Burials 1813 - 1920

Transcribed from the Parish Registers held at the Dorset History Centre in Dorchester and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Kim Parker

Unless otherwise stated, place of abode at time of death was Tincleton. Age is given in years, unless otherwise indicated.

03-May-1813; William HOUSE 2

03-May-1813; John HOUSE 4

11-May-1813; Thomas Riggs HOUSE infant

13-Jun-1813; James WARREN 30

18-Jan-1814; Lunna BAKER 38, a traveller

31-Oct-1815; John CHAPMAN 75 of Blandford

18-Sep-1816; Margaret SALTER 60

26-Nov-1817; Thomas AMEY 45 of Blandford

09-Jan-1818; Mariah PEARSE infant of Affpiddle

05-Apr-1818; Jesse WARREN infant

15-Apr-1818; Robert WARREN 45

23-Jan-1819; George RUSSEL 20

15-Mar-1819; Mary CAUNDLE 69

01-Feb-1821; William PUCKET 2

12-Mar-1821; Thomas HOUSE 70

22-Jun-1821; Harriet CHEESEMAN 22 of Abby Milton

30-Sep-1821; Matthew FUDGE 75

11-Nov-1821; John HOUSE 35 of Piddletown

29-Jan-1822; John WARREN 13

24-Apr-1822; David WARREN 11

08-May-1822; Harriet CAUNDLE 13

10-Nov-1822; John PURCHASE 57

19-Jan-1823; Mary RIGGS 65

06-Feb-1823; Anne MEADEN 65

29-Apr-1825; Mary SHITLER 65

25-Jan-1826; Mary SMALL 72

25-Jun-1826; Elizabeth GILLARD 20

15-Mar-1827; Hannah ANDREWS 80

29-May-1827; Martha SMITH 54

04-May-1828; David ANDREWS 45

01-Jun-1828; Robert PORTER infant

19-Sep-1828; Thomas ROBINS 14

01-Jan-1829; Anne MEECH 56

04-Feb-1829; Thomas PORTER infant

22-Feb-1829; Charlton PALMER infant

22-Jun-1829; George CAUNDLE 74 of Winterborne Abbas

25-Aug-1829; Elizabeth LANE 59

24-Jan-1830; Mary ROBINS 72

09-Feb-1830; Thomas PALMER 4

03-Feb-1832; Robert BEALE infant

18-Feb-1832; Harriet TOWSE 24

31-Jan-1834; James HAWKINS 58

05-Jun-1834; John RENDAL 1

18-Jun-1834; George CRISDEE 80

24-Sep-1834; Eliza CANDEL 20

17-Nov-1825; Elizabeth CRISDEE 76

09-Feb-1836; George RIGGS 80

08-May-1836; William PUCKET 83

30-May-1836; Thomas CAUNDEL 75

02-Jul-1836; Elizabeth CRUMPLER 4

04-Feb-1837; Ann Saunders PORTER 1

10-Feb-1837; Martha WARREN 61

21-Jun-1837; James RIGGS 1

29-Nov-1837; James JOLIFFE 1

29-Dec-1837; Charles CRISDEE 62 of Morden

23-Jan-1838; Robert PORTER 1

12-Jun-1838; Elinor HOUSE 64

20-Jun-1838; John SHITLER 81

01-Oct-1838; Jane AMEY 73 of Blandford

01-Sep-1839; William RIDOUT 18

08-Sep-1839; Cornelius Burt HOUSE 20

24-Jan-1840; James SMALL 62

28-May-1840; Anne CRUMPLER 18

29-Jul-1840; John MEECH 69

13-Jan-1841; Anne MEADEN 66

04-May-1841; Elizabeth HOUSE 21

16-Jun-1841; Betty CRISDEE 61 of Morden

03-Oct-1841; William Nicholas LUGG 1

14-Nov-1841; Cornelius Charles COX 1, son of John & Mary COX

24-Feb-1842; Thomas HOUSE 49

13-Mar-1842; Mary MANN 64

02-May-1842; David KING 80

01-Mar-1843; Elizabeth Andrews COX 19

28-Mar-1843; Jane LUGG 10-weeks of Piddleton

30-Jun-1843; Henry SMALL 56 of Morden

03-Oct-1843; Elisabeth CANDLE 72

22-Nov-1843; Joseph AMEY 72

14-Jan-1844; Job WARREN 28

18-Feb-1844; Jeffery Richard William PEARCE 1

23-Feb-1844; Edward George HOUSE 7-months

15-Jun-1844; Mary COX 44 Pallington

26-Nov-1844; Isaac NEWTON 83

14-Dec-1844; Anne SEYMOUR 24

01-Jan-1845; John HOUSE 19

03-Mar-1845; Eleanor REDHEAD 74 of Clyffe

18-Apr-1845; Hannah Rosina TRIVETT 7-months of Woodsford

22-Jun-1845; Damaris SMALL 55 of Dorchester

25-Jun-1845; Thomas ROBINS 55

27-Nov-1845; Stephen CHAPMAN 72

04-May-1846; Charles CRISDEE 24 of Kezworth [i.e. Kesworth Farm in the parish of Wareham]

