- ---Oct1654-
KEYLEThomas, gentleman BagbeareSturminster NewtonRalph FULIVER, kinsman 31Jan1578/9187
KEYMERClementBlandford Forum Blandford ForumChristopher GAWLER, vicar of Sturminster Newton Castle, during the minority of Christopher & William KEYMER, children of the deceased 07Jul160190
KEYMERElizeusWest Chelborowe West ChelboroughHenry, Giles & Joane KEYMER, children25 Jan1575/691
KEYNELLChristopherBelchalwell BelchalwellElizabeth KEYNELL, widow31Mar 162485
KEYNELLJohn- ---Sep1653 or 54-
KEYNESSibil, widowBuckland Buckland NewtonRobert TILLIE & John KEYNES the younger, guardians of Sibil, Elizabeth, John & Mary KEYNES, children of the deceased 25Jun1657142
KIDELLEdmundPiddletrenthide PiddletrenthideDiana KIDELL, relict22Dec 1711227
KIDGERRobertCorscombe CorscombeMary KIDGER, relict19Jun1655 138
KIDLEY alias POINTERJohn ----Aug1653-
KINGJane, widowGillingham GillinghamJane KING, daughter19Mar1668/9 24
KINGJoan, widowWimborne Minster Wimborne MinsterWilliam KING, son02Jun 167094
KINGJohnHampreston HamprestonNicholas HUMFRYE, gentleman of Wimborne Minster, creditor 03May1602117
KINGJohnCranborne CranborneJohn KING, son25Jul1657 169
KINGJohnShaston ShaftesburyMargaret KING, relict29Mar 1704/555
KINGMark, clerkMayden Newton Maiden NewtonSamuel PINNEY, first cousin02Jul 1696131
KINGOwenEdmondsham EdmondshamElizabeth KING, relict27Mar 1656/758
KINGPeter, juniorShaston ShaftesburyMary, now the wife of Gilbert GLISSON, clerk, mother of Peter KING, son, also deceased 02Jan1706/74
KINGPhilipWest Parley West ParleyJames BUDDEN, during the minority of Philip & Mary KING, children of the deceased 02Nov1627186
KINGStephenPoole PooleMary KING, relict23Jul1687 107
KINGThomasShaston ShaftesburyElizabeth KING, relict25Apr 166861
KINGThomasMilton Milton Abbas or Milton upon Stour in Gillingham or West Milton in Powerstock Florence KING, relict20Dec1701213
KINGThomas, bachelorBourton [unknown]Gertrude, wife of Matthew BROWNE, sister15 Nov1681150
KINGEJoseph- ---Sep1654-
KINGERichard, armiger SherborneSherborneElizabeth NOBLE alias KINGE, cousin & next of kin 03Sep1672135
KINGERobertEaste Orchard East OrchardRichard KINGE, brother09May 159216
KINGEWilliamUpton, Canford Canford Magna [Upton was later part of Lytchett Minster]Christian SAUNDERS alias KINGE, sister 02Nov161945
KINGSBURIEPhillipCheselbourne CheselbourneAndrew KINGSBURIE, brother08Feb 1604/5235
KIPPENHenry, bachelor Langton Herring, but died in the ship "Vanguard"Langton Herring John KIPPEN, father12Jul1696131
KIRLEYWilliamWymborne Minster Wimborne MinsterJohn KIRLEY, next of kin of John KIRLEY junior, deceased, one of the executors of the Will of William KIRLEY, deceased 25Apr1627145
KIRTONDorothie- ---Feb1653/4-
KIRTONEdward- ---Oct1654-
KITCHEThomasBridgwater Bridgewater, Somerset?Richard KITCHE, brother31 Oct1660154
KNAPPJohnLitchett Minster Lytchett MinsterJohn KNAPP, father09May 1597206
KNAPTONThomasDorchester DorchesterThomas KNAPTON, son08Feb1686/7 28
KNEEBONE alias FORDJoan ----Jun1653-
KNIGHTRichardShipton Shipton GorgeWalter KNIGHT, father03Jul 1658184
KNIGHTRichardWeymouth, but died in the ship "Portsmouth" WeymouthJohn KNIGHT, son07Jul1690 133
KNIGHT alias ABINGDONPhilip Shepton GorgesShipton GorgeFaith, wife of William MEECH, daughter - Lucy ABINGDON alias KNIGHT, renouncing 01Dec1657325
KNOLLESRoger- ---Jul1653-
KNOLLYS alias THORNHULLElizabeth WollandWoollandRichard KNOLLYS, brother06 May164857
KNOTTThomasCuckford, Stockland StocklandThomas KNOTT, son - Mary KNOTT, relict renouncing 12Mar1719/2055
KNOTTThomasStockland StocklandWiliam KNOTT, brother21Jun1723 - -
KNOWLESMatthew- ---Apr1654-
KNOWLESPeter, bachelor Melcombe Regis; died in the service of the KingMelcombe Regis Edith KNOWLES, mother27Jul1667117
KNOWLESThomas- ---Sep1654-
LACIEBarrattDorchester DorchesterGrace LACIE, relict21Sep1667 140
LACIERobert- ---Sep1653-
LACKJohnBirport BridportGeorge MILLER of Crewkerne, Somerset, during the minority of Peter LACK, next of kin 13Feb1575/692
LACYJamesCaundlemarsh Caundle MarshAnthony CARNABY, principal creditor06 Jun166887
LAKEEdwardBurton [unknown]Alice LAKE, mother20Sep1649 106
LAKEHenryBurton [unknown]Alice LAKE, mother20Sep1649 106
LAKESEdmundMelplash, Netherbury NetherburySusanna LAKES, daugther12Nov 1666207
LAMBERTJoan, spinster HammoonHammoonJane, wife of Abraham FORRESTER, sister - Joane LAMBERT, mother, renouncing 17Oct1701172
LAMBERTJohnPoole PooleChristian LAMBERT, sister13Jan1624/5 140
LAMBERTJohnKnighton West Knighton (parish) or East Knighton in Winfrith Newburgh, or Knighton House in Durweston Walter LAMBERT, son23Jan1640/15
LAMBERTSamuel, bachelor SherborneSherborneSamuel LAMBERT, father22 Jan1722/39
LAMBERTThomasHinton Martell HInton MartellGrace LAMBERT, relict21Mar 1638/922
LAMBERT/ LAMBERNRobert CroscombeCorscombeSithe LAMBERT/ LAMBERN, relict 25Feb1604/5236
LAMBERT/ LAMBOURDJohn SherborneSherborneJohn LAMBERT/ LAMBOURD, son21 Nov1716212
LAMBORNEJosias- ---Sep1653-
LANEAliceBradford Abbis Bradford AbbasRobert LANE, son12May1656 91
LANEJohnBradford Abbis Bradford AbbasAlice LANE, relict25Apr 164643
LANEKatherne- ---Aug1653-
LANE alias MATHEWRalph ----Jun1654-
LANGWilliam- ---Sep1653-
LANGBRIDGEEdward- ---Aug1653-
LANGFORDAlexanderMilborne St Andrew Milborne St AndrewFrances LANGFORD, relict12Oct 1646118
LANGFORDJohnPentridge PentridgeEllis LANGFORD, cousin german & next of kin04 May165271
LANGFORDMary, widowGussage St Andrew Sixpenny Handley (then a chapelry of Iwerne Minster)John PARFETT, grandson on daughter’s side 07Jun1705147
LANGFORDNathanielBridport BridportJoan DYME, principal creditor31Oct 1666192
LANGFORD alias MOOREEdmund LodersLodersMary LANGFORD alias MOORE, relict27 Jan1655/69
LANGRISHThomasWeymouth, but late of the ships "Margate", "Windsor" & "Bredah" WeymouthRobert AKERS, attorney of Dorothy LANGRISH, relict 24Mar1702/383
LANGTONRobert, clerkPuddletowne PuddletownAnn LANGTON, sister10Oct1637 119
LANGWELLRobert- ---Aug1653-
LANINGJosephOkeford Shilling ShillingstoneMary LANING, relict03Sep 1655176
LANNENNicholasKingston [unknown, but likely Kingston, Corfe Castle]Mary LANNEN, relict 21Nov1721224
LARCOMBEJohn- ---Aug1653-
LARCOMBEThomasSouth Poorton PowerstockGrace LARCOMBE, relict (further grant Nov 1719) 28Sep1670143
LARDERMargaret- ---Feb1653/4-
LARDERRobertLoders LodersWilliam LARDER, son27Mar1633 155
LARGEJohn-- --Jul1654-
LARKEJohnBirport BridportPeter LARKE, next of kin20Nov 1586192
LATHAMJohn-- --Mar1653/4-
LAURENCEAugustinSherford, Morden MordenMary LAURENCE, relict18Jun1606 44
LAURENCE alias MANNOCKFrancis StapletonIwerne Steepleton or Winterbourne SteepletonThomas MANNOCK, son 24Oct1638219
LAVORJohnBurton [unknown]Robert DALLIBAR, cousin & next of kin16 Jun167177
LAVORRobertWeymouth, but died at sea in "Speaker" frigate WeymouthChrispin LAVOR, father26Jun1657 151
LAWRENCEGeorgeMotcombe MotcombeMargery LAURENCE alias STANDLEY, sister30 Jun162834
LAWRENCEGeorgeStepilton Iwerne Steepleton or Winterbourne SteepletonRichard LAWRENCE, son - [blank] relict, not administering 30Apr164936
LAWRENCEJohnSturminster Marshall Sturminster MarshallAnn LAWRENCE, relict24Jun 1618172
LAWRENCEJohn, junior, bachelor Law LeeWinterborne Whitechurch (if La Lee Farm)Anthony FLOYER, John GOULD, armiger, James GOULD, Lawrence PURCHASE and Robert MELLIER, guardians of Elizabeth LAWRENCE, sister 24Mar1692/348
LAWRENCEJohn, junior, bachelor LawleeWinterborne Whitechurch (if La Lee Farm)Elizabeth, wife of Robert STEWART, sister (previous grant Mar 1693) 13Jun1711114
LAWRENCERogerBurton [unknown]John LAWRENCE, brother14Jan1657/8 9
LAWRENCESir Edward- ---May1654-
LAWRENCEThomas- ---Oct1654-
LAWRENCE alias ABBOTTFrances Winterbourne StipletonWinterbourne SteepletonRichard LAWRENCE, husband 02Jul1680119
LAWSCharlesAlton Pancras Alton PancrasMartha NEWMAN, widow, daughter - Frances LAWS, relict, now wife of Richard SQUIBB, renouncing 24Jul1710135
LEAJohnLyme Regis Lyme RegisPhillip LEA, brother15Dec1604 229
