Winterborne Stickland

BAPTISMS 1813 - 1883

Transcribed from the Parish Registers held at the Dorset History Centre and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Kim Parker

NDate  Child’s given nameTypeParents’ given namesSurnameAbodeOccupation 
128Mar1813Azariah son ofJohn & HannahPRINCEWinterborne Stickland Labourer 
209May1813Charles son ofThomas & JennyALLENWinterborne Stickland Labourer 
331May1813Anne dau ofWilliam & SarahTIZARDof this Parish Labourer 
427Jun1813Maria Baker dau ofElizabethREASONof this Parish [not given]Father: Charles BAKER
528Jun1813Esau son ofJohn & JaneOXFORDof this Parish Labourer 
630Jun1813Elias son ofWilliam & PriscillaKNIGHTof this Parish Labourer 
729Jul1813Samuel son ofEdward & JaneBALAAMof this Parish Labourer 
815Sep1813Matilda dau ofWilliam & MariaOXFORDof this Parish Carpenter 
914Oct1813Eliza dau ofAndrew & JaneHOUSEWinterborne Stickland Labourer 
1021Nov1813Martha dau ofJohn & AnneCORBINWinterborne Stickland Farmer 
1125Dec1813Henry son ofRoger & MaryCORBINWinterborne Stickland Farmer 
1230Jan1814Ellen dau ofGeorge & JaneCROSSStickland Labourer 
1327Feb 1814Williamson of Thomas & JaneALLEN SticklandWoodman 
1427Feb1814William son ofRobert & SusanWINDSORStickland Labourer 
1503Apr1814Elizabeth son ofWilliam & ElizabethWOOLRIDGEStickland Carter 
1617Apr1814William son ofJohn & JaneDEAREQuarleston, Stickland Carter 
1717Apr1814Samuel son ofEdward & ElizabethELFORDStickland Woodman 
1821May1814William son ofWilliam & RoseSTONEStickland Carter 
1921Aug1814John son ofJohn & ElizabethRICKETSStickland Thatcher 
2029Aug1814Jane dau ofJoseph & AnneCROSSStickland Shepherd 
2116Oct1814Stephen son ofJohn & JaneBUTTStickland Labourer 
2205Jan1815Christopher son ofThomas & JaneWHITEStickland Carpenter 
2312Feb1815Luke son ofJonathan & ElizabethELFORDStickland Labourer 
2426Feb1815Jane dau ofWilliam & PriscillaKNIGHTStickland Labourer 
2530Apr1815Stephen son ofJeremiah & MaryELFORDStickland Woodman 
2614May1815Bethaviah dau ofRobert & SarahKNIGHTStickland Labourer 
2720May1815Elizabeth dau ofHenry & AnneBIMENTQuarleston, Stickland Carter 
2821May1815Mary dau ofJohn & JaneHAINEStickland Labourer 
2905Jul1815Martha dau ofEdward & JaneBALAAMStickland Labourer 
3012Nov1815James son ofHenry & AnneRICKETSStickland Labourer 
3124Nov1815James son ofThomas & JennyALLENStickland Woodman 
3228Jan1816Mary dau ofGeorge & JaneCROSSStickland Labourer 
3319Jan1816Cornelia dau ofJames & AnneUSTINSStickland Labourer 
3403Mar1816Maria dau ofRichard & ElizabethCOXStickland Labourer 
3520Mar1816Jane dau ofLeonard & CharlotteWINDSORStickland Labourer 
3602Jun1816Ambrose son ofRobert & ThirzaTUFFINStickland Labourer 
3705Jun1816Jemima dau ofRobert & SusanWINDSORStickland Labourer 
3822Sep1816Anne dau ofJohn & ElizabethRICKETSStickland Thatcher 
3925Nov1816George son ofJames & RebeccaMORRISStickland Labourer 
4028Nov1816Ellen dau ofElias & CharlotteKNIGHTStickland Labourer 
4116Feb1817Aaron son ofJeremiah & MaryELFORDStickland Labourer 
4217Feb1817Mary dau ofJohn & AnneCORBINStickland Farmer 
4323Feb1817Levi son ofRobert & SarahKNIGHTStickland Labourer 
4420Apr1817Merab dau ofEdward & CharlotteOXFORDStickland Miller 
4506Jul1817Thomas son ofWilliam & SarahTIZARDStickland Labourer 
4631Aug1817Hannah dau ofWilliam & ElizabethWOOLRIDGEStickland Carter 
4708Sep1817Morric son ofWilliam & MariaOXFORDStickland Carpenter 
4828Sep1817Mark son ofJonathan & ElizabethELFORDStickland Labourer 
4905Apr1818George son ofJohn & MaryREEDStickland Shepherd 
5011May1818Eliza dau ofJames & AnnabellaLEGGStickland Carter[possible clerical error; James & Annabella’s surname was HOOK]
5131May1818Edward son ofEdward & JaneBALAAMStickland Carter 
5221Jun1818Jeremiah son ofLeonard & CharlotteWINDSORStickland Labourer 
5321Jun1818Hannah dau ofJohn & AnneRIGGSStickland Labourer 
5416Jun1818James son ofJames & ElizabethSTUCKLESSStickland Mariner 
5512Jul1818Charles son ofJohn & HannahPRINCEStickland Labourer 
5626Jul1818George son ofRobert & SusanWINDSORStickland Labourer 
5722Sep1818Eliza dau ofRichard & AnneDRAKEStickland Gamekeeper 
5827Sep1818James son ofAndrew & JaneHOUSEStickland Labourer 
5928Sep1818Berlina dau ofJames & AnneUSTINSStickland Labourer 
6028Feb1819Ruth dau ofJames & ElizabethRICKETSStickland Thatcher 
6118Apr1819William son ofGeorge & JaneCROSSStickland Labourer 
6219Apr1819Martha dau ofEdward & ElizabethELFORDStickland Woodman 
6320Jun1819Thomas son ofJames & [blank]ROGERSStickland Labourer 
6412Jul1819Elizabeth dau ofJames & AnnabellaHOOKStickland Carter 
6512Sep1819Hamutal dau ofJeremiah & MaryELFORDStickland Labourer 
6624Oct1819Charles son ofElias & CharlotteKNIGHTStickland Labourer 
6728Nov1819Charles son ofRobert & ThirzaTUFFINStickland Labourer 
6828Nov1819Mary Jane dau ofWilliam & MariaOXFORDStickland Carpenter 
6928Feb1820Charles son ofHenry & AnneRICKETSStickland Thatcher 
7028May1820Mary Anne dau ofLeonard & CharlotteWINDSORStickland Labourer 
7111Jun1820John son ofJohn & MaryREEDStickland Shepherd 
7216Jul1820George son ofJohn & AnneRIGGSStickland Labourer 
7320Aug1820William son ofJonathan & ElizabethELFORDStickland Labourer 
7410Sep1820James son ofRichard & ElizabethCOXStickland Labourer 
7517Sep1820Henry Edward son ofEdward & JemimaROGERSStickland Labourer 
7630Oct1820Dinah dau ofJohn & MargaretDURNFORDStickland Labourer 
7724Dec1820William son ofWilliam & ElizabethWOOLRIDGEStickland Carter 
7821Jan1821Agnes dau ofJoseph & JaneSERJEANTStickland Exciseman 
7918Feb1821Henry son ofJohn & JaneHAINEStickland Labourer 
8001Apr1821William son ofEdward & JaneOXFORDStickland [blank]Father: William SHAVE of Whatcombe [Winterborne Whitechurch]
8109Apr1821Mark son ofJames & AnneUSTINSStickland Labourer 
8229Apr1821Sophia dau ofEdward & JaneBALAAMStickland Carter 
8310Jun1821William son ofWilliam & SarahTIZARDStickland Labourer 
8401Jul1821Edmund son ofJohn & MargaretTUFFINStickland Labourer 
8501Jul1821Prudence dau ofMary AnneELFORDStickland [blank]Father: Roger CORBIN
8615Jul1821George son ofJohn & ElizabethRICKETSStickland Thatcher 
8705Aug1821George son ofJames & AnnabellaHOOKStickland Carter 
8826Aug1821Eliza dau ofFrederick & ElizabethBALAAMStickland Labourer 
8918Oct1821William James son ofElam & Mary AnneARNOLDClenston Labourer 
9010Feb1822James son ofJames & AnneROGERSStickland Malster 
9126May1822Robert son ofJohn & MargaretDURNFORDStickland Labourer 
9206Jun1822William son ofJames & SusannahRICKETSStickland Labourer 
9309Jun1822Henry son ofJohn & AnneRIGGSStickland Labourer 
9413Aug1822Rosannah dau ofJonathan & ElizabethELFORDStickland Labourer 
9501Sep1822George son ofGeorge & JaneCROSSStickland Labourer 
9615Sep1822Edward son ofJohn & CarolineBARNSBere Shoemakerborn 04-Nov-1819
9723Sep1822Joseph son ofThomas & Mary AnnePITMANStickland Labourer 
9810Nov1822Rhoda dau ofRobert & SusanWINDSORStickland Labourer 
9911Dec1822Robert son ofJames & ElizabethSTUCKLESSStickland Mariner 
10012Jan1823Mark son ofLeonard & CharlotteWINDSORStickland Labourer 
10115Feb1823Abel son ofCharles & HannahBUTTStickland Labourer 
10223Feb1823Henry son ofJoseph & JaneSERJEANTStickland Exciseman 
10306Apr1823Charlotte dau ofRichard & ElizabethCOXStickland Labourer 