05-Jun-1846; Sarah DENNY 73 of Morden

20-Jan-1847; William Charles KEATS 5-days

02-Feb-1847; John ROBBINS 72 of Dorchester

13-Feb-1847; William Coward HOUSE 20

17-Feb-1847; Robert WARREN 37

21-Mar-1847; Albert HOUSE 24

06-Apr-1847; Frederick George BULLEN 10-months of Weymouth

11-Apr-1847; William HOUSE 75

29-Jun-1847; Eliza SHORT 26

13-Feb-1848; William Coward HOUSE 20

17-Feb-1848; Robert WARREN 37

09-Aug-1848; Mary CHAPMAN 84

12-Nov-1848; Fanny RUDDOCK 43

24-May-1849; George CRUMPLER 7

05-Jul-1849; Thomas SEYMOUR 86 Incumbent of Tincleton

26-Aug-1849; Harriet LEGGE 21

02-Oct-1849; Mary CRUMPLER 54

28-Feb-1850; Jane SEYMOUR 76

17-Mar-1850; Elizabeth PAYNE 20

29-Mar-1850; Ellis George ROBBINS 4

29-Dec-1850; Albert HOUSE 2

25-Jun-1851; Richard CRUMPLER 27

21-Jan-1852; John CHAPMAN 71

14-May-1852; Ellis Charles Henry ROBBINS 1

15-Mar-1853; Sarah SMALL 70

03-Apr-1853; Grace PAINE 77

04-Apr-1853; Robert GARLAND 48

08-Apr-1853; John MANN 78

23-Apr-1853; William PAINE 61

23-Sep-1853; Louisa Charlotte ROBINS 4-months

08-Oct-1853; William BRIDLE 64 of Swanage

13-Jun-1854; Richard HAWES 75

13-Oct-1854; Alicia BRIDLE 16

26-Jan-1855; Mary PUCKETT 18

12-Jun-1855; David INGRAM 1

25-May-1856; Louisa Charlotte ROBINS 2 of Dick o’ the Banks

24-Oct-1856; Peter WARREN 71

24-Feb-1857; Sarah WARREN 2-days

14-May-1858; Mary Ann WOODLAND 6

02-Jun-1858; Thomas CRUMPLER 69

02-Jun-1858; Rosina WARREN 3

21-Mar-1861; Elizabeth WELLMAN 63 of Radipole

24-Mar-1861; Elizabeth HOUSE 90

01-Apr-1861; Sarah WARREN 66

31-Aug-1861; Elizabeth PAINE 62

11-Nov-1862; Maria GILLETT 55

21-Dec-1862; John Arthur McHUTCHEON 4-months

25-Jan-1863; Sarah HOUSE 76

04-Mar-1863; James Donald McHUTCHEON 4

10-Apr-1863; Charles PORCHER 62 of Clyffe

01-Nov-1863; Charles CANDELL 57

04-Jan-1864; Charles HALL 70

23-Apr-1865; Ann WALLIS 80

23-Apr-1865; Emma HOUSE 6-weeks

06-Sep-1865; Edward George HOUSE 20

16-Dec-1865; William HOUSE 50

16-Aug-1866; Robert LAUGHAM 66

12-May-1867; Elizabeth CRUMPLER 77

22-Nov-1867; Sophia HOUSE 51

18-Jan-1868; Mary KING 82

07-May-1868; Walter WARREN 8-months

17-Jun-1868; John HOUSE 21 of Clarendon Street, Paddington

09-Jul-1868; Alice HOUSE 4

25-Jan-1869; Edward BRIDLE 29 of Bincombe

25-Apr-1869; Joseph OLD 78

28-May-1869; Ann BRIDLE 78

01-Feb-1870; Miriam RIGGS 78

24-Feb-1870; Frederick WILLIAMS 5

08-Apr-1870; Bessie Jane SPENCER 1

22-May-1870; Ann HAIME 24 of Iwerne Minster

28-Jun-1870; Fanny Blanche SPICER 3-months

20-Mar-1871; John RIGGS 14

13-Jul-1871; Mary Ann PUCKETT 1-day of Lewell Mill

08-Feb-1872; Rosina WILLIAMS 9-months

