Corfe Mullen

St Hubert's
St Hubert's

Corfe Mullen is a parish and large village to the north-west of Poole. Although close to the suburbs of Poole it retains it's village character.

Called 'Corf' in the Domesday Book of 1086 by 1176 it was being refered to as 'Corf Molyn' going through several variations to the present day. Corf is from the Old English for a cutting or pass probably referring to it's situation between two hills. Mullen is derived from the Old French for mill, refering to the old mill on the river Stour which at the time of Domesday was valued at 20 shillings, a considerable amount at the time. From the 14th to 15th centuries there were two manors, Corf Molin and Corf Hubert, the latter probably named after a former lord, Hubert de la Vielle.

A third part of the village came to be known as Corfe Mullen St Nicholas and the origin of this appears to date back to a land acquisition by St Nicholas Hospital (a Salisbury charity) in 1279. The present day areas of Lambs Green, East End and Brog Street were still called this until the early part of the 20th Century.

Construction of the original parish church (above), then called St Nicholas but now St Hubert's, was commenced during the 13th Century, with the tower being added a little later. Until 1857 Corfe Mullen was a Chapelry in the Parish of Sturminster Marshall.

Corfe Mullen now has a modern Anglican Church, dedicated to St Nicholas of Jerusalem  (right).

St Nicholas of Jerusalem
St Nicholas of Jerusalem

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