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Sherborne Abbey circa 1910
Sherborne is a very ancient town situated in the north west of the County, very close to the Somerset border. It was constituted as a cathedral city as early as 705 a.d. Between 1122 and 1139 the abbey was rebuilt, although the church dates from after 1459 when there was a fire. During the Dissolution the abbey was surrendered in 1539 and the church was sold to the inhabitants. It contains many examples of fine architecture and some interesting monuments. During the 19th century there was also a Roman Catholic church and chapels for Union Congregationalist, Wesleyans and Brethren.
A new cemetery was opened in 1856. Sherborne Castle was built by Sir Walter Raleigh in 1594. Sherborne was for many centuries noted for the woollen trade this was followed by silk , lace and button making. Castleton is a parish reconstructed out of the original parish and is now a suburb of Sherborne, all the houses in the parish except 12 were pulled down at the time the railway was constructed, though the church of St Mary Magdalene survived. The population of Sherborne was 5852 in 1861, 6129 in 1871, 5001 in 1891, 7007 in 1931.

Cheap Street in Sherborne circa 1910

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Sheila Carr

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Sherborne 1841 Census
District 1, District 2, District 3, District 4

Sherborne 1851 Census
District 1a, District 1b, District 1c, District 1d, District 1e
Castleton 1841 Census
Castleton 1851 Census
Castleton 1861 Census
Castleton 1871 Census
Castleton 1881 Census

Parish Registers Sheila Carr
Baptisms at the Parish Church
1650-1655, 1700-17101711-1720, 1721-1730, 1731-1739, 1740-17591760-1769, 1770-1779, 1780-1789, 1790-1799, 1800-1809, 1810-1819, 1820-1829, 1830-1839, 1840-1849, 1850-1859

Marriages at the Parish Church
1560-1599, 1600-1619, 1620-1649, 1650-1684, 1685-1709, 1710-1719, 1720-1739, 1740-1749, 1750-1759, 1760-1779, 1780-1799, 1800-1809, 1810-1829
, 1830 - 1849, 1850-1859

A Register of Children Baptised at Sherborne 1785–1799

Castleton Baptisms 1715-1750, 1751-1800, 1801-1901
Castleton Marriages 1716-1919
Castleton Burials 1685-1725, 1725 - 1812
Methodist Registers Caryl Parsons Transcription of Methodist Baptisms 1785-1837 Sherborne Methodist Circuit
Quaker Records Sheila Carr Transcriptions of Quaker Burials in Sherborne 1638-1837
Burials Brian Webber Transcription of Burials 1906-1916, 1917-1926 & 1927-1936 in the Sherborne Cemetery
1870 Information Dorinda Miles Extracts from Hutchins History of Dorset covering, List of Vicars, List of Headmasters, Extracts from the Register, Monumental Inscriptions in the Abbey and Wills
Postal Directories Sheila Carr 1823 Directory of Sherborne
Monumental Inscriptions Brian Webber Brian has transcribed most of the stones in the Civic Burial Ground which dates from 1856. If you have an enquiry, please send it to the MI Co-ordinator [contact page] who will then forward it.
Castleton Monumental Inscriptions
Sherborne Methodist Monumental Inscriptions
Other Records Caryl Parsons

Sheila Carr

Nancy Frey
Notes from Sherborne Almshouse minutes
Masters of Sherborne Almshouse 1588 - 1756
Castleton Landtax 1798

Wills of Sherborne residents proved in the PCC
Wills of Castleton residents proved in the PCC

Will of Catherine Davidge, Widow of Sherborne Dorset 1649
Registers held at the Dorset History Centre
Christenings 1538-1973. Marriages 1538-1969. Burials 1538-1977. Banns 1772-1983.

Christenings 1538-1653, 1731-1837. Marriages 1538-1837. Burials 1538-1653, 1813-1837.
Maps The 1891 Ordnance Survey maps of the parish can be seen at the old-maps site, just enter 'Sherborne'   under place search.
For modern location maps visit:-
For a 1920s map of the north of the county showing the parishes click on the thumbnail on the left [137kb]

Registration District
(for the purpose of civil registration births, marriages, deaths & civil partnerships)
1 Jul 1837-31 Mar 1937: Sherborne
1 Apr 1938-31 Mar 1974: Sturminster
1 Apr 1974-17 Oct 2005: North Dorset


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