Burials 1625 - 1812

Transcribed from the Parish Registers held at the Dorset History Centre in Dorchester and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Kim Parker

24-Jul-1625; Catherine LAMORT daughter of Thomas LAMORT

07-Dec-1625; Clement HOLLAND daughter of John HOLLAND

17-Sep-1626; Elizabeth STEEVENS wife of Joseph (?) STEEVENS

30-Dec-1626; Alice RIGG

06-May-1627; Henry HOLLAND

28-Jun-1627; Thomas WATTS

27-Nov-1627; Joan TO[illegible] widow

14-Apr-1628; Dorothy HOLLAND daughter of Thomas HOLLAND

13-Oct-1628; William SIMONDS son of Thomas SIMONDS

24-Apr-1629; Hugh CRITTEN

14-Jul-1629; Thomas HOLLAND son of Thomas HOLLAND

12-Dec-1629; Edward SCUT son of Thomas SCUT

04-Aug-1630; Emanuel GIBBS

05-Sep-1630; Elizabeth LOVELAS wife of Richard LOVELAS

26-Sep-1630; Ann MARSHFIELD widow

03-Dec-1630; William HORE

26-Jan-1630/1; Elizabeth HORE

02-Feb-1630/1; John HORE

24-Feb-1630/1; Agnes HOLLAND widow

20-Mar-1630/1; Margery POLEGLASSE widow

27-Apr-1631; Joane HOLLAND daughter of John HOLLAND

10-May-1631; Alse SCUT daughter of John SCUT

18-May-1631; Elizabeth VALLANCE wife of Gyles VALLENCE

28-May-1631; Jane HOLLAND daughter of Thomas HOLLAND

12-Mar-1631/2; John SYMONDS son of Thomas SYMONDS

05-May-1632; Anthony DRAYTON

29-May-1632; John DAW

20-Jun-1632; Fraunces TABOR daughter of Mr Bartholomew TABOR

17-Oct-1632; Elizabeth HORE

21-Nov-1632; Hester SAMWAYS daughter of Hugh SAMWAYS

29-Apr-1633; Thomas SAMWAYS son of Thomas SAMWAYS cleric

08-Sep-1633; Agnes HEMINGTON wife of Thomas HEMINGTON

02-Nov-1634; Joyce ROBERTES daughter of Christofer ROBERTES

14-Dec-1634; Christofer ROBERTS son of Christofer ROBERTS

06-Mar-1634/5; John STEVENS

10-Feb-1635/6; Thomas SCUTT son of John SCUTT

30-Mar-1636; Clement GILLINGHAM daughter of John GILLINGHAM

18-Jul-1636; Joan HEMINGTON wife of Thomas HEMINGTON

04-Aug-1636; Abraham MATHEW son of Mr William MATHEW

21-Mar-1636/7; Alice SCUTT wife of John SCUTT

05-Apr-1637; Mrs Alice MATHEW wife of Mr William MATHEW

02-Aug-1637; Richard SQUIBB

20-Aug-1637; Christofer SHIVE

22-Oct-1637; Thomas HEMINGTON

21-Dec-1637; Joane GILLINGHAM wife of John GILLINGHAM

27-Dec-1637; Joane GALTON widow

18-Jan-1637/8; Thomas HOLLAND son of Thomas HOLLAND

03-Aug-1638; Anne ELLET daughter of John ELLET

10-Aug-1638; Robert HOLLAND son of John HOLLAND

14-Aug-1638; Clement HOLLAND wife of John HOLLAND

17-Aug-1638; Mary HORE

17-Aug-1638; Thomas MIDDLETON

27-Aug-1638; Richard LOVELAS

21-Oct-1638; Jane BRIANT

21-Oct-1638; Reynold COOMBE

25-Oct-1638; Mrs Betterice MATHEW widow

__-___-1640; Joane VALENCE wife of Giles VALENCE

09-Mar-1640/1; Katherine GREENE

23-Mar-1642/3; Nan LAMORT wife of Thomas LAMORT

__-May-1643; Ann STEVENS (?)

10-Oct-1643; Ann S[illegible]AMES

13-Oct-1643; Edward S[illegible]AMES

02-Nov-1643; Roger LAMORT