10406Apr1823Mary Anne dau ofJames & AnneUSTINSStickland Labourer 
10529Jun1823Susannah dau ofRobert & ThirzaTUFFINStickland Labourer 
10620Jul1823Louisa dau ofJohn & MaryREEDStickland Labourer 
10720Jul1823Thomas son ofRobert & MaryELFORDStickland Woodman 
10810Aug1823Eli son ofJohn & ElizabethRICKETTSStickland Thatcher 
10928Sep1823Charles son ofJeremiah & MaryELFORDStickland Labourer 
11028Sep1823Maria dau ofJames & SusannahRICKETTSStickland Thatcher 
11123Nov1823Anne dau ofAmbrose & BettyELFORDStickland Woodman 
11210Feb1824Thomas son ofJohn & MargaretDURNFORDStickland Labourer 
11314Feb1824Elizabeth dau ofJoseph & JaneSERJEANTStickland Exciseman 
11429Feb1824Jeremiah son ofHenry & AnneRICKETSStickland Labourer 
11514Mar1824Henry son ofThomas & Mary AnnePITMANStickland Labourer 
11628Mar1824Isaac son ofGeorge & CharlotteBUTTStickland Labourer 
11707Jun1824Elizabeth dau ofEdward & JaneBALAAMStickland Carter 
11815Aug1824William son ofJames & AnnabellaHOOKStickland Carter 
11915Aug1824Jane dau ofJames & AnnabellaHOOKStickland Carter 
12026Sep1824Elizabeth Ann Knight dau ofMary AnneMORRISStickland [blank]Father: Ellis KNIGHT
12119Oct1824Samuel son ofGeorge & SarahMORRISStickland Labourer 
12209Jan1825John son ofJohn & AnneRIGGSStickland Labourer 
12323Jan1825Joseph son ofJames & AnneROGERSStickland Malster 
12412Feb1825Jeremiah son ofLeonard & CharlotteWINDSORStickland Labourer 
12520Feb1825Thomas Shave son ofJohn & Mary AnneTUFFINStickland Labourer 
12605Mar1825Edmund son ofJames & AnneUSTINSStickland Labourer 
12710Jul1825Isaac son ofJames & SusannaRICKETTSStickland Labourer 
12802Aug1825James son ofGeorge & JaneCROSSStickland Labourer 
12907Aug1825Samuel son ofGeorge & CharlotteBUTTStickland Labourer 
13023Oct1825Sarah dau ofJohn & MargaretDURNFORDStickland [blank] 
13125Dec1825Lousa dau ofPhilip & SusanWOOLRIDGEStickland Labourer 
13215Jan1826Josiah son ofCharles & HannahBUTTStickland Labourer 
13312Feb1826William son ofThomas & Mary AnnePITMANStickland Labourer 
13419Feb1826Eleanor dau ofUriah & PriscillaMASTERMANStickland Labourer 
13519Mar1826Josiah son ofJoseph & SarahBUTTStickland Labourer 
13602Apr1826Mary dau ofWilliam & SarahTIZZARDStickland Labourer 
13714May1826John son ofJames & AnabellaHOOKStickland Labourer 
13815Jun1826Jane dau ofChristopher & JaneBRYANTStickland Farmer 
13909Jul1826William son ofJoseph & HarriettROGERSStickland Labourer 
14007Nov1826George son ofJoseph & JaneSERGEANTStickland Exciseman 
14007Nov1826Elizabeth dau ofJoseph & JaneSERGEANTStickland Exciseman 
141- -Nov1826Abi dau ofSusannaELFORDSticklandInf.  
142- -Jan1827Louisa dau ofCharles & HannahBUTTStickland Labourer 
143- -- -1827William son ofJames & JaneSKIVINGTONStickland Labourer 
14422Jul1827Eliza dau ofLeonard & CharlotteWINDSORStickland Labourer 
14523Jul1827Eliza dau ofJoseph & SarahBUTTStickland Labourer 
14623Jul1827Thos son ofJames & AnnUSTINSStickland Labourer 
14726Aug1827Elisha son ofThomas & Mary AnnePITMANStickland Labourer 
14828Aug1827Eliza Emily Cross dau ofJohn & EleanorDENNISStickland Labourer 
149- -- -1827Henrietta dau ofWilliam & JaneMORRISStickland Labourer 
150- -- -1827Thomas son ofGeorge & SarahMORRISStickland Labourer 
15101Oct1827Christopher Kellaway son ofChristopher & JaneBRYANTStickland Farmer 
15208Oct1827Emily dau ofEdward & JaneBALLAMStickland Labourer 
15328Oct1827George son ofHenry & AnnRICKETTSStickland Labourer 
15428Oct1827William son ofGeorge & CharlotteBUTTStickland Labourer 
15525Nov1827John son ofJohn & Mary AnneTUFFINStickland Shop Keeper 
15608Mar1828George son ofWilliam & Mary AnnMASTERMANStickland Labourer 
15706May1828Ann dau ofJames & AnabellaHOOKStickland Labourer 
15806May1828Jane dau ofJames & AnabellaHOOKStickland Labourer 
15905Jun1828Jane dau ofRobert & TeresaTUFFINStickland Labourer 
16022Jun1828Absalom son ofUriah & PriscillaMASTERMANStickland Labourer 
16114Aug1828Dinah dau ofJonathan & AnnHAWSClenstone Labourer 
16224Aug1828Diana dau ofPhillip & SusannaWOOLRIDGEStickland Labourer 
16314Sep1828Louisa dau ofRichard & ElizabethCOXStickland Labourer 
16412Oct1828Henry son ofJoseph & SarahBUTTStickland Labourer 
16530Nov1828Isaach son ofRobert & MaryELFORDStickland Labourer 
16619Jan1829Jesse son ofGeorge & MariaLANEStickland Labourer 
16709Feb1829Martha dau ofWilliam & ElizabethROGERSStickland Butcher 
16828Feb1829Ellen dau ofGeorge & JaneCROSSStickland Labourer 
16928Feb1829Ann Hathaway Riggs dau ofThomas & Mary AnnPITMANStickland Labourer 
17012Apr1829Emily dau ofJohn & ElizabethRICKETTSStickland Labourer 
17105Jul1829James son ofJames & SusannaRICKETTSStickland Labourer 
17210Nov1829John son ofJoseph & HarriettROGERSStickland Labourer 
17313Dec1829Lionel son ofJoseph & SarahBUTTStickland Labourer 
17425Dec1829George son ofGeorge & SarahMORRISStickland Labourer 
17509Jan1830Henry son ofEli & AnnELFORDStickland Labourer 
17606May1830Priscilla dau ofWilliam & JaneMORRISStickland Labourer 
17725Jul1830Felix son ofJob & AnnMASTERMANStickland Labourer 
17815Aug1830Robert son ofGeorge & CharlotteBUTTStickland Labourer 
17922Aug1830Louisa dau ofHenry & AnnRICKETTSStickland Labourer 
18022Aug1830Martha dau ofUriah & PriscillaMASTERMANStickland Labourer 
18105Sep1830Martha dau ofElisha & CharlottePITMANStickland Labourer 
18203Oct1830John son ofJohn & MaryWOOLRIDGEStickland Labourer 
18307Nov1830Edmund son ofRobert & Mary AnnBUTTStickland Labourer 
18419Dec1830Phillip dau ofMary AnnWOOLRIDGEStickland Labourer 
18520Feb1831Abigail dau ofPhillip & SusannaWOOLRIDGEStickland Labourer 
18620Feb1831Harriet dau ofJames & AnnHUSTINSStickland Labourer 
18727Feb1831Robert son ofJames & AnabellaHOOKStickland Labourer 
18803Mar1831Elizabeth dau ofGeorge & Mary AnnCOLEStickland Farmer 
18903Apr1831Hannah dau ofJoseph & SarahBUTTStickland Labourer 
19005Apr1831Robert son ofJoseph & AnnCORBINStickland Farmerborn before marriage
19103May 1831Priscilladau of William & JaneMORRIS SticklandLabourerburial entered in error
19215May1831Jane dau ofWilliam & Mary AnnMASTERMANStickland Labourer 
193- -- -1831Alfred Shave son ofJohn & Mary AnnTUFFINStickland Shop Keeper 
19407Aug1831Ann Satchell dau ofJemimaBUTTSticklandServant Girl  
19506Oct1831Edward son ofRobert & HannahMUSTONStickland Servant 
19610Oct1831Elizabeth Corbin dau ofWilliam & ElizabethROGERSStickland Butcher 
19723Oct1831Felix son ofJames & SusannahRICKETTSStickland Thatcher 
19830Oct1831George son ofJohn & MaryCROWTHERStickland Labourer 
19920Nov1831Jane dau ofThomas & Mary AnnPITMANStickland Labourer 
20024Nov1831Mary Jane Matcham dau ofJames & ElizabethSTUCKLESSStickland Mariner 
20125Dec1831Charles son ofElisha & CharlottePITMANStickland Labourer 
20226Dec1831Elizabeth dau ofJoseph & AnnCORBINStickland Farmer 
20319Apr1832George son ofJohn & ElizabethLEWISStickland Labourer 
20319Apr1832Robert son ofJohn & ElizabethLEWISStickland Labourer 
20420May1832Hannah dau ofIsaach & AnnPRINCEStickland Labourer 
20515Jun1832William son ofWilliam & JaneMORRISStickland Labourer 
20609Jul1832John son ofChristopher & JaneBRYANTStickland Farmer 
20722Jul1832Stephen son ofGeorge & CharlotteBUTTStickland Labourer 
20805Dec1832Elizabeth dau ofFrederic & ElizabethBALLUMStickland Shoemaker 
20916Dec1832Emmanuel son ofUriah & PriscillaMASTERMANStickland Labourer 