LEANicholasBridport, but died in the ship "Sheerness" BridportJuliana LEA, widow, mother07Mar 1691/245
LEAThomasBridport, but died in the ship "Grafton" BridportJulia LEA, relict10Jan1695/6 8
LEA alias SHERRINGEMargaret, widow PulhamPulhamEdmund SHERRINGE, son02May 167251
LEACHJohnPilsden PilsdonMary TAYLBY, sister08Sep1657 211
LEANESymon-- --May1654-
LEAVESJohnSherborne SherborneWalter HUTCHINS, nephew & next of kin16 Jan1649/503
LEAVETTWilliamPoole PooleCatherine LEAVETT, relict20Apr1615 13
LEDOZEThomas, merchant WeymouthWeymouthMargaret LEDOZE, relict06 Jan1696/76
LEEKERFrances- ---Aug1653-
LEGGSamuelBothenhampton, but died in the ship "Breda" BothenhamptonBenjamin CHAPPELL, attorney of Mary LEGG, relict 18Dec1690234
LEGGWalterChetnold Chetnole (then a chapelry of Yetminster)Hannibal OKE, yeoman of Sherborne, next of kin 22Jul1637100
LEIRRichard- ---May1654-
LEMANPeter-- --Mar1653/4-
LESTEREdwardDorchester DorchesterMary LESTER, relict10Jan1706/7 5
LESTERGeorgeDorchester DorchesterCharles LESTER, son06Nov1708 211
LEVETTThomasWareham WarehamGrace GERRARD alias LEVETT, relict11May 1585139
LEVETTWilliamDorchester, but died in the ship "Bristol" DorchesterElizabeth LEVETT, relict08Feb 1691/234
LEVITTChristopherSherborne SherborneFrances LEVITT, relict22Jan1630/1 4
LEWENElizabethWymborne Minster Wimborne MinsterRobert LEWEN, husband09Nov 1647158
LEWENElizabethPoole PooleGeorge LEWEN, husband26Nov1679 160
LEWENHenry, bachelorWimborn Minster Wimborne MinsterHenry LEWEN, father04Jul 1691119
LEWINJosephWymborne Minster Wimborne MinsterFrances LEWIN, relict05Aug 1647123
LEWISAnne, widowStock Gaylard Lydlinch-cum-Stock GaylardWilliam LEWIS, armiger, son08 Feb1693/434
LEWISJohnCharleton Charlton MarshallCharles LEWIS, brother08Jan 1655/69
LEWISWilliamStock Gaylard Lydlinch-cum-Stock GaylardWilliam LEWIS, armiger, son - Anne LEWIS, relict, having died before administering (previous grant Jun 1686) 01Feb1695/626
LEWYSWilliam, armiger Stock GaylardLydlinch-cum-Stock GaylardAnne LEWYS, relict 23Jul1686101
LEYJohn-- --Mar1653/4-
LIMBERYJohnCharmouth CharmouthAnne LIMBERY, relict02Dec1587 43
LINTERNJohnPoole PooleDorothy LINTERN, relict09Mar1583/4 99
LISTERJoshuaPoole, but died in the ship "Reserve" PooleEly DUFFETT attorney of Susan LISTER, mother23 Apr169665
LITONJohnCharmouth CharmouthGrace PREIST alais LITON, wife of William PREIST, sister of the deceased 14Jun162833
LITTLEWilliamPurbeck, but died in the ship "Sandwich" [unknown Purbeck parish]John AMBROSE, attorney of Elizabeth LITTLE, relict 07Jan1697/818
LOCKGeorgeLillington LillingtonJames LOCK, father03Mar1656/7 58
LOCKThomasWaymouth & Melcombe Regis Weymouth & Melcombe RegisMary LOCK, relict04Jul 1595140
LOCKWilliamBuckland Buckland NewtonChristiane LOCK, relict01May 1604200
LOCKEAnneStalbridge StalbridgeRobert LONGMAN, Richard DRINKWATER and Robert KIMBER, guardians of William, James, Ann, John & Margaret LOCKE, children of deceased 14Jun1658132
LOCKETTGilesYetminster YetminsterRichard BATT, principal creditor - Martha LOCKETT, relict, Ann & Dorothy LOCKETT, daughters, not administering 20Jul167678
LOCKETTRogerCharleton Charlton Marshall (parish), or Charlton Higher Down in Charminster, or Charlton Farm in Woodlands Dorothy LOCKETT, relict13Jul156247
LOCKETTThomasSpettisbury SpetisburyMary LOCKETT, relict02Dec1657 325
LOCKETT alias WARRENWinifred Charleton MarshallCharlton MarshallJohn LOCKETT, husband 27Feb1630/112
LOCKIERJohnCanford Magna Canford MagnaJoan LOCKIER, relict12Sep 1613117
LOCKYERJamesDudsbury, West Parley West ParleyIsott, wife of William BUGBY, sister07 Jun164779
LOCKYERRobertHolton, Wareham St Martin’s Wareham St Martin"sWilliam DAVIS, sister’s son [nephew] - Richard LOCKYER, brother, and Joane DAVIS, sister of the deceased, renouncing 11Feb1657/839
LOCKYER/ LOGGETTJames BroadwynsorBroadwindsorThomas LOCKYER/ LOGGETT, son 09Jun1640135
LODENWilliamCastleton juxta Sherborne, but died near Minehead CastletonRebecca LODEN, relict27Mar1697 48
LODERAndrew, widowerDorchester DorchesterRobert LODER, brother05Jul1708 150
LODERRobertBridport BridportMary LODER, relict29Jan1645/6 8
LODERRobertDorchester DorchesterMary LODER, relict15Dec1711 227
LODWYNJohnFolke FolkeIsabelle LODWYN, relict20May1584 105
LONGDorothy- ---Feb1653/4-
LONGHugh-- --Jun1653-
LONGJamesAthelhampton AthelhamptonThomas SHERMAN, principal creditor - Mary LONG, relict, renouncing 22Oct1689166
LONGJamesAthelhampton AthelhamptonGabriel LONG, armiger, principal creditor28 Jul1692130
LONGJohnWhitechurch Winterborne Whitechurch or Whitchurch CanonicorumCicilie LONG, relict 03Jun1584107
LONGSimonLoders, but died in the ship "Jolly Prize" LodersThomas REYNELL, attorney of Mary LONG, relict08 Feb1695/626
LONGSusanAthelhampton AthelhamptonJames LONG, armiger, husband04Jan 1686/77
LONGSusannaWeymouth WeymouthAnn LONG, spinster, sister28Jun 1700119
LONGThomas-- --Sep1654-
LONGEAnthonyStratton StrattonDorothy PAYNE alias LONGE, sister02Jan 1611/1246
LONGENicholasShaston ShaftesburyJoan LONGE, daughter20Jan1636/7 50
LONGEThomasSymondsbury SymondsburyFrancis LONGE, brother14Jul 164886
LONGEWilliamLyme Lyme RegisAlice LONGE, relict22Oct1579 180
LONGMANAliceStalbridge StalbridgeRobert LONGMAN, husband05Dec 1657325
LOOPWilliam, bachelor HenburySturminster MarshallAlice, wife of James HOLLIBREAD, sister 14Aug1672116
LOOPEJohnBeere Regis Bere RegisMary LOOPE, relict24Jun1618 177
LOVELACE alias PITMANDeborah Nether Compton, but died at DorchesterNether ComptonJohn LOVELACE, husband 17Oct1695183
LOVELLRichardWest Knighton West KnightonBridgit LOVELL, relict28Jul 163798
LOVELLRichard- ---Jul1653-
LOVETTRobertGillingham GillinghamMargerie LOVETT, relict06Feb 1595/6160
LOWEdward, bachelorChettle ChettleFrancis HEATH, nephew on sister’s side28 Nov1693212
LOWEEdwardChettle ChettleJohn GROVE, nephew on sister’s side - revoked & fresh grant in Nov 1693 10Oct1693187
LOWE alias MICHELLMargery More ChrichellMoor CrichelRichard LOWE, husband 17Jun1589100
LOWMANGeorgeSturminster Marshall Sturminster MarshallAlice LOWMAN, relict14Nov 1638232
LOWMANRichardPuddlehinton PiddlehintonWilliam, John & Christopher LOWMAN, brothers 01Jun1609162
LUDLOWBenjamin, gent. Late of Ireland, but at the seige of Corfe CastleCorfe Castle Henry LUDLOW, son - Joyce LUDLOW, relict, and Edmund LUDLOW, another son, renouncing 22Mar1659/606
LUDLOWEdmond- ---May1654-
LUDLOWEAnne- ---Jul1653-
LUDLOWE alias DAUNCEHugh PiddlehintonPiddlehintonAnne STANLEY, widow, daughter 31Dec162541
LUFFEMaryLong Burton LongburtonJoan MANIFORD, grandmother, during the minority of Hannah, sister of the deceased 31Mar165041
LUGG?William- ---May1654-
LUKINSThomas- ---Sep1653-
LUTTERELLGeorgeCheddington ChedingtonMargaret LUTTERELL, relict02May 166146
LUXELLJoanCranborne CranborneJohn BARTER, son20Jun1646 77
LUXELLJohnCranborne CranborneJoan LUXELL, relict06Mar1625/6 68
LYDEJamesLyme Regis Lyme RegisToby THOMAS, attorney of Eulalia LYDE, relict 31Oct1666192
LYDEJohn-- --Sep1653-
LYDFORDWilliamBuckland Newton Buckland NewtonConstance LYDFORD, relict03Apr 167953
LYMBERYAnthonyCharmouth CharmouthElinore LYMBERY, relict08Oct 158874
LYMBERYJohnCharmouth CharmouthMargery LYMBERY, relict14Mar 1577/8142
LYMBERYJohnChartmouth CharmouthJohn SHATTOCK, creditor15Oct 158382
LYMBRYStephenCharmouthe CharmouthThomazine LYMBRY, relict28Oct 1597225
LYNECatherineChild Ockford Child OkefordRobert BURBYDGE, creditor, during the minority of Mellior LYNE, daughter of the deceased 21Nov162860
LYNEThomasWimborne Minster Wimborne MinsterCatherine LYNE, relict, pending the suit between said Catherine and Henry LYNE, brother of the deceased 11Aug1621135
LYNEThomasWimborne Minster Wimborne MinsterCatherien GIBBON alias LYNE, relict17 Jul1622189
LYPEAKERichard- ---May1654-
MABEREustaceYeatminster YetminsterAnn BAKER, wife of Robert BAKER, daughter, with the consent of Grace MABER, relict 08Apr1638167