24-Nov-1643; Eliza LAMORT daughter of Phillip LAMORT

25-Nov-1643; John LAKE son of John LAKE

16-Feb-1646/7; Elizabeth BUKER widow

23-Dec-1647; Edward LAMORT

08-Jan-1647/8; Mrs MATHEWS wife of Mr MATHEWS

21-Mar-1647/8; Edward BAYNARD son of Thomas BAYNARD

__-Mar-1648; Edmond SCUTT

05-May-1648; Gyles VALLENS

03-Jun-1648; Agnes (?) SIMONS

17-Dec-1652; Thomas LAMORT

20-Jan-1652/3; Mary MATTHEWS

30-Jan-1652/3; Alice MATTHEWS

23-Feb-1652/3; Anne WHITE daughter of John WHITE

08-Sep-1653; Rogger DAWE

__-Sep-1653; Kathren MATHNES

11-Sep-1653; Elizabeth STEVENS

16-Sep-1653; Anne WHITE daughter of John WHITE

15-Nov-1653; Thomas SIMONDS

28-Jan-1653; Henerye PATIE

08-Sep-1654; Robert MATHNES son of Mr William MATHNES

__-___-1654; Edward GALTON

09-Feb-1654/5; John ELLET

23-Nov-1655; Joan GALTON wife of Edward GALTON

03-Jan-1655/6; Jane PATIE wife of Henrie PATIE

28-Nov-1656; John HUCHENS

09-Jul-1657; Phillip HOLLAND

18-Oct-1657; Mathew STEPHENS daughter [sic] of John STEPHENS

07-Jan-1657/8; John WHITE

33 [sic]-Apr-1658; John STEPHENS

04-Mar-1666/7; William HAYTER Clerk Minister of this Parish

25-Jun-1667; Ann POPE wife of Thomas POPE

15-Apr-1668; Alice GALTON wife of Edward GALTON

03-May-1668; Alis HOLLAND wife of John HOLLAND

24-May-1668; Alice HOLLAND daughter of Philip HOLLAND

20-Sep-1668; Francis DORY

18-Nov-1668; Frances HOLLAND wife of Philip HOLLAND

29-Mar-1669; Mary BIRT wife of John BIRT

04-Apr-1669; Morgan LOWMAN servant to Thomas BAYNARD Esq

17-May-1669; John HOLLAND

14-Dec-1669; John BIRT

25-Dec-1669; Mary HOLLAND wife of Philip HOLLAND

14-Sep-1670; Anne PATIE wife of John PATIE the younger

23-Feb-1670/1; James BLUNDELL servant to John HAZARD

31-May-1671; John COLLINS

24-Nov-1671; John PATIE

26-Feb-1671/2; Thomas SYMONDS

21-Nov-1672; [illegible] SYMONDS widow

__-Dec-1672; [illegible] [illegible] son of Robert [illegible]

26-Jun-1673; Joan MATHEW wife of Mr William MATHEW

14-Sep-1673; Denise (?) GALTON wife of Edward GALTON

21-Sep-1673; Mabel SQUIB wife of Richard SQUIB

18-Jan-1673/4; William SQUIBB son of Richard & Mabel SQUIBB

25-Jun-1674; Elizabeth GOOGE daughter of John GOOGE

04-Dec-1674; Catheren GOOGE widow

13-Jan-1674/5; Robard BAYNARD son of Thomas BAYNARD Esq

28-Mar-1675; Alse LACKE

11-Nov-1677; Mary SYMONDS wife of Robert SYMONDS

06-Mar-1677/8; Avis BAYNARD daughter of Thomas BAYNARD Esq

21-Jun-1680; Dorothy SCUTT wife of John SCUTT

13-Dec-1680; John LAKE

20-Feb-1680/1; Richard PATY son of John & Jane PATY

27-Mar-1681; Thomas BAYNARD son of Mr George BAYNARD of Cliffe

15-May-1681; Mary POPE daughter of Thomas POPE

12-Oct-1681; Henry HOLLAND former Churchwarden

26-Apr-1683; John POPE son of Thomas POPE buried in woollen

07-Jan-1683/4; a base stillborn female child of Mary CHILDS was buried in woollen