08-Sep-1872; Alfred Charles CRUMPLER 18-months

30-Jun-1873; Harriet SPICER 30

30-Oct-1873; Robert SPICER 4-months

03-Nov-1873; Austin WARREN 7

18-Jan-1874; Alfred Thomas RIGGS 15

01-Sep-1874; Susan ROBINS 90 of Dorchester

18-Sep-1875; John WATTS 42

18-Dec-1875; John BRIDLE 59

03-Jan-1876; Elizabeth TARZEWELL 75

15-Mar-1876; Beatrice Annie SPICER 3-days

10-Oct-1876; Margaret COOPER 23 of Weymouth

27-Apr-1878; Elizabeth POPE 23 of Sherborne

15-Jun-1878; Mary SPICER 30

19-Dec-1878; Richard CRUMPLER 81

18-May-1879; Peter WARREN 65

24-Aug-1879; Mary Ann COX 54

08-Sep-1879; John COX 80 of Dorchester

13-Oct-1879; William CRUMPLER 65

25-Sep-1880; Thomas HOUSE 63

12-Nov-1880; John Drew COX 54 Clyffe

19-Dec-1880; Jane WILLIAMS 47

19-Apr-1881; William Vincent HALL 49 of Lytchett Matravers

16-Sep-1881; Ann RUMSEY 80

18-Feb-1882; Sarah WARREN 20

15-Mar-1882; Martha HOUSE 60

06-May-1882; Catherine WARREN 70

13-Nov-1882; George HOUSE 69

17-Mar-1883; Charles CRUMPLER 66

29-Mar-1883; Elizabeth CRUMPLER 59

02-Jul-1883; Deborah HALL 81 of Chesilbourne

25-Aug-1883; Ann CANDELL 86

20-Nov-1883; Charles WARREN 60

12-Jun-1884; James WILLIAMS 79

17-Nov-1884; Isabella WILLIAMS 47

11-Feb-1885; Edith HOUSE 4-weeks

20-Apr-1885; James WARREN 78

04-Oct-1885; Mary Ann WARREN 60

28-Jan-1886; John CHAPMAN 49

08-Mar-1886; Bertha PUCKETT 75 of Long Burton

14-Aug-1886; James ADAMS 69 of Milborne St Andrews

24-Sep-1886; William John BRIDLE 18

07-Nov-1886; Geoffrey Bennett Maitland KINDERSLEY 26 of Clyffe

25-Dec-1886; Mary SEYMOUR 77

19-Jan-1887; Richard BEER 62 of Clyffe

19-Mar-1887; Harriet GARLAND 85

06-Apr-1887; James PUCKETT 74 of Long Burton

25-Feb-1888; Emma Matilda MILLER 17

10-Mar-1888; Ellen Lilly TAYLOR 2

28-May-1888; Emma WILLIAMS 57

17-Sep-1888; Jane HOUSE 66

08-Oct-1888; Ann Frances WATTS 49

01-Oct-1889; Mary Ann LAUGHAM 84

04-Dec-1889; George COX 17

22-Mar-1890; Mary Eliza PLOWMAN 63

30-Apr-1890; James SMITH 52

24-Dec-1890; Thomas RYALL 77

11-Apr-1891; John CRUMPLER 51

02-Jan-1892; George HOUSE 71

09-May-1892; Mary WARREN 86

12-Jun-1893; James RIGGS 40 of East Knighton

20-Jan-1894; Bessie Ann PIPE 27

07-May-1894; Ellis HOUSE 70

09-Apr-1895; Annie Rose INGLETON 1-month

03-May-1895; Agnes McHUTCHISON [McHUTCHEON] 67

06-May-1895; Sarah WILLIAMS 100

24-Jul-1895; Margaret Emma COX 7

01-Nov-1896; Elizabeth CHURCHILL 63

16-Aug-1897; Thomas CRUMPLER 74 Parish Clerk

16-Sep-1897; Caroline WHITE 31

05-Oct-1897; Ann CRUMPLER 73 widow of the above Thomas CRUMPLER of Mount Skippet, Watercombe, late of Tincleton