MABERGeorgeStafford West Stafford or East Stafford in West KnightonBridget MABER, relict 12Jan1638/96
MABERWilliamBloxworth BloxworthElianore MABER, relict26Mar1623 16
MABLEY alias WILKENSThomas GillinghamGillinghamElizabeth MABLEY alias WILKENS, relict 26Jan1630/14
MACKRELLChristopherWimborne Minster Wimborne MinsterChristopher MACKRELL, son - Mary MACKRELL, relict, not having fully administered 15Mar1668/923
MACKRELLNicholasBlandford Forum Blandford ForumGrace MACKRELL, relict23Jul 1695137
MACKRELLWilliamEnsborow, Canford Magna Canford MagnaAlice EDWARDS, daughter11Apr 167057
MAIDMANRichard- ---Mar1653/4-
MAIORWilliamMelcombe Regis Melcombe RegisRobert MAIOR, renouncing10Aug 1610208
MAJORJamesWeymouth, but died in the ship "Ellwerks" WeymouthMary MAJOR, relict24Dec1716 239
MAJORSemarSearne Abbats Cerne AbbasLetice MAJOR, relict01Aug1605 14
MAKEFELDHenryHelton HiltonMargery SONDAY, aunt08Nov1575 86
MALLERYRobert- ---Oct1654-
MALLETT/ MALLARDJohnWhitchurch Winterborne Whitechurch or Whitchurch CanonicorumRichard MALLETT/ MALLARD, father 18Jul167192
MALSONJohn-- --Jun1653-
MALTBYWilliamSherborne SherborneGrace MALTBY, relict15Aug1674 115
MALTBYWilliamSherborne SherborneGrace MALTBY, relict07Aug1693 148
MANFEILDRoger- ---Aug1653-
MANIFORDSamuelLong Burton LongburtonJoan MANIFORD, relict30Oct1647 149
MANNELLGeorgeMorden MordenAlice MANNELL, relict14Jul1658 185
MANNELLJosephLitchett Matravers Lytchett MatraversRobert MANNELL, son - Margaret MANNELL, relict, renouncing 17Dec1723- -
MANNOCK alias LAURENCEFrancis StapletonIwerne Steepleton or Winterbourne SteepletonThomas MANNOCK, son 24Oct1638219
MANSELLHonor, widowSherborne SherborneSimon, Thomas & Honor MANSELL, children08 Mar1678/938
MANSELLThomasSherborne SherborneHonor MANSELL, relict (further grant Aug 1685) 09Nov1676149
MANSELLThomasSherborne SherborneThomas MANSELL, son - Honor MANSELL, relict, not having fully administered (previous grant Nov 1676) 05Aug1685111
MANSELLWilliamWeymouth, but died in the "New Oxford" frigate WeymouthJoyce MANSELL, relict (further grant Dec 1681)25 Aug1680131
MANSELLWilliamMelcombe Regis, but died on ship "New Oxford" Melcombe RegisHannah STREET, widow, daughter - Joyce MANSELL, relict, having died without fully administering (former grant Aug 1680) 12Dec1681160
MANSHIPPJames- ---Jan1653/4-
MANTELLLaurenceBeaminster BeaminsterMary MANTELL, widow, mother20Nov 1697207
MARKERobert- ---Mar1653/4-
MARKESDanielMilborne Stileham Bere RegisHenry MARKES, only son14Mar 1658/999
MARKESThomas- ---Sep1653-
MARKS alias BODYThomas Wike RegisWyke RegisJoane BODY alias MARKS, relict 14May165691
MARKS alias HORNEAlice BroadwinsorBroadwindsorRobert HEXT, father of Eleanor HEXT, granddaughter & next of kin, during her minority 24Nov1635139
MARLERMatilda [Maud]- ---Jan1653/4-
MARSHALLWilliam, widower Netherbury, but died in the ship "Expedition"Netherbury John GOLDING & Richard GOLLOPP, churchwardens & guardians of Dorothy & Elizabeth, daughters of the deceased 22Mar1697/838
MARSHFIELDThomasSandwich SwanageMary MARSHFIELD, relict15Feb1676/7 28
MARTENElizabeth- ---Aug1653-
MARTENNicholasLyme Regis Lyme RegisWalter CUNNINGTON, yeoman of Spaldewick, Co. Hunts, with consent of Thomas MARTEN, brother of the deceased 06Jun1597209
MARTENRichardWeeke Regis Wyke RegisAlice MARTEN, relict17Apr1621 118
MARTINGeorge- ---Sep1653-
MARTINGeorgeLidlinch Lydlinch-cum-Stock GaylardElizabeth MARTIN, relict02 May1657104
MARTINNicholasLong Bredy Long BredyMary MARTIN, relict04Feb1658/9 52
MARTINRogerPoole PooleRebecca MARTIN, relict20Oct1617 139
MARTINThomas- ---Sep1653-
MARTYNJamesSherborne SherborneCatherine MARTYN, relict23Jul 1679106
MARTYNMargaret- ---Jul1654-
MARTYNWilliamSherborne SherborneMary MARTYN, relict18May1605 7
MARTYNENicholasGillingham GillinghamSuzanne MARTYN, relict02Mar 1593/489
MASONJames-- --Sep1653-
MASONWilliam- ---Jul1653-
MASON alias RICHARDSThomas NetherburyNetherburyParnell MASONalias RICHARDS, relict 14Apr163594
MASTERWilliamBradford Abbis Bradford AbbasMary MASTER, relict03Dec 1709232
MASTERSEdward- ---Mar1653/4-
MASTERSGeorgeBradford Bradford Abbas or PeverellJohn MASTERS, brother18 Sep1618188
MASTERSJohnLangton Purbeck, but died in Newfoundland Langton MatraversDorothy MASTERS, relict16May 1706103
MASTERSPeter- ---Aug1653-
MASTERSRobertSherborne SherborneDorothy MASTERS, relict02May 163131
MASTERSThomasShaston ShaftesburyJohn HASKELL and John FORD, principal creditors - Sarah MASTERS, relict, and Mary & Sarah MASTERS, children, renouncing 28Jul1693124
MASTERS alias BUTCHEREdmund ----Mar1653/4-
MASTERS alias TYDALLElizabeth ----Jun1653-
MATHEW alias LANERalph ----Jun1654-
MATHEWEJohnStockland StocklandRoger MATHEWE, brother30Apr1616 62
MATHEWERogerStockland StocklandOlive MATHEWE, relict21Mar1631/2 87
MATHEWESBeavis- ---Aug1653-
MATSONBenbow- ---Feb1653/4-
MATTHEWESThomas- ---Jun1654-
MATTHEWSWilliamShaftesbury, but died at St Gerards Hall, St Mildreds, Bread Street, London ShaftesburyMary, wife of Maurice SLADE, relict02 Nov1689183
MATTICKSRichardWeymouth, but died abroad WeymouthPhillippa MATTICKS, relict05Jul 1666146
MAWDLEYRoger, armiger PoolePooleArthur RADFORD junior, gentleman of Divelish, nephew 21Nov1629129
MAYCuthbertWymborne Wimborne Minster or St GilesAnnie or Amie MAY, relict28 Apr1578144
MAYElizabethStalbridge StalbridgeRoger, Thomas and Ann MAY, children20 Nov1642172
MAYCOCKWilliam- ---Nov1654-
MAYCOCKEAndrewDorchester DorchesterElizabeth MAYCOCKE, relict15Mar 1693/457
MAYDMAN alias BLY alias MAYDMAN ZachariaBlandford ForumBlandford ForumEdith BLY alias MAYDMAN, relict 03Sep1630196
MAYEJohnSherborne SherborneMichael MAYE, brother17Sep1608 129
MAYHOWJohnSturminster Sturminster Marshall or NewtonThomas HAVERLAND, son02 Jun160051
MAYNARDJoane- ---Sep1653-
MAYNARD alias NASHElizabeth ----May1653-
MAYNESTONEElizabeth- ---Jun1654-
MAYOAnneCattistocke CattistockJohn MAYO, husband (further grant Oct 1708)01 Feb1707/826
MAYOAnneCattistocke CattistockJohn MAYO, son - John MAYO, husband, dying before administering (previous grant Feb 1708) 19Oct1708196
MAYOEllenSelling [unknown]John MAYO, husband02Jun1685 82
MAYOJohn-- --Sep1653-
MAYOJohnCattistock CattistockJohn MAYO, son19Oct1708 196
MAYOWilliamCam Winterborne Came or Cann St RumboldJohn MAYO, son13 Oct1629124
MAYORDorothyPoole PooleRichard MAYOR, husband20May1622 177
MEACHARDJoan- [unknown]--Aug166271
MEADERJohnDorchester DorchesterElizabeth MEADER, relict23May 169280
MEADERThomasDorchester DorchesterJane MEADER, relict09Dec1691 224
MEADER alias SHEDDRobert ----Sep1654-
MEADWAYGeorgeSwanage SwanageMatthew MEADWAY, father18Jan1700/1 3
MEALDERJohn- ---Mar1653/4-
MEASURERDionisiusPoole PoolePetronelle LAMBERT alias MEASURER, mother14 Dec1609180
MEATYARDRobertShaston ShaftesburyDeborah MEATYARD, daughter - Margery MEATYARD, relict, & Hester MEATYARD, daughter, renouncing 25Nov1656278
MEECHRichardBeaminster, but died in the ship "St Andrew" BeaminsterJoan MEECH, relict01Feb1695/6 26
MEECHWilliamLong Bredy Long BredyJoane MEECH, relict24Dec1692 222
MEEREHenrySherborne SherborneMagdalen MEERE, relict11May1633 175
MEERESElizabeth, widow Bourton, GillinghamGillinghamThomas MEERES, son 23Oct1702189
MEGGSThomas, bachelor Bradford PeverellBradford PeverellHenry MEGGS, brother 22Mar1697/838
MELLEDGEElizabeth, spinster DorchesterDorchesterMartha BARTLETT, widow, sister 14Apr169476
MELLEDGEJohnsonPoole PooleAlice MELLEDGE, relict09Dec1659 381
MELLEDGEMatthiasHelton HiltonBersheba MELLEDGE, relict24Dec1647 175
MELMOTHBerrymanPoole PooleMargery MELMOTH, widow, mother13May 163940
MELMOTHJohnSanwich, Purbeck SwanageWilliam MELMOTH, cousin & guardian of Susanna, Judith, Phineas & John MELMOTH, children of the deceased - Cecily MELMOTH, relict, being dead 17Oct1692185
MELMOTHMatthewBlandford, but died in the ship "Shrewsbury" Blandford Forum, St Mary or Langton Long BlandfordMargaret, wife of Edward GRAY, principal creditor - Eliza MELMOTH, relict, renouncing 03Feb1702/334