01-Feb-1683/4; Thomas BAYNARD Esq buried in woollen

27-Jul-1684; Mary CHILDS buried in woollen

23-Nov-1684; Anne ELIOT widow buried in woollen

02-Mar-1684/5; Andrew SIMONS buried in woollen

12-Apr-1685; William MATHEWS buried in woollen

25-Aug-1685; Hannah HOLLAND buried in woollen

22-Sep-1685; Alice STEPHENS wife of William STEPHENS buried in woollen

18-Oct-1685; Jane SQUIB buried in woollen

17-Mar-1685/6; Charles POPE son of Thomas & Margery POPE buried in woollen

11-Apr-1686; Mary LAKE daughter of Philip LAKE buried in woollen

23-Apr-1686; John SCUTT buried in woollen

20-Jun-1686; Eleanor VINCENT buried in woollen

09-Jul-1686; Thomas HOLLAND base born son of Hannah HOLLAND buried in woollen

10-Feb-1686/7; John HOLLAND buried in woollen

22-Feb-1686/7; Martha LAKE daughter of Philip LAKE buried in woollen

22-May-1687; Mary BURD daughter of Richard BURD buried in woollen

31-Oct-1687; Barbara SYMONDS wife of Robert SYMONDS buried in woollen

22-Jan-1687/8; Honour LAKE daughter of Philip LAKE buried in woollen

19-Mar-1687/8; Ann ELIOT wife of John ELIOT buried in woollen

26-Mar-1688; John ELIOT buried in woollen

03-Oct-1693; George BAYNARD Esq buried in woollen

06-Feb-1697/8; Joan PATY

__-___-1698; John SYMONDS [no date given]

03-Dec-1698; Mary GRIFFITH wife of Isaack GRIFFITH

05-May-1699; Robert SYMONDS of Pallington

25-Jan-1701/2; Sarah CRISBEY daughter of Samuel & Sarah CRISBEY

20-Nov-1702; John ELIOTT son of Simon ELIOTT

01-Dec-1702; William LEVERIDGE

22-Dec-1702; Elizabeth SIMONDS wife of Robert SIMONDS junior

18-Sep-1703; Miss Rachel BAYNARD younger daughter of George BAYNARD of Cliffe Esq lately deceased

__-___-1703; Abraham GIBBONS [date not given]

28-Jan-1704/5; Thomas SYMONDS son of Thomas SYMONDS of Pallington

16-Jul-1705; John PATYE

14-Feb-1705/6; Edward GALTON

11-Mar-1705/6; Thomas CRISBEY son of Thomas CRISBEY

28-Apr-1706; Mary CHILDS (?) daughter of John CHILDS (?)

23-May-1707; Mrs Joan BAYNARD

29-Feb-1707/8; Rose GALTON daughter of Thomas GALTON

10-Apr-1710; Joane SIMONDS of Pallington

18-Dec-1710; Ann HOLLAND wife of Philipp HOLLAND

11-Feb-1710/11; Sarah JAMES daughter of Mark JAMES

20-Jul-1711; Phillip HOLLAND

29-Oct-1711; James CRISBY son of Samuel CRISBY

13-Jan-1711/12; a daughter of Thomas GALTON

29-Jan-1711/12; Thomas GALTON

08-Feb-1711/2; Richard WIETT

10-Feb-1714/5; Nicholas ELLIOT

__-Jun-1715; George SYMS

04-Dec-1715; Lydia MATHEWS wife of John MATHEWS

19-Apr-1716; Mark EAMS senior

19-Oct-1716; Phillip LAKE

14-Jun-1718; Dorothy SYMES

01-Dec-1718; Thomas DRAYTON

Elizabeth BASCOM made oath before Mr [illegible] of Piddletown that ye Thomas DRAYTON was buried in sheep’s wool