21013Jan1833George son ofGeorge & SarahMORRISStickland Labourer 
21131Mar1833Aaron son ofThomas & Mary AnnPITMANStickland Labourer 
21207Apr1833John son ofJohn & PhebeGOODRICHStickland Labourer 
21328Apr1833Ann Corbin dau ofWilliam & ElizabethROGERSStickland Butcher 
21425May1833William son ofJoseph & AnnCORBINStickland Farmer 
21509Jun1833Eliza dau ofJames & SusannahRICKETTSStickland Thatcher 
21628Jul1833Jane dau ofGeorge & JaneCROSSStickland Labourer 
21728Jul1833Ruben son ofPhillip & SusannaWOOLRIDGEStickland Labourer 
21825Aug1833William son ofJohn & MaryCROWDERStickland Labourer 
21915Sep1833Eliza dau ofJames & AnabellaHOOKStickland Labourer 
22022Sep1833Issachar son ofEli & AnnELFORDStickland Labourer 
22126Oct1833Ephraim son ofJoseph & SarahBUTTStickland Labourer 
22126Oct1833Jane dau ofJoseph & SarahBUTTStickland Labourer 
22205Dec1833Jane dau ofChristopher & JaneBRYANTStickland Farmerpublicly; aged 4, born 20-Oct-1829
22305Jan1834Arthur son ofCharles & HannahBUTTStickland Labourer 
22409Mar1834George son ofElisha & CharlottePITMANStickland Labourer 
22519May1834Mary dau ofWilliam & ElizabethROGERSStickland Butcher 
22620May1834Henry William son ofJohn & HarrietMATCHAMStickland Carpenter 
22727Jul1834Alfred George son ofJohn & JaneSEYMOURStickland Shoemaker 
22827Jul1834Hannah dau ofGeorge & SarahMORRISStickland Labourer 
22907Dec1834Elizabeth Adams dau ofMary AnnBUTTSticklandServant Girl  
23028Dec1834James son ofJohn & ElizabethLEWISStickland Labourer 
23104Feb1835Mary Ann dau ofJoseph & MaryHOUSEStickland Labourer 
23210Feb1835Robert son ofElizabethWOOLRIDGEStickland [blank] 
23317Feb1835Robert son ofCharles & AmeliaELFORDStickland Labourerreceived into the Church 08-Mar-1835
23422Feb1835Jane son ofHenry & AnnRICKETTSStickland Thatcher 
23515Mar1835Robert son ofElizabethWOOLRIDGEStickland [blank]received into the Church
23616Mar1835Susannah Elizabeth dau ofCharles & AnnSKIVINGTONStickland Tailor 
23716Mar1835Martha Rogers dau ofJoseph & AnnCORBINStickland Farmer 
23824Aug1835James Kelloway son ofChristopher & JaneBRYANTStickland Farmer 
23930Aug1835Hannah dau ofThomas & Mary AnnPITMANStickland Labourer 
24025Oct1835Rebecca Ann dau ofJohn & ElizaBALLUMStickland Labourer 
24102Jan1836Jane Ann dau ofMichael & Mary AnnBIRDStickland Shoemaker 
24213Jan1836Susan dau ofWilliam & ElizabethROGERSStickland Butcher 
24331Jan1836Joseph son ofJames & AnnabellaHOOKStickland Carter 
24416Feb1836Catherine dau ofChristopher & CatherineATKINSONBryanston Huntsman 
24515May1836Nehemiah son ofCharles & HannahBUTTStickland Labourer 
24622May1836Ruth dau ofPhillip & SusannahWOOLRIDGEStickland Labourer 
24705Jun1836Mark son ofThomas & RebeccaHORLOCKQuarelston Labourer 
24801Jan1837Elizabeth dau ofGeorge & SarahMORRISStickland Labourer 
24903Jan1837Elizabeth dau ofIsaac & AnnPRINCEStickland Labourer 
25003Jan1837Martha Charlotte dau ofMariaBUTTStickland[blank]  
25125Jan1837Tabitha dau ofJohn & ElizabethLEWISStickland Labourerprivately
25203Feb1837George son ofWilliam & MarthaLANEStickland Lime Burnerprivately
25307Feb1837Frederic son ofUriah & PriscillaMASTERMANStickland Labourerprivately
25428Feb1837John son ofWilliam & Mary AnnMASTERMANStickland Labourer 
25517Mar1837George son ofRobert & EstherPALMERStickland Groom 
25611Apr1837James son ofJoseph & MaryHOUSEStickland Labourer 
25724Apr1837Alfred son ofLionel & AnnELFORDStickland Woodman 
25804Jun1837Lionel son ofCharles & AmeliaELFORDStickland Labourer 
25923Jul1837Elizabeth son ofJoseph & MaryCOMPTONStickland Labourer 
26029Oct1837James son ofWilliam & JaneFOOKSStickland Groom 
26131Dec1837Sarah Ann dau ofHenry & AnnHANNAMStickland Labourer 
26231Jul1836Robert John son ofRobert & HannahMUSTONStickland Footmanpreviously ommitted from the register
26327Nov1836Hannah dau ofJeremiah & MaryELFORDStickland Labourerpreviously ommitted from the register
26419Apr1838Joseph son ofJoseph & AmeliaBURDENStickland Carpenter 
26526Apr1838Frederic son ofWilliam & MarthaLANEStickland Lime Burner 
26629Apr1838Mary Jane dau ofJames & AnabellaHOOKStickland Labourer 
26730Apr1838William son ofWilliam & ElizabethROGERSStickland Butcher 
26812Jul1838Stephen son ofJoseph & SarahBUTTStickland Labourer 
26919Aug1838John son ofJohn & ElizabethRUSSELLBuckland Newton Farmer 
27031Jan1839John son ofJoseph & AnnCORBINStickland Farmerprivately
27103Feb1839John son ofGeorge & MaryBALLStickland Labourer 
27221Apr1839Susanna dau ofPhillip & SusannaWOOLRIDGEStickland Labourer 
27309May1839Elizabeth dau ofWilliam & JaneFOOKSStickland Groom 
274--Jun1839Mary Ann dau ofIsaac & AnnPRINCEStickland Labourer 
27513Oct1839John son ofHannahWOOLRIDGEStickland [blank]privately
27604Jan1840Alfred son ofJohn & ElizabethLEWISStickland Labourer 
277- -Feb1840John son ofCharles & AnnSKIVINGTONStickland Tailor 
27815Mar1840Ann dau ofJoseph & MaryCOMPTONStickland Labourer 
27918Mar1840John son ofWilliam & ElizabethROGERSStickland Butcher 
28018Mar1840Robert son ofWilliam & ElizabethROGERSStickland Butcher 
28119Apr1840Emma Jane dau ofJoseph & ElizabethRIDOUTStickland Miller’s Man 
28231May1840Mary dau ofJoseph & AmeliaBURDENStickland Carpenter 
28307Jun1840Sarah Ann dau ofEli & AnnELFORDStickland Labourer 
28405Jul1840James son ofJames & AnabellaHOOKStickland Labourer 
28528Jun1840Martha Ann dau ofEllenKNIGHTStickland[blank]  
28619Jul1840Rose Bradford dau ofJohn & AnnSPRAKEStickland Farmer 
28709Aug1840Albert son ofHenry & AnnHANNAMStickland Labourer 
28817Sep1840Alfred George Phillips son ofElizaHOUSESticklandSpinster  
28911Oct1840Jane Ann dau ofWilliam & JaneMORRISStickland Labourer 
29009Nov1840William son ofWilliam & Julia Charlotte MacKenzieCHURCHILL SticklandClerk 
29112Dec1840William son ofMalachi & MariaOXFORDStickland Carpenter 
29203Jan1841Ann Agnes dau ofJohn & ElizaBALLUMStickland Labourer 
29321Feb1841Hannah dau ofHenry & HannahSNELLStickland Servant 
29414Feb1841Sarah Ann dau ofGeorge & MaryBALLStickland Labourer 
29528Mar1841Susanna Jane dau ofJoseph & AnnHOUSEStickland Labourer 
29631May1841Richard Frederic son ofSamuel & AnnPRINCEStickland Servant 
29715Oct1841William son ofJohn & HarrietROBINSHoughton Carter 
29813Nov1841Edmund son ofWilliam & ElizabethPITMANHedge End Farm, Stickland Carter 
29925Dec1841Sophia dau ofWilliam & Mary AnnMASTERMANStickland Labourer 
30006Jan1842James son ofWilliam & ElizabethROGERSStickland Butcher 
30122Jan1842Emma Mary dau ofJoseph & AnnCORBINStickland Farmer 
30225Jan1842Julia Louisa dau ofWilliam & JuliaCHURCHILLStickland Clerk 
30325Jan1842Maria dau ofRobert & AnnPITCHERStickland Servant 
30425Jan1842Mary Ann dau ofRobert & AnnPITCHERStickland Servant 
30514Mar1842Simon Phillips son ofPaulineHUSTINSSticklandServant  
30625Mar1842Alfred son ofMark & SabinaHUSTINSStickland Labourer 
30715Jun1842Alfred son ofPaul & Anna MariaWILKESStickland Service Man 
30820Aug1842Matilda Maria dau ofMalachi & MariaOXFORDStickland Carpenter 
30928Sep1842Ann dau ofJohn & ElizabethLEWISStickland Labourer 
31011Nov1842Joseph son ofSamuel & [blank]CROSSStickland Labourer 
31111Nov1842Jane dau ofIsaac & AnnPRINCEStickland Labourer 
31212Nov1842Emily Sophia dau ofMichael & Mary AnnBIRDStickland Shoemaker 
31325Jan1843Oxford son ofWilliam & Julia Charlotte MacKenzieCHURCHILL SticklandClerk 