MELMOTHPeterSanwich, Purbeck SwanageSusanna MELMOTH, relict (further grant Feb 1681) 14Dec1680179
MELMOTHPeter, seniorSanwich, Purbeck SwanageLewis Cockram, guardian of Elizabeth & Peter MELMOTH, children of the deceased - Susanna MELMOTH, relict, having died without administering (former grant Dec 1680) 08Feb1680/123
MELMOTHWilliamSandwich, but died in the ship "Thunder Bomb" SwanageGeorge CLARKE, principal creditor - John GOVER, uncle, renouncing 20Feb1720/129
MELMOUTHJohnSwanidge SwanageUrsula MELMOUTH, relict14Feb1641/2 104
MELNOTHJohnHelton HiltonJoane MELNOTH, relict08Feb1602/3 147
MEMPHEYThomasStockland StocklandMarian MEMPHEY, relict18Dec1656 306
MERCERWilliam- ---Mar1653/4-
MERIFEILDERalphBusshoppes Caundoll Bishops CaundleChristiane MERIFEILDE, relict25 Jan1591/23
MERRETMary-- --Jul1653-
MERRETRichard- ---Jul1653-
MERRICKFrances- ---Aug1653-
MERVINGeorgeWeymouth WeymouthMary MERVIN, relict04Mar1669/70 43
MERYMOUTHWilliamPoole PooleSarah MERYMOUTH, relict06Jun1701 103
MESURERThomasPoole PooleParnelle MESURER, widow, mother of Dionysus and Edith MESURER, next of kin, during their minority 06Dec1595152
METFORDSamuel- ---Mar1653/4-
METYARDThomasBurton [unknown]Jane METYARD, relict31Oct1655 199
MEWThomasWootton Glanvill Glanvilles WoottonCatherine MEW, relict19Feb 1672/327
MICHAELHenryWimborne Minster, but died abroad Wimborne MinsterTimothy MICHAEL, uncle & guardian of Henry, Elizabeth & Jane, children of the deceased 10Oct1676125
MICHAELSamuel, widower St Michael’s GussageGussage St MichaelTimothy MARSHALL, principal creditor - Samuel MARSHALL, son, renouncing (further grant Nov 1710) 25Jun1698115
MICHEL alias BRIDGESArabella Kingston RussellKingston RussellJohn MICHEL, armiger, husband 18Apr171769
MICHELLBartholomewCompton [unknown]Thomas & Richard MICHELL, brothers, during the minority of Bartholomew & Agatha MICHELL, children 05Oct1638221
MICHELLRichardPulham PulhamWilliam OLIVER, creditor17Oct1590 153
MICHELLWilliamBridport BridportWilliam MICHELL, son13Nov1620 95
MICHELLWilliamBridport BridportJohn CHAFFY, gentleman of Stoke under Hambden, Somerset, husband of Mary CHAFFEY alias CHAMBERS, daughter of William CHAMBERS, creditor 06May1630167
MICHELL alias LOWEMargery More ChrichellMoor CrichelRichard LOWE, husband 17Jun1589100
MICHOAviceBradpoole BradpoleRobert & William MICHO, sons21May 1627152
MICORobertBradpole BradpoleAvice MICO, relict27Nov1613 128
MIDDLETONAndrew, widower ChetnollChetnole (then a chapelry of Yetminster)Elizabeth, wife of Thomas STONE, Jane, wife of John READ, Joan, wife of John WILKINS and Anne MIDDLETON, daughters 14Jun1718117
MIGHELLJohnWimburn Minster Wimborne MinsterThomas MIGHELL, son21Jun 156133
MIGHELLWilliamSutton Waldron Sutton WaldronWilliam & Janes MIGHELL, sons09May 159356
MILLCatherine, spinster FarnhamFarnhamDorothy, wife of Nicholas KENVILL, sister - Dorothy GODDARD, widow, mother, renouncing 01Sep1702169
MILLARDeborahBridport BridportAlice BISHOP, wife of John BISHOP, sister08 Dec1626125
MILLARDJohn- ---Mar1653/4-
MILLEREdwardSherborne SherborneLeonard MILLER, father - [blank] relict, not administering 15Jun164673
MILLEREdward- ---Sep1654-
MILLERJohnPlushe, Buckland Buckland NewtonIsabelle MILLER, relict25Aug 1589108
MILLERJohnYeatminster YetminsterBenjamin MILLER, son21Jun1636 5
MILLERJohnWymborne Minster Wimborne MinsterJane MILLER, relict20Oct 1638219
MILLERJohn-- --Feb1653/4-
MILLERPeterCorfe Castle Corfe CastleTemperance MILLER, relict13Jul 162695
MILLERRichardBridport, but died in the ship "St Andrew" BridportAlice MILLER, relict06Aug1694 165
MILLERRichardSherborne SherborneRose, wife of William PLUCKNETT, relict & administratrix of James SPEED next of kin & administrator (previous grant Apr 1696) 13Feb1707/825
MILLERRichard, widower SherborneSherborneJames SPEED, nephew (further grant Feb 1708) 18Apr169665
MILLERThomasSherborne SherborneThomazine, wife of Alexander WILLIAMS, daughter 02Jun1720119
MILLERWilliamWeymouth, but died on ship "Bramble" in State’s Service WeymouthJoane MILLER, relict13Apr1659 141
MILLER alias COOKEElizabeth DorchesterDorchesterJohn MILLER, son - Matthew MILLER, husband, dying before accepting administration 29Jul167585
MILLESJohnManson ManstonChristian MILLES, relict21Apr1611 15
MILLETTJohnPoole PooleEdward PARSONS, principal creditor - Eliza MILLETT, relict, (renouncing ?) 11Jul1693124
MILLSElizabeth- ---Oct1654-
MILLSEmanuelBeaminster BeaminsterEdith, wife of Richard HORSFORD, and Judith, wife of John GATCH, daughters 09Sep1670142
MILLSJohn-- --May1654-
MILLSLancelotBeamister BeaminsterJohn MILLS, son10Jan1656/7 4
MILLSRichard, bachelor Poole, but died in the ship "York"PooleSusan, wife of Thomas PARSONS, attorney of Thomas MILLS, brother 09Oct1695180
MILLSWilliam- ---Jun1654-
MINSONJohnSymondsbury SymondsburyRobert & John MINSON, next of kin22 Jan1645/67
MINTERNEHumphreyWeymouth, but died in the ship "Portsmouth" WeymouthBenjamin CHAPPLE, attorney of William BARRY, principal creditor - Hannah MINTERNE, relict, renouncing 23Jul1691119
MINTERNEJohnNewland, Batcombe BatcombeMargaret MINTERNE, relict26Mar 159350
MINTERNELaurenceHermitage HermitageMary MINTERNE, relict08Nov1624 127
MINTERNE alias BAKER alias WILLIAMS ElizabethChetnoll, YetminsterChetnole (then a chapelry of Yetminster) James MINTERNE, husband02Jan1693/415
MITCHELLHenry- ---May1654-
MITCHELLThomasSherborne SherborneHumfrey & William MITCHELL, nephews15 Apr164639
MITCHELLWilliamBuckland Buckland Newton or RipersElizabeth MITCHELL, relict05 Jun161265
MITCHELLWilliamSherborne SherborneJane MITCHELL, daughter28Sep 1640153
MOCHERRichardWeymouth WeymouthSarah MOCHER, relict (further grant Oct 1708)02 May169287
MOCHERRichardWeymouth WeymouthCatherine, wife of John RUSSELL, daughter - Sarah MOCHER, relict, dying before administering (previous grant May 1692) 19Oct1708196
MOGGRichard- ---May1653-
MOGGRobertHaydon HaydonAgnes MOGG, relict27Mar1620 61
MOGGWalterDorchester DorchesterAlice MOGG, relict10Dec1610 223
MOGG alias KEENEWilliam WinfordWynford EagleJohn MOGG alias KEENE, uncle 07Aug1647120
MOLLEDGEJohnCorff Castle Corfe CastleAgnes MOLLEDGE, relict20Nov 1598266
MOMPESSONMargaretLancton Matrevers, Purbeck Langton MatraversGeorge MOMPESSON, son01Dec 1656306
MONKEChristopherChilde Okeford, but died abroad Child OkefordFaith MONKE, spinster, sister23Aug 1652147
MOONEAnthonyLyme Regis Lyme RegisMorgan MOONE, brother01Mar1609/10 190
MOONEAnthonyLyme Regis Lyme RegisMartha DAVIDGE alias MOONE, wife of Christopher DAVIDGE, sister - Morgan MOON, brother, not fully administering (previous grant Mar 1609/10) 13Sep161130
MOONEDionisiusBridport BridportWalter MOONE, son01Mar1620/1 115
MOONEMorganBurport BridportDionisie MOONE, relict26Dec1611 44
MOONERichardBirtport BridportMorgan MOONE, next of kin04Feb 1586/75
MOOREHenryPentridge PentridgeMatilda [Maud] MOORE, relict04Nov 158739
MOORERichardStower Estover East StourAgnes MOORE, relict15Apr1592 14
MOORERichardCaundle Bishop Bishops CaundleRichard MOORE, son29Jun 167269
MOORERobertLyme Regis Lyme RegisJoane MOORE, relict06Feb1682/3 22
MOORERogerShasbury, but died at Reading ShaftesburyJoane MOORE, relict08Jan1647/8 11
MOORERogerShaftsbury ShaftesburyJohn MOORE, son, of goods not administered by Joan MOORE, relict, now deceased 03Jun165189
MOORESamuel- ---Mar1653/4-
MOOREThomas- ---Aug1653-
MOOREWilliam- ---Mar1653/4-
MOORE alias LANGFORDEdmund LodersLodersMary MOORE alias LANGFORD, relict27 Jan1655/69
MOORECOCKEJohnBroadwinsor BroadwindsorAgnes MOORECOCKE, relict11Mar 1640/119
MOORESRobertWymborne Mynster Wimborne MinsterElizabeth MOORES alias GOODFELLOWE, sister 27Jan1620/1105
MOREHughWeste Chelborough West ChelboroughGiles MORE, next of kin12Apr 1595130
MORERichardThorneford ThornfordEdith MORE, relict02Apr1591 171
MORERichardBridport BridportMary MORE, relict03Apr1655 67
MORECOMBE alias HARRISHonor Sturminster NewtonSturminster NewtonMorris HARRIS, husband 14Apr165677