16-Jan-1718/9; Madam Mary WHITE wife of George WHITE of Stafford

Elizabeth SPEAR made oath before Major GOULD ye Madam WHITE was buried in linen contrary to act of Parliament & ye penalty was accordingly payed as by ye act provided

14-Jun-1719; John MATHEWS buried in woollen

01-Mar-1720/1; Richard SQUIB

03-Sep-1721; Dorothy GALTON

10-May-1722; a vagrant’s son

10-Jan-1723/4; Judith SYMES wife of John SYMES & daughter of Simon ELLIOT

23-Jan-1723/4; Honour ELLIOT wife of Simon ELLIOT

04-Feb-1723/4; Mary ELLIOT daughter of Simeon ELLIOT

02-Jul-1725; Anne STURMY wife of Simeon STURMY

06-Jul-1725; Susanna EAMS daughter of Mark EAMS

20-Jan-1725/6; Elizabeth SPEAR

22-May-1730; Mary DEWE daughter of John DEWE

24-May-1730; Elioner WYATT widow

20-Nov-1730; Grace SYMES daughter of John SYMES

05-Feb-1730/1; Richard WHELLER

12-May-1731; Robert MATTHEWS

24-May-1731; Christopher BROWN

21-Nov-1731; Joan MOORS

09-Apr-1732; Thomas CHILD

16-Apr-1732; Marjery CHLDS

20-Apr-1732; Charles PEARSE

14-Feb-1732/3; Mrs Elizabeth BAYNARD

10-Mar-1732/3; Dinah STEVENS

18-Mar-1732/3; Robert LOVELESS

06-Oct-1734; Andrew MATTHEWS son of Andrew MATTHEWS

17-Oct-1734; John BASCOMB son of John BASCOMB

28-Aug-1734; Thomas FARRINGTON Esq, St Augustin’s Day

01-Dec-1734; Robert DEWE son of John DEWE

27-Jul-1735; Susaner ELLIOTT wife of Israel ELLIOTT

04-Oct-1735; Susaner ELLIOTT daughter of Israel ELLIOTT

28-Oct-1735; Susannah KEXTON

18-Feb-1736/7; John BASKOM

27-Mar-1737; William GREGORY

19-Jun-1737; Mary ELLIOTT daughter of William & Mary ELLIOTT

15-Aug-1737; Samuel CRISDE

12-Nov-1737; Mary JEANS wife of Joseph JEANS

19-Feb-1737/8; Andrew MATTHEWS

25-Apr-1738; Martha LOVERIDGE

07-May-1738; Honour DEWE wife of John DEWE

21-Feb-1738/9; Charles KEXTON

08-Apr-1739; Simeon ELIOTT

11-Nov-1739; Mary ELLIOTT

02-Jul-1740; John KEXTON

08-Aug-1740; Richard PEARSE

16-Nov-1740; Joan SYMONDS

30-___-1741; John DEWE

08-Feb-1741/2; Mark EAMS

05-Dec-1742; Mary CRISDE

28-Dec-1742; Anne BASON daughter of Samuel BASON

02-May-1743; William BELLRINGER

29-May-1743; William SYMONDS

22-Sep-1743; Katharine PEARSE

08-Apr-1744; Dorothy MATTHEWS

01-May-1744; Elizabeth LENNINGTON