31429Jan1843Lydia dau ofJoseph & AmeliaBURDENStickland Carpenter 
31516Feb1843Elizabeth dau ofJames & LucyWINDSORHedge End Farm, Stickland Labourer 
31626Mar1843Isabella dau ofJohn & ElizabethDUNNHedge End Farm, Stickland Labourer 
31730Apr1843Thomas son ofHenry & AnnHANNAMStickland Labourer 
31818Jul1843Alfred son ofJames & AnabellaHOOKStickland Labourer 
31901Oct1843Henry son ofMark & SabinaHUSTINSStickland Labourer 
32010Mar1844Martha Ann dau ofHenry & HannahSNELLMontagne Square, London Servant 
32112May1844Henry son ofPhillip & SusannaWOOLRIDGEStickland Labourer 
32214May1844Gordon son ofWilliam & Julia Charlotte MacKenzieCHURCHILL SticklandClerk 
32309Jun1844Eliza dau ofJoseph & AnnHOUSEStickland Labourer 
32416Jun1844Thomas John son ofHenry & Elizabeth AnnPITMANStickland Labourer 
32516Jul1844Agnes Mary dau ofMalachi & MariaOXFORDStickland Carpenter 
32621Jul1844Caroline dau ofSamuel & MatildaSTICKLANDStickland Servant 
32722Sep1844George son ofGeorge & MaryBALLStickland Labourer 
32815Nov1844George Hatchard son ofJoseph & AmeliaBURDENStickland Carpenter 
32927Dec1844Charles son ofJohn & LucySTICKLEYQuarelston Carter 
33004Jan1845Eliza dau ofJohn & ElizabethLEWISStickland Labourer 
33123Feb1845Edwin Joseph son ofJoseph & AnnCORBINStickland Farmer 
33212Apr1845William son ofWilliam & ElizabethGRISBROOKStickland Exciseman 
33313Jul1845Jane dau ofWilliam & CharlotteSTONEStickland Labourer 
33420Jul1845Charles son ofSamuel & MaryCROSSStickland Labourer 
33513Nov1845Home son ofWilliam & Julia Charlotte MacKenzieCHURCHILL SticklandClerk 
33630Nov1845George son ofThomas & AnnELFORDStickland Labourer 
33716Dec1845William son ofJohn & AnnSPRAKEHedge End Farm, Stickland Farmer 
33825Dec1845Eliza dau ofMalachi & MariaOXFORDStickland Carpenter 
33915Mar1846Eliza dau ofEli & AnnRICKETTSStickland Labourer 
34004Apr1846Earnest Frederic son ofSamuel & MatildaSTICKLANDStickland Servant 
34104Apr1846Edwin son ofCharles & AnnSKIVINGTONStickland Tailor 
34219Apr1846Isaac son ofGeorge & ElizaBURNSStickland Labourer 
34317May1846Eliza dau ofHenry & AnnHANNAMStickland Labourer 
34431May1846Mary Jane dau ofIsaac & MaryRICKETTSStickland Labourer 
34505Jul1846Harriet dau ofJohn & ElizabethDUNNHedge End, Stickland Carter 
34602Aug1846William Clerk son ofMark & CarolineELFORDStickland Clerk 
34709Aug1846Albert Charles son ofEdmund & EleanorHUSTINSStickland Labourer 
34820Nov1846Betsey dau ofJohn & LucySTICKLEYQuarelston Carter 
34906Feb1847Henry son ofWilliam & CharlotteSTONEStickland Labourer 
35026Mar1847Louisa dau ofWilliam & Julia Charlotte MacKenzieCHURCHILL SticklandClerk 
35104Apr1847Caroline dau ofJoseph & AnnHOWSEStickland Labourer 
35211Apr1847William son ofJames & LucyWINDSORHedge End, Stickland Labourer 
35318Apr1847Emily dau ofJoseph & AmeliaBURDENStickland Carpenter 
35404Jul1847Edwin son ofGeorge & ElizaBARNESStickland Labourer 
35528Oct1847John son ofSamuel & ElvinaMORRISStickland Labourer 
35621Oct1847George son ofRobert & SusannahHALLStickland Labourer 
35712Dec1847William Drew son ofThomas & AnnELFORDStickland Labourer 
35826Dec1847Emily dau ofJohn & ElizabethLEWISStickland Labourer 
35910Mar1848MacKenzie son ofWilliam & Julia Charlotte MacKenzieCHURCHILL SticklandClerk 
36010May1848Thomas Bradford son ofJohn & AnnSPRAKEHedge End Farm, Stickland Farmer 
36110May1848George son ofJoseph & ElizabethRIDOUTStickland Miller’s Man 
36217May1848Charlotte Elizabeth dau ofMark & CarolineELFORDStickland Labourer 
36301Jun1848Edward son ofEllenKNIGHTSticklandSpinster  
36406Aug1848William son ofJames & SarahSTUCKLESSStickland Blacksmith 
36509Aug1848Anabella dau ofAnnHOOKSticklandSpinster  
36624Sep1848Augustus Henry son ofHenry Daw & SarahOAKLEYStickland Gardener 
36718Feb1849George son ofEli & AnnRICKETTSStickland Labourer 
36811Mar1849Susanna son ofIsaac & MaryRICKETSStickland Labourer 
36920Mar1849Cameron son ofWilliam & Julia Charlotte MacKenzieCHURCHILL SticklandClerk 
37020May1849Emily dau ofJoseph & AmeliaBURDENStickland Carpenter 
37107Jun1849John son ofSamuel & AlvinaMORRISStickland Labourer 
37217Jun1849Joseph son ofJohn & AnnSPRAKEHedge End Farm, Stickland Farmer 
37316Sep1849George son ofSamuel & MaryCROSSStickland Labourer 
37407Oct1849Elizabeth dau ofWilliam & ElizabethGRISBROOKStickland Exciseman 
37503Feb1850Julia Emma dau ofEdmund & EleanorHUSTINSStickland Labourer 
37617Feb1850William George son ofHenry & Elizabeth AnnPITMANStickland Labourer 
37717Feb1850Anna Mary Ann dau ofHenry & Elizabeth AnnPITMANStickland Labourer 
37806May1850Melville son ofWilliam & Julia Charlotte MacKenzieCHURCHILL Stickland RectoryClerk 
37914Jul1850Jane dau ofSamuel & ElvinaMORRISStickland Labourer 
38028Jul1850Lydia dau ofWilliam & MarthaPITMANStickland Labourer 
38111Aug1850Benjamin son ofIsaac & MaryRICKETTSStickland Labourer 
38213Oct1850Jane dau ofThomas & AnnELFORDStickland Labourer 
38313Oct1850Sarah Ann dau ofJohn & LouisaGOODRICHStickland Labourer 
38427Oct1850George son ofJames & MaryDEANStickland Malster 
38503Nov1850William son ofJames & MaryCUFFQuarrelstone Down, Stickland Labourer 
38601Dec1850Robert son ofCharles & MaryRICKETTSStickland Labourer 
38708Dec1850William son ofGeorge & EmilyHOWSEStickland Labourer 
38815Dec1850Maria dau ofSamuel & MatildaSTICKLANDStickland Servant 
38912Jan1851Levi son ofEdward & JaneBALLUMStickland Shoemaker 
39012Jan1851Edwin son ofEdward & JaneBALLUMStickland Shoemaker 
39123Feb1851George Cook son ofJames & SarahSTUCKLASSStickland Blacksmith 
39205Mar1851John Elford son ofAnnRICKETTSSticklandSpinster  
39306Apr1851Jane dau ofJoseph & AmeliaBURDENStickland Carpenter 
39418Apr1851Elizabeth dau ofGeorge & AnnRICKETTSStickland Labourer 
39527Apr1851George son ofGeorge & MaryKNIGHTStickland Carter 
39602Jun1851Seton son ofWilliam & Julia Charlotte MacKenzieCHURCHILL Stickland RectoryClerk 
39715Jun1851John son ofEli & AnnRICKETTSStickland Labourer 
39820Jun1851Charlotte dau ofSamuel & HarrietREADEClenston Shepherd 
39906Jul1851Louisa dau ofJoseph & AnnHOWSEStickland Labourer 
40024Aug1851William son ofGeorge & LouisaCROSSStickland Labourer 
40121Sep1851Ann dau ofWilliam & HannahRANDALQuarrelstone Down, Stickland Labourer 
40230Sep1851Rochfort son ofCharles Hastings & Helen ClaraSNOW SticklandBanker 
40309Nov1851Frederic John son ofJohn & HarrietPELLEYStickland Exciseman 
40409Nov1851Louisa dau ofJohn & HarrietPELLEYStickland Exciseman 
40525Dec1851Andrew son ofElisha & LouisaPITMANStickland Labourer 
40608Jan1852Samuel son ofJohn & AnnSPRAKEStickland Farmer 
40708Feb1852Fanny dau ofHenry & MarthaMEADENStickland Blacksmith 
40808Feb1852Elizabeth dau ofHenry & MarthaMEADENStickland Blacksmith 
40929Feb1852Mary dau ofThomas & AnnELFORDStickland Shoemaker & Labourer 
41015Aug1852Ann dau ofSamuel & Mary AnnCROSSStickland Labourer 
41124Aug1852Caroline dau ofWilliam & Julia Charlotte MacKenzieCHURCHILL Rectory, SticklandClerk 
41229Aug1852Mary Ann dau ofEdward & JaneBALLUMStickland Shoemaker 
41312Sep1852Jane dau ofAbel & MarthaBUTTStickland Labourer 
41427Jan1853Caroline dau ofWilliam & MarthaPITMANStickland Labourer 
41506Mar1853John son ofEdmund & EleanorHUSTINSStickland Labourer 
41620Mar1853Mary Ann dau ofJoseph & JanePITMANStickland Labourer 