MORETONHenry, Esq.Milburne Milborne St Andrew or Milborne Stileham in Bere RegisSir George MORETON, baronet, father 17Jun165297
MORETONJohnWareham WarehamJames HARRISON, creditor - Margery MORETON, relict, renouncing 04Dec1602139
MORETONThomasSturminster Marshall Sturminster MarshallAndrew MORETON, next of kin, during the minority of Thomas & Mary MORETON, children of the deceased 29Sep160194
MORETONWilliamClenston Winterborne ClenstonRobert MORETON, brother (former letters revoked) 10Nov163468
MORFORD alias BETTIEFrances ----Aug1654-
MORGAINEThomasTarrant Muncton Tarrant MonktonElizabeth MORGAINE, relict29May 163938
MORGANRobert- ---Mar1653/4-
MORGANThomasHanley Sixpenny Handley (then a chapelry of Iwerne Minster)Joane SHADWELL alias MORGAN, wife of John SHADWELL, daughter 09Aug1660111
MORGANWilliamWaymouth WeymouthJohn MORGAN, son19Mar1635/6 156
MORGANWilliamHanley Sixpenny Handley (then a chapelry of Iwerne Minster)William MORGAN, only child 24Nov1655224
MORRICESampsonHampreston HamprestonMargaret MORRICE, relict21May 165271
MORRISSamuel, bachelor Lyme RegisLyme RegisRobert MORRIS, brother19 Jan1716/177
MORRISUrsulaUpper Compton Over ComptonJane PETTY, sister21Aug1671 103
MORRIS alias DANIELLAgnes Lyme RegisLyme RegisDorothy MORRYS, widow of Stowey, Somerset 10May1585140
MORTIMERJamesWeymouth WeymouthChristopher HALL, grandfather of Christopher, Morgan, Margaret, Mary & Joane MORTIMER, children of deceased 30Oct1657241
MORTONHenryClenston Winterborne ClenstonWilliam SMITH, baronet, & Mary his wife, aunt on mother’s side, during the absence of John MORTON, brother, beyond the sea, George MORTON, baronet, father, consenting 16Nov1647158
MORY alias WILLSJohnBroadwinsor BroadwindsorKatherine SPRAKE alias MORY alias WILLS (relationship not given) 25Mar1659100
MOTHERDavidWeymouth, but died in the ship "Expedition" WeymouthAnn MOTHER, relict17Dec1690 234
MOTIER alias RAYLINGEWilliam Witcombe ParvaWhitcombe?Marriane WHITBY, sister, wife of William WHITBY senior, gentleman of Hinton, Mudford, Somerset 17May1613101
MOULTUSZorobabell, clerk Tarrant RawstonTarrant RawstonMary MOULTUS, relict 21Jan1638/91
MOXAGE alias TANNERSimon Lyme RegisLyme RegisRichard TANNER, son31 May160185
MOYLEMaryWinterborne Whitechurch Winterborne WhitechurchEdward MOYLE, husband28 Apr172575
MUDFORDJohnHalstock HalstockEllen MUDFORD, relict28May1646 59
MUDGEMartinPoole PooleWarbora MUDGE, relict23Feb1656/7 35
MULLENSHenryWesthall FolkeThomas MULLENS, son12Feb1594/5 126
MULLENSRichardWymborne Minster Wimborne MinsterRoger MULLENS, brother, during the minority of Richard, William and John MULLENS - Elizabeth MULLENS, relict, not administering 23Oct164176
MULLENSRichardWhitechurch Winterborne Whitechurch or Whitchurch CanonicorumDorothy MULLENS, relict 17Apr165258
MULLENSRogerSherborne SherborneBarnaby & Ralph MULLENS, sons - Joan MULLENS, relict, renouncing 08Oct1659333
MULLENSSarahLyme Regis Lyme RegisBridget ROWE, widow of Shobbrook, Devon, sister 23Sep163968
MULLET alias GOLLOPPMary ----May1653-
MULLETTDorothyMotcombe MotcombeWilliam MULLETT, father30Apr1659 128
MUNCKWilliamHandley Sixpenny Handley (then a chapelry of Iwerne Minster)John MUNCK, son 22May165568
MUNCKERobertBlandford Forum Blandford ForumSusan MUNCKE, sister20Feb 1669/7019
MUNCKTON/ MUNCKChristopher Bishops CaundleBishops CaundleMatthew MUNCKTON/ MUNCK, son 16Nov1657291
MUNCKTON/ MUNCKChristopher Caundle MarshCaundle MarshUrsula MUNCKTON/ MUNCK, relict 04Dec1657325
MUNDAYThomasIsle of Purbeck [unknown Purbeck parish]Frances MUNDAY, relict03 Jan1617/18153
MUNDENJohnMaperton Mapperton (parish) or Mapperton in AlmerAgnes MUNDEN, relict 11May163939
MUNDENJohnMaperton Mapperton (parish) or Mapperton in AlmerWilliam TUCKER & Joane his wife, sister 22Nov1647163
MUNDENThomasCharminster CharminsterJoane MUNDEN, relict07Feb1598/9 7
MUNDENWalter, bachelor Dorchester, but died in the ship "England"Dorchester Thomas MUNDEN, brother04Jun1695116
MUSTENRichardSherborne SherborneHugh MUSTEN, father18Sep1618 188
MUSTONOliverSherborne SherbornePatience MUSTON, relict18Jun 1656117
MYLESJohn-- --May1653-
MYLLER alias RAWLESThomas FramptonFramptonEdith MYLLER alias RAWLES, relict 16Dec157464
MYNTONJohn, clerkAnderston Winterborne AndersonJoan MYNTON, relict03Nov 1570164
NAPER alias CORANCEAnna PouncknollPuncknowleRobert NAPER, armiger, husband 27Nov1667174
NAPIERGerard, armiger Woodsford, but died in St Clements Danes, MdxWoodsfordNathaniel NAPIER, knight & baronet, father (further grant Jul 1709) 10Dec1689213
NAPIERGerard, armiger Woodsford, but died at St Clement Danes, MiddlesexWoodsford Nathaniel NAPIER, baronet, brother, Nathaniel NAPIER, knight & baronet, father, dying before administering (previous grant Dec 1689) 11Jul1709146
NAPIERMargaret, DameMoore Critchell Moor CrichelGerard NAPIER, knight & baronet, husband19 Jun166593
NAPIERNathaniel, clerk Sutton WaldronSutton WaldronMary NAPIER, relict 02Aug1722173
NAPPERJamesPoole PooleAnne NAPPER, relict31Dec1660 192
NAPPERRobertDorchester DorchesterGrace LACEY, daughter29Oct1677 125
NASH alias MAYNARDElizabeth ----May1653-
NAYHOEThomasin- ---Sep1654-
NEALEJohnShaston ShaftesburyAlice NEALE, relict01Mar1570/1 170
NEALESamuelFrampton Cottrell FramptonAnne NEALE, relict06Sep1650 147
NEALEWilliam- ---Aug1654-
NEASTEdward- ---Jun1654-
NEIGHBOURSIsaack- ---Aug1654-
NEWJoshua, bachelorLyme Regis Lyme RegisJames NEW, brother - Mary NEW, mother, now being dead 12Dec1713260
NEWBERRYJoan, widowStockland StocklandMartha WYATT, spinster, sister04Mar 1680/142
NEWBERRYJohnChardstock ChardstockJoane NEWBERRY, widow, mother22Mar 1692/349
NEWBERRYThomasStockland StocklandRichard NEWBERRY, brother03May 167852
NEWBERRYWilliamStockland StocklandJoane NEWBERRY, relict13Feb1655/6 32
NEWELLJohn, bachelorLyme Regis, but died at sea Lyme RegisJane, wife of Stephen BOWDITCH, sister24 Mar1690/146
NEWMANCatherineMelcome Melcombe Horsey or RegisJohn WEBB, brother31Aug 158376
NEWMANHenryHaselbury Bryan Hazelbury BryanDorothy NEWMAN, daughter12May 162680
NEWMANHughBexington PuncknowleJoane NEWMAN, relict, and Hugh NEWMAN, son23 Nov1658293
NEWMANJohnPole PooleUrsula MARKAM alias NEWMAN, relict10Nov 159374
NEWMANThomasGillingham GillinghamAnne CLARKE, niece25Jun1651 89
NEWMANWilliamDewlish DewlishElizabeth NEWMAN, relict03Nov1686 168
NEWMAN alias EVERARDThomas GillinghamGillinghamMary DIRDO, next of kin17 Dec1647172
NEWPORTJohn- ---Oct1654-
NEWTONEdwardLyme Regis Lyme RegisAlice NEWTON, relict21Mar1591/2 9
NEWTONJohnLyme Regis Lyme RegisWilliam SEARLE, father-in-law (revoked & fresh letters granted Oct 1633 15Dec163173
NEWTONJohnLyme Regis Lyme RegisBernard NEWTON, brother15Oct 1633198
NEWTONWilliam- ---Jul1653-
NICHOLASGeorgeGussage All Saints Gussage All SaintsElizabeth NICHOLAS, mother19 Sep1670143
NICHOLLSFardinando- ---Sep1654-
NICHOLLSJames- ---May1654-
NICHOLLSJohnTurneworth TurnworthMary NICHOLLS, relict20Mar1646/7 36
NICHOLLSJohnTurnworth TurnworthRichard NICHOLLS, husband of Mary NICHOLLS, relict of the deceased, who did not administer 10Mar1650/136
NICHOLLSMaryWest Orchard West OrchardRichard NICHOLLS, husband10Mar 1650/136
NICHOLLSNicholasShaston ShaftesburyJohn NICHOLLS, brother27Aug 1613114
NICHOLLSPhilipShaston ShaftesburyMary NICHOLLS, relict20Aug 1724172
NICHOLLSThomasBuckhorne Weston Buckhorn WestonCatherine NICHOLLS, relict06Jul 1635116
NICOLLSJohnPoole PooleAnne NICOLLS, relict09Mar1583/4 99
NOATH/ NORTHNathaniel ----Aug1653-
NOBLEHonorSturminster Marshall Sturminster MarshallWilliam HOLWAY, nephew on brother’s side 08Feb1655/632
NOKE alias DOBERFrances Long BurtonLongburtonJohn NOKE, son-in-law25 Apr165151
NORMANEdward- ---Feb1653/4-
NORMANRichardWeymouth, but died in the ship "Scarborough" WeymouthRalph READ, attorney of Christopher JOSSEY, now in the East Indies, sole legatee under the Will 17Feb1702/335
NORMANRobert- ---Jul1653-
NORMANWilliamLillington LillingtonHannah NORMAN, relict02May1692 87