09-May-1744; Mary DUNSTER

03-Jun-1744; Samuel FOSTER

24-Jun-1744; Sarah FOSTER

12-Dec-1744; John DEWE

02-May-1746; Mary EAMS

27-Jul-1746; Sarah CRISDE

22-Mar-1746/7; Robert SYMONDS

22-Jul-1747; Susanna BELLRINGER

20-Oct-1747; Marey CRISDE

14-Feb-1747/8; Samuel FOSTER

17-Feb-1747/8; Patience CRISDE

05-Apr-1748; Grace GERRARD

19-Feb-1748/9; Katharine HARDY

05-Feb-1749/50; John STYLE

14-Oct-1750; William SYMONDS

01-Jul-1752; Mary TILLY

19-Jul-1752; Charles CRISDE

29-Nov-1752; John MATTHEWS

04-Nov-1753; Elizabeth BASCOMB

04-Mar-1754; Martha DEWE

21-Apr-1754; Charles CRISDE

28-Apr-1754; Sarah TUFFIN

12-Jan-1755; Grace HARDY wife of Philip HARDY

19-Mar-1755; Thomas CRISDE

05-Apr-1755; Sarah CRISDE

02-Jan-1757; Elizabeth MORES

13-Jul-1757; Elionor CRISDE

14-Nov-1757; Thomas FOSTER

07-Oct-1759; Joseph FUDGE

07-Oct-1759; John TILLY

05-Apr-1760; Mary TILLY

13-Apr-1760; Jenny TILLY

06-Oct-1760; Richard SYMONDS

22-Feb-1761; Mary TILLY

26-Apr-1761; Eleanor CRISDE wife of John CRISDE

06-Sep-1761; Mary WHELLER widow

15-Sep-1761; James PURCHASE son of Thomas PURCHASE

20-Dec-1761; George EDWARDS

26-Dec-1761; Anne EAMS widow

24-Jan-1762; Elizabeth TILLY widow

27-Jun-1762; Anne CRISDE daughter of John CRISDE

23-Mar-1763; Peggy MATTHEWS

20-Sep-1763; Elizabeth WYET

07-Sep-1764; Betty SMALL

07-Oct-1764; Anne CRISDE

21-Oct-1764; Mary CRISDE

10-Aug-1766; James CRISDE

18-Jan-1767; Betty BASCOMBE wife of John BASCOMBE

02-Sep-1767; Betty JARVIS wife of Charles JARVIS

12-Oct-1767; John SYMS

24-Jan-1768; John BASCOMBE

24-Jan-1768; Thomas HOUSE son of Robert HOUSE

16-Sep-1768; Mercy SMALL [entry repeated with date as 19-Oct-1768, which may have been the date the affidavit of burial in woollen was received]

10-Oct-1768; Mary SMALL wife of William SMALL

09-Jun-1769; Betty STYLE

09-Jun-1769; Harriot MAUDE daughter of Cornwallis MAUDE Esq & Mary his wife; buried in Linen, the money given to the Poor of the Parish by me [the curate]

16-Oct-1769; Elianor WEYETT

05-Nov-1769; William MORES alias GILLINGHAM

05-Nov-1769; Mercy SYMS

13-Feb-1771; John HILL

31-Mar-1771; Betty DAY [originally written ‘Bety DEE’, but crossed out and rewritten]

