Chalbury, All Saints Church

This is an abbreviated list of the details transcribed from all the memorials in the burial ground and interior of the Church. Memorials commemorating deaths less than 30 years old have not been included to avoid upsetting any relatives of the recently bereaved, details are available on request. Full details of all memorials are available by contacting the MI Coordinator (see contacts page). Please quote the MI reference number, the parish, the burial ground and the surname on all requests. Researchers are asked to please bear in mind that weathering of the stone and lichen growth can make transcription difficult and incomplete or even impossible in some cases.

Everything is transcribed exactly as is, but without capitalisation other than for all surnames.
Items in blue are not actually transcribed on the monument but are deduced and included to allow
sorting and searching by surname. * indicates unreadable information.

52AINSWORTH Fanny Eliza1893 72All Saints
38ANDREWS Louisa Caroline1933  All Saints
56BAKER William Dawbney1979  All Saints
70BAKER Ellen Louise1963 76All Saints
16BILLINGTON Frances Ann1908  All Saints
16BILLINGTON George Henry1904 77All Saints
16BILLINGTON Mary Frances1925 63All Saints
113BILLINGTON Horace Walter Leighton   Church interior
113BILLINGTON Frances Ann1897  Church interior
64BIRD George Gordon1961 70All Saints
64BIRD Phyllis Linda Ruth1972 78All Saints
72BUDDEN Jayne Marie1965 4All Saints
41BUNGY Mary1800 36All Saints
25BUTSON Kathleen Mary Alice1945 58All Saints
18CAINES Mary Swinburne1932 70All Saints
18CAINES Harry1942 75All Saints
53CAINES Vera Lilian1978 64All Saints
10CAKE Frederick Henry1960 81All Saints
10CAKE Bessie Eliza1964 84All Saints
68CARFRAE Cecil Thomas1956  All Saints
34CLARK Gwendoline Violet1972 51All Saints
112COLECLOUGH Mary Russel1972  Church interior
75CONEY Robert1772 85All Saints
75CONEY Martha1780 84All Saints
76CONEY Robert1879 59All Saints
107DALICOURT Henry1708 48Church interior
12DENNIS William Arthur1977  All Saints
12DENNIS Elizabeth1979  All Saints
80DRAPER Richard1884 74All Saints
80DRAPER Sophia1889 69All Saints
80DRAPER Fanny1925  All Saints
94DUKE Anne1978  All Saints
94DUKE Harry1983  All Saints
107DUKE Lucy1774  Church interior
83ELLIOT Charles1790 31All Saints
83ELLIOT Mary1786 18All Saints
83ELLIOT Jane1785 12All Saints
89FELTHAM Joseph1829 65All Saints
89FELTHAM Mary1835 76All Saints
11FOSTER Frederick Robert1924 43All Saints
11FOSTER Ethel Mary1950 66All Saints
27FRANCIS Katherine1941  All Saints
67FUTCHER Samuel1857  All Saints
67FUTCHER Louisa1857  All Saints
66GIDDINS Dudley Dyster Chaffey1980  All Saints
104GILBERT Henry1857 70All Saints
104GILBERT Ann1859 72All Saints
55GOSSLING Lydia May1976 68All Saints
55GOSSLING Albert John1983 81All Saints
17HARDY George Robert1924 57All Saints
17HARDY Alfred John1923 20All Saints
35HARINGTON James Moffat1861 59All Saints
35HARINGTON Rebecca1879 70All Saints
108HARINGTON Rev James Eyre1836 62Church interior
109HARINGTON Rev James Moffat1861 59Church interior
109HARINGTON Mary Rebecca1879 70Church interior
110HARINGTON Rev Hastings Hawes1862 59Church interior
111HARINGTON Jane Tucker1839 29Church interior
65HARLAND Constance Mary1970 87All Saints
99HARRIS Eliza1858 47All Saints
92HASKELL Fanny1954  All Saints
93HASKELL Ernest1972  All Saints
3HAYTER Ernest William George1950 24All Saints
4HAYTER Ellen Mary1960 76All Saints
4HAYTER William Edgar1963 77All Saints
28HAYTER Harry John1939  All Saints
28HAYTER Ada Light1941  All Saints