41729Apr1853William son ofElizabethPRINCEStickland Spinster 
41803Jun1853Thomas son ofHenry & Elizabeth AnnPITMANStickland Labourer 
41927Jul1853Isabella Maud dau ofCharles Hastings & Helen ClaraSNOW SticklandBanker 
42007Sep1853Frank Snell son ofWilliam Jenkins & Mary AnnWILTSHIRE SticklandFarmer 
42115Sep1853Edwin James son ofJames & MaryDEANStickland Malster 
42211Oct1853Reginald son ofWilliam & Julia Charlotte MacKenzieCHURCHILL Rectory, SticklandClerk 
42316Oct1853Frederic James son ofJames & ElizaBALLUM / ROGERSEliza:Stickland, James:Southampton Railway PorterOriginally entered as BALLUM, but corrected 05-Sep-1864
42411Dec1853Elizabeth dau ofEli & AnnRICKETTSStickland Labourer 
42525Dec1853Henry son ofGeorge & AnnRICKETTSStickland Labourer 
42625Dec1853Emma Jane dau ofElisha & LouisaPITMANStickland Labourer 
42728Mar1854Charlotte Martha dau ofElizaHOOKSticklandSpinster  
42802May1854George son ofBenjamin & MaryJOICEHoughton Carterprivately
42913May1854Henry son ofJohn & HarrietPELLEYStickland Excisemanprivately
43014May1854Eliza dau ofThomas & AnnELFORDStickland Labourer 
43104Jun1854Eliza dau ofWilliam & ElizabethWHITEHedge End, Stickland Carter 
43225Jun1854George John son ofWilliam & MaryROGERSStickland Labourer 
43303Sep1854John James son ofJames & SarahSTUCKLASSStickland Blacksmith 
43410Sep1854Henry son ofThomas & ElizabethMORRISStickland Labourer 
43508Oct1854Esther dau ofWilliam & SusanRICKETTSStickland Labourer 
43629Oct1854Cornelia Hustins dau ofThomas & BethiaBRYANSTONStickland Labourer 
43701Dec1854Margaret Amelia dau ofGeorge & JaneFORDERStickland Servant 
43817Dec1854Julia Jane dau ofArthur & JaneBUTTStickland Labourer 
43929Dec1854Elizabeth Helen dau ofWilliam Jenkins & Mary AnnWILTSHIRE SticklandFarmer 
44015Jan1855George son ofAbel & MarthaBUTTStickland Labourer 
44115Jan1855Harriet dau ofJohn & AnnROGERSAnn: Thorncomb; John:Stickland & Thorncomb Labourer 
44211Feb1855Emmanuel son ofEdmund & EleanorHUSTINSStickland Labourer 
44320Feb1855Frederic son ofJoseph & AnnSPRAKEStickland Farmer 
44405Aug1855Mark son ofCharles & MaryRICKETTSStickland Labourer 
44507Aug1855Frederic son ofRhodaGOODRICHHedge End, Stickland Spinster 
44623Sep1855Jane dau ofJohn & LouisaGOODRICHHedge End, Stickland Shepherd 
44723Sep1855Elizabeth dau ofJohn & LouisaGOODRICHHedge End, Stickland Shepherd 
44823Sep1855Harriett dau ofJohn & AnnROGERSresiding at Clenston Labourer 
44907Oct1855Joseph son ofJames & MaryDEANStickland Malster 
45025Nov1855Edward Oxford son ofSamuel & MatildaSTICKLANDStickland Servant 
45102Dec1855Emma Jane dau ofMarthaBUTTSticklandSpinster  
45212Dec1855Ernest Hastings son ofCharles Hastings & Helen ClaraSNOW SticklandBanker 
45325Dec1855Frederic son ofRhodaGOODRICHSticklandSpinster  
45425Dec1855Frank James son ofArthur & JaneBUTTStickland Labourer 
45513Jan1856Elizabeth dau ofJoseph & AmeliaBURDENStickland Carpenter 
45601Apr1856Stuart son ofWilliam & Julia Charlotte MacKenzieCHURCHILL Rectory, SticklandClerk 
45718May1856Edward son ofRobert & AnnWOODROWNormandy, Stickland Labourer 
45829Jun1856Joseph son ofWilliam & MaryROGERSStickland Carter 
45929Jun1856Emma Jane dau ofGeorge & AnnRICKETTSStickland Labourer 
46001Jul1856Ann dau ofElisha & LouisaPITMANStickland Shopkeeper 
46102Nov1856George son ofSimon & EllenFUDGEQuarrelston, Stickland Labourer 
46211Dec1856Joseph son ofHenry & Elizabeth AnnPITMANStickland Labourer 
46325Dec1856Ruth dau ofHenry & SarahPRINGSt Giles Parish, Reading, Berkshire Travelling Hawker 
46411Jan1857Jacob Simon son ofJoseph & JanePITMANStickland Mason 
46509Mar1857George son ofThomas & ElizabethMORRISWinterborne Stickland Labourer 
46610May1857Annie dau ofWalter & ElizaLANCEWinterborne Stickland Relieving Officer 
46714Jun1857Rose dau ofThomas & AnnELFORDWinterborne Stickland Labourer 
46826Jul1857Sarah Elizabeth Peppler dau ofJames & SarahSTUCKLESSWinterborne Stickland Blacksmith 
46923Aug1857Eliza dau ofSamuel & Mary AnnCROSSWinterborne Stickland Labourer 
47001Nov1857William son ofGeorge & JaneFORDERWinterborne Stickland Servant 
47122Nov1857Elizabeth Jane dau ofRobert & ElizaWOOLRIDGEWinterborne Stickland Labourer 
47225Dec1857Mary dau ofArthur & JaneBUTTWinterborne Stickland Labourer 
47317Jan1858George son ofGeorge & LouisaCROSSWinterborne Stickland Carter 
47408Feb1858Rose Elizabeth dau ofJames & Mary JaneTROWBRIDGEStickland Carpenter 
47514Feb1858Herbert son ofJames & MaryDEANStickland Malster 
47628Feb1858Martha Jane dau ofEdward & JaneBALLUMStickland Shoemaker 
47728Feb1858George son ofEdward & JaneBALLUMStickland Shoemaker 
47818Apr1858Thomas Kingman son ofWilliam & MaryROGERSStickland Carter 
47921Apr1858Henry William Melmoth son ofThomas & DorcasNEWMANStickland Miller 
48002May1858Eliza dau ofAbel & MarthaBUTTStickland Labourer 
48123May1858Job son ofJohn & SarahBARTLETTStickland Shepherd 
48206Jun1858Rose Elizabeth dau ofJames & Mary JaneTROWBRIDGEStickland Carpenter’This is the same as N474’
48313Jun1858Lydia Frances dau ofJohn & JaneBUTTStickland Labourer 
48418Jul1858Joe son ofReuben & LouisaWOOLRIDGEStickland Labourer 
48508Sep1858Frederic son ofEli & AnnRICKETTSStickland Labourer 
48608Sep1858Fred son ofIssachar & MariaWINSORStickland Servant’Issachar was erased because the child was born before Maria’s marriage’
48719Sep1858Dorcas dau ofCharles & MaryRICKETTSStickland Thatcher 
48829Sep1858Charles son ofHenry & ElizabethPITMANStickland Labourer 
48908Dec1858George son ofSamuel & Sarah JaneSNOOKStickland Labourerprivately
49026Dec1858Alfred son ofElisha & LouisaPITMANStickland Shopkeeper 
49109Jan1859Mary Ellen dau ofWilliam & Margaret EllenTUCKNISSStickland Clerk 
49210Jan1859Osborne Henry son ofJames & Mary AnnFOOTStickland Blacksmithprivately
49316Jan1859Amos Home Job son ofJoseph & JanePITMANStickland Mason 
49427Jan1859Mary Jane dau ofJames & ElizabethRANDALQuarrelston Down, Stickland Carterprivately
49513Jan1859Henry James son ofGeorge & FrancesWHIFFENStickland Gardener 
49617Apr1859Louisa dau ofWalter & ElizaLANCEStickland Relieving Officer 
49720Apr1859Emily dau ofHenry & JennettCANNTERStickland Tailor 
49826Jun1859Hannah dau ofRobert & ElizaWOOLRIDGEStickland Labourer 
49910Jul1859Mary Jane dau ofGeorge & AnnRICKETTSStickland Labourer 
50024Jul1859Joe son ofArthur & JaneBUTTStickland Labourer 
50107Aug1859Alfred William son ofPhilip & MariaHIGHMANStickland Coachman 
50207Aug1859John son ofPhilip & MariaHIGHMANStickland Coachman 
50322Nov1859Rhoda dau ofArthur & JaneBUTTStickland Labourer 
50426Nov1859Frank son ofEli & AnnRICKETTSStickland Labourer 
50525Dec1859Alfred son ofGeorge & ElizabethSHINARStickland Labourer 
50619Feb1860Julia Martha dau ofJames & EllenCROSSStickland Labourer 
50718Mar1860Jessie son ofSimon & EllenFUDGEStickland Labourer 
50829Apr1860George son ofThomas & Mary AnnWINSORStickland Labourer 
50902Jun1860Frank son ofIsaac & MaryRICKETTSStickland Thatcher 
510- -Jul1860Asenath dau ofWilliam & MaryROGERSStickland Labourerprivately
51129Jul1860Percival Edward son ofJohn & JaneBUTTStickland Labourer 
51202Sep1860William son ofSamuel & MaryCROSSStickland Labourer 
51330Sep1860Sarah Ann dau ofIssachar & MariaELFORDStickland Labourer 
51414Oct1860Sarah dau ofJohn & ElizabethHARDYStickland Labourer 