12-Sep-1773; Joseph HARDY

__-Feb-1774; Mary EAMS 62, wife of John EAMS; died of dropsy

04-Sep-1774; Ann FUDGE 6m, daughter of Matthew & Ann FUDGE

12-Jan-1775; John CRISDEE 66, Clark

17-Dec-1775; Thomas SIMONS Labourer

28-Apr-1776; Robert DAY 6

23-Jun-1776; Leah VALENS 9m, daughter of Ann VALENS

13-Oct-1776; Edward ELLIOT alias DEWE

01-Dec-1776; Charles PEARSE son of Charles & Elizabeth PEARSE

05-Apr-1778; Susanna SIMONS widow

27-Sep-1778; James ROBINS son of Joseph & Sarah ROBINS

24-Nov-1778; Lydia ELLIOT alias DEWE

14-Mar-1779; John EAMS

15-Mar-1779; Thomas HOUSE son of Thomas HOUSE

03-Jun-1779; George STYLE son of Edward STYLE

03-Oct-1779; Elizabeth CANDEL daughter of Edmund CANDEL

31-Oct-1779; John EDWARDS

07-May-1780; Sarah DEWE wife of Thomas DEWE

15-May-1780; Mary SHITLER widow

01-Jan-1781; Mary HOUSE wife of Thomas HOUSE

01-Jan-1781; Bartlettt HOUSE daughter of Thomas HOUSE

02-Feb-1781; Richard PEARSE 77

09-Mar-1781; Catherine PEARSE widow 80

13-Jun-1781; William SHITLER

01-Jul-1781; Thomas ELLIOT alias DEWE

08-Jul-1781; Mary ELLIOT alias DEWE

14-Aug-1781; Thomas ROBINS

10-Dec-1781; Mary TIZARD

10-Dec-1781; John HOUSE son of Thomas HOUSE

10-Feb-1782; Nathaniel STYLE 79

21-Jul-1782; Betty EDWARDS widow 77

25-May-1783; John LOVEL son of William & Elizabeth LOVEL

28-Sep-1783; Mary STICKLAND from Hilton

12-May-1784; John DEWE alias ELLIOT

30-May-1784; Rachel AMEY wife of Joseph AMEY

13-Oct-1784; Mary CANDEL wife of George CANDEL

16-Oct-1784; Peter WARREN

16-Apr-1786; Thomas KEATS

29-Sep-1786; Sarah ROBINS wife of Joseph ROBINS

22-Apr-1787; Betty SYMS daughter of Isaac & Jane SYMS

10-Aug-1788; Isabella MEADER daughter of William & Ann MEADER

05-Jun-1789; Ann SMALL wife of William SMALL

13-Jul-1789; Joseph AMEY 84

31-Jul-1789; Barbara ROBINS daughter of Joseph & Sarah ROBINS

20-Aug-1789; Robert AMEY

01-Jan-1790; John SMALL son of William & Mary SMALL

01-Apr-1793; Edward STILES

19-May-1793; William SMALL

25-Jun-1793; James CRISDY

__-Aug-1793; Thomas PEARCE [full date not given]

10-Sep-1793; Sarah CRISDY

22-Sep-1793; Anne FUDGE

13-Dec-1793; Betty SYMONDS

07-Sep-1794; Edmund SMALL son of Thomas & Fanny SMALL

19-Jun-1795; Elizabeth STILE

06-Mar-1796; Mary SQUIRES

10-Jul-1796; Rose VINCENT

__-___-1797; Joseph ROBINS [full date not given]

25-Dec-1797; Susannah HOUSE

03-Feb-1798; Elizabeth SYMONDS daughter of Samuel & Elizabeth SYMONDS

06-Oct-1798; Elizabeth MEECH

01-Nov-1798; Edward ELLET

09-Nov-1798; George WARREN

12-Mar-1799; Martha AMEY died

26-May-1799; Thomas CRISDY

28-Jun-1799; Margaret SMALL

14-Jun-1799; Martha SMALL

01-Nov-1799; Robert HOUSE son of George HOUSE

25-Jun-1800; Ann MORE

29-Jan-1801; Peggy HOUSE wife of Thomas HOUSE

02-Sep-1801; James WARREN

07-Sep-1802; William SMALL

14-Jan-1803; Susannah CRISDEE

07-Oct-1803; James LOVELL

08-Jun-1804; Ann WARREN widow

15-Jun-1804; Elizabeth BARTLETT

19-Aug-1804; Thomas CAUNDLE son of Thomas & Elizabeth CAUNDLE

__-Mar-1806; Elizabeth PIERCE wife of Harley PIERCE of Affpiddle [full date not given]

08-May-1806; Mary MEADEN daughter of John & Ann MEADEN

30-Nov-1807; Thomas CAUNDLE infant son of Thomas & Elizabeth CAUNDLE

__-Dec-1807; Henry RIGGS [full date not given]

26-Oct-1808; George CAUNDLE

07-Jan-1811; Elizabeth CRUMPLER daughter of Daniel & Anne CRUMPLER

07-Jan-1811; Mary CRUMPLER daughter of Daniel & Anne CRUMPLER

19-May-1811; Elizabeth CRISDEE wife of Charles CRISDEE

19-Jun-1811; Mary RUSSEL

02-Jan-1812; Susannah CRISDEE

__-Aug-1812; William SALTER [full date not given]



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