6HEBDITCH Frederick1919 85All Saints
102HISCOKE Elizabeth   All Saints
62HOPKINS Sarah Ann1884 57All Saints
62HOPKINS Levi1899 72All Saints
96INGRAM George1887 71All Saints
96INGRAM Anne1893 76All Saints
97INGRAM Mary Ann1887 79All Saints
73JAMES Nathaniel1847 67All Saints
73JAMES Sarah1866 82All Saints
95JOHNSON Sarah1778 55All Saints
61JOHNSTON Jane Allan Hunter1978  All Saints
81JOY Elizabeth1791 2All Saints
81JOY Mary   All Saints
82JOY Ann1903 64All Saints
88JOY Robert1804 46All Saints
82JOY John1811 77All Saints
26JOYCE William1943  All Saints
26JOYCE Mary Anne1960  All Saints
60JOYCE Peter Hunter1970  All Saints
8KEEPING William1901 77All Saints
9KEEPING Sarah1923 61All Saints
23KING John1895 78All Saints
23KING Mary Ann1903 84All Saints
24KING Caroline1910 65All Saints
24KING David1924 80All Saints
98KING Richard1765  All Saints
98KING Ann1778 82All Saints
5LIGHT Ellen Elizabeth1907  All Saints
63LIPPITT Bertram John1960 40All Saints
100LONG Susanna1807 35All Saints
100LONG John1822 55All Saints
101LONG John1793 52All Saints
101LONG Sarah1820 73All Saints
101LONG William  89All Saints
91MARKS Ethel1952  All Saints
77MARSH Frederick Samuel1958 34All Saints
78MARSH Walter Ernest1956 63All Saints
79MARSH Francis Alice1980 86All Saints
37NEWMAN William Absolam1891 81All Saints
40NEWMAN Sarah Frances1884 71All Saints
42NEWMAN Elizabeth1848 31All Saints
43NEWMAN Charles Edward1848 31All Saints
44NEWMAN Robert1876 54All Saints
45NEWMAN Sarah1808 60All Saints
46NEWMAN William1851 77All Saints
47NEWMAN Frances1852 71All Saints
48NEWMAN Catherine1871 63All Saints
49NEWMAN John1892 72All Saints
50NEWMAN Mary Ann1873 50All Saints
51NEWMAN William Ainsworth1914 68All Saints
105OSBALDSTONE William1908  All Saints
105OSBALDSTONE Fanny1902  All Saints
106OSBALDSTONE Henry Tom1910  All Saints
106OSBALDSTONE Elizabeth Ann1928  All Saints
106OSBALDSTONE Eliza1931  All Saints
84PAVEY Ruth Johnson1947  All Saints
1PIKE Charles1946 49All Saints
71POORE Rosemary Irene1964 58All Saints
71POORE Arthur William1970 79All Saints
29PORTER Jane1874 40All Saints
30PORTER John Gore1867 75All Saints
30PORTER Ann1872 77All Saints
2RAIKES C.D.S.1947  All Saints
2RAIKES Katherine1983  All Saints
14SHEARS Elizabeth1866 50All Saints
14SHEARS Charles1902 87All Saints
14SHEARS Catherine1918 89All Saints
15SHEARS Henry1922 69All Saints
15SHEARS Charlotte1924 69All Saints
86SHEARS Ewart James1951 57All Saints
86SHEARS Catherine1982 76All Saints
103STAGG Richard1713  All Saints
85STARSMEARE Clara1949 53All Saints
7STEEL Laura Hettie1915 25All Saints
7STEEL Percy   All Saints
7STEEL Samuel Charles1918  All Saints
33STEEL Maureen1982 31All Saints
57STEEL Edward George1962 80All Saints
58STEEL Hilda Ethel1970 82All Saints
59STEEL Wilfred Harry1965 55All Saints
97STOKES Eliza1886 83All Saints
22STYLE George1922  All Saints
22STYLE Jan1934  All Saints
22STYLE Katherine Mary1951 81All Saints
91SWEATLAND Mary1981  All Saints
74SYMES James Friend1890 31All Saints
74SYMES Thomas Arthur1895 38All Saints
13TAWNEY Marguerite Baillie1957  All Saints
87TOON Beatrice Minnie1952  All Saints
87TOON Sidney1974  All Saints
19TUBBS Emily Annie1930  All Saints
19TUBBS Maurice1932 63All Saints
69TUBBS Herbert C1982 80All Saints
20WATSON Herbert1962 86All Saints
20WATSON Rosalind Carter1968 92All Saints
21WATSON Ellie Norah Jessie1932 24All Saints
90WHITE Sarah Jane1949 75All Saints
90WHITE Walter1950 74All Saints
31WHITTLE Selina1888 52All Saints
31WHITTLE Alfred1890 52All Saints
39YOUNG Ann1809 61All Saints


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