51525Dec1860Rose dau ofElisha & LouisaPITMANStickland Labourer 
51627Jan1861Annabella Maria Ann dau ofJames & Mary AnnFOOTStickland Blacksmith 
51705Feb1861Hannah Mary Ann dau ofThomas & ElizabethMORRISStickland Labourer 
51810Feb1861Emily dau ofJames & ElizabethRANDALStickland Labourer 
51905May1861Enoch Amos Forcey son ofJoseph & JanePITMANStickland Masonprivately
52012May1861Annie Bessie dau ofEdward & FannyCOXStickland Miller 
52116Jun1861George Ralph son ofGeorge & Sarah FrancesWIFFENStickland Gardener 
52201Jul1861Annie Eliza dau ofWilliam & AnnBENNETTStickland Schoolmaster 
52303Jul1861Sarah dau ofPhilip & MariaHIGHMANStickland Servant 
52428Jul1861Louisa dau ofAbel & MarthaBUTTStickland Labourer 
52508Sep1861Stephen son ofArthur & JaneBUTTStickland Labourer 
52622Sep1861Demas Joseph son ofThomas & BethiaHUSTINSStickland Labourer 
52725Dec1861Philip son ofGeorge & LouisaCROSSStickland Labourer 
52825Dec1861Isaac son ofHenry & AnnELFORDStickland Labourer 
52929Dec1861Elizabeth Mary dau ofJoseph & RuthCORNICKHedge End, Stickland Carter 
53012Jan1862Edward Albert son ofUriah & JaneELFORDStickland Labourer 
53116Feb1862Jael dau ofCarolineSTICKLANDStickland Spinster 
53202Mar1862Sarah Maria dau ofThomas & ElizabethMORRISStickland Labourer 
53309Mar1862Martha dau ofRobert & ElizaWOOLRIDGEStickland Labourer 
53423Mar1862Jane dau ofReuben & LouisaWOOLRIDGEStickland Labourer 
53520Apr1862William son ofEdmund & EleanorHUSTINSStickland Labourer 
53618May1862Ellen Louisa dau ofWilliam & ElizabethWHITEHedge End, Stickland Labourer 
53706Jul1862Alfred William son ofAnnLEWISSticklandSpinster  
53803Aug1862Edwin George son ofGeorge & AnnRICKETTSStickland Labourer 
53911Aug1862Charles Kingman son ofWilliam & MaryRODGERSStickland Labourer 
54021Sep1862Tabitha Ainsworth dau ofAbel & MarthaBUTTStickland Labourer 
54128Sep1862Percival Justus Charles son ofCharles & MaryRICKETTSStickland Labourer 
54230Nov1862Henry John son ofJohn Chappell & Mary AnnTURNERStickland Relieving Officer 
54307Dec1862Mary dau ofJohn & LouisaGOODRIDGEStickland Labourer 
54407Dec1862James son ofJohn & LouisaGOODRIDGEStickland Labourer 
54519Dec1862William son ofArthur & JaneBUTTStickland Labourerprivately
54625Dec1862Robert son ofJames & Mary JaneTROWBRIDGEStickland Carpenter 
54722Mar1863Fred son ofThomas & Mary AnnWINSORStickland Labourer 
54824Mar1863Richard Dymoke Cawdron son ofRichard Dymoke Cawdron & MargaretCORDEAUX BlandfordCurate of Stickland 
54929Apr1863Emma dau ofIssachar & MariaELFORDStickland Labourer 
55024May1863Robert Pitcher son ofJames & Mary AnnFOOTStickland Blacksmith 
55114Jun1863Emma Eliza dau ofRichard & SusannahCUFFWimborne Railway Porter 
55221Jun1863Emily Jane dau ofJames & EllenCROSSStickland Labourer 
55321Sep1863William Jessie son ofJames & ElizabethRANDALQuarlestone Down, Stickland Labourer 
55404Oct1863George Riggs son ofHannahPITMANSticklandSpinster  
55510Nov1863Emma dau ofJohn & LouisaGOODRIDGEHedge End, Stickland Labourer 
55629Nov1863James Thomas son ofJohn Thomas & Emma ElizabethCOXStickland Miller 
55719Dec1863Henry Rogers son ofRobert & ElizabethSTUCKLESSStickland Carpenter 
55808Jan1864Laura dau ofEli & AnnRICKETTSStickland Labourer 
55928Jan1864Adeline dau ofJoseph & JanePITMANStickland Mason 
56014Feb1864Eliza dau ofGeorge & ElizabethSHINARStickland Labourer 
56117Apr1864Mary Jane dau ofElizaWOOLRIDGEBlandford St Mary Spinster 
56208May1864Philip son ofReuben & LouisaWOOLRIDGEStickland Labourer 
56305Jun1864Fred son ofSamuel & CharlottePAULStickland Labourer 
56403Aug1864Samuel son ofThomas & ElizabethMORRISStickland Labourer 
56525Aug1864Alfred John son ofJohn & Mary AnnTUCKBeaminster Labourer 
56629Aug1864Joseph William son ofThomas & BethiaHUSTINSStickland Labourer 
56718Sep1864Anna Maria dau ofArthur & JaneBUTTStickland Labourer 
56825Sep1864Maud dau ofCharles & MaryRICKETTSStickland Thatcher 
56902Oct1864Frances Mary Ann dau ofThomas & Mary AnnHARDYGodshill, Isle of Wight Labourer 
57013Nov1864William Edward son ofRobert & ElizaWOOLRIDGEStickland Labourer 
57124Nov1864Mary Louisa dau ofStephen & AmeliaELFORDStickland Labourerprivately
57208Jan1865Fanny dau ofJames & JaneRICKETTSStickland Labourer 
57319Mar1865Lucy dau ofJoseph & AnabellaSTONEStickland Publican 
57402Apr1865Asenath dau ofIssachar & MariaELFORDStickland Labourer 
57509Apr1865Joseph son ofGeorge & AnnRICKETTSStickland Labourerprivately
57609Apr1865Henry Scriven son ofJohn Thomas & Emma ElizabethCOXStickland Miller 
57711Apr1865Emma dau ofAbel & MarthaBUTTStickland Labourer 
57807May1865Florence Mary dau ofJames & Mary AnnLEWISStickland Labourer 
57914May1865Fred son ofElizabethWINDSORStickland [blank] 
58021May1865Rosalie dau ofEdward & EmilieHUSTINGSStickland Labourer 
58102Jul1865Frank son ofJames & EllenCROSSStickland Labourer 
58207Aug1865William son ofJeremiah & Sarah FrancesWHIFFENStickland Baker 
58317Sep1865Oliver son ofJames & Mary AnnFOOTStickland Blacksmith 
58415Oct1865Frank son ofWilliam & ElizabethTREVISHedge End, Stickland Carter 
58525Dec1865Flora Jane Alma dau ofJoseph & JanePITMANStickland Mason 
58625Dec1865Alice Mary dau ofGeorge & ElizabethSHINARStickland Labourer 
58706May1866Sidney son ofCharles & MaryRICKETTSStickland Labourer 
58827May1866Bessie dau ofJohn & LouisaGOODRIDGEStickland Shepherd 
58919Aug1866Albert Edmund son ofEdmund & JaneTUFFINStickland Carpenter 
59009Sep1866Alice Amelia dau ofJames & ElizabethRANDALLQuarellstone Down, Stickland Labourer 
59112Oct1866Edwin son ofCharlotte HawkinsSTEELTravellers Rest, Durweston Servant 
59214Oct1866Frank son ofIssachar & MariaELFORDStickland Labourer 
59304Nov1866William John son ofRobert & ElizaWOOLRIDGEStickland Labourer 
59404Nov1866Lucy Jane dau ofThomas & BethiaHUSTINSStickland Labourer 
59518Nov1866Henry Charles son ofArthur & JaneBUTTStickland Labourer 
59618Nov1866Emily dau ofReuben & LouisaWOOLRIDGEStickland Labourer 
59709Jan1867Bessie dau ofThomas & ElizabethMORRIS64 North St., Stickland Labourerprivately; publicly on 03-Feb-1867
59810Feb1867Henry son ofWilliam & ElizaOXFORDStickland Carpenter 
59917Feb1867Julia Louisa dau ofEli & AnnRICKETTSStickland Labourer 
60024Feb1867Joseph William son ofJohn Thomas & Emma ElizabethCOXStickland Miller 
60124Mar1867Eliza Jane dau ofJeremiah & Sarah FrancesWHIFFENStickland Baker 
60228Apr1867Lizzie Eleanor dau ofGeorge & ElizabethHOUSEStickland Labourer 
60328Apr1867John son ofWilliam & SarahSTEELDurweston Shepherd 
60428Apr1867Edwin son ofCharlotte HawkinsSTEELDurweston [blank] 
60529Apr1867Alfred William son ofRichard & AnnabellaNORTHOVERDurweston Labourerprivately
60605May1867Edwin James son ofStephen & AmeliaELFORDStickland Labourer 
60712May1867Frank James son ofJames & JaneRICKETTSStickland Labourer 
60823May1867Joseph Henry son ofJames & Mary AnnLEWISStickland Labourerprivately
60907Jul1867Charles son ofThomas & HarrietPAYNEStickland Labourer 
61025Aug1867John Hastings son ofJohn & JaneFORDERStickland Servant 
61108Sep1867Alfred William son ofRichard & AnnabellaNORTHOVERLate Stickland, now Travellers Rest, Durweston Labourer 
61208Sep1867Reginal Charles son ofGeorge & AnnRICKETTSStickland Labourer 
61315Sep1867William James son ofWilliam & MaryROGERSStickland Labourer 