NORRIEJaneAxe, Broadwinsor BroadwindsorRichard NORRIE, brother03Jan 1679/8010
NORRISFrancis, husbandman ChidiockChideockFrancis NORRIS, son06 Jul1715148
NORRISJohn-- --May1654-
NORRISJohn, bachelorDorchester, but died in the ship "Bredah" DorchesterSalathiel NORRIS, father17Sep 1703175
NORRISJohn, the Elder ----May1653-
NORRISOliver, gent., bachelor Blandford, but died in St Catherine’s Tower, LondonBlandford Forum, St Mary or Langton Long Blandford Robert GREEN, principal creditor02Jul1700 139
NORRISRichardLyme Regis Lyme RegisEdward COPPLESTONE & Elizabeth his wife, daughter of the deceased 12Dec162366
NORRISThomasMouncton up Wymborne Wimborne St GilesRobert NORRIS, brother (Will registered 95 Harvey) 08May163941
NORTHOVERJohnBridport, but died at sea in "Newberry" frigate BridportAlice NORTHOVER, relict24Aug1657 192
NORTHOVERJohnHazelbury, but died in the ship "St Michael" in the King’s service Hazelbury BryanGeorge FULFORD, attorney of Anne NORTHOVER, relict 17Oct1673119
NORTHOVERThomas, bachelor Punt Nole, but died in the ship "Expedition"Puncknowle Thomas NORTHOVER, father04Apr169267
NORTHOVERWalterYeepe Symondsbury (Eype)Margaret NORTHOVER, relict08 May159357
NORTHYThomasDorchester DorchesterDorothy NORTHY, relict11Aug 1690149
NORWOODThomasLime Lyme RegisJoane NORWOOD, relict20Feb1593/4 86
NOSSITERStephenBothenhampton, but died in the ship "Breda" BothenhamptonBenjamin CHAPPELL, attorney of Julia NOSSITER, relict 18Dec1690234
NOTLEYMatthewChantmorrell CattistockSusan MUNDEN, widow, sister20Jun 163947
NOYSEJohnHampreston HamprestonEdith NOYSE, relict13Apr1655 67
NYNUMThomas, bachelor Corfe Castle, but died in the ship "War-spight"Corfe Castle John GOODWIN, attorney of John NYNUM, father30Mar 169143
OAKEGeorgeBurton Bradstock, but died in the ship "Breda" Burton BradstockJohn PILTON, attorney of Dorothy OAKE, relict 16Dec1690235
OAKEGeorge, bachelorBurton, but died in the ship "Breda" Burton BradstockElizabeth BROWN, aunt on mother’s side 02Dec1690241
OAKEMichaelPoole PooleTemperance OAKE, relict16Jan1670/1 12
OAKLEYRogerPoole, but died in the ship "Hanibal" PooleRobert WHITE, attorney of Elizabeth OAKLEY, relict 17Jan1690/13
ODYEWalterWaymouth WeymouthRichard ODYE, father26Jan1648/9 6
OKEHannibalSherborne SherborneJuliana OKE relict07Sep1683 129
OKEDONWilliam, armiger Moore KirchellMoor CrichelRobert DASHWOOD, gentleman, creditor, with the consent of the children of the deceased 07Oct1633194
OLDEAgnes, widowSherborne SherborneCatherine PYKE alias OLDE, daughter, wife of Nicholas PYKE, smyth of Sherborne 05Sep1594109
OLDFIELDHenryWareham, but died in the ship "Dunkirk" in the King’s service WarehamThomas BRAMBLE, father & attorney of Mary OLDFIELD, relict 06Oct1673118
OLDISJohn, widowerDorchester DorchesterMary, wife of John GUNDRY, armiger, daughter31 Aug1725148
OLIVERAnnHolt Lodge, Wimborne Upminster HoltCharles OLIVER, son12Jan1658/9 17
OLIVERRichardHoltlodge HoltAnne OLIVER, relict (further grant Jul 1658)31 May165176
OLIVERRichardBlandford Blandford Forum or St MaryUrsula NEALE alias OLLIVER, relict 02Dec1658338
OLIVERThomasineWhitchurch Winterborne Whitechurch or Whitchurch CanonicorumElizabeth, wife of Richard ABBOTT, daughter 03Feb1655/666
OLIVERWalter, clerkCorffe Mullen Corfe MullenJohn OLIVER, brother19Jul 1627161
OLIVERWilliam, bachelor Blandford ForumBlandford ForumJoane OLIVER, relict 01Dec1687188
OLIVER alias COOKEJudith StalbridgeStalbridgeWilliam OLIVER, husband04 Oct1683141
OLIVIANFrancis Anthony Blandford ForumBlandford ForumFrederick SAGITTARY, kinsman 19Nov1642172
OLLIFFArthurAlderholt CranborneArthur OLLIFF, son14Jul1658 184
OLLIVERRobertDevelishe DewlishRobert OLLIVER junior, son14May 1604202
ORAM alias HANNYNGTONIsabelle Wootten GlanvildeGlanvilles WoottonRichard HANNYNGTON, brother (cancelled) 18Nov158387
ORCHARDJohnBridport BridportJohn ORCHARD, next of kin08Nov 1622204
ORCHARDJohn- ---Sep1654-
ORCHARDRogerChiddiocke ChideockSimon ORCHARD, son13Aug1638 201
ORCHARDRogerLyme Regis Lyme RegisThomas ORCHARD, brother24Apr 164541
ORCHARDStephenChiddick ChideockCicilie ORCHARD, relict25Aug1571 177
ORCHARDWalter- ---Jul1654-
ORCHARDWilliamCompton Vallence Compton ValenceElizabeth ORCHARD, relict24Oct 157216
OSBORNEEliasBridport BridportSarah & Hannah OSBORNE, sisters - Grace OSBORNE, relict 12Sep1721181
OSBORNEJonathanDorchester DorchesterNathaniel OSBORNE, brother16Feb 1657/839
OSBORNERobert- ---Sep1654-
OSBOURNE alias WEBBERStephen CharmouthCharmouthHonour OSBOURNE alias WEBBER, relict 09May1584105
OSBOURNE alias WEBBERStephen CharmouthCharmouthHonour WEBBER alias OSBOURNE, relict 09May1584105
OSMENTRichardSherborne SherborneMagdalen OSMENT, relict25Jul 1657169
OSSETRogerWeymouth WeymouthJoan OSSET, relict19Jun1672 69
OTHENEdward, clerk, late vicar of Whitchurch Whitchurch CanonicorumWhitchurch CanonicorumHelen OTHEN (relict?) 10Apr161663
OVETTWilliamChideock, but died abroad in State Service ChideockElizabeth OVETT, relict08Dec1659 369
OWTHWAITEJohnSherborne SherborneJoane OWTHWAITE, relict02May 158236
PAALThomas-- --Sep1654-
PADDOCKJosephdied in the ship "Expedition" PooleSamuel RICHARDS, attorney of Dorothy PADDOCK, relict, now at Poole 31Dec1697241
PAGEMatthewWhitchurch Winterborne Whitechurch or Whitchurch CanonicorumJohn PAGE, son 15Jul1707141
PAIGEJohnBlandford Forum Blandford ForumThomasine PAIGE, relict04May 167852
PAINEChristopherUpwey UpweyJoane PAINE, relict05Jun1600 51
PAINEJohnAbbotsbury, but died in the ship "Stirling Castle" AbbotsburyBartholomew PARSONS, attorney of Ann PAINE, relict 13Jan1703/412
PAINERobertEast Stafford, West Knighton West KnightonStephen WARDE, gentleman of East Stafford, pending the suit between Joane WARD and Elizabeth WEST, widow, concerning the Will of the deceased 19Dec162099
PAINTERDavid, bachelor died in the ship "Falmouth"[unknown]Mary, wife of Richard BENNETT, attorney of Bridget BOYTE, widow, mother, now in Dorset 14Sep1711162
PAINTERRichardCanford Canford MagnaJohn PAINTER, brother06May 166146
PAINTERRichardCorfe Castle Corfe CastleAnn FURSEMAN, widow, Nathaniel SMITH & Thomas COTTERELL, principal creditors - Susan PAINTER, relict, renouncing 31Dec1698239
PAINTERRobertWeymouth, but died in the ship "Expedition" WeymouthEdith PAINTER, relict08Dec1693 235
PAINTERWilliamGillingham GillinghamJohn PAINTER, brother31Jan1660/1 8
PAINTERWilliam, Doctor in Medicine Knighton, Canford MagnaCanford MagnaJohn HARDING, principal creditor - Mary PAINTER, relict, renouncing 10Feb1690/123
PALMERFrancisPartson, but died in the ship "Stirling Castle" Parkstone?Ely DUFFETT, attorney of Alice PALMER, widow23 Apr169666
PANCKERST alias SYMESElizabeth PoorestockPowerstockEdmund SYMES, husband16 Nov1621147
PARBRAYWilliamLyme Regis, but died abroad Lyme RegisElizabeth PARBRAY, relict08Sep 1696162
PARDRobert-- --Mar1653/4-
PARDYThomasCanford Magna Canford MagnaMary PARDY, relict18Apr1635 94
PARHAMHenryBeere Regis Bere RegisMartha PARHAM, relict20May1616 64
PARK alias BOWLESSarah StalbridgeStalbridgeSamuel BOWLES, husband01 Jun1703126
PARKEREmma, widowBradford Abbas Bradford AbbasJohn PARKER, son11Jan1674/5 9
PARKERFrances- ---Aug1654-
PARKERJames- ---Mar1653/4-
PARKERThomasYetminster YetminsterCatherine PARKER, relict03May 162826
PARKERThomas- ---Sep1653-
PARKERThomasPilsdon PilsdonAnne PARKER, relict08Nov1677 141
PARKERWalterOborne OborneJoane PARKER, relict04Jun1611 23
PARKINSJohnWestport WarehamAnne PARKINS, relict28Dec1619 49
PARMITERHenry- ---Jun1653-
PARMITERRobertWareham WarehamJoane PARMITER, relict28Apr1657 79
PARMITER alias PRIORJohn, bachelor Broadway, but died in the ship "Crown"Broadwey James PARMITER alias PRIOR, brother30Jun1692 102
PARRATTJames- ---Aug1653-
PARRETTJohnEast Stower East StourAnn PARRETT, relict18Dec1658 338
PARRISBridget- ---Jun1653-
PARRIS alias TURNERJulian ----May1653-
PARRYJudithKimridge, Purbeck KimmeridgeElizabeth PARRY, daughter01Dec 1679174