09-Feb-1898; Fanny PIPE 64

18-Mar-1898; George WARREN 79

16-May-1898; Elizabeth TREVETT 54 of Skippet in Warmwell

06-Aug-1898; Hannah BRIDLE 83 of Wimborne Road, Longfleet

31-Oct-1898; Christopher Charles Rendall BESENT 44

22-Mar-1899; Farrar Baron HERSCHELL 61 of 46 Grosvenor Gardens, London & Deal Castle

29-Mar-1899; Charles McHUTCHEON 76 of Southover in Tolpuddle

04-Aug-1899; Mary CUNCIFFE 62 of 64 Bambury Road, Oxford

01-Oct-1899; Mary Ann LANGHAM 84

05-Aug-1900; Angelina TRIM 39 of Osmington

07-Nov-1900; Juliana ACOTT 54

26-Nov-1900; Daisy CHAFFEY 13-months

21-Dec-1900; Ellinor PORCHER 93 of 19 Esplanade, Lowestoft

08-Jun-1901; Angelina RIGGS 75

12-Nov-1901; Florence Beatrice TAYLOR 6-days

28-Feb-1902; Agnes Adela Baroness HERSCHELL 46 of Villa Jouvence, Pau, France

02-Mar-1902; William George Jesse MITCHELL 7-months

31-Mar-1902; Henry James PEARCE 7-months (Easter Monday)

05-Jun-1902; George Leonard FOOT 58 of Pallington in the parish of Affpuddle

19-Jul-1902; Eliza CRUMPLER 83

24-Sep-1902; Elizabeth BEER 65

05-Jun-1903; John Henry Yard TREVETT 57 of Dorchester

04-Jan-1904; Jane LAUGHAM 59

15-Sep-1904; Florence Kate CHEFFEY 16 Dorset County Hospital

19-Dec-1905; James WILLIAMS 71

10-Jan-1906; George Alfred TRENT 29 from Dorset County Asylum

14-Jan-1906; Eliza PAINE 83

31-Oct-1906; Katherine MITCHELL 64 of the Post Office

11-Dec-1906; Thomas SIMMONDS 47

20-Feb-1907; Charles Leslie CHEFFEY 8 months

27-Feb-1907; Albert Edward TAYLOR 19

19-Oct-1907; Edward Leigh KINDERSLEY-PORCHER 79 of Clyffe

10-Dec-1908; Thomas WARR 24 of the Stables, Clyffe House

19-May-1910; George SPICER 64 from Dorchester Union

03-Jul-1911; Charles BESANT of Tincleton Farm

10-Jul-1911; James TAYLOR 30

12-Jul-1911; Sarah Anne HARRIS 75

14-Mar-1912; William PIPE 78 for many years Parish Clerk & Sexton

21-Mar-1912; Hannah Maria PARKER 42

15-May-1912; Jean Ramsay KINDERSLEY 44 of Underwood, West Alphington (?), Exeter

15-Aug-1912; James BEATON 46

06-Feb-1913; Thomas RIGGS 87 of 8 Victoria Road, Dorchester

13-Dec-1913; Fanny Maitland KINDERSLEY-PORCHER 81 of Clyffe

29-Jul-1914; Sarah Ann Groves BESANT 5-months, of Winfrith Newburgh, late Tincleton

07-Feb-1915; Sarah Jane WILLIAMS 74

06-Jul-1915; David Charles Nathaniel HARVEY of Weir Road, Tincleton

14-Jun-1916; Charles CHURCHILL 79

05-Dec-1916; Eliza PALMER 51 of Fook’s Cottage, Tincleton

15-Dec-1916; Harriet CHURCHILL 78

20-Jan-1917; Joseph TRENT 62, died at the Dorset County Hospital, Dorchester

01-Mar-1917; Gladys Winifred Louise COOMBS 2

10-Oct-1917; Edgar George KINGMAN 2-days

15-Dec-1917; Koroline Marjorie CHEFFEY 23

28-Jun-1918; Harriett Harwood PEARCE 54

21-Sep-1918; Samuel WILLIAMS 81

13-Dec-1919; George COX 81

17-Jul-1920; Alwina HOFFMAN 86 of Clyffe

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