61422Sep1867Annie Mary dau ofJoseph & Mary AnnLUKINSStickland Inland Revenue Officer 
61525Dec1867George son ofWilliam & ElizabethTREVISHedge End, Stickland Carter 
61629Dec1867Bessie Beatrice dau ofEdmund & EleanorHUSTINGSStickland Labourer 
61730Jan1868Esau son ofThomas & EllenCHRISTOPHERStickland Labourerprivately; publicly on 22-Mar-1868
61812Feb1868Albert Edward son ofJames & Mary AnnFOOTStickland Blacksmith 
61913Mar1868John Chappell son ofSamuel & HannahTURNERCrewkerne SchoolmasterAge 41 years
62012Apr1868Mary Elizabeth dau ofJames & EllenCROSSStickland Labourer 
62114Jun1868Francis Edgar son ofRobert & KeturahDAMONHedge End, Stickland Carter 
62230Aug1868Lucy dau ofAbel & MarthaBUTTStickland Labourer 
62330Aug1868William son ofArthur & JaneBUTTStickland Labourer 
62420Sep1868Louisa dau ofReuben & LouisaWOOLRIDGEStickland Labourer 
62527Sep1868Robert Hook son ofEmilyLEWISStickland[blank]  
62604Oct1868Annie Eliza dau ofJohn Thomas & EmmaCOXStickland Miller 
62710Jan1869Elizabeth dau ofIssachar & MariaELFORDStickland Labourer 
62814Feb1869William Thomas son ofEdmund & JaneTUFFINStickland Carpenter 
62907Mar1869Albert son ofWilliam & ElizaOXFORDStickland Carpenter 
63002May1869Beatrice Eliza Jane dau ofSarahHOUSEStickland[blank]  
63102May1869John James son ofThomas & ElizabethMORRISStickland Labourer 
63209May1869William Henry Rogers son ofRobert & Elizabeth AnnaSTUCKLESSStickland Labourer 
63315Jun1869George son ofJames & Mary AnnLEWISStickland Labourerprivately
63418Jul1869Edward Thomas son ofThomas & MargaretWHITEStickland National Schoolmaster 
63518Jul1869Emma dau ofJohn & LouisaGOODRIDGEStickland Shepherd 
63623Jul1869John son ofArthur & JaneBUTTStickland Labourerprivately
63717Oct1869Eliza Mary dau ofAlfred George & ElizabethHOUSEStickland Labourer 
63812Dec1869Albert Henry Pitman son ofJames & JaneRICKETTSStickland Labourer 
63909Jan1870Fanny Louisa dau ofGeorge & JaneCHRISTOPHERBovington Labourer 
64003Jul1870Elizabeth dau ofJeremiah & Sarah FrancesWHIFFENStickland Baker 
64131Jul1870Frank son ofWilliam & Ann ElizaREADNormandy, Stickland Shepherd 
64214Aug1870Frederick Henry son ofAlfred Luke & ElizabethFRAMPTONStickland Gardener 
64318Sep1870Alfred George son ofArthur & JaneBUTTStickland Labourer 
64425Sep1870Septimus George son ofRobert & KeturahDAMENStickland Labourer 
64525Oct1870Charles Henry son ofIsaac & ElizabethBELLINGERStickland Shepherd 
64630Oct1870Edward son ofJohn Thomas & EmmaCOXStickland Miller 
64727Nov1870Lucy dau ofEdwin & Elizabeth AnnCOLEStickland Innkeeper 
64825Dec1870Euphemia Louisa Clark dau ofJaneMORRISStickland[blank]  
64915Jan1871Walter son ofJohn & EmilyHOOKStickland Shoemaker 
65002Apr1871Eliza dau ofReuben & LouisaWOOLRIDGEStickland Labourer 
65102Apr1871Walter son ofIssachar & MariaELFORDStickland Labourer 
65204May1871Walter George son ofThomas & MargaretWHITEStickland Schoolmaster 
65311Jun1871Mary Jane dau ofJames & ElizaJEANESStickland Labourerprivately
65425Jun1871Alice Ann dau ofWilliam & MaryROGERSStickland Labourer 
65525Jun1871Alice Florence dau ofEdward & Mary AnnROSEStickland Gardener 
65609Jul1871Annie Eliza dau ofJames & EllenCROSSStickland Labourer 
65706Aug1871Emma dau ofJames & Mary AnnFOOTStickland Blacksmith 
65806Aug1871Eli son ofJames & Mary AnnFOOTStickland Blacksmith 
65913Aug1871Annie dau ofAbel & MarthaBUTTStickland Labourer 
66023Nov1871Alfred Oliver Mark son ofThomas & BethiaHUSTINGSStickland Labourer 
66123Nov1871William son ofWilliam & SarahSTEELStickland Shepherd 
66203Dec1871Kate dau ofWilliam Richard & ElizaGILLINGHAM SticklandPrinterAge 14 last October
66324Dec1871Frederick William son ofGeorge & JaneCHRISTOPHERBovington Labourer 
66414Mar1872John son ofJames & Mary AnnLEWISStickland Labourer 
66520Apr1872Beatrice Louisa dau ofThomas & ElizabethMORRISStickland Labourer 
66621Apr1872William George son ofJohn & LouisaGOODRIDGEStickland Shepherd 
66705May1872Elizabeth Ellen dau ofRobert & MarthaRICKETTSClenstone Labourer 
66819May1872Florence Louisa dau ofRobert & ElizaWOOLRIDGEStickland Labourer 
66926May1872Alice Jane dau ofJames & JaneRICKETTSStickland Labourer 
67002Jun1872James Holland son ofGeorge & AnnRICKETTSStickland Labourer 
67128Jul1872Kate dau ofCharles & MaryRICKETTSStickland Labourer 
67228Jul1872Rose dau ofCharles & MaryRICKETTSStickland Labourer 
67304Aug1872Annie dau ofEdwin & Elizabeth AnnCOLEStickland Innkeeper 
67429Sep1872Arthur William son ofThomas & MargaretWHITEStickland National Schoolmaster 
67529Sep1872Henry John son ofEmmanuel & LouisaCRANEStickland Coachman 
67629Sep1872Louisa Matilda dau ofIsaac & ElizabethBELLINGERStickland Labourer 
67727Oct1872Fanny Ellen Louisa dau ofThomas & Lavinia AnnSANDERSBuckland Newton Labourer 
67803Nov1872Hannah dau ofJohn & SophiaGILLETTStickland Labourer 
67905Mar1873Charles Nephi son ofThomas & BethiaHUSTINGSStickland Labourer 
68005Mar1873Mary Eliza dau ofThomas & BethiaHUSTINGSStickland Labourer 
68120Apr 1873Beatice Louisedau of Thomas & ElizabethMORRIS SticklandLabourer[no explanation for erasure]
68221Apr 1873William Georgeson of John & LouisaGOODRIDGE SticklandShepherd[no explanation for erasure]
68330Mar1873Eliza dau ofSamson & SarahFREAKStickland Labourer 
68430Mar1873Archibald John son ofGeorge & AdelaideHOUSEStickland Policeman 
68511May1873Annie dau ofCharles & MaryRICKETTSStickland Labourer 
68607Sep1873William John son ofJames & Mary AnnFOOTStickland Blacksmith 
68728Sep1873Emma dau ofNephi & CorneliaOLIVERStickland Carpenter 
68822Nov1873Margaret Rose dau ofGeorge & JaneFORDERStickland Servant 
68910Dec1873Phyllis Jane son ofJohn & Eliza MaryMORRISStickland Woodman 
69025Dec1873William son ofReuben & LouisaWOOLRIDGEStickland Labourer 
69118Feb1874Martha dau ofJeremiah & ElizabethFERRETTStickland Labourerprivately
69206Mar1874William Foot son ofWilliam & Louisa JaneROGERSQuarrelston Farm, Stickland Farmer 
69312Apr1874Bertram son ofEmmanuel & LouisaCRANEStickland Coachman 
69414Jun1874Ellen dau ofSimon & AnnHOWEStickland Shepherd 
69505Jul1874Annie Louise dau ofFrank & SusanWADHAMGunville Labourer 
69602Aug1874Sarah Ann dau ofEli & HarrietHANSFORDStickland Labourer 
69719Aug1874George son ofEdwin & ElizabethCOLEStickland Innkeeper 
69830Aug1874Ellen Elizabeth dau ofGeorge & HannahGROVESStickland Labourer 
69930Aug1874Ernest James son ofJames & Mary AnnBUTTStickland Labourer 
70011Oct1874Margaret Minnie dau ofThomas & MargaretWHITEStickland Schoolmaster 
70112Nov1874Annie dau ofJames & JaneRICKETTSStickland Carter 
70225Dec1874Reginald son ofNephi & CorneliaOLIVERStickland Carpenter 
70307Feb1875Edward Josephus son ofEdward & Mary Ann MoreyGALLOPSt Peter, Euston Square, London Servant 
70416Jun1875Alice dau ofWilliam & MarthaWINDSORStickland Labourerprivately
70527Jun1875Ida Elizabeth dau ofGeorge & Emma JaneROPERStickland Labourer 
70601Aug1875Annie Elizabeth dau ofThomas & MaryWHIFFENStickland Carpenter 
70702Aug1875Alice May Dufall dau ofWilliam & JaneTIZARDStickland Blacksmith 
70822Aug1875Harry son ofCharles & ElizaMORRISStickland Woodman 
70905Sep1875Reginald son ofAlfred & JaneJOYCEStickland Labourer 
71012Sep1875Frances Margaret dau ofJames & EllenCROSSStickland Labourer 
71103Dec1875Albert son ofIsaac & SarahELFORDStickland Labourer 