PARRYS alias GILLAMRoger Purbeck[unknown Purbeck parish]Agnes GILLAM alias PARRIS, relict 28Jan1568/9141
PARSONThomas, bachelor Charmouth, but died in the "St Vincent" fire shipCharmouth Samuel PARSON, brother23Dec1695228
PARSONSAndrew- ---May1653-
PARSONSAnthonyShaston ShaftesburyElizabeth PARSONS, relict25Nov 1657292
PARSONSJohnWambrook, co. Somerset WambrookJoane PARSONS, relict16Jan1646/7 11
PARSONSNicholasLymington Lillington? [or else Lymington in Hampshire]Mary PARSONS, relict 01May164657
PARSONSThomas- ---Sep1653-
PARSONSWilliam- ---Feb1653/4-
PARTRIDGERichard- ---Jun1654-
PARTRIDGEWilliamLyme Regis Lyme RegisElizabeth PARTRDIGE, relict10Oct 1586188
PARTRIDGEWilliamMisterton Mosterton, Dorset, or Misterton, SomersetJohn PARTRIDGE, brother, and Joan ?GRINER, sister 03Dec158882
PASHENWalter, bachelor St Martins, but died in the ship "Shoreham"Wareham St Martins Daniel PASHEN, brother11Sep1694181
PASHERWalter, bachelor St Martins, but died in the ship "Shoreham"Wareham St Martins John PASHER, brother18Jul1698137
PATEWilliamFryer Waddon PorteshamMargaret PATE, relict27Feb1657/8 40
PATTENEdwardPoole PooleJane PATTEN, relict09Jun1673 66
PAULBarnard- ---Feb1653/4-
PAULJohn-- --Aug1653-
PAULRichard, bachelor BurstockBurstockElizabeth PAUL, widow, mother20 Nov1697207
PAULEGilesBroadwynsor BroadwindsorGiles STUDLEY, gentleman, creditor - Alice PAULE, relict, renouncing 28Oct1637119
PAULEHumfreyBittestoke [unknown]Mary RICHARDS alias PAULE, daughter21 Mar1561/243
PAULLJosephNetherhay, Broadwinsor BroadwindsorJoane PAULL, relict26Apr1686 61
PAVIOTTJohnBeamister BeaminsterPhilippa PAVIOTT, relict16Apr 162319
PAVYHenry-- --Sep1653-
PAWLETT alias PAWLETTAlice LillingtonLillingtonJohn COLE, armiger, husband 24Mar1648/926
PAYNEAbsolomCorfe Castle Corfe CastleElizabeth PAYNE, relict17Aug 162082
PAYNEJohnEype, Symondsbury, but died in the ship "Expedition" SymondsburyWilliam PAYNE, brother17Jun 1692102
PAYNEJohn, marinerLyme Lyme RegisElizabeth PAYNE, relict05Mar 1651/235
PAYNENicholasAbbottsbury AbbotsburyGrace PAYNE, relict20Mar1656/7 58
PAYNERichard- ---Feb1653/4-
PAYNEStephen, bachelor died in the ship "Norfolk"Wootton FItzpaineWilliam LENTON, attorney of Sarah PAYNE, mother, now at Wootton Fitzpaine 06Mar1704/553
PAYNE alias POPEMaryFroome Belett, Stawood West StaffordWilliam POPE, husband02Nov 1667174
PEARCEAgnesMarnehull MarnhullGabriel PEARCE, brother23May1616 68
PEARCEChristopherDorchester DorchesterMary PEARCE, relict03Sep1724 230
PEARCEJohnSherborne SherborneElizabeth PEARCE, relict06Mar 1712/1356
PEARCEJohn, bachelorPortland, but died in the ship "Burford" PortlandAbel PEARCE, father13Oct1696 174
PEARCE alias PENVENTONJohn ----Jul1653-
PEAREAliceMilton Abbas Milton AbbasJames RAWSON12Nov1629 129
PEARSEJames- ---Jun1653-
PEARSEJoane- ---Nov1654-
PEARSERobertPoole, but died in the "Farrington" frigate PooleElizabeth PEARSE, relict12Oct1655 195
PEARSONAbrahamBeamister BeaminsterChristian PEARSON, relict23Mar 1631/289
PEARTGiles-- --Mar1653/4-
PEDDLERichardEtminster YetminsterRobert PEDDLE, brother20Aug 1595143
PEIRCEJohnSherborne SherborneJennett PEIRCE, relict07Oct1714 201
PEIRCEThomasShaftesbury ShaftesburyPeter KING, principal creditor27Jun 167983
PELHAMHarbertFordington FordingtonHarbert PELHAM, armiger of Hastings, co. Sussex, son, with the consent of Elizabeth PELHAM, relict 27May162069
PELHAMJonathanFordington FordingtonRichard PEELE, of St Benedict, Pauleswharfe, citizen & imbroder of London, creditor 02May163427
PELHAMRobert, armiger Compton ValenceCompton ValenceMary & Elizabeth PELHAM, daughters - Mary PELHAM, relict, renouncing 07May168375
PELHAMThomasCompton Valence Compton ValenceWilliam PELHAM, son - Hester PELHAM, relict, renouncing 05Aug1690149
PELLEYHenryPoole PooleAnne PELLEY, relict21Aug1688 131
PENHALE alias TOMJohn ----May1653-
PENKENELLGrace- ---Nov1654-
PENNEElizabeth, widow EvershotEvershotElizabeth, wife of John PARKER, daughter 06Jan1697/818
PENNEGeorgeToller Welme CorscombeGeorge PENNE, son - Elizabeth PENNE, relict, renouncing 15Dec1691224
PENNYCharlesSherborne, died in the ship "Stirling Castle" SherborneMary PENNY, relict14Jan1703/4 12
PENNYJohnSturminster Newton Sturminster NewtonJoane PENNY, relict13Mar 1657/871
PENNY alias READElizabeth Ewerne CourtneyIwerne CourtneyThomas PENNY, father of George PENNY, husband, a minor 26Apr171172
PENVENTON alias PEARCEJohn ----Jul1653-
PENWARDENChristopher- ---Feb1653/4-
PEPWELLThomas- ---May1654-
PERFECTRobert, widower SiltonSiltonCaleb PERFECT, son01Mar 1699/170045
PERHAMRobertWareham WarehamMorgan MEECH, creditor21Mar1658/9 100
PERKINSJohnBeer Regis Bere RegisElizabeth PERKINS, spinster, daughter07 Dec1711227
PERKINSNicholas- ---Aug1653-
PERRATTGeorgeBourton, Gillingham GillinghamRichard PERRATT, brother - Martha PERRATT, relict, and John, George, Thomas & Mary PERRATT, children, not appearing 05Mar1691/245
PERROTTJoan, widowGillingham GillinghamJoane GRANGER, widow, niece on brother’s side & next of kin 28Jun1652111
PERROTTJohnLyme Regis Lyme RegisFrancis JENNEY, creditor04Jul 164885
PERROTTJohn- ---Jun1653-
PERRYGeorge- ---Oct1654-
PERRYMatthewSilton SiltonRachel, wife of Thomas HINTON, only daughter - Mary PERRY, relict, renouncing 16Apr165886
PERRYRichard- ---Jul1653-
PERSLEYHenryPoole, but died in the ship "York" PooleSarah BAZELL, widow, attorney of Elizabeth PERSLEY, relict 17Feb1692/327
PESTERJane-- --Jul1654-
PETTENAlexander, widower SandwichSwanageAnne, wife of Robert POULDEN, daughter 23Jan1721/212
PEVERELLWilliamGillingham GillinghamMary PEVERELL, relict27May1598 249
PEWJohn-- --May1654-
PEYSUNRobertAnstie, Holtowne HiltonJohn MORTON, gentleman, creditor17Oct 159231
PHELIPPSGeorge, widower Corfe MullenCorfe MullenEdward PHELIPPS, son27 Nov1707211
PHELPESMary, widowSturminster Newton Castle Sturminster NewtonAnne MARTIN, aunt on father’s side and guardian of Oliver, Mary & Ann PHELPES, children 04Feb1677/820
PHELPSJohnHorton HortonJane PHELPS, relict17May1669 56
PHELPSRichard, widower Litchett MinsterLytchett Minster (then a chapelry of Sturminster Marshall) William CHEESEMAN, guardian of Richard PHELPS, and Joane, wife of William CHEESEMAN, children of the deceased 07Mar1694/552
PHILEPSMargaret, spinster Corfe MullenCorfe MullenElizabeth PHILEPS, widow, mother 04Sep1671112
PHILIPS alias AMIZERRichard BurlestonBurlestonJoan REED, grandchild08 Dec1657325
PHILLIPPHughDorchester DorchesterThomas STOCK of Lumbard Street, London, creditor 16Jul164152
PHILLIPPEAbrahamGillingham GillinghamThomas PHILLIPPE, brother11Aug 160057
PHILLIPPSJohn, armiger WarehamWarehamAnn PHILLIPPS, relict06 Apr161255
PHILLIPPSRichardPoole PooleElizabeth PHILLIPPS, relict04Jan 1611/1246
PHILLIPPSThomasCorffe Mullen Corfe MullenRobert MEREDITH of Corfe Mullen, creditor11 Nov1595149
PHILLIPPSWilliamSherborne SherborneThomas PHILLIPPS, nephew10Apr 161513
PHILLIPPSWilliamPoole PooleAnne, wife of Richard SUTTON, daughter15Jan 1696/74
PHILLIPSGeorgePoole PooleAlice PHILLIPS, relict30Nov1655 224
PHILLIPSRichardCorfe Mullen Corfe MullenElizabeth PHILLLIPS, relict01Mar 1666/749
PHILLIPSRoger, bachelor AbbotsburyAbbotsburyJohn MARSHALLSHAY, gentleman of Putton, Dorset 08Jun1630172
PHILLIPSThomasGillingham GillinghamJohn PHILLIPS, brother06Aug 1667130
PHILPOTTJohn, widower Poole, but died in the ship "Montague"PooleJohn CORNE, guardian of John PHILPOTT, son 02Feb1690/127
PHIPARDPeterPoole PooleJoane PHIPARD, relict08Jun1687 99
PHIPPARDJohnPoole PooleJohn PHIPPARD, son - Joane PHIPPARD, relict, renouncing 01May166063
PHIPPARDWilliamPoole PooleMary PHIPPARD, relict05Dec1699 220
PIDDLE alias DAVYWilliam ChidiockChideockNichole PIDDLE alias DAVY, relict 10Nov158250
PIERCEBenjaminPortland, but died in the ship "Breda" PortlandMary PIERCE, relict15Dec1690 235
PIERCERichardEast Holme East HolmeMary PIERCE, relict30Jul1687 108
PIKEBartholomewSandwich SwanageGrace PIKE, relict12Mar1677/8 32