71219Dec1875Frederick James son ofWalter Barratt & Jane AnnPALMERBradford Peverel Mason 
71319Dec1875Frances Maria Louisa dau ofWalter Barratt & Jane AnnPALMERBradford Peverel Mason 
71425Dec1875Albert William son ofSamson & SarahFREKEStickland Carter 
71526Dec1875William Charles son ofCharles & ElizaMARSHStickland Shepherd 
71602Jan1876John son ofJames & Mary AnnFOOTStickland Blacksmith 
71706Feb1876Sophia Ella dau ofEmmanuel & LouisaCRANEStickland Coachman 
71806Feb1876Theodora dau ofEmmanuel & LouisaCRANEStickland Coachman 
71911Feb1876Robert Foot son ofWilliam & Louisa JaneROGERSQuarrelston Farm, Stickland Farmer 
72011Feb1876Archibald James son ofJohn & ElizaMORRISStickland Labourerprivately
72105Mar1876Richard son ofEdward & MaryWILLIAMSStickland Baker 
72204Jun1876Michael John son ofJames & ElizaJANESStickland Labourer 
72306Aug1876Edward son ofWilliam & MarthaWINDSORStickland Labourer 
72403Sep1876George son ofNephi & CorneliaOLIVERStickland Carpenter 
72501Oct1876Edwin John son ofRobert & LouisaEDWARDSThorncombe Labourer 
72602Nov1876George son ofReuben & LouisaWOOLRIDGEStickland Labourerprivately; received 04-Feb-1877
72725Dec1876William James son ofGeorge & EllenDEANAlderbury near Salisbury Carpenter 
72807Jan1877Alfred Henry son ofWilliam George & Emma JaneROPERStickland Labourer 
72904Feb1877Emily dau ofThomas & Mary AnnWINSORStickland Labourer 
73004Mar1877Frederic William son ofHerbert & SarahBALLAMStickland Labourer 
73121Mar1877Gertrude dau ofJohn & Thirza SophiaSPRAKEHedge End Farm, Stickland Farmerprivately
73230Mar1877Alice dau ofWilliam Richard & ElizaGILLINGHAM SticklandPrinterAdult christening
73306May1877Martha Elizabeth dau ofEdwin & ElizabethCOLEStickland Innkeeper 
73431Jul1877Elizabeth Jane dau ofThomas & AnnELFORDStickland Labourerprivately
73505Aug1877Flora dau ofJames & JaneRICKETTSStickland Labourer 
73605Aug1877Louisa dau ofCharles & ElizabethHOWStickland Labourer 
73705Aug1877Edwin son ofJames & Mary AnnBUTTStickland Labourer 
73805Aug1877Annie Louisa dau ofSamson & SarahFREAKStickland Labourer 
73907Sep1877Elizabeth Jane dau ofJohn & EmilyMATCHAMHedge End, Stickland Labourer 
74007Sep1877Beatrice Frances dau ofRobert & HestherBOWRINGHedge End, Stickland Carter 
74121Oct1877Annie Emily dau ofThomas & BethiaHUSTINGSStickland Labourer 
74230Dec1877Lucy Elizabeth Ann dau ofJohn & Eliza JaneTIZARDStickland Painter’s Man 
74307Jan1878Albert Tom son ofHannahCROSSWincantonSpinster  
74428Apr1878Ellen Louisa dau ofJames & EllenCROSSStickland Labourer 
74522May1878Archibald George son ofJohn & ElizaGODDARDStickland Labourerprivately; received into the Church in June
74602Jun1878Elizabeth Ann dau ofCharles & MarthaOBRENQuarlestone Down, Stickland Carter[birth registered as ’OBORN’]
74711Aug1878Harry son ofJames & Mary AnnFOOTStickland Blacksmith 
74801Sep1878Frederick Cecil son ofThomas & MargaretWHITEStickland Schoolmaster 
74913Oct1878William George son ofRobert & HestherBOWRINGHedge End, Stickland Carter 
75015Dec1878Emily Jane dau ofIsaac & SarahELFORDStickland Labourer 
75119Dec1878John son ofJohn & Sophia ThirzaSPRAKEHedge End Farm, Stickland Farmer 
75225Jan1879Henry son ofWilliam & Sarah JaneSPRAKEQuarlston Farm, Stickland Farmerprivately
75326Jan1879Arthur John son ofEdwin & MaryBALLUMStickland Mason 
75426Jan1879Frederick son ofThomas & Mary AnnWINSORStickland Labourerprivately; admitted into the Church 03-Feb-1884
75502Mar1879Eva Abi Marion dau ofNephi & CorneliaOLIVERStickland Carpenter 
75620Mar1879Frederick Charles son ofCharles & ElizabethHOWEStickland Labourer 
75713Apr1879William son ofEllenFREAKESticklandSpinster  
75801Jun1879Eliza Mary dau ofWilliam & SarahSPRACKLINStickland Baker 
75903Jun1879Kate dau ofEdwin & ElizabethCOLEStickland Innkeeperprivately; received into the Church 08-Aug-1880
76003Jun1879Annie dau ofEdwin & ElizabethCOLEStickland Innkeeperprivately; received into the Church 08-Aug-1880
76125Jun1879Sophia dau ofJohn & Sophia ThirzaSPRAKEHedge End Farm, Stickland Farmer 
76228Sep1879Annie dau ofWilliam & Martha AnnWINSORWoodsford Gardener 
76322Feb1880Lily Mary dau ofAaron & Elizabeth AnnPITMANStickland Huckster 
76412Mar1880William James son ofJohn & EmilyMATCHAMStickland Shepherdprivately
76518Apr1880Asenath Annie dau ofJoseph & Mary AnnROGERSStickland Groom 
76625Apr1880William son ofCharles & ElizabethHOWStickland Labourer 
76725Apr1880Caroline dau ofHerbert & SarahBALLUMQuarelstone Down, Stickland Labourer 
76830May1880Alice dau ofCharles & MarthaOBRENQuarelstone Down, Stickland Carter[birth registered as ’OBORN’]
76906Jun1880Henry James son ofRobert & HestherBOWRINGHedge End, Stickland Carter 
77013Jun1880Frederick Tom son ofSamuel & SarahARKLEStickland Coachman 
77108Aug1880Alice Bessie dau ofEdwin & ElizabethCOLEStickland Innkeeper 
77214Nov1880Amy dau ofJohn (deceased) & MariaMORRISStickland Keeper 
77325Dec1880Sidney son ofWilliam Richard & ElizaGILLINGHAM SticklandPainterAged 17
77406Feb1881Adeline Florence dau ofJames & Mary AnnBUTTStickland Carter 
77531Mar1881Harry son ofJohn & Sophia ThirzaSPRAKEHedge End Farm, Stickland Farmer 
77611Apr1881Frederick George son ofJuliaCROSSSticklandSpinster privately
77701May1881Owen son ofIssachar & ElizabethELFORDStickland Labourer 
77829May1881Rosina Anne dau ofIsaac & Mary AnnLOWMANHedge End, Stickland Carter 
77912Jun1881Thomas George son ofThomas (deceased) & MaryWHIFFENClenstone [blank] 
78019Jun1881Albert Edward son ofWilliam & SarahSPRACKLINStickland Baker 
78121Aug1881William Frederick son ofHenry & SarahHARVEYStickland Groomborn 13-Jun-1881
78211Sep1881William son ofJohn & SarahRICKETTSStickland Labourerborn 01-Sep-1881
78309Oct1881Flora Louise dau ofWilliam & Mary AnnGIBBSStickland Woodman 
78401Jan1882Frederick George son ofHarvey & EmmaTOMSStickland Servant 
78526Feb1882Herbert Edwin son ofFrank & SarahJOYCEStickland Woodmanborn 30-Dec-1881
78601Mar1882John Henry son ofIsaac & Sarah CatherineELFORDStickland Woodmanborn 11-Jan-1882
78716May1882Charles son ofWilliam & Sarah JaneSPRAKEQuarrelstone Farm, Stickland Farmer 
78816May1882Louisa dau ofWilliam & Sarah JaneSPRAKEQuarrelstone Farm, Stickland Farmer 
78903Sep1882Frances Alice Jackson dau ofEllenFREAKSticklandLabourer born 17-Jun-1882
79017Sep1882Edward son ofCharles & ElizabethHOWEStickland Shepherd 
79123Sep1882Katherine Frances Muriel dau ofMichael Fleming St Andrew & Julia LouisaST JOHN West Kensington, LondonGentleman 
79201Oct1882William George son ofAaron & Elizabeth AnnPITMANStickland Huckster 
79320Oct1882Barnard son ofJohn & Thirza SophiaSPRAKEStickland Farmerborn July 1881
79429Nov1882Elsie Kathleen Gordon dau ofReginald & Caroline HarrisCHURCHILL Ballengh, Isle of ManClerk in Holy Orders 
79525Dec1882Alice Maud dau ofSamuel & SarahARKLEStickland Carrier 
79614Jan1883Bessie Emily dau ofEdwin & ElizabethCOLEStickland Publican 
79714Jan1883Georgina Flossy May dau ofHarvey & EmmaTOMSStickland Coachman 
79821Jan1883Ethel Olive dau ofHenry James & Harriett MaryWHIFFEN SticklandMiller 
79908Apr1883Aganeta dau ofGeorge & Eliza MaryBURGAMYCharlton Labourer 
80008Apr1883Frank son ofCharles & MarthaOBERNQuarrelston Down, Stickland Labourer 


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