PIKEChristopherHide, Bere Regis Bere RegisAnn PIKE, relict07Nov1689 183
PIKEPhilemon, bachelor ships "Northumberland" & "Essex"[unknown] Philemon PIKE, father, now in co. Dorset03Nov1698 212
PIKEThomasWareham, but died in the ship "Berwick" WarehamElizabeth PIKE, relict22Aug1706 157
PILLIONJohnAllington AllingtonEdward PILLION, only son27Jun 1656118
PINCKARDJohn- ---May1654-
PINFOLD alias ROMAINEJoan SherborneSherborneNicholas ROMAINE, husband22 May165568
PINKEDaniel- ---Mar1653/4-
PINNEYRogerBeamister BeaminsterBeatrice PINNEY, relict16Jun 16365
PINNEYWilliam- ---Jun1653-
PITPhineasWaymouth & Melcombe Regis Weymouth & Melcombe RegisFrances CLARKE alias PIT, sister 14May162992
PITCHERAliceBridport BridportHannah, wife of Walter JONES, daughter07 Apr168253
PITMANEdward, bachelor DorchesterDorchesterThomas PITMAN, brother15 Jun171996
PITMANJane, widowSturminster Newton Castle Sturminster NewtonAgnes RIDEAT, mother31May 163780
PITMANJohnPoole Poole--Dec1662101
PITMANRoger, bachelor Poole, died in the ship "Mary"PooleMary PITMAN, widow, mother 22Sep1692105
PITMAN alias LOVELACEDeborah Nether Compton, but died at DorchesterNether ComptonJohn LOVELACE, husband 17Oct1695183
PITTGeorge-- --Sep1653-
PITTJaneDorchester DorchesterJane DEANE, widow, daughter - Mary, wife of George GOULD, armiger, daughter, daying before administering (previous grant Jun 1691) 23May1713124
PITTJane, widowDorchester DorchesterMary, wife of George GOULD, daughter (further grant May 1713) 04Jun169196
PITTJohnWaymouth & Melcombe Regis Weymouth & Melcombe RegisJoane PITT, relict22May 1596166
PITTRichard- ---Jun1654-
PITTRobertWimborne Minster Wimborne MinsterElizabeth PITT, relict01Mar 1624/5152
PITTSidracBlandford Forum Blandford ForumElizabeth PITT, relict04Aug 1622193
PITTWilliamStroughborough Wareham (Stoborough)Grace PITT, relict03Sep 1622201
PITTMANJohnLillington LillingtonJoan PITTMAN, relict14Dec1691 224
PITTMANWilliamSherborne SherborneGeorge PITTMAN, brother17Aug 1658214
PITTSJohnLyme Regis Lyme RegisHanna PITTS, relict24Jun1645 62
PITTSWilliam- ---May1654-
PLAIERRobertLie HalstockRobert WALLIS of Puncknoll during the minority of Robert, Katherine, John & Dorothy BROWNE, next of kin 16May1598247
PLEYGeorgeLyme Regis Lyme RegisRebecca PLEY, relict15Dec1618 210
PLOWMANHerculesSturminster Newton Sturminster NewtonElizabeth PLOWMAN, relict27Nov 1684168
PLOWMANRogerHampreston HamprestonWilliam PLOWMAN, son28Jul1620 79
PLUCKNETTThomasBridport BridportMary PLUCKNETT, relict16Dec1691 225
PLUKENETTJohnBridport BridportHenry PLUKENETT, brother16Jun 164967
PLUMERWilliam, widower EbertonIbbertonWilliam PLUMER, son23Mar 1703/462
PLUMMER alias ROSSOMWilliam ----Sep1653-
POINTER alias KIDLEYJohn ----Aug1653-
POLDENRobertSutton Waldron Sutton WaldronSarah POLDEN, relict07Apr 1633161
POLDENSamuel, bachelor Burton Bradstock, but died in the ship "Breda"Burton Bradstock Benjamin CHAPPELL, attorney of James POLDEN, father18Dec 1690235
POLLARDLauncelot- ---Jul1654-
POLLARDOliverStowburgh Wareham (Stoborough)Edith POLLARD, relict08Mar 1587/855
POMEROYRobertKnighton [unknown]Robert POMERY, son22Jul1657 169
PONDRichardGillingham GillinghamSusan, wife of Thomas LANE, and Elizabeth, wife of Christopher WHELLIER, nieces on brother’s side 07Mar1645/630
PONTERRichard- ---Jun1653-
POOLEWilliamPoole PooleMargaret POOLE, relict2!Sep1599 24
POOLEWilliamPoole, but died in the ship "Warspight" PooleSusan SIMMONS, widow, guardian of Susan, Maudlin and William POOLE, children of the deceased 23Mar1695/644
POOLE alias TUCKERChristiania WeymouthWeymouthEdward TUCKER, husband08 Feb1698/927
POPEElizabeth, spinster TolpudleTolpuddleRobert POPE, father06 Jun1655139
POPEJosephLyme Regis Lyme RegisMary POPE, relict12Nov1666 206
POPEMorganFifott Fifehead Magdalen or NevilleJoane POPE, relict05 Jul1595140
POPENicholasManston ManstonRachel POPE, relict16Apr1658 86
POPEThomas-- --Aug1653-
POPE alias PAYNEMaryFroome Belett, Stawood West StaffordWilliam POPE, husband02Nov 1667174
POPHAMEdward- ---Feb1653/4-
POPHAMSRichard- ---Aug1653-
POPLEStephenGillingham GillinghamAgnes POPLE, relict12May1587 15
PORKERJohn-- --Sep1653-
PORTERArthurWimborne Mynster Wimborne MinsterRichard PORTER, gentleman of St Stephens juxta Saltashe, Cornwall, brother 13Jun161671
PORTERJohn-- --Mar1653/4-
PORTERThomas, bachelor died in the ship "Barfleur"[unknown]John PORTER, attorney of Philip PORTER, now in Dorset 03Mar1704/557
POTKIN alias ALSTONEdith Lighe, YeatminsterLeighEdward POTKYN, husband03 Jun161121
POUNCEFORDThomas- ---Aug1653-
POWELLJamesDorchester DorchesterMargaret POWELL, relict20Sep 1725175
POWELLJohnPoole PooleJane POWELL, relict09Dec1659 381
POWELLJohnEdmondsham EdmondshamJoan GWYNE alias POWELL, sister01Apr 167151
POWELLRiceSherborne SherborneMargaret POWELL, relict05Jul 1652121
POWELLThomas- ---Aug1653-
POWLESTANDWilliam- ---Jul1653-
POWLETTWilliamNetherbury NetherburyJohn CRABB, creditor22Mar1644/5 31
PRANKARD alias BRIDLEElizabeth Milborne Port[Milborne Port, Somerset]Edward PRANKARD, husband 10Feb1693/434
PRATTJohn-- --Feb1653/4-
PRENTANTJohnPoole PooleMargaret PRENTANT, relict01Oct1612 77
PREWETWilliam- ---Jun1653-
PRIAULXPeterSherborne SherborneElizabeth PRIAULX, relict01Sep 1705181
PRICEWalter- ---Jul1653-
PRICHELLJohnLyme Regis Lyme RegisElizabeth PRICHELL, relict04Feb 1585/6166
PRIDDISJohn- ---Nov1654-
PRIDEHughSherborne SherborneShadrack PRIDE, son21Aug1717 161
PRIDEJohnNewent [unknown]Anne PRIDE, relict22Oct1647 148
PRIDYAUX alias STONEElizeus Corff CastleCorfe CastleJohn NYNUM of Essington, Worth Matravers, creditor 28Mar1577119
PRIGGJohn-- --Jun1653-
PRINCEJoan, spinsterBridport BridportMary PRINCE, widow, mother10Jun 1696105
PRINCEJohnBridport BridportLydia PRINCE, relict04Jan1657/8 11
PRINCEJohnBridport BridportAlice PRINCE, relict11Feb1660/1 21
PRINCE alias BARBERWilliam MiltonMilton AbbasJohn BARBER alias PRINCE, son 19May158112
PRINSSamuelPoole, but died abroad PooleFrances PRINS, relict09Nov1695 208
PRIOR alias PARMITERJohn, bachelor Broadway, but died in the ship "Crown"Broadwey James PRIOR alias PARMITER, brother30Jun1692 102
PRITTLERichard, bachelor PoolePooleDennis SMITH, principal creditor - Mary MOGG alias KEENE and Martha MOGG alias KEENE, sisters, renouncing 30Mar169349
PROWSECicelie- ---Mar1653/4-
PROWSEJohn-- --May1653-
PULMANMargaret- ---Jun1654-
PUNCHTobiasWotton Fitzpaine Wootton FitzpaineThomas PUNCH, brother20Mar 1629/30158
PURCHASJohnHawkchurch HawkchurchJoane PURCHAS, sister17Sep1586 184
PURCHASJohn, clerk, rector of Hawkechurch HawkechurchHawkchurchJohn PURCHAS, brother, of goods left unadministered by Joan PURCHAS, sister (grant of Sep 1586) 04Apr1590136
PURCHASEAquila, widower DorchesterDorchesterJoseph PURCHASE, eldest son 07Dec1696220
PURCHASEJamesWimborn Minster Wimborne MinsterSusan PURCHASE, relict01Dec 1702237
PURDIEThomasAbbey Milton Milton AbbasElizabeth PURDIE, daughter17Aug 1660112
PURSEAnthony- ---Oct1654-
PYKEJohnPurbeck [unknown Purbeck parish]Margaret PYKE, relict05 Jun1703127
PYKESamuelLyme Regis Lyme RegisWilliam PYKE, brother05Jun1675 63
PYLEJohn-- --Sep1653-
PYMERJohnAbbotsbury AbbotsburyCecily PYMER, relict21Jan1667/8 13
PYNEWilliamLyme Regis, but died in the ship "Ipswich" Lyme RegisAlice PYNE, relict08Nov1706 221
PYNNEYRobertChardestoke ChardstockAgnes PYNNEY, widow, mother; John PYNNEY, brother; Agnes CHEPMAN, sister and Simon CHEPMAN, husband of Agnes 19May158237
PYNNEYWilliamStockland StocklandJohn PYNNEY, brother23Nov1639/40 84
PYNNEYWilliamWest Milton, Poorestock PowerstockJohn PYNNEY, brother12Oct1652 184
PYNSONSamuelCorffe Castell Corfe CastleMargaret, wife of John FRAMPTON Of Wimborne Minster and William PYNSON, kinsfolk 26Nov158880
PYSINGEJohnLillington, but died at Pett, co. Sussex LillingtonHugh HODGES, Laurence SWETNAM & Richard HIGDON, creditors - [blank] relict not administering 28Sep1647133
PYTHINJohn-- --May1